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Found 25 results

  1. Jacob and his teddy bear Book

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    My Children's book I've been working on for awhile is finally done and uploaded to Amazon The art took forever to do but I'm proud of how it came out Description of book How does the cover look? This is the first time i've drawn an entire book
  2. Hello, everyone! I've decided to give a select few of my CYOs away for free like I did with my "The Corpse Meow" CYOs. I'm giving fifteen Candy Swirl Bears away for free. Each person is allowed up to two of them if they want more than one. There is only one alt and stage and they are already hatched. THERE ARE NONE LEFT for free as of 10/21/2017. Before you may get one, here are my rules for them: You may not sell or trade this pet. If you decide you no longer want it, send it back to me.
  3. Day 11

    From the album Daily Sketches

    Day 11 is a poorly drawn bear.
  4. Winnie Pooh

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    I put them all on one picture, just for fun, lmao. I had to resize them, so the proportions might not be right, but it's pretty okay like this. Aaah, I still love them. One of the few fanarts I did and actually like. The individual pics are somewhere here as well, if you wanna see them.
  5. Merbear Alts

    From the album CYO

    I need one more bear species to replace the 2nd Alt, the all-black one. It's kinda boring. Though if no one can suggest one I'll leave it like that. Brown Bear Black Bear Sun Bear Spectacled Bear Panda Bear Red Panda Edit: I see stuff that needs erasing, lmao.
  6. Merbear

    From the album CYO

  7. Valentine Bear Design Sale full stages with alts/or none ALT's: The alts are in no particular order feel free too Place them in any order when bought. This CYO Will be sold at 7,500zc or 4,000 if you are just buying 1 alt ^^ not sure if I should sell these alts separately,feel free to comment on what you think ^~^
  8. Welp, I'm doin' this here auction of some cute thingys I drewed.. haha, but really. I think you guys will appreciate that I made an ape and a fox that can most likely be used with the bear base to make cyos.. they may need supreme brushes (not quite sure) but you may change them any way you like after purchasing them. These are being auctioned separately. (I apologize in advance for the shadows on the pictures. The lighting in my house isnt all that great.) Loverboy: Isn't he cute?? Starting bid: 400zc (If you want, the winner can ask me to do an egg, or they can do one themselves. ^-^) Current Highest Bid: 600zc-SpiritWolfe Apologetic Ape Awww! What a great idea you might say? Yes, I know. <3 Starting bid: 500zc Current Highest Bid: 1100zc- SpiritWolfe Minimum bid increments are in amounts of 100zc. Both auctions will end today at 5:00 PM Pet Adoptables time. Let me know by liking this post if you would love to see more auctions like this one. ;3 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
  9. Some fluffy starry bear

    From the album CYO

    Yay or nay? Lol

    © @tomo and PA

  10. Fairy Bear CYO Bidding

    This is a resent CYO Iv made the fairy bear I only Have one request from whoever wins the bid,that I recieve one of the copies of the CYO ^-^ Bidding starts at 1,000ZC Minimum bid Increments 500zc at the end of the bid,the highest bidder can have a choice of adding color alts for an extra 1,000ZC let the bidding begin ^-^ Bidding ends of the 15.1.2014 who's outbid? @Poke @Midnight Scarborough
  11. bear Egg purple

    From the album Vine Bear

    bear egg
  12. Vine bear Alt 6

    From the album Vine Bear

  13. Vine bear Alt 5

    From the album Vine Bear

  14. Vine bear Alt 4

    From the album Vine Bear

  15. Vine bear Alt 3

    From the album Vine Bear

  16. Vine bear Alt 2

    From the album Vine Bear

  17. Vine bear Alt 1

    From the album Vine Bear

  18. bear Egg

    From the album Vine Bear

  19. bear Egg black

    From the album Vine Bear

    egg, backround black
  20. bear Egg black

    From the album Vine Bear

    egg, backround black
  21. bear Egg

    From the album Vine Bear

  22. Vine bear white

    From the album Vine Bear

    backround white
  23. Pre-Auction of this pet: http://www.petadopta...lup.php?id=6151 How much you offert for it? -hope-hopper 800 ZC -0 ZP ( ) -Min bit 15zc or 2 zp *17 of Match to 29 of March* If no one post i will auction it normal in AH
  24. [WANTED] 2 Black Bears!

    I'm looking to buy 2 Black Bears. I don't have a ton of ZC right now, but once we agree on something, I'll save up and pay you ASAP, and you can just hold the pet for me =]. The two alts I want are Normal and Glacier: I'm also willing to buy eggs. Thanks so much!