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  1. Just joined, and I have a few questions :)

    I'm not an expert on breeding. You are limited to breeding what is on the breeding list. There are a few that you can breed to possibly get hybrids. As far as levels, it depends on the pet, some of course only have one stage. The ones that have three or four, sometimes it's three and sometimes four. And I don't remember which. LOL And just to confuse you, pets sometimes take 50 clicks to hatch and some take 100 clicks. So 50/100/150/200 or 100/250/500/750.
  2. Just joined, and I have a few questions :)

    Welcome to PA. To get your basic 500 zc everyday, do 300 clicks on eggs/pets. The Click Nursery is good for that and don't forget to vote in the two pageants. Each one gives 100zc. Zc could be made from selling pets. You can also buy zc for real money. Probably not your first choice. LOL You can sometimes find rarer pets in the Bazaar, for Auction, here in the Forums. Events happen once in awhile. Pretty rare lately. Find someone to breed for you. I'm breeding Tibetan Foxes right now. I have to wait and see what I get. Oh and I almost forgot, the Abandoned Room opens on the weekends.
  3. OldFoo's Click Shop CLOSED

    @pinkbetty Okay, they are being worked on. Some will take a week or more.
  4. OldFoo's Click Shop CLOSED

    @pinkbetty I've hatched all the eggs in your Main room. Do you need any of them leveled up?
  5. OldFoo's Click Shop CLOSED

    @pinkbetty Go ahead and start posting egg/pets for me to hatch/level up and I'll message you.
  6. OldFoo's Click Shop CLOSED

    @pinkbetty I'd forgotten about this thread but why not. I have a favor to ask though.
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    Ask away and we'll do what we can.
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    Welcome to PA.
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