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Found 24 results

  1. Hello and Welcome to my CYO/Custom Art Shop! These are the designs that I don't plan on using them myself or I can't afford the brush to post it. so the figured I would sell them to people who would use them. I do take commissions and the prices of commissions are at the bottom in a spoiler. Message me for the png sized and transparent once you paid. The Commissions now have prices in ZC Also when the pet gets published that you buy here may I have a set (if alted) or one of the pets? (Optional) Designs for sale ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Risu Akuma 1000zc or $4 or 4zp Only the Adult stage is done (Already Sized correctly) Risu Ran'ningu 2500zc or $7 or 7zp Only the base outline is done (Already Sized Correctly) Sutekina kitsune 1000zc or $4 or 4zp Base Sketch is done (Not sized) Kosupure Okami 700zc or $3 or 1zp Only Adult Stage is done (Not Sized) Fenikkusu Sold to @CaitlynMellark (Feb 24) 2000zc or $7 or 7zp Adult and Baby Stages with 6 alts (Sized) Commission Now with ZC Prices!
  2. Squirrel running GIF (For Sale)

    From the album Animation tests

    A quick Animation Of a Squirrel (or cat if you really wanted) running. It has seven frames and it took about 30 minutes to get the positions right. if you want to buy it just state your offer
  3. Sakura no hana Custom Baby

    From the album CYO's

    The baby stage of Sakura no hana, How does it look? Should I animate it? Please preorder it once I make the forum post! I don't have the zp to buy the brush so I'm going to make a preorder page where you can preorder it with zp so I'm able to buy the brush if I don't get enough zp to buy the brush I gonna sell the design.
  4. Sakura no hana Custom CYO

    From the album CYO's

    I drew the custom I made in 2015 and I fixed the wings because they looked weird. I also added a background. This is the adult stage. Once I've done the egg and baby stage I'm going to post a forum where you can preorder it (I won't be able to make it if nobody preorders) Because I need 15zp to buy the brush. Do you think I should animate it? Like the leaves falling and the wolves blinking. (I Changed how it looked i didn't like the puppy)
  5. Hello!

    Hello everyone! I am StarryOwl! (Also known as Irritated neko on other sites) I am a artist and an youtuber.I love music,videogames and ANIMU FOR LIFE! I also love to chat and meet new people so thank you if you decide to chat with me ^~^ Anyway the links my other profiles on other sites: https://www.instagram.com/irritated_neko/?hl=en http://nightmarefox3212.deviantart.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXyg8EBzmr2CruxgzHvdxrg Hope you enjoy my content!
  6. I'm in desprite need of Help! I can draw and design pet adoptables.......but my computer coloring/shading leaves much to be desired. This is kinda like my partner thread but instead of working together indefinitely, you'll just help me and I'll pay you for your work as a once or however many times you help me. If you are interested in a partnership please pm me I would love it! Right now I am working on two Supremes. Supremes are what i will be doing 90% of the time. Though I will still do cyos. My first cyo is still being made so I don't have a lot of money right now......payment will haft to be given after the supreme is done......but only this once and any other time you will be paid 50 beginning 50 end. Current supremes working on: Ookami Shinigami and Anubis My prices are set below on how much i really would like to pay for your services, but we definitely can agree on something else if you wish. Also you get one full alted set or one non-alted pet every time. Supreme: 2,000zc - 4,000zc Cyo: 1,000zc - 2,000 zc Alteds I will pay closer to the higher number and non-alteds I will pay closer to the lower to middle number.
  7. I just got a cyo brush (alted) and have the design for my cyo....but I'm not very good at the coloring and editing/making part. I'll upload pictures of the designs i just need someone better than me to "professionally" do it. I'm willing to pay or agree on something for your much appreciated help and time. Also whoever helps can have a free full set!
  8. Some Poetry~

    I enjoy writing poetry in my spare time. It's just a hobby of mine I'm not really a beginner, but I'm not really "advanced" either... I really have a hard time with punctuation and separating lines when it comes to this stuff. Anyway, I'm not really looking for critiques or anything, but some small feedback/opinions would be nice(and punctuation tips too). Also, I'm only posting a few poems, because some of them are either too long to post conviniently or use metaphors that could be deemed inappropriate for this site. Also, most of the stuff I write has to do with politics... Because it's the only thing that I can write about with ease. Sorry. Although, you may interpret them differently, and that's fine! It's somewhat abstract. So here we go. The oldest stuff first, but these were all written a while back. Haven't found much time to write lately. Please note that I am not the speaker in any of these poems. They are not about me at all. "Break Down and Stick Around" Break Down and Stick Around I wish I could have caught you. I wish I could have helped. I wish I could have been there When you fell from your shelf. Divested of your former glory, Shattered into shards. Why, look at yourself now. What happened to the king of hearts? You wear a crown of thorns. You were beaten and stripped of sublimity. You were publicized as sinister For the socialism you tried to minister. Free enterprise is creeping, But I dare not despair. For I will wait for you always, Even after the hourglass has evaporated. Into thin air. (I don't really count that last phrase as part of the poem lol, but you can if you want. Eww this is old.) "Single Heart" Single Heart The fire in our native... It burns as we loathe one another. But we have yet to uncover The fact that we are simply lovers. We are untamed beasts, Neither dominant nor submissive. This leads to discord, So we resort to being derisive. Our true virtality lies in creating a utopia, Although we have ravaged that proposition. We ovserve one another through abominable eyes, Yielding threats of demolition. Our hearts are muddled and disgraceful; For we are exactly the same. We aspire for peace, But this is all just a game. My love, do you not understand equality now? We are exactly alike. (Please note that the word single in the title is being used with the definition of "one, unified". Not single as in dating or anything.) "Lament of a Rotten Apple" Lament of a Rotten Apple Inhaling the exhaust and exhaling a rueful scent, My nervous system jitters with neverending ferment. The gasoline surges through my veins without a clear destination. The garbage clogs my dingy arteries, gradually leading to devastation. I wear a mas of liberty, appearing jubilant with pride, But deep down where it counts, I have long since died. (^This is about NYC. I have one about Berlin to go with it, but it has mature content.) "Affliction of the Workers" Affliction of the Workers Why do you spit on the working class in this way, when you can save us? Do you not see these calluses on our palms? You do, and yet you still refer to us as Red scum. Why do you treat us in this manner, you right-wing flag-wavers? Do you not recognize our anguish? You do, and we are nothing more than black sheep to you. Why do you label us as -*, when you do nothing but live the life of luxury? Do you not acknowledge the sound of our souls cracking? You do, and yet, in your cupidity, you stamp us with a socialist crest. (^There's more, but I'm not going to post it. The "-*" was a word I didn't feel comfortable posting.)
  9. I just recently found out that I had a CYO brush, and I now need an artist to illudtate my idea for me! I can pay up to 1000 ZC and 2000 Silver. This CYO is going to be on the big cat base and will have small line edits. If you're interested shoot me a PM.
  10. I have really been inspired by another artist on Deviantart, their creations have captured my soul, so to speak. I want an alted one stage cyo that is similar to their style, but not exact because I don't want to accidentally copyright infringe. This is the sketch I made for my cyo idea. I want it to be as close to this as possible: I love fantasy, and have been wanting to do a wolf/fox type creature. I don't know which base or stage would be best to use with these animal body types, so I will let the artist choose what to do that will help there not be so many lineart edits. I only have the regular cyo brush. If still interested, please take a look at these links, and let me know how much you think something like this might cost. I know the detail is a lot but we could simplify if we have to. http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Posable-Fantasy-Moon-Dust-Wolf-342342618 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Poseable-Siberian-Arctic-Wolf-387110734 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Hand-Made-Poseable-Fantasy-Black-Berry-Wolf-385975486 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Poseable-Hand-Made-FIRE-WOLF-372835301 @Aeryn @ Maybe you would like to take this on?
  11. I am currently snowed under by the CYO's that I am making for other players so I have barely any time to work on my CYO's. So I am looking for a very good CYO artist to commission for this CYO I would like to make: [as said in the heading,I will pay over 5zp and 1000zc because this design will be very complex.] My Idea: The Changeling Griffon-the changeling gryphon changes according to its surroundings,it will mutate to become a stronger and better hunter,it will become more magnificent... 5 stages 4 ALTS the bases with be taken from the normal griffon base though I would like each stage to be more feathery (more feathers on the head,around the claws and on the tail.)such as: each ALT must be similar to the following: alt 1:the barn owl alt 2: the snow fowl alt 3: the armored one alt 4:The Falcon P.S. ALL THE BASES ON ALL THE ALTS WILL BE THE SAME JUST THE COLORING MUST BE DIFFERENT LIKE THE PICTURES EXCEPT FOR THE ARMORED ONE YOU CAN JUST TAKE THE EDITED BASE AND AD SOME ARMOR LIGHT CHANGES NOTHING TO COMPLICATED ON THAT ONE,THOUGH THE COLORS MUST BE GOOD LINEARTS MUST BE IN THE 50%!!!!!!
  12. Looking For Custom Artist To Collab With!

    Looking For Custom Artist To Collab With: I have a really good idea for a custom pet,though I don't want to have to pay 25$ for a mc or 35$ for a fca... so I am looking to collab with a C.artist (Im not really sure about the rules with collabing with custom artist so please correct me if Im wrong) Payment/Collab: Me and the custom artist _____ pay each half half for the brush+we each do fair work of the custom ( I am good with designing cyo's look on my topics and cyo shop)basically half half of the work (one does the line arts,one does the coloring,we both do half/half alts...) I will pm the idea to the artist.
  13. Hi,im gemscale1234 im a blooming cyo artist and looking for some jobs,because I am in dire need of ZC. I have 3 cyo's that I currently have created I am looking for some preferred normal/simple jobs.(just look at my cyo's i have created you get the picture.) thanks for reading. -Beauty Pony (not added yet) -Dog Shark (not added yet) -Gypsy Traveler-Added -Utopia Bunny (Added+alts coming soon)------> Yay my Utopia bunny Was Accepted! selling 10: male:450 female:550 current cyo commisions I have done: sam-Puppy Pawz Furry Kitsu Fox-Jade
  14. Update: Currently seeking an artist willing to do 6 alts, all levels, monkey one only. The linearts will be the same for all alts besides a single symbol and weapon. Ideal: A Flying monkey in armour, with select weapon which I would discuss more privately. I honestly have no idea what I want, but I received an CYO alt brush from the wishing well. So I am curious if there is an artist (or artists) out there that is willing to work alone (or together) on a CYO, using only just their imagination and keywords given by me? I can only offer the cyo once created, ores, or ZC. I do not have ZP and will not have some for a long time. :/ I probably won't until I sell some cyos. If you're interested, please be an approved artist on site and (or) show me some of your artwork. Thanks. General Info: - Wanting to make this an Artist-type Project. - Capable of working with keywords. - Capable of working together if multiple artists. - Send updates on work every so often. ie: once a day, twice a day, once every other day, etc. - Must be willing to do heavy-duty line-art changes with each alt. - Payment in CYO, Ores and/or ZC unless willing to wait until I sell some for ZP. - If multiple artists, I would like if each artist gets one alt of their choice unless it's only 1-2 then I'm willing to give full sets if you wish. - Must be familiar with PA's art style. - If interested, please state payment price range. - If interested, please be an approved artist and/or show me art that you've done. Can be onsite, offsite, sketches, etc. - If you're accepted as an artist, please show me a sketch of what you're planning to do for each alt before you line. This will save you time. (: Keywords: *Feel free to use more then one keyword for each stage and/or alt* Viking Valkyrie Pagan Wiccan Magick Faery Pixie Imp Elements : Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Plague, Arcane, Light, Lightning, Shadow, Ice. Norse Species Change Two Headed Two Tailed Morphed Clouds Dream World Majestic Weapons : Bow`n`Arrows, Swords Dragons .... might add more. lol
  15. artist-pet suggestion

    So something I think might be a good feature is some way they we can recognise which artist created which pet. I'm not so good at identifying different art styles, so it's hard for me to know what pet on the site was designed by which official artist. I think the best way to do this would be to have it listed in the colour almanac, along with things like the rarity and number on site etc. This way, it'll be easier to identify who did what another suggestion, if it's too hard to program this onto the site, is just to have a thread, with all the pets and their artists. It might also be nice to have it for cyo artists as well. At the moment, just the owner of the pet is listed, but obviously the owner isn't always the artist. thoughts anyone?
  16. Finally got the brush for this one anyway, I want a cyo to remind me of my favourite song, Gold Dust by Tori Amos. lyrics & video in case you're interested: sights and sounds pull me back down another year i was here i was here whipping past the reflecting pool me and you skipping school and we make it up as we go along we make it up we go along you said - you raced from langley - pulling me underneath a cherry blossom canopy -do i have- of course i have, beneath my raincoat, i have your photographs. and the sun on your face i'm freezing that frame and somewhere alfie cries and says "enjoy his every smile you can see in the dark through the eyes of laura mars" how did it go so fast you'll say as we are looking back and then we'll understand we held gold dust in our hands sights and sounds pull me back down another year i was here i was here gaslights glow in the street (flickering past) twilight held us in her palm as we walked along and we make it up as we go along we make it up as we go along letting names hang in the air what color hair (auburn crimson) autumn knowingly stared and the day that she came i'm freezing that frame i'm freezing that frame and somewhere alfie smiles and says "enjoy her every cry you can see in the dark through the eyes of laura mars" how did it go so fast you'll say as we are looking back and then we'll understand we held gold dust in our hands in our hands >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUYmiKAKZRA Anyway! I would like a wolf base CYO 4 stages, one alt only. Relitively simple one, here's the rough idea: stage one: black wolf with just a few golden sparkly dots on it like stars or glitter stage two: More of a dark silvery gray wolf, more sparkles! stage three: fur is going more yellow-gold now, with more sparkles again stage four: golden wolf, covered in glittery sparkles all stages: an orange autumn leaf on the tail no line edits payment: up to 2000zc and a set of 4 of the wolves so you can freeze one at each stage, or 5 if you want to freeze one at the egg stage too. Also, i'm happy to wait, so if you really want to do this but have a backlog, i'm not in a rush. i'm happy to wait for even a month or two ^^ ARTIST FOUND - Allie
  17. Hello looking once again for a CYO artist! Idea: Lionhead Rabbits/buns (real breed) I didn't see this on site but it is a real rabbit breed ( I own one ^ . ^) Since it's a real breed I'll put some pictures do your best to try to draw it. Also I think I might get my Artist approval soon so this could possibly turn into a CYO collab if you want General idea I'll see if I can get a CYO alt brush so it can have alts Payment Up to 1000 ZCs Ores of your choice Random pet(s) 3-5 copies of pet Fill out this form if you would like to apply PA username: Forum username: CYO example (The more the better, has to be some with edits): ​Due date will be discussed if interested
  18. hey everyone! so i've got an idea for a cyo griffin custom, and was looking for someone to help me out with it! here's the rough idea: Griffin with alts I want it to be like a crossover between a deer and a griffin. so the baby stage should have a spotted rump like a fawn and no horns, child stage would still have some spots, teen no spots, adult no spots. i want to have 3 female and 3 male designs for this pet, so the males would develop stumps for their horns as they get older, and have more fur around their chests. the females wouldn't have horns or anything. i would also like some kind of earth spirit motif around the deergrif, perhaps vines or flowers or something. that is up to interpretation though. decided against this some pictures of deer as colouring examples: baby: child: teen male: female: adult: male: female: obviously here, i've just picked random deer images, i'll be looking at a specific type of deer once i think more about it. each alt will be slightly differently coloured, still working on the colouring for now. may or may not be a full 6 alt, depends on how many colouring ideas i come up with. ----------- obviously, i want an approved artist. I can pay in zc or ores, you will also be able to get a full set for free of the pet once it's finished. please post a few examples of your work for me to see, even if i'm already familiar with your work. and also put in your pricing as well! thanks! omi x edit: here are some rough sketches i did with the edits i'm looking for: baby: notes say: pale deer spots (on rump and parts of wings closest to the body) deer ears short tail stubs of horns long lashes (same for all stages) possibly a deer like nose, depending on how difficult that is to do. (same for all stages) child: notes: short tail small antlers deer ears less and lighter spots along rump, back and bottoms of wings teen notes: longer, but still small antlers short tail deer ears adult notes: deer ears more fur on the chest short tail large, impressive antlers
  19. i have 2 custom paint brushes but no skills so if someone could help me that would be great
  20. Hello my name is Link, and Xene is one of my bestfriend and so, she Decided she wanted to make a CYO. Then I've come up with the color and ideas. So we need an artist to color this CYO! P.S We don't know what brush the well will give, and we have 6 alts planed out. That will also be in the Pm. CYO BOARD: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/5232-cat-base/ Pm: LinkinDew If any questions you can post down below. Thank you for you time!
  21. I am looking for an artist to make a CYO for me. I can offer a few of the completed CYO you have drawn, as well as some ZP and ores/pets. The CYO: Shadestalker General bodyform: Cat with wings. Sitting, with wings spread out General Colour and Extras:A inky blue-black cat with tints of deep purple on the extremities. Big, aqua eyes. a small silver necklace with a gem (same colour as eyes) hanging around it's neck. (necklace can be removed if needed.) very, very faint grey-purple markings on it's fur. Egg general: same pattern as fur. Please message me! I can pay rather well ( I can also offer chicken smoothie rares list)
  22. Heyo, I'm Yuuki! :D

    ; u; Hello everyone! I'm Yuuki, a pet-site-aholic and artist/pet designer/HA clothing designer on other sites OTL I'm a bit addicted to joining new pet sites, and when I had this site follow me on tumblr I got curious and joined and I just love the pets here! ; A; They're all so cute! I'm 22, male, and from Florida! :3 I love talking to people and I'm in a really hyper/happy/excited mood right so I'm rambling a bit and I apologize for that <//3 I love mining, and have a feeling I'm going to quickly become addicted. Mining is pretty much the only thing I know how to do right now, as I just joined like seven hours ago ; n; So I still have a lot to learn.
  23. Lady Dragon - Looking for Artist

    I'm looking for an artist for a CYO (with alts) I'd like to make, called a Lady Dragon (using the wyvern dragon lineart, of course). It wouldn't have any lineart edits, I just need someone to color because GIMP dislikes me and I always had background troubles anyway. The reward for doing this would be a full set of Lady Dragons c: I might also be able to pay 1k ZC or so along with a full set. The alts I want are as follows: Somehow relatively similar to his coloration: (Greygnarl from DQIX) Similar to him: (Barbarus from DQIX) A silver/light gray dragon with white undercolor. Basically, the same color placing as the purple/gold dragon, but with light gray and white. A red and gold dragon, colored like the purple and gold one, but with red and gold. Red body, gold undercolor. A blue and white dragon, colored like the purple and gold one, but with blue and white. White body, light blue undercolor. Obviously the Greygnarl and Barbarus alts should not be exactly alike, just somewhat resembling him.
  24. Okay.. so starting off - I'm pretty new at this. This meaning.. asking for a specific design. But the idea popped into my head earlier today, and I think it would be a really cool pet idea. IDEA- Basically the kitsune is an artist, complete with the cool hat that covers one ear. If you don't know what I mean, I think it's called an artist beret hat. The color of the hat also is unimportant. I found some pictures via google to give you an idea of what I mean. The kitsune could be any color, preferrably not a color that one of it's tails are. The tails would look like an actual paintbrush, each tail possibly a different color or just the 'brush' of the tail a specific color. I was thinking the obvious major colors; red, blue, yellow, and then the other two colors could be white and black. (I was trying to think of what would be on an artist's little palate thing.. you know?) Or if you think two other colors would be better you could obviously do that instead.