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  1. Selling various pets here!

  2. Panda's HAIs

    Blank Face, Plump Lips, Scarred Face and Eye Scar now approved!
  3. October Advent Calendar!

    Love you for this!~
  4. Selling various pets here!

    Make an offer and I'll go from there
  5. Selling various pets here!

    On my profile, visit the "Selling/Tradable" room for all the pets on offer. Then simply message me with what you want and your price!
  6. October Advent Calendar!

    Bless you!
  7. October '19

    From the album My Avatar

  8. My Avatar

    Some outfits I've liked and wanted to share!
  9. Panda's HAIs

    High Waist Shorts, Clown Makeup, Pumpkin Makeup and Ghost Costume now approved!
  10. October Advent Calendar!

    Great idea!
  11. Panda's HAIs

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: At some stage I will be remaking the A-line dress. It will be free for a little while so those who have V1 can easily get the V2. When V2 is out, V1 will be archived but not removed. Keep an eye out!
  12. [WANTED] Ball Python Egg

    I'm still looking though, otherwise I would have removed my post.
  13. Panda's HAIs

    Footed Tights and Unfooted Tights are now approved!
  14. [WANTED] Ball Python Egg

    For some reason I never got a notification for this. What are you offering?
  15. Ball Python CYO Base?

    I understand now! Thank you @Dashy!