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Found 42 results

  1. Welcome! Cyo/Supreme pets will be posted on here from time to time for sale). They may be colored or just line-arts. Some tweaking and shading may me needed too. 500zc
  2. Female Male Each to be bid on separately. Bidding starts at 500 zc, minimum increase 50 zc. Auction ends one week from now. July 23 @ PA Main time of 1pm. 1 zp = 700 zc Please be clear as to which one you are bidding on by stating Male or Female in your post.
  3. I will post designs up for auctions here.(only supremes!) I will only be auctioning 2 stage designs (egg + adult) Designs Up For Auction: Tiny T: Starting Bid: 8,000 ZC/8 ZP Minimum Bid Increments: 500 ZC/1 ZP AutoBuy:28,000 ZC/28 ZP Highest Bidder: N/A Dumpling Crane: Starting Bid:5,000 ZC/5 ZP Minimum Bid Increments:500 ZC/1 ZP AutoBuy:20,000 ZC/20 ZP Highest Bidder:N/A Procoptodon: Starting Bid:5,000 ZC/5 ZP Minimum Bid Increments:500 ZC/1 ZP AutoBuy:15,000 ZC/15 ZP Highest Bidder: N/A Upcoming Designs: Procoptodon Entelodont RULES: You may not resell! if you buy this design you cannot resell the cyo to anyone else,If you dont want it anymore,resell it back to me for the price you bought,or give me the CYO code. DO NOT OVER EDIT THE DESIGN!,YOU MAY ADD SIMPLE EXTRAS (SCALES,FINS,SPIKES ECT) You may add more stages to the design if you want. ​Buyer will receive the psd file and png file if you want.
  4. Ive come up with a new adoptables concept art for auction! I've drawn the concept over the base so you can see how many edits or what brush may be needed. The winning bidder of the auction may alter the design in any way they see fit(you may also change the name and add alts if you like). The only thing I ask is to receive one of the pets after they are on site. (If you're feeling generous) This time I've used the rabbit base to create... Numbat Cutie! Bidding for this adorable two stage (not including egg) Pet Adoptable starts at 250zc! ZP is also accepted for bids and I figure 1zp to equal 600zc. Bidding ends on 11/17/2014 at 9:00pm Eastern Time. If you live in a different time zone, you can easily look up a time conversion table on Google. Starting bid again is: 250zc Minimum bid increment: 100zc Current Highest Bid: 0 Highest Bidder: ________ Good Luck and happy bidding!
  5. *Auctioning Shih Tzu Set*

    I have a complete set of Shih Tzu's I'm willing to auction off. Starting Price: 900zc Auction Ends: in five days Please bid in increments of 5zc Please do NOT bid pets/eggs only zc and zp for this auction 1 zp = 700 zc Good Luck Mix of males and females:
  6. Auctioning Thylacine!!

    Herro! I only just realized I have a spare Thylacine (it certainly took me a while) and I decided to auction it off for zp. The starting bid will be 3 ZP and the bid will go up by 1 ZP. I would rather not take ZC, as I have enough of that (in my opinion). I will buy ZP as well, but not many people sell it these days so I'm not really expecting any. The Thylacine: Current Highest Bid: None Highest Bid Holder: None Ending Date: 12th of May Have fun and good luck (if I forgot anything please let me know below)
  7. ~ BUMBLE KITTEN ~ Sketch Auction for the Spring Event! This my first time doing an auction and my first time selling a sketch. I made this sketch over a month ago with the cat child base in preparation for Spring along with a puppy as well, but I saw someone already has done that. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to work this sketch and submit it for the Spring Event. I planned on making alts of different color combinations(like tradition black and white, light green & pink, light blue and light purple, etc) , but if you are the highest bidder, you don't need to, but it would be nice. Line tweaks are allowed, but no major changes without my permission. If you win, I will get a copy of the pet and one copy of each of of the alts, if made. Please keep the name! The image is 600x600 pixels so it can be resized down to 300x300, 150x150, etc. I really have no idea what this would sell or auction for, so I'm just guessing for the starting bid, increasement, and automatic buy. This auction will end in 24 hours, 10:30pm PA time! Starting Bid: 200 Min. Bid Incr.: 50 or more Highest Bid: 200 - Crystalcat Automatic Buy: 1,000 ~ Good luck everyone and happy bidding! ~
  8. ~~~Unatural fox sale!!~~~

    just created my first set!! <3<3 here it is!! i take ZP at 200ZC each! Common 300ZC Common 400ZC Uncommon 600ZC On site:7/12 On site:5/12 On site:6/8 Rare 800ZC Very rare 1000ZC Rarest 2000ZC OR OFFER On site:3/7 On site:4/6 On site:1/5 PLEASE use this form!! Username on site: gender: fox you want: how much you are sending: I GO BY ORDER OF TRADES THAT COME IN SO PLEASE SEND YOUR TRADES~! My rarest will go for 2000ZC or to the highest offers. please keep in mind i will not be sending out my rarest till probably next week! kinda like an auction :3 they will go to my top 4 bidders! CYOs and customs i am currently searching for! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL atls! ALL alts! ALL alts! ALL alts!
  9. Welp, I'm doin' this here auction of some cute thingys I drewed.. haha, but really. I think you guys will appreciate that I made an ape and a fox that can most likely be used with the bear base to make cyos.. they may need supreme brushes (not quite sure) but you may change them any way you like after purchasing them. These are being auctioned separately. (I apologize in advance for the shadows on the pictures. The lighting in my house isnt all that great.) Loverboy: Isn't he cute?? Starting bid: 400zc (If you want, the winner can ask me to do an egg, or they can do one themselves. ^-^) Current Highest Bid: 600zc-SpiritWolfe Apologetic Ape Awww! What a great idea you might say? Yes, I know. <3 Starting bid: 500zc Current Highest Bid: 1100zc- SpiritWolfe Minimum bid increments are in amounts of 100zc. Both auctions will end today at 5:00 PM Pet Adoptables time. Let me know by liking this post if you would love to see more auctions like this one. ;3 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
  10. I noticed everyone was doing Chinese New Year themed cyos, and I thought I might join in on that. I had a nice little idea, and thought it turned out quite well. I made a horse puppeteering as a dragon like you would see on the streets in china during the new year festival and celebrations. I would like to auction it to get a better idea of how much I'm improving and how much my designs are worth. Bidding starts at 400 zc and auction ends at 12:00 am PA time. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Changes may be made to these as buyer desires, and yes, egg and horse are a set. If you win the auction, you get both! ^.^ As a bonus you will also get New Year Coin Bunny! Changes can also be made as buyer desires. Current Bid: 2,764 zc Minimum bid increment: 100 zc
  11. 2014 Cat Line art Sketch -made by me,if you wish to bid please read the rules for my line art buying Here! 'raise a wineglass and have some fun,its new years eve' bidding starts with either 1,200 zc (each bid must be 450zc+),or 6zp (1zp+) Ending Date Of Auction 4.1.14
  12. Ball Python Snake!!!

    Ball Python for auction 1HOUR LEFT!!!!
  13. Auction for limited-edition Hanami Bat

    Bids start at 200 ZC or one ZP Bat also being sold in Bazaar for 550 ZC. Bid ends if Hanami bat is bought in Bazaar, or on October 20th. If this is successful, more bids will pop up. Who knows? Maybe even a rare animal...
  14. I am auctioning off both my clouded leopards for zc!! Here they are: and: RULES: 1. No begging the winner for them 2. No complaining please 3. Please don't sell them, they are very special to me 4. Be fair 5.please mention me when you post 6. Have fun!! Starting Bid: 500 zc Bid increments: 200 zc Highest bid: 500 zc, Rinai Auction ends: 30th of July Good luck!!
  15. Ball Python starting bid: 250zc or 1zp Minimum bid increase: 100zc or 1zp (1zp = 300zc) Mongolian Gerbil starting bid: 350zc or 1zp Minimum bid increase: 150zc or 1zp (1zp = 300zc) Thanks for looking! Wonder what the next two will be... ;D
  16. As the title says, I'm auctioning off Alt 1 of one of my new CYOs! There will only be TWO in total! (mine and whoever wins this auction~) because she's based off of one of my kitties plus a bit of bling XD You can not withdraw a bid once placed and when you bid, please make sure you have it already on hand and available :3 You may bid in ZP, ZC, OR a mixture of both! (as long as you still surpass the highest bidder with your bid) My value of ZP: 1zp -> 250zc Winner will be allowed to pick the gender once the auction ends. c: --------------------- End Date: 7/5/2013 -- 12:00PM[noon] CST {10:00 on PA} Starting Bid: 2000zc // 8zp AutoBuy: 12500zc // 50zp Winner - Nebel ----------------------------------------------------- If there are NO BIDS by the end date, the end date will be EXTENDED! However, only once! After that and there is NO BIDS by the new end date, this alt will NO LONGER be sold and only ONE will be onsite and owned by me. :3 so- get 'em while you can! (if I ever do decided to sell the second one, there will be no choice of gender and chances are very likely it will not be cheap)
  17. i've got a zanzibar leopard i ressurected for auction. it's a male, alt 2 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=382458 < check it out here. starting bid: 3zp minimum increase: 2zp autobuy: 15zp ends: 19th june, 12midnight server time NOTE: PLEASE, NO posts that aren't bids!
  18. Kat's Auction House!!!

    Okay, since my shop has died, I'm auctioning off all the pets in it, + more!! All are for zp, but there will be an auto with zc (all will be 1000, so that hopefully you choose the zp XD). All bids go up by 1 zp. I'm also looking for someone to do a custom collab with (me doing zp) but I don't have any zp yet, so I'm selling my pets for zp!! I hope you find something you like!! (Almost forgot, this ends on the last day of June) Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 3 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 2 zp Auto: 6 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Starting bid: 1 zp Auto: 5 zp/1000 zc Good Luck!!!
  19. ATTENTION, THIS THREAD IS NOW CLOSED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY THE PET, GO HERE: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/11741-%E2%99%A5hikaris-shop%E2%99%A5/ Thank you.
  20. So I got a Falkland Island Wolf from a chest today. I already have a full set, so I would like to sell this one! (link: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=376576) it's a male, either alt 3 or 4 according to my stickerbook I'm auctioning for ZP, since this is a retired fossil pet, and also highly sought after. Starting bid: 7 ZP minimum increase: 2 ZP Autobuy: 20 ZP end date: saturday 8th June midnight PST (PA time) (this means, 12pm, when the 8th turns into 9th, just to be clear!)

    so i have this adorable little guy up for auction! (link: http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=363265) starting bid: 800zc autobuy: 2000zc ends: at the end of monday 27th may, 12am pa time.
  22. *Closed*

    ~Closed Sorry~
  23. Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions

    Hello, and welcome to Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions where I, your host IcebergCrystals, auction a pet for one hour! Currently Up Alt 2 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 3 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 4 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 5 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 6 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 1 Singing Moon Wolf - Female - 150 ZC (retired pet) Alt 5 Canada Goose - Male - 15 ZC Alt 3 Cutie Dream Sheep - Male - 100 ZC Auction time - Congratulations to the winners! C: All pets being auctioned will be in my '1Hour Auction' group, so you can go there to see all of their stats.
  24. not receiving auction updates

    I've set it to on/yes for updates on auctions but am not receiving any. I need to know if I get outbid. Is there anything else I need to check?
  25. auction error

    when you try to view active bids, it gives a 404 error page. I've tried multiple times and have cleared my cache just in case but it still gives this error.