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Found 6 results

  1. Selling Ores!

    Hey guys! I'm selling my platinum, silver, and gold for ZC The chart is as follows. 2 Silver= 1 zc 1 gold= 1 zc 1 Platinum= 2 zc I will also take zp for my ores. Post your offer and we will discuss equivalency. Currently I have 2178 Platinum 4743 gold 6160 silver
  2. Buying ZP for ZC and/or ores

    Since I don't seem to have very valuable pets and would like to get some ZP, state your offer here. 100 ZC per 1 ZP is, of course, the minimum. I'd say about 500-600 ZC per ZP would be my maximum, though. 750 silver per 1 ZP sounds reasonable, right? 150 gold for 1 ZP. Don't know if anyone's looking for platinum, but still - 50 platinum for 1 ZP. I could do mixes, too. So, if anyone's interested...
  3. Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions

    Hello, and welcome to Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions where I, your host IcebergCrystals, auction a pet for one hour! Currently Up Alt 2 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 3 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 4 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 5 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 6 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 1 Singing Moon Wolf - Female - 150 ZC (retired pet) Alt 5 Canada Goose - Male - 15 ZC Alt 3 Cutie Dream Sheep - Male - 100 ZC Auction time - Congratulations to the winners! C: All pets being auctioned will be in my '1Hour Auction' group, so you can go there to see all of their stats.
  4. I only have 150 crystals at the moment, so hopefully that would be enough if anyone wants more than the arctic fox. I have hatched and unhatched ones, so take your pic.
  5. Hello, Im ele97, please call me ele! I have three different bombay alts to sell! And a clydesdale alt! And lots of different alts to sell! Hopefully tonight! If im not on just send me a message and if your having problems with crystals or you dont have enough then i will have for 3 days only! And offer what you think for my pets! xxxx THey aRE: Berylline Humminbirds Blue Jay Common Raccoon Dachshund Dog Eastern Chipmunk Fancy Rat Ferret Great Horned Owl Gyrfalcon Mountain Lion Mountain Quail Spotted Owlets Veiled Chameleons Please offer i really need them gone! xxxx
  6. Hello! I am crazy mad Collector, so I wanna have ALL the Alts. And by ALL i mean every single alt for every species! I will buy missing alts for reasonable prizes. So don't go crazy. XD For some of them I can offer Alt Trades. Hope someone can help me out! Also i can save the ZC so i can buy the pet if your asking more than i have! I will be buying petts all the time so either message me on here or post here the pets you have for sale!!! xxx American Badger: Want: American Pika: Want: Atlantic Octopus Want: Atlantic Puffin Want: Blue Jay Want: Blue Ringed Octopus Want: Bohemian Waxwing Want: Boston Terrier Dog Want: Canada Goose Want: Caracal Cat Want: Chiuahua Dog Want: Eastern Chipmunk Want: Ferret Want: Inca Dove Want: Mini Lop Rabbit Want: Mountain Quail Want: North American Otter Want: Platypus Want: Potbellied Pigs Want: UPDATED! PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF I AM NOT ON! THANK YOU!