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Found 430 results

  1. Lolita Cats

    From the album CYO

  2. Armoured Cats

    From the album CYO

  3. Magical Kitties

    From the album CYO

  4. Five

    From the album CYO

  5. Six

    From the album CYO

  6. Four

    From the album CYO

  7. Three

    From the album CYO

  8. Two

    From the album CYO

  9. One

    From the album CYO

  10. somethingsomethingsomething5v2

    From the album CYO

    Is this one better or the other one? I don't like the other one, but this one... I don't know.
  11. somethingsomethingsomething

    From the album CYO

  12. somethingsomethingsomething

    From the album CYO

  13. somethingsomethingsomething

    From the album CYO

  14. somethingsomethingsomething4

    From the album CYO

  15. somethingsomethingsomething3

    From the album CYO

  16. somethingsomethingsomething2

    From the album CYO

  17. Boston Terrier

    From the album School Works

    We had to do a piece with a figure so I drew a little Boston Terrier standing up to the school bully.

    © Art by Me

  18. Kitten Lineart

    From the album Lineart

    This is a lineart of a kitten. It is for sale here: http://www.petadopta.../14526-lineart/ It is no longer for sale, but I will surely make more linearts and that is my thread for them.
  19. IMAG0164

    From the album MR muzzle (and other Firewolf's stuff)

    Here's when he arrived.
  20. cloudmist's picture

    From the album My drawings

    A commission I done for Cloudmist. Hope you like it ^^;

    © KJ2014

  21. squirrelclaw

    From the album CPA

  22. It's a Cat's life, or is it?

    As Ludwig walked himself into the mysterious door of the giantic tree of the backyard of his caretaker. He started to quickly look around, He blinked once he started to see leaves brushing his fluffy, yet soft fur of his. As he walked, walking out of an bush, He started to scan the area before him, rather serious as always. "I don't even know vhere I'm. Or I could be vreaming... Bleh. I have no time to ve fan of the fantasy."
  23. Hai everybody! I was thinking a new Rp idea! Since I got my first ever fully-grown pet! I'd was thinking to make a RP about it! Plot: A caretaker brings in a new adult pet to her home. A Norwegian Forest Cat. Sooner after She names the Cat Ludwig. He already had a name, before got to this house. But he didn't knew she would knew that his name was Ludwig. Basically Ludwig starts to live in this house. After one day he was outdoor's. A giant tree was in his caretaker's backyard. Slowly a door appears from it. As a curious yet serious kitty that he is. He slowly walks into it. Escaping into an unknown world! I'd be posting the rules in the next post I'd make, then my characters.
  24. Okumura Rin Figure Kuro

    From the album Stuff and Things

    Kuro! Cutiepie.
  25. Sign-ups - OPEN! â—â—â—W i l l o w c l a nâ—â—â— A Warrior Cat Roleplay Willowclan's territory stretches across many, many, many fox-lengths of open fields, speckled with beautiful willow trees. The sun shines through the dancing limbs of the large willows', warming everything. There is almost no forest, no foliage - just grass and willows. As you step into such a territory, the scent of honeysuckle and fresh grass flood's your nostrils. It is a wondrous scent, like that of spring. Everything seems perfect here - the smell, the luscious scenery, and even the grass underfoot is soft and luxurious. Suddenly, a movement catches your eye; twisting your neck around frantically, your muscles tense and your claws unsheathe. You are ready for a fight - but against what? You hear a movement behind you, and you turn. A snarling rogue jumps over you, clawing and hissing and bristling. He is a large brown tabby Tom, with icy eyes and a large frame. Perhaps this place wasn't so perfect; that was the second rogue you've seen on the territory all day! And not to mention that young female badger who was stumbling just inside the territory. With spring here, there was no doubt she would be giving birth to baby badgers soon. As you eye the Tom, you know you can't win, and you bound away, breathing heavily. You are now deeper into the territory, but thank goodness you have gotten away. You look around - no rogues in sight. But you do notice that their are large openings in the ground - caves, of sorts. They are all very large, and different scents waft from each. One smells like a nursing she-cat's milk - you identify it as a nursery. One smells of young cats, who's milky kit-scent has yet to ebb, but who also smell of adventure. Apprentices? Of course! Then, padding along, sniffing each individual home, you notice that this next one smells of the territory itself. It is of many cats. This has to be the warrior's den. You pad to the next den. Ah yes - herbs and medicines, which smell absolutely heavenly, and you know this is where the medicine cat resides. You stop and looking around, and see the final den. You don't even have to guess... this has to be the leader's den. It is the largest den, and small, beautiful purple flowers, which no doubt where planted many moons ago, sprinkle the borders of the cave. It was by far the most decorated den. You close your eyes and smile. You have found Willowclan. At last. T h e C l a n â—â—â— Leaderâ—â—â— (Open) â—â—â—Deputyâ—â—â— Wolfheart ♂ â—â—â—Medicine Catâ—â—â— Angelwhisker ♀ â—â—â—Warriorsâ—â—â— Littlesky ♀ Palemoon ♀ Silverfang ♂ â—â—â—Apprenticesâ—â—â— Sleetpaw ♂ Mentor: (Open) â—â—â—Kitsâ—â—â— None â—â—â—Queensâ—â—â— None â—â—â—Eldersâ—â—â— None