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  1. I'm leaving PA. For more details including free pets, see here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16656-farewell-pa/

  2. Farewell PA

    This is out of nowhere but I don't want to drag it out too long. I'm leaving PA. As much as I've loved the past few months on here, there are just so many bugs and so little pay-off. I am now on Subeta, and if you want to join please use my referral link: https://subeta.net/?refer=pampamfannyslam (to count you have to adopt a pet and have at least 25,000sP in your account) Again, I love PA, this is not an attack on PA nor an advertisement for Subeta. So what will happen with my customs? I am going to release my .psd files for people to continue working on if they so wish. I will be updating the relevant forum threads soon. I'll also be on for a little longer just to make sure I've done all I can before leaving. If you want any of my pets for absolutely FREE, it's first in first serve to anyone, but I'm only looking at private messages. Much love, PamPam ♥
  3. I am pleased to announce the BJD Quad (+more) is finally available!

     Full details here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16655-bjd-quad-masterpost/&do=findComment&comment=503412 


  4. BJD Quad Masterpost

    I am pleased to announce the BJD Quad is finally available! With it's release, BJD Basic Eyes, BJD Basic Nose, BJD Basic Mouth and BJD Cat Eye MU are also available!
  5. Mayo's Item Archive [Updated 12.5.19]

    need that Galaxy Jumper
  6. Get hype, I've just submitted the BJD Quad for approval!

    if that link doesn't work: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16655-bjd-quad-masterpost/



  7. Making this post separate from my Panda's HAI thread as it deals with something else entirely. INTRODUCING: BJD QUAD Items here will have the following order of status: Idea (i've will be making it at some stage) Designed (i've done a basic design for it) Pending (submitted) Approved (ready to buy) OR Denied (i don't like the idea and will not be making it) Everything in this thread can be found under the fashion line: BJD Quad Bases: Flesh (2 ZP) - Approved Greyscale (2 ZP) - Designed Fantasy (4? ZP) - Idea Items: Basic Eyes (0 ZP) - Approved Basic Nose (0 ZP) - Approved Basic Mouth (0 ZP) - Approved Glitter Eyes (1 ZP) - Idea Nebulous Eyes (2 ZP) - Pending Cat Eye MU (20 ZC) - Approved Neon Party MU (50 ZC) - Pending Rules for HAI creators: You may make items for the BJD Quad. You may NOT make bases for the BJD Quad. You may NOT make items that have already gone to the Idea status on this thread. You may NOT make items that have already gone to the Denied status on this thread, UNLESS you have messaged me and gotten permission.
  8. Was on holiday 3-7th and enjoying my birthday on the 4th, sorry for going AWOL :P Excited to be back and start working on some more HAI!

    1. Dashy


      Happy late birthday <3 :D 

  9. Main-Site Username Change?

    Can I change my username on the main site?
  10. BJD Quad Design Polls

    A little example animation to better portray what the BJD Cut-Out Eye Form would look like:
  11. Panda's HAIs

    Pattern Pajama Pants, Pattern Pajama Tops and Pattern Pajama Top now approved!
  12. I need your input on how I should finish my BJD Quad: vote here

    (if that link doesn't work: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16653-bjd-quad-design-polls/)


    1. Dashy


      Voted! :) 

    2. pamelahoward


      @Dashy Thank you so much :wub:

    3. Dashy


      Of course! <3 

  13. BJD Quad Design Polls

    I'm making a BJD Quad but need your help with the head! Question 1 - Head Shape/Size: A: Same shape/size as human avatar. B: Slightly larger than human avatar, rounder cheeks and sharper jaw, (like an actual BJD). Question 2 - Eye Form: A: Flat Base, works with human-focused eyes. B: Cut-Out (like an actual BJD), eyes will fit underneath. Allows BJD-focused eye makeup to work globally.
  14. Panda's HAIs

    Cave Background now approved!
  15. I'm in the process of making a Snake Quad! Would anybody be keen on voting on designs?


    1. Dashy


      I would! :D 

    2. pamelahoward


      @Dashy will post something soon!