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Found 430 results

  1. Christmas Cat Quads By Kayler

    These are now available in the avatar clothing shop! So is the "Christmas Reef" with the deer that I posted here a while back. To find the Christmas Cat Quad search any of the following and it should be at the bottom: cat, quad, christmas, or kaylercool. To find the Christmas Reef: deer, christmas, reef, or kaylercool. Searching kaylercool will bring up results for everything I have made in the shop if you're interested in any of my other customs.

    © Kaylercool

  2. Ladybug the Ornament Thief

    We put the Christmas tree up finally. So, the tree doesn't even stand a chance with Ladybug around this year. She has already pulled off an ornament.
  3. ~Free Thanksgiving CYO Giveaway!~

    EDIT: 11/23/17: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! I might give these away again next year (Thanksgiving 2018) along with a new one. Rules: You may NOT resell this gift CYO or any other CYOs you receive from me. If you decide you no longer want it, send it back to me. This giveaway will be over after Thanksgiving. Hello, everyone! I decided to make a Thanksgiving CYO. Since it's a holiday and all I decided to give them out for free! Here it is: They're all female. If you want one just post below saying so and I'll send it over as soon as possible. Just please be aware of the rules above! Thank you to anyone who takes one! 34/50 left! (As of 11/23/17 ~ 1:12 PM site time.)
  4. Thanksgiving CYO by Kayler

    EDIT 11/17/17: They are now available here: A CYO I made today. I used the brush I just got on this rather than the Pizza Pup because it can wait, but Thanksgiving is almost here. lol It's not here yet, but I will let you guys know when it is.
  5. NEW POST: Please go to this shop instead if you're interested in any of my CYOs, including the Halloween ones! Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you get from me. If you decide you no longer want them, I will gladly take them back. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to make a post about these two Halloween CYOs. Edit: Halloween is over, but these are still available! All of these are 300 ZC a piece. I cannot 100% guarantee alts, but I have been using the Stickerbook to label some of the eggs. I will try my best to get the alt you want. I will do swaps if need be. EDIT 11/4/2017: Alts are beginning to run short. I may be out of certain alts. I haven't sorted through them yet, plus I have some eggs where the alt is unknown. It may make things easier for you if you look in my room: "My CYOs For Sale/Trade (Reselling Is Not Allowed.)" You can post links of pets you want below if that's easier for you. It's easier for me. Link to my profile: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Kaylercool But, you can ask for certain stuff on here and I'll see if it's available, if that is easier for you. Spooky Marionette Cat: Collector Ghoul Kitsune :
  6. Ladybug Then and Now

    My little girl has grown so much! She's actually Pikachu's kitten. We took in a male cat named Victor that was around Pikachu's age a couple of years ago. Before we even had a chance to get him fixed...he became a daddy. We kept Ladybug and the other two kittens were given away to family members. Ladybug is like a mixture of her mom and dad, which makes her extra special. Plus, she was the runt of the litter. Wasn't sure she was going to make it at first, but she is perfectly healthy and kind of plump now! Also, Ladybug's eyes look totally black in that kitten photo. (but they're so beautiful now. <3 Green and yellow.) They were still a bit cloudy at that point since she's rather young there, so yeah. lol
  7. Pikachu Then and Now

    My cat Pikachu when she was a kitten, and how she is now. I got her around five years ago I think. She was a stray and she got caught in a fence. She was really too young to be separated from her mother, but we couldn't find the mom, any other kittens, and no one knew where she came from, so I raised her. She was the first super young kitten that I ever cared for all on my own.
  8. Hey, everyone! I thought I'd start this so I'd have a reason to show some of my babies. I hope you guys show me any pets you have, I'd love to see them! I've posted a few other photos in the comments below too if anyone is interested! I encourage all of you to look through the comments at everyone's precious animals. This is Pikachu. She's Ladybug's mommy. :3 She was a stray. This is Ladybug. She's Pikachu's kitten. I'm keeping her. (My sister and uncle got the other two kittens.) As of now she's much larger! This is Ladybug now! Normally they get scolded for getting on the table, but I guess it was my fault for leaving a box there. xD This is Clementine! She's a stray that started hanging around on our porch recently! This is Lilly. I got her from the shelter. <3 This is Worm. (He was a runt. lol) My dad brought home a pregnant cat from Burger King and she was his mommy. We gave her and the rest of the kittens away to good homes, but decided to keep him. He's my oldest cat. This is Sebastian. He was given to me by a friend.
  9. It's Ladybug by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    I drew my cat Ladybug in a Ladybug cosplay because why not. And I purposely made her tail crooked on the end because that's how it is in real life.

    © Kaylercool

  10. Sebastian's Halloween Costume

    So, this is my cat's Halloween costume. He just kind of falls over when I put it on him, which is why I haven't gotten a decent picture of him wearing it yet. lol
  11. New Halloween CYOs For Sale by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    The same rule applies for these CYOs. If get one from me you may NOT resell them. If you decide you no longer want them, send them back to me. Here's the post for full details: The Spooky Marionette Cat is for sale now (300 ZC)! I've only posted a few examples of the possible alts for each here, so be sure to check out the post. I cannot 100% guarantee alts, but I may be able to some. The Collector Ghoul Kitsune is not here yet, but hopefully it will be soon! (It's actually somewhat transparent, but you can't really tell against a white background.) I had been working on this one for a while now, I'm glad I finally got around to finishing it! It will cost 450 ZC.
  12. Witch Cat Quads by Kayler (NOW AVAILABLE)

    From the album Artwork

    They are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! Priced at 200 ZC!
  13. Flutter Meow by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    EDIT: These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Mall! This was inspired by Speckled Flitties and Flutterwing Llamas. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm considering making it into a quad or companion animal, though I am unsure. If you think I should, please let me know. Of course if I do I'll add several colors. I'm also willing to do suggest color combinations. (Ex. Pink wings, green body, pink eyes.)

    © Kaylercool

  14. Halloween Cat By Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    This was heavily inspired by Pokemon. I don't know if I'd call it a Fakemon or not though. It's not even September yet, but Halloween is something my friends and family love to celebrate! My mom throws an amazing party every year! I love to help her decorate. We don't just decorate like normal people either, we go all out. My mom even makes a lot of her props herself since it's cheaper and they look better than a majority of what you can buy in stores. A couple of years ago she made her very own life size Freddy Fazbear! Also, feedback is greatly appreciated!

    © Kaylercool

  15. Edit: I'm no longer giving these away for free, but I do have some left. PM me if you still want one. Please don't sell or abandon these pets or any of my other CYOs. I'll gladly take them back if you decide you don't want them. I'm offering up some of my "The Corpse Meow" CYOS for free. (Might offer more later.) You can see how many I have left on my profile in the "Free Corpse Meows" room. They're crowding up my box and I'd prefer them to be with someone who will cherish them! I can offer the hatched pet and I still have some eggs too if anyone would prefer eggs. Please specify if you'd prefer an egg. There is only one alt and stage. I am officially out of males! Only females are available. Edited 6/22/2017
  16. Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

    From the album Artwork

    (These are not all of the colors. They're just examples. I still have some ideas and I've also done a white one, a gray one, a tortoiseshell, and an orange tabby.) I was originally planning on scaling these down and making them companion animals, but doing that does cause them to lose quality and make them harder to see. (or maybe that's just me because my eyesight is awful.) Then I thought "What if they were Quads?" What do you guys think? Would you like them as one or the other, or maybe even both? Would you want to even use these? Please no "you have serial killer handwriting" comments. I know that already. lol
  17. Kirby's cyo shop and looking for Swaps

    WELCOME! This is my shop, where I am selling my cyos, other pets, swaps etc. First post: Selling Cyos Second post: Swaps and Selling pets (Christmas Giveaway) Third post: My Wishlist Please mention me @Pink Madness MY SWAPS AND SALE PETS IN THE SECOND POST, HAVE A LOOK! Three post is: My wishlist: wanted pets CYOS [Dorado Felina] 100zc/ 1zp / 18/50 [Cherry Mask] 100 /1zp / 12/50 [Haru Rakuen Neko (Spring paradise cat)] ] 200zc /1zp / 24/50 [Tulppaani] 200zc /1zp / 31/50 OFFICIAL CYOS (Non Alted) [bright Days Kitsune] 100zc /1zp / 23/50 [Dead bunny walking] 100zc /1zp / 1/50 [Bewitches (made By: Ikiru] 200zc /1zp / 3/50 OFFICIAL CYOS (Alted) I can't choise alts so come as a random [Fruit Bomb cat] 100zc /1zp /29/50 [spruce bear] 200zc /1zp / 8/50 [spacetraveller] 200zc /1zp /6/50 NEW! [Criminal heart kitsune] 200zc /1zp / 6/50 [Runny (made By; matchiitehew ] 350zc /2zp / 6/50 [Diamond sleeper (made By: matchiitehew ] 350zc /2zp / 6/50 [Summer firefly kitsune (made By: Hizkoh] 350zc /2zp / 3/50 CYOS SOLD [Tye Dye kitsune(Maker: Sierra Rose)] 200zc / 1zp /50/50 PS. Do not re-sell them and you can send them them to AR, if you don't want them anymore. Up coming cyos (maybe) None Welcome to shopping! __________________________________________________________________________________
  18. ~Sand Cat Alt Swap~

    I currently have two Sand Cats of this alt: so, I want to trade it for another alt. alts I want: alt I want the most: So, if anyone has any alts besides the one I have and would like to trade with me I'd really appreciate it.
  19. Random Cat Art by Kayler

    I just felt like drawing a cat, that's all. lol
  20. Spirit Of The 1910s Wanted!

    I'm looking for a Spirit Of The 1910s. Is anyone selling one or trading one? I have some pets I'm willing to trade for it and I'm willing to pay for it so if you're interested please reply. Thank you!
  21. Hi

    Hi. I just now registered and got this Exotic Shorthair Cat egg. Here it is: My Exotic Cat
  22. Catstronaut

    From the album Drawings

    This is for my best friend for her birthday. I made the galaxy in photoshop using a tutorial I found. I hope she likes this. Her birthday isn't for about 2 more weeks. I'm gonna print this out at school so I can give her a physical copy.
  23. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  24. Frosty

    From the album Daily Sketches

    May 16th's doodle was Frosty from Neko Atsume.
  25. Confused Cat

    From the album Daily Sketches

    June 12th's doodle was a confused cat.