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Found 17 results

  1. Birdy CYO

    From the album CYO's

    Just a pretty bird i made for no real reason Isn't it pretty though? What do you think i should add to it?
  2. New CYO!! CherryBlossom Griffin[FOR SALE]

    From the album My CYOs

    It's up for Sale!! I didn't make a CYO/custom in ages omg The egg+First Stage will be around 800-1000zc, if you want more stages its an added 200zc! PM me!!
  3. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  4. Cockatiel

    From the album Daily Sketches

    June 2nd's doodle was a cockatiel.
  5. Day 17

    From the album Daily Sketches

    Day 17 is a pigeon.
  6. Day 4

    From the album Daily Sketches

    Day 4 is a cockatiel.
  7. Penguin in Birdsuits

    From the album CYO

  8. Werewolf and Nugget

    From the album Paintings

    My werewolf and her bird resting.

    © Art and Character by me

  9. Nugget

    From the album Paintings

    This is my werewolf oc's pet bird. His name is nugget.

    © Art and Character by me

  10. Zeus

    From the album Birdies

    My little girl Zeus <3

    © Michie

  11. Nova

    From the album Birdies

    My baby boy Nova <3

    © Michie

  12. Selling All Sorts Of Pets!

    These are the pets I have for sale/trade at the moment, feel free to make an offer with one of the pets in the spoiler or ZC!: Pets I am searching for, you could offer one of these, or ZC!: Arabian Flight Amicitia Ave Bella Avalon Unicorn Bali Tiger Barbary Lion Bengal Tiger Besita Questurile Candy Squirrel Capall Usice Celestial Camarillo Cirque De Chevaux Clouded Leopard Cuddle Kitten Cuddle Corgi Destiny Howl Dragonling Elafi Dryas Faerie Dragon Felis Major Walker Felisoul Fenrae Fluton Gryphon Flutterwing Llama Forest Oracle Full Moon Garden Keeper Flying Hedgehog Glamour Pup Gothic Fairytale Hane Kujaiku Kitsune Heraldic Unicorn Honey Hoshi No Kitsune Ice Dragon Of Shing Indochinese Tiger Jaguar Javan Tiger Lapin Angelus Le Cheval Noble De Cendrillon Lluviana Malayan Tiger Mestengo Indian Spirit Mystic Panther Mystic Unicorn Neckerchief Dog Nekogami Night Flower Oncilla Pegasus of Olympus Pinto Horse Plains Zebra Protector Of The Pure Shetland Monarch Skye Warrior Starfluff Dragon Stickypaw Cat Sumatran Tiger Sunkissed Mare Sweetwing Unicorn Sweetheart Swift Leopard Of Miarra Tamashi No Korekuta Tierra Tiger of Iris Tigerfly Undead Dog Unicorn Of Life Witherwing
  13. pressie for rain in march

    From the album drawings

    another present! this one is for rain in march! tried out a new style in this one, based on the drawing i found as reference.

    © omiai/larewenevenstar

  14. Jerry again!

    From the album My Pets!

    Jerry likes to check out the phone.
  15. Jerry!

    From the album My Pets!

    Jerry.. the evil African Grey Parrot that'll take your fingers off..._. I used to be able to get him to fly onto my finger, with bribes, mind you, but now all he does is try to kill me.
  16. Bird questions.

    Hi! I'm not really sure where to put this. So, mods, if it's in the wrong spot, feel free to move it where you think is best! :-} I have a few questions about pet birds, especially budgies(parakeets). If you know the answer, please feel free to post it!! :-) Do they smell bad? How much human contact do they need? Do they get along well with dogs? How good of a pet do they make? What are some of the pros and cons of having a pet bird? Would it pick on a rabbit? What about a beta fish? I kinda want a bird that is okay with me not playing with it, but will enjoy me playing with it when I do get around to it. Any suggestions? How would the bird do with me going away for a night each week? Thanks! ~Soare
  17. ~Wings~

    Two tribes of birds have been on earth for as long as we can remember. Birds of prey, and other birds. And they always had a pecking order. The birds of prey would hunt the smaller birds, as well as other small animals, and the small birds would band together to drive them away from their nests. But now, the small birds have had enough. They think it's time for a new pecking order. One in which the two tribes are equals. Who will win? ~~~ Rules: Please keep it PG 13, as I shall expect some fighting. ;-) Fade to black when mating. Follow all PA rules. Don't hog the good ranks. Try to use proper capitalization and punctuation. Friendly suggestions: Please have at least one male and one female. Please try to keep the two tribes balanced. I don't want the small birds to be out-numbered. :-) Please use pictures and spoilers. ( [ S p o i l e r ] Picture here [ / s p o i l e r ] Only without the spaces. :-) ) If you have an important role, please post. :-) I don't want to have an inactive bird floating around. Tribe ranks: Blue=Male Pink=Female Theron tribe: (Birds of prey) Leader: Mistu {OceanHorse} Right-wing: Shot {Alyssa09} Healer: Lead fighter: Thor {SoareThingMyr} Fighters: Calliope {SoareThingMyr} Force {Boltboltybolt} Learning fighters (birds under one year, above six months) : Suuk {SoareThingMyr, Learning from Thor} Thraa {SoareThingMyr, Learning from Calliope} Lead scavenger: Scavengers: Learning scavengers (birds under one year, above six months) : Egg-mothers: Chicks/Eggs: Gymea tribe: (Small birds) Leader: Right-wing: Healer: Lead fighter: Ebony {Sonique L'Hedgehog} Fighters: Sing {SoareThingMyr} Learning fighters (birds under one year, above six months) : Akira {Alyssa09, learning from Sing} Lead scavenger: Rhace {OceanHorse} Scavengers: Short {SoareThingMyr} Holly {Boltboltybolt} Learning scavengers (birds under one year, above six months) : Egg-mothers: Chicks/Eggs: Chirp {polerberr} Form: Name: Gender: Age: Rank: Tribe: Breed: Mate: Eggs/Chicks: Crush: Looks: If Learning, who would you like to teach you?: My birds: Name: Thor Gender: Male Age: 3 years Rank: Lead fighter Tribe: Theron tribe Breed: Osprey Mate: Calliope Eggs/Chicks: Suuk and Thraa Crush: Has a mate, doesn't need one. Looks: Name: Calliope Gender: Female Age: 3 years Rank: Fighter Tribe: Theron tribe Breed: Osprey Mate: Thor Eggs/Chicks: Suuk (female) and Thraa (male) Crush: Has a mate, doesn't need one. Looks: The adult. The baby right beside her is Suuk and Thraa is beside Suuk. Name: Sing Gender: Female Age: 2 1/2 Rank: Fighter Tribe: Gymea tribe Breed: Canary Mate: None Eggs/Chicks: None Crush: Open Looks: Name: Short Gender: Male Age: 1 1/2 Rank: Scavenger Tribe: Gymea tribe Breed: Zebra finch Mate: None Eggs/Chicks: None Crush: Open Looks: