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  1. GPX Plus

    Is there anyone else who still plays this? I tend to be on this site a lot nowadays.
  2. Resistance (AceandWari 1x1)

    Suzumi watched Nick and his bent knees, imagining the weight of the crouch on her toes. Then he was out of the stance, and Suzumi decided to remind Nick about it tomorrow. Faking an injury and playing to the imagination of one's opponent could be defensive, she thought. It chilled her to think about that kind of manipulation, but it seemed necessary. "A water would be great right now." she said to Nick, then sat on the bottom second step of the porch. Suzumi turned to look at Adam and Ariel, still sparring, and unzipped her jacket to cool off a little. Her breathing slowed, watching how Adam responded to Ariel, their interaction balanced between conscious and automatic. It wasn't far from dancing, and Suzumi recalled her earlier nerves about sparring with Adam. Ariel felt Adam's sheer strength grab onto her leg and her heart did a quick stop. She swallowed the claustrophobia lodged in her trachea and rejected the impulse to flee--in war, this was Adam's chance to end her existence, and that terrified her. Getting grabbed and held against her will probably scared her more than death. But this is sparring, this isn't war, so when Adam pulled her from her balance and she landed in the wet snow, facing the sky, she let the cold bring relief and clarity. She took a second to lay there, knees bent and arms out, to breathe in the open, icy space.
  3. Welcome! I'm going to do my best to answer your questions, but if anything is confusing still, feel free to ask for clarification. Pets in the Egg Drop are organized and distributed randomly, so if you can imagine five slots being available to an entire population of people at all times, where each member of the population has the option of taking one resource from one slot every day, the random assortment of pets are constantly changing as members select them. If you find yourself grabbing the same pet, even if you select a different slot, it's just a matter of coincidence. Keep checking every day, and you'll eventually find new ones. Otherwise the pets are the same for every user--new, old, rich or otherwise. It's essentially all fair game! Old pets are sometimes available during special events, where users can buy them (as if they were fresh in the store) or by completing site-wide games and such. Outside of events, the only way of obtaining non-Egg Drop and non-Pet Shop pets are through other users (which can sometimes mean buying them, or adopting them freely, however it's done is up to the people involved in the trade). I'm not 100% sure on this one, but I think you have an equal chance for all of the Egg Drop pets available, it's just that some are harder to get to than others because of chance. @tomomi might know better lmao. Correct! You can also get them from the Pet Store, which is empty at the moment but often sells pets from common, to uncommon, to rare at a time. Rare pets tend to cost about 2000 ZC per, and common at about 75 or so. Egg Drop is also technically considered "common" just because they're accessible by all & tend to be sold at 100 ZC. For the record, most contests and special events won't bother with common pets, and likely give you rare minimum. You can look forward to retired pets and extinct pets (sometimes) when those events come around, so they're worth your time if you're big into collecting the older pets.
  4. Cannot Rename Rooms

    I'm not sure if there is a way to rename them on the other home page, I thought there was but I can't think of it lmao! The old pets page should always work out lmao.
  5. Cannot Rename Rooms

    (hi again lmao!) Have you tried changing the names of the rooms from the "Classic My Pets Page"?
  6. Hello, I am newbie

    Newbie's should be able to add human avatar items. I think there's only the one guide for submitting multiple colors, which is here; is there any part on that list in particular that confuses you? I can try and reword it if that would help, or take screen shots.
  7. GPX Plus

    I JUST finished Death of the World like, two days ago. I hatched my first Arceus egg today!! I think they're just going to hang around in my party for the next few weeks lmao! I can't believe I spent two months completing it. It was worth it given how satisfying it felt to hatch that egg.
  8. Elk Skull 2

    Thanks! That second link is actually super helpful lmao. Also, for the record, I would have bought that elk skull too, I couldn't have passed up how unique the horn growing back is.
  9. Elk Skull 2

    Oh, I was going to ask what you used to clean any dried flesh & bits from it. xD; That skull is so cool tho! I love the idea of something like that being a nice statement decoration.
  10. What song are you listening to?

    Can't stop listening to Bad Suns right now.
  11. Elk Skull 2

    Did you buy it or did you find it and clean it?
  12. Mine chest question

    If you go to the "Customs" tab, and under the second column (under "CYO Pets") select the first option, "Submit a CYO," a little below the pictures of paint brushes & artist paint pallets is a drop-down in the boxed section that will tell you what brushes you own and how many. The Paintbrush Shop also includes explanations for the different brushes, so if you want to know what a brush does, you can look there. Hope that helps!
  13. Just joined!

    Welcome! Probably my biggest tip is to ask for help when needed. ^^ If you're looking to get involved and stuff, I'd recommend looking around for recent posts in the roleplay boards, that's probably our most active series of boards currently. If you don't roleplay, we also have some forum games that members might join in on every so often, and we have a Shoutbox that members occasionally use. Hopefully these recommendations are what you're looking for?