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Found 262 results

  1. Alt Swaps with Cait

    I would like to alt swap some of my pets if anyone has them available! Spotted Owlet: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=88700 Want: American Cocker Spaniel Dog: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=75667 Want: Ringtail: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=436458 Want: Christmas Dreamer: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1086574 Want: LaPerm Cat: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1110029 Want: (female) (male) African Penguin: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=119888 Want: (female) Mewly: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1107957 Want: (male) Arctic Fox: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1085314 Want: (female) Japanese Macaque: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=118755 Want: Kitsu No Sakura: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1079991 Want: Chocolate Dog: Have: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=1109924 Want:
  2. Hello everybody! Thanks for looking in here. I'd love to complete some species and want to trade for my excess pets or ZC. If you have some pets and would like to trade them, send me a trade offer or write in here. Any gender and stage is welcome. I will update soon, if something changes. Updated at 21.12.2017 or 12/21/2017 Boston Terrier Dog: American Shorthair Cat: Brown Hyena: Across The World: Cloaked Forest Cat: Common Dormouse: Yorkshire Terrier Dog: Deer Mouse: German Shepherd Dog: Japanese Bobtail: Common Hamster: North American Otter: Tennessee Walking Horse: Red Fox: Fennec Fox: Gyrfalcon: Japanese Macaque: Prickly Pear Fox: Pyramid Camel: Coatimundi Ringtail: Wild Boar: Siberian Husky Dog: Cuddle Kitten: Fantail Stingray: Guinea Pig: Gypsy Pony: Jamaican Iguana: Jellyfish: Keeshond Dog: Koala Bear: Magical House Scholar: Monocled Cobra: Parrot Snake: Red Eared Slider Turtle: Wolf In Sheepskin: I also need these pets: African lion: Atlantic Puffin: Atlantic White Spotted Octopus: Bald Eagle: Black Bear: Chilean Pudu: Bombay Cat: California Sea Lion: Canada Lynx: Caracal Cat: Ciervo Muertos: Coopworth Sheep: Dark Dog: Eastern Chipmunk: Emperor Penguin: Sand Castle Griffin: Tawny Frogmouth: Falkland Island Fox: Zanzibar Leopard: Witherwing: Spruce Bear: Gray Wolf: Maine Coon Cats: Mountain Lion: Mountain Quail: Mute Swan: San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat: Shadow Panther: Yorkshire Terrier Dog:
  3. Hi everyone looking to swap some to complete my collections Pookita Have:want: Fairy Corgipom Have:Want: Fairy Pompom Have:(Male) Want:or any new/mixed alts Akita Have:(Male) Want: Cane Corso Dog Have:Want: Boston Terrier Dog Have:Want:in any stage Brown Hyena Have: want: any alt in stage 1 Common Dormouse Have: none want: Coyote Have: want: any alt in stage 1 or 2 Deer Mouse Have:Want: Dinam Have:want: Doberman Pinscher Dog Have:want: Eastern Pygmy Possum Have:(F/F/M) Want: alt 6 prefer female Egyptian Fruit Bat Have:want: Elemental Pony Have: want: Espiritu de la Perla Have:want: Flutterhoof Pony Have:Want: Flutterwing Llama Have:Want: French Bulldog Have:want: Grey Wolf Have:want: any alt stage 1 or Holiday Tweet Have:none want: Halloween Boston Terrier Have:want: any alt stage 1 or Jamaican Iguana Have:want: Keel Billed Toucan Have:want: Lesser Bushbaby Have want: Lesser Egyptian Jerboa Have:alt 1/alt 3want:alt 4/alt 6 Lunta Angel Have:want: Marsh Mouse Have:Want: Mountain Lion Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3 Nine Banded Armadillo Have:want: North American Otter Have:none want: Pug Dog Have:want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3 Pygmy Rabbit Have:want: Any alt stage 1 or 2 Queensland Heeler Dog Have: want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3 Rin Have:want: Rottweiler Dog Have:Want: Rufous Mouse Lemur Have:want: San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat Have:want: Shetland Pony Have:want: any alt stage 1,2 or 3 Wild Boar Have:want: Western Diamondback Rattle Snake Have:want: Wolf in Sheepskin Have:want: Yorkshire Terrier Dog Have: Want: or any alt stage 2
  4. Heya everyone. Need some AltSwaps to complete my collection of the new (and also some older) pets. Please help! ^-^ I prefer trading for my spares, but if there aren't any I'll buy them for a reasonable price as well! Trades / Needed Alts Baphomets Goat Have Want Common Potoo HaveWant(Alt 2) Dark Dog Have (x2) Want Drachenwolf Have (x3) Want Equus Draconus HaveWant Gray Gentle Lemur Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need Guardian Rabbit HaveWant Ice Dragon of Shing Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need Le Boureau Have (x3) Want Merlion Have Want Owlykit Wantor really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this Panther Chameleon HaveWant Pegalove Want Pixiu Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this Protector of the Pure Want or really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get the ones I need Robodillo HaveWant Sharkie HaveWant Sharkitron Want Skywing Llama HaveWant Squossum Want Tiger Flitty HaveWant Toyger Cat Wantor really any Alt, I can use the Spectrum Well to get this Tyranosaurus Rexonusus HaveWant Werewolf Have none Want (only stage 1 or 2)
  5. ~Sand Cat Alt Swap~

    I currently have two Sand Cats of this alt: so, I want to trade it for another alt. alts I want: alt I want the most: So, if anyone has any alts besides the one I have and would like to trade with me I'd really appreciate it.
  6. ~Wanted~

    ~WANTED~ Hey guys! So, there are several species I've been looking for for a while now, and I've decided to list them here Also, I'm looking for males of Southern Flying Squirrel, Common Potoo and Barbary Lion (some alts preferable) These are the pets I'm looking for (I'll consider all alts unless otherwise stated): Canines: Felines: Other Mammals: Birds: Fish/Reptile/Insect: Ethereal: What I Have to Offer: (Yeah, I added the spoiler sections to shorten the post sorry!) Feel free to PM me about offers, particularly what you'd like in return. Thanks!
  7. ALT SAWPPING: Looking For: Swapping: Looking For: Swapping: Looking for: Swapping: Looking For: Swapping: Looking For: Swapping: Looking For: Swapping: SELLING: ZP ONLY!! Bombays/Tasmanian Devils 5 ZP Seleton Wolf 500zc - Hunted Inugami 750zc EDIT: why u no working Spoiler?!! >.<
  8. Hi! I decided to make an Alt Swap Thread as I'm missing a whole lot of pets that I haven't been able to hatch or find in the bazaar. I'll post any pets I'm missing along with the ones I have available for swap below: Akinobu: Arctic Fox: Atlantic Puffin: Bombay Cat: Boston Terrier Dog: Chinchilla: Coyote: Crystal Hare: Fashionista Cat: Furfur: Giant Ground Sloth: Horned Parakeet: Irish Elk: Labrador Retriever Dog: Lesser Bushbaby: Little Red: Mini Lop Rabbit: Munchkin Cat: Shetland Sheepdog: Shiba Inu Dog: Spotted Owlet: Striped Skunk: Anything in my 'trades' group is up for swap or sale too (see my profile by clicking on my avatar) and I'm also able to pay with zc for my missing alts if I don't have what your looking for :3 Thanks for your time, please post below if you have any of the alts I'm looking for!
  9. Looking for (Yurei no Kami alt 6) (Ritsuka) (Alvah) Currently looking for Clouded Leopards I need alt's 3 and 5 as female. Name your price, if it's reasonable I'll buy them from you. I will not buy any litter pets. Alt Swaps Have: (Alt 1 male, first generation) Need: (MUST be first generation. If alt 2 it must be male. If alt 4 it must be female. The gender doesn't matter for alt 3; which is the alt that takes priority over the other two) Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: (preferably male; will not trade for a litter pet) Have: Need:(any stage) Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: I'm Need: Have: Need Have: Need: (preferably stage 1, willing to trade both alts for this) Have: Need: Have: Need: (preferably stage 1) Have: Need: Have: Need:(alt 2) Have: Need:(stage doesn't matter) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently looking for Spirit of July Need: (Stage 1 ONLY) Dhole Spotted Hyena Red Wolf (Stage 1-3 ONLY) Kit Fox European Mink Queensland Heeler Dog Wyoming Wolf Saber Tooth Tiger Clockwork Panthera (Stage 1-2 ONLY) Thylacine Hokkaido Dog Eclipse Pug Dog (Stage 1-3 ONLY) ~~~~~~ Buying Current status: Buying(but only the ones listed in the 'currently looking for' section) ~~~ Felid Wayfarer(alt's 1-2 4-5) ~~ Yurei No Kami(alt's 6) ~~ Dhole(all alt's) ~~ Caracal Cat(Alt's 1 and 4) ~~ Queensland Heeler Dog(All alt's) ~~ Tiger Flitty(All alt's, stage 1 only) ~~ Spotted Hyena(alt's 1, 3-5) ~~ Red Wolf(All alt's, MUST be stage 1-3) ~~ Kit Fox(All alt's) ~~ Wyoming Wolf(All alt's) ~~ Alvah(Preferably male but I'll except female) ~~ Ritsuka ~~ European Mink(All alt's) ~~ 3 Heartbreaker Kitsune's ~~ Saber Tooth Tiger(All alt's) ~~ Clockwork Panthera(Alt's 1, 4-6, all at stage 1 or 2) ~~ Thylacine(All alt's, preferably stage 1) ~~ African Wild Dog (alt's 1 and 6) must be stage 1-3) ~~ Eclipse(alt's 1-5) ~~ Falkland Island Wolf(alt's 1-5) ~~ Ferret(2-5(male) alt's 1-4(female) will NOT buy litter pets) ~~ Hokkaido Dog (all alt's) ~~ Jaguarundi(all alt's) ~~ Chilean Pudu(alt's 1-3, 5-6) ~~ Kitty alt 1 ~~~~~~~~ Gender swapping ~~~~~~~ For sale I'm not going to be uploading every single pet since there are many of them, but here's the link to all my pets I have for sale, if you see any you want, just link them here or message them to me(I'm working on naming them with their price). http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Lone%20Wolf they're in my room titled 18.Selling
  10. Welcome to my alt thread! Here's where I keep a list of the alts I need. I generally prefer to trade pets for the ones I need. You could ask for pets from my altswap room, or any of my sales rooms as well. Here is an (incomplete) list of the alts that I'm missing from my collection. Aardwolf African Penguin all alts Arctic Fox Atlantic Puffin Bald Eagle (Have Alt 4 to trade) Bloodhound Dog (Have alts and for trade) Blue Sand Cat California Sea Lion Canada Lynx Canis Chrono Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Have Alt 4 to trade) Catahoula Leopard Dog Common Carp Common Seahorse (Have alt 4 for trade) Crystal Hare Dark Flying Fox (Have for trade: ) No you are not seeing things, that is a deer, yes. I have a full deer set already so may as well as try to trade it for a bat. Deer Mouse Have for trade: Desert Dune Cat Emperor Penguin English Spot Rabbit Fashionista Cat Fennec Fox Fire Lion Fluton Gryphon (Have Alt 6 to trade) Flutterhoof Pony Full Moon (Have for trade) Garden Keeper Glamour Pup Golden Retriever Dog (Have Alt 2 to trade) Gone Fishing (must be egg or stage 1) Gray Wolf (would love the baby form) Guardian Spirit of Spring Gyrfalcon Hanami Bat Honey Badger Inca Dove Independence Eagle (Have Alt 3 to trade) Jaguarundi JennyLaine (Must be egg or Stage 1) (Have for trade: ) Kaiyoo Panther King Penguin Keeshond Dog Knight Pony (Have to trade) Magnificent Quetzal Maine Coon Cat (Must be egg or stage 1) Marsh Mouse Mountain Cottontail Nebula Horse (Have Alt 4 to trade) Northern Quoll Ocelot Ochotona Wizardus Paws of Paradise Pegalove Philippine Eagle (I cannot pay in ZP, but I can pay in zc or bred pets) Polish Hound Dog Queensland Heeler Dog Pharaoh Lion (Have for trade: ) Red Fox and alt 6 Red Wolf Rin Russian Dwarf Hamster San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat Sand Cat Savannah Cat Scraggly Cat Shadow Panther Shetland Pony (Have for trade: Showerspark Pony Snow Leopard Starlight Llama (Have for trade: ) Striped Skunk Swift Fox Swift Leopard of Miarra Sun Bear Tennessee Walking Horse Trainer Dolphin of Avaline (Have Alts 1 and 6 for trade) Tranquility Pony (Note: I have Fairy PomPoms. I am willing to breed litters (both regulars and corgipom) on request and trade on an one-for-one basis.) (I actually have an alt 6 full grown that I'd trade for an alt 6 3rd stage or lower.) Winged Civet Wings of Paradise
  11. Hello everyone! Friendly neighbourhood Ace here to finally get around to making this thread. If you go to my profile and go to my room "Double Alts" you can see all of the pets I that are extra alts. Sometimes I update this thread sporadically, but that is always up-to-date and you can feel free to contact me about those pets here! ALL trades will go to this account: CompanionAce I also update my Wishlist to include alts that I don't have, so if for some reason you find this link to be handy: My Wishlist! Here is a full list of all of the alts I have with the ones I need next to it: (psssst: question marks by the alt number mean I'm not certain if the alt corresponds with the number! so in those cases, double check the alts are the same and don't fret about wrong numbers! Atlantic Puffin Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (two) (six) Bakeyokai Alt I have: (four) (five) Alt I need: (three) Cardigan Welsh Corgi Alt I have: (two) (four) (five) Alts I need: (one) (three) (six) Chelonian Dragon Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (one) (two) Common Carp Alts I have: (three) (four) Alts I need: (two) Ethereal Dragon Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) Fantamasque Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (four) Floravine Alt I have: (one) (four) Alts I need: (five) Flutterhoof Pony Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) Galaxy Bear Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) (five) Galaxy Pony Alt I have: (one) (six) Alts I need: (three) German Shepherd Dog Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (one) (two) (six) Giant Ground Sloth Alt I have: (two) Alt I need: (five) Grizzly Bear Alt I have: (two) Alts I need: (five) Guardian Rabbit Alts I have: (three) (five) Alts I need: (four) Jack Russel Terrier Alt I have: (three) Alt I need: (two) Kaiyoo Panther Alt I have: (four) Alt I need: (six) Lakotka Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (one) (three) (four) Lesser Bushbaby Alt I have: (one) (three) Alt I need: (four) Little Merfox Alt I have: (four) (six) Alts I need: (one) (two) Little Red Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) (five) Leopard Gecko Alt I have: (six) Alts I need: (two) (five) Lunta Angel Alt I have: (one) (three) (six) Alts I need: (two) (four) (five) Musketeer Penguin Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (five) (six) Pharaoh Lion Alt I have: (one) Alts I need: (four) Pirate Kitten Alt I have: (four) Alts I need: (two) (six) Rockstar Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (three) (four) Sky Dragon Alt I have: (one) (two) (four) Alts I need: (five) Steambear Alt I have: (one) Alts I need: (two) (five) Steampup Alt I have: (five) Alts I need: (two) Tropical Seal Alt I have: (three) (five) (six) Alts I need: (one) Water Dragon Alt I have: (three) Alts I need: (five) If you're looking to buy these, you're welcome to put down a price. I also do inter-species trades, so! Just don't be afraid to offer ^^ Thank you for stopping by! ^^ Feel free to ask any questions/share concerns.
  12. Swapping Alts + Genders!

    Hello everyone! I've found that I'm always getting one gender more than the other when collecting pets and multiples of one alt, so I've come to swap them ^.^ ~~~~~~~ Bakeyokai Cliff Skipper Dragon Cornish Rex Cat Exotic Shorthair Cat Fluffdragon Fortissimo Dragon Galaxy Pony Hanukkah Deer Hellhound Musketeer Penguin Nebula Cat Pretty Paw Puptauros Steambear Stuffed Pup Tye Dye Western Hognose Snake Winter Whisker
  13. Pink Pet shop and Alt Swaps

    Welcome! Hello I am Pink Madness there, my main name is Kirbystar Pet shop - All my pets from "For sale" - room, are for sale - 50 zc each. Little form you to make (Please use pictures of pets you want or tell very carefully, so I know what youre talking about. ID is fine, but I am very bad to look which ID belong to who) Main username: Pets you want: Total price: Alt swaps - I am too lazy to copy/ paste the pets images there so you can find them to my "Swaps" - room. Thought I will make a little list, for what I want for them thought What I have? - What I want? Jaguarundi alt 2 - Swapping for alt 5 Savannah cat alt 3 - Swapping for alts 1 & 4 Little red alt 6 - Swapping for alts 2 & 4 Pumpkin tiger alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1, 2 & 4 Magnificent Quetzal alt 6 - Swapping for alts 1,3 & 4 Saber toothtiger alt 3 - Swapping for Any other alts Kerberos alt 2 - Swapping for Any other alts Japanese tiger alt 2 - Swapping for Any other alts Felidae Neona alt 4 - Swapping for alts 2,3, 5 & 6 Stinckypaw Pomeranian alts 1 & 2 - Swapping for alts 3 & 6 Bright Bowkits alt 6 - Swapping for alts 2 & 4 Snuggle panda alt 3 (x2) - Swapping for alts 1,4,5 & 6 Gray wolf alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1 & 2 Gift grabber alts 1(x2)& 2 - Swapping for alt 5 & 6 Thylacine alt 3 - Swapping for Any other alts Indochinese tiger alt 4 - Swapping for Any other alts Summer lady alts 3 & 5 - Swapping for alts 1 & 6 Akinobu alts 5, 2 & 1 - Swapping for alts 3,4 & 6 Samurai monkey alt 4 - Swapping for alts 1 & 5 Prom lioness alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1,2 & 4 Florin alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1,2,3 & 6 Not alt swaps, but still swaps :/ Minitaur alt 1 - ZC/ ZP Cashshop pets or rare pets (Make a offer) Little Explopers alts 1 (x2) & 2 + two eggs - For any ZC/ZP Cashshop pets or 1000 zc each (Make a offer) I am not really interested about them (Minitaur and Little Explorer) so not alt swapping them, but I will trade them to other ZC/ ZP Cashshop/ rare pets. Thank you!
  14. I have a very large (beware it's very, very large) list of pets I am hoping to swap for different alts and I don't care what level or gender they are (unless I specifically say so in red below) Alpaca Have: (x3) Want: American Paint Horse Have: Want: *Female* American Staffordshire Terrier Have: Want: Bald Eagle Have: Want: Bloodhound Dog Have: Want: Blue and Yellow Macaw Have: (x2)(x2) Want: Blue Sand Cat Have: Want: Bobcat Have: Want: British Longhair Cat Have: Want: Brown Hyena Have: Want: Bull Shark Have: Want: (alt 5) California Grizzly Bear Have: Want: Capricorn Have: Want: Celestial Kitsune Have: Want: Clouded Leopard Have: Want: Clown Fish Have: Want: Common Hamster Have: Want: Common Seahorse Have: Want: Computer Dragon Have: Want: Cornish Rex Cat Have: Want: Crested Gecko Have: Want: Crystal Hare Have: Want: Dalmatian Dog Have: (x2) Want: Dark Flying Fox Have: Want: Doberman Pinscher Dog Have: (x2) Want: Egyptian Fruit Bat Have: Want: English Spot Rabbit Have: Want: Equus Magicus Have: Want: Fashionista Cat Have: Want: Felis Aries Have: (x2) (x2) Want: Fluton Gryphon Have: Want: Flutterhoof Pony Have: Want: Flutterwing Llama Have: Want: French Bulldog Have: Want: Frilled Lizard Have: Want: Galaxy Bear Have: Want: German Shepherd Dog Have: Want: Giant Ground Sloth Have: Want: Golden Retriever Dog Have: Want: (alt 4) Green Winged Macaw Have: Want: Horned Parakeet Have: Want: Independence Eagle Have: Want: Irish Elk Have: Want: Jack Russell Terrier Have: Want: Jamaican Iguana Have: Want: Keel Billed Toucan Have: (alt 1) Want: Knight Pony Have: Want: *Male Only* Komodo Dragon Have: Want: Leopard Gecko Have: Want: Lesser Bushbaby Have: Want: Lotus Cat Have: (x2) (x2) Want: Maine Coon Cat Have: Want: Marsh Mouse Have: Want: Meerkat Have: Want: Mini Lop Rabbit Have: Want: Mongolian Gerbil Have: Want: Mountain Chickadee Have: Want: Mystic Panther Have: (x2) Want: Norwegian Forest Cat Have: Want: Oasis Dragon Have: Want: Pirate Parrot Have: (x2) (x2) Want: Plains Zebra Have: Want: Poison Dart Frog Have: Want: Puptauros Have: Want: Red Eared Slider Turtle Have: Want: Rockstar Have: Want: Russian Dwarf Hamster Have: Want: Savannah Cat Have: Want: Scaredy Cat Have: Want: Serpentine Slitherhoof Have: Want: Shadow Panther Have: Want: Shetland Pony Have: Want: Shih Tzu Dog Have: Want: Spellbound Penguin Have: Want: Spotted Owlet Have: Want: Starry Heaven Have: Want: Steambear Have: Want: Stitch Bear Have: Want: Sun Bear Have: (x2) Want: Superhero Dragon Have: Want: Tibetan Mastiff Dog Have: Want: Tropical Dolphin Have: Want: Virginia Big Eared Bat Have: Want: Virginia Opossum Have: Want: Walrus Have: Want: Wishing Bird of Paradise Have: (x2) Want: Wolf in Sheepskin Have: (x2) Want: Whew that took forever!... so what do ya say, wanna trade
  15. CLOSED! Delete this Post.

    I'm willing to buy the Alts i need but at a reasonable price. * * * I'm not sure which pets on this site are breedable,so to generalise,i do not accept Litter Pups unless i'm looking for a certain crossbred outcome. * * * None of my pets listed here are litter pups,unless stated at the very bottom of this post in a separate group. Thank you for your time and trades. Looking to Buy these: On Hold Wild Turkey Canada Lynx Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female Birman Cat Male Fairy Pompom (Gender does not matter) Toy Poodle (Gender does not matter) Spirit Realm Elf Shark Wyvern Splatter Pups Peculiar Pups Yuzuki Felidae Neona Tilki Miniature Pinscher Dog Trading Alts: Christmas Bandit Sorcery Owl Common Potoo Toy Poodle Striped Skunk Queensland Heeler Dog Dragopteryx Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rin Sand Cat Witchcraft Cat Vampire Woof Fairy Horse Birman Cat Equus Draconus California Sea Lion Nile Crocodile Chinchilla Stocking Stuffer 2015 Koala Bear Coyote Red Kangaroo Gemstone Dragon Turkeypaw Holiday Spirit Bear Reindeer Christmas Panda Axolotl Tibetan Fox Stuffed Pup Indian Gharial American Staffordshire Terrier Cloaked Forest Cat American Cocker Spaniel Dog Giraffe Blue Jay Barbary Lion Sphynx Cat Northern Quoll Akita Dog Witchwing Boston Terrier Dog Chilean Pudu Chinese Crested Dog Leprechaun Sheep Jaguarundi Peacock Gryphon Gift Grabber Fancy Rat Prehistoric Pals Fantaziya Teeny Tigers Faerie Pup Mystical Pegasus Three Tailed Kitty Pit Bull Buddy Yuzuki Birthstone Dragon Giant Panda Woolly Mammoth Vaquita Bombay Cat Wings Of Paradise Siberian Husky Treasure Guardian Shark Wyvern Keeshond Dog Berry Cute Ponies Bloodstone Dragacorn Bald Eagle Thunder Cat Love Seeker Caracal Cat Emperor Penguin Atlantic Puffin Common Raven Mute Swan Eurasian Tree Sparrow Atlantic White Spotted Octopus Pug Dog Shetland Sheepdog Russian Dwarf Hamster San Joaquin Kangaroo Rat Maine Coon Cat Swift Fox Red Fox Gray Wolf Fennec Fox Munchkin Cat Degu Shiba Inu Dog Felidae Neona Virginia Opossum Witherwing Red Panda Spirit Realm Miniature Pinscher Dog Sun Bear These are Cross Breed Litter Pup for Trade: Female Female Female What i'm Looking For: (Will consider others) Any Gender Any Gender Any Gender
  16. Especially looking for: Alt 3 female direwolf Alt 1 female american wolf Alt 1 female chinchilla Alt 4 and 5 female gray wolf Alt 4 female wyoming wolf Alt 2 female Annie Bear Alt 3 female twin wolves These are what i could consider my "dream pets" and anyone who helps me achieve all of them is a very amazing person! I have an alt 6 female direwolf to swap for the alt 3 female direwolf. I also have an alt 1 male chinchilla to swap for the alt 1 female chinchilla. I have a ton of unwanted pets that I can trade for everything else. And then there's everything else on my wishlist that I can trade unwanted pets for. I'm new to this site so stay patient as I figure out how to work the trading on this thing (it seems so different from chicken smoothie!). Thank you so, so, so much everyone in advance!
  17. Hi! I've completed my Kitty collection but I'm still missing a Bright Bowkit from the Valentines event. I'm hoping someone will have the alts I need, although I don't usually get much luck when I make my own swap threads Bright Bowkits: Have: Alt 2: Alt 3: Alt 4: Alt 5: and Alt 6: Need: Alt 1: Thank you so much to anyone that can help me! It would be greatly appreciated :3 I managed to hatch the alt I needed myself :3 (I'm literally so happy right now!) I'll probably reuse this in the future though, so I won't delete it or anything. The Bright Bowkits doubles are all in the bazaar for 1000zc-1200zc each so please take a look if you're interested!
  18. hi I'm pretty new and haven't tried to trade any pets before but!! have: (female) want: (male)
  19. hi there! i finally got my barbed darter dragon: and clouded panther: to hatch, but i don't like their alts. if you have a barbed darter dragon like any of these: (any stage is fine) or a clouded panther that looks like this: (this stage only) let me know and i'd be delighted to trade with you! edit: the same thing happened with my espiritu de la perla: if you have one that looks like this: please let me know!
  20. Hi! I decided to set up an alt swap thread so that I could complete some pet collections here on PetAdoptables (: Lists: (More to come soon!) American Pika: I have: Alt 3 Alt 5 I need: Alt 4 Anglerfish: I have: Alt 1 Alt 6 I need: Alts 2 and 3 Anisoptera Dragon: I have: Alt 1Alt 4 I need: Alts 2 and 5 Bakeyokai: I have: Alt 3 Alt 6 I need: Alts 2 and 4 Bobcats: I have: Alt 2Alt 4 I need: Alts 3 and 5 Clydesdale Horse: I have: Alt 2Alt 3 I need: Alts 4 and 6 Crystal Hare: I have: Alt 1 I need: Alt 2 (can't find a picture) Fashionista Cat: I have: Alt 1 I need: Alt 2 Floravine: I have: Alt 4 I need: Alts 3, 5 and 6 Fluffdragon: I have: Alt 2Alt 3 Alt 6 I need: Alts 4 and 5 Frilled Lizards: I have:Alt 4Alt 5 I need: Alts 3 and 6 German Shepherd Dog: I have: Alt 1Alt 5 I need: Alts 2 and 6 Golden Retriever Dog: I have: Alt 4 Alt 5 I need: Alts 2 and 3 Mood Dragon: I have: Alt 4 I need: Alts 2 and 5 Plains Zebra: I have: Alt 1Alt 5Alt 6 I need: Alt 4 Rufous Mouse Lemur: I have: Alt 2Alt 3Alt 4 I need: Alts 1 and 6 Shadow Panther: I have: Alt 1 I need: Alt 2 (can't find a picture) Walruses: I have: Alt 1Alt 4 I need: Alt 5 (can't find a picture) Thank you to Tomomi for helping me to complete my Yorkshire Terrier and Common Apple Snail collections! :3 I'm also accepting any ZC offers on pets in my 'Trades' group ^.^ Just post a message here to negotiate!
  21. Phar's Alt Swap N' Sales

    I have a few pets I would like to alt swap or simply sale/trade. More will be added soon ***Note I am looking to BUY a male pembroke welsh corgi and ANY Russian Dwarf hamsters Swaps: Have: X2 can sell one and swap one but I prefer to swap both; Need: any other alt Have: ; Need: Have: N/a can swap others or just buy this alt ; need: Have: ; need: (preferably level 1) Have: ; Need: Have: x2, ; Need: (preferably level 1) Have: ; need: Have: ; Need: {fist stage only} Have: MALE; Need: any other alt but MUST be MALE please Buying: Can get ZP at end of july if needed to purchase some of these Will highlight most wanted ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ Sale/Trade: You can find all of the pets I have for sale or swap under the group: for saletrade. Give an offer I don't know exactly what I want for them Highlighted Pets for sale:
  22. Cas's Alt Swap & Pet Shop

    I am in need of zc and certain alts so this thread is pretty much a pet sale/alt swap. All pets for sale are under my 'Sale' tab, which you can access by clicking my lil avatar. I'm willing to trade for any alts of samoyed dogs as I collect them and would like more to add to my hoard. I am very bad at pricing so please be patient with me as I try to come up with decent prices ; w ; alt swaps; have: want/need: have: want/need: (male is preferred) want: (preferably stage 1) want: any alt of want: or want:
  23. As the title says, I am looking to swap my alt one sky dragon for any other alt
  24. YuuWolf Alt Swaps!

    (Not in need of swaps right now)
  25. Okay guys, I have a lot of pets I need to alt swap, so I'll be posting them all here. If you have anything you'd like to swap please leave a post or contact me on the main site. I'll try my best to respond as quickly as possible^^ I don't care about the gender of the pets too much (though I slightly prefer males) and I'll take all stages, maybe even eggs. Well, that's pretty much all there is to say, so happy swapping Alpaca (mine is unbred, so I'm only trading it for other unbred pets^^) have: want: American Staffordshire Terrier have: Alt 4 want: Alt 3 Bakeyokai have: want: Blue Sand Cat have: want: British Longhair Cat (mine are unbred, so I'm only trading them for other unbred pets^^) have: want: Bull Shark have: Alt 5 want: Alt 2 Capricorn have: want: Cardigan Welsh Corgi have. want: Celestial Kitsune have: want: Cloaked Forest Cat have: Alt 5 want: Alt 2 Cornish Rex Cat have: want: Cuddle Kitten have: want: Equus Magicus have: want: Fashion Llama have: want: Fluton Gryphon have: want: Flutterwing Llama have: want: French Bulldog have: want: Galaxy Bear have: want: Giant Ground Sloth have: want: Guardian Rabbit have: want: Honey Badger have: want: Irish Elk have: want: Kirin Dragon have: want: Love Kitty have: Alt 1 want: Alt 2 Alt 3 Alt 4 Alt 6 Meerkat have: want: Moonlight Pony have: want: Mystic Panther have: Alt 2 Alt 3 want: Alt 4 Nebula Cat have: want: Neko Ai have: Alt 3 Alt 6 want: Alt 2 Alt 5 Papillon Dog have: want: Pegalove have: want: Pirate Kitten have: want: Poison Dart Frog have: want: Predestined Pair have: Alt 5 want: Alt 2 Quagga have: Alt 1 want: Alt 4 Alt 6 Sand Cat have: Alt 3 want: Alt 1 Alt 2 Southern Flying Squirrel (mine are unbred, so I'm only trading them for other unbred pets^^) have: Alt 1 Alt 4 Alt 5 Alt 6 want: Alt 3 Sphynx Cat (mine is unbred, so I'm only trading it for other unbred pets^^) have: want: Alt 4 Alt 5 Steambear have: want: Steampup have: want: Stickypaw Cat have: Alt 5 want: Alt 2 Stickypaw Pomeranian have: Alt 3 Alt 4 want: Alt 5 Tennessee Walking Horse have: Alt 1 want: Alt 2 Alt 4 Alt 5 Alt 6 Thylacine have: want: Tibetan Fox (mine are unbred, so I'm only trading them for other unbred pets^^) have: Alt 5 Alt 6 want: Alt 3 Alt 4 Tropical Dragon have: want: Tropical Seal have: Alt 4 want: Alt 6 Tye Dye have: want: Undead Cat have: Alt 2 Alt 3 want: Alt 6 Alt 5 Valentine Macaw have: want: Water Dragon have: want: Winged Civet have: want: Wishing Bird of Paradise have: want: