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Found 23 results

  1. Merry Christmas! I have decided to host a Christmas event for the holidays for everyone that wants to participate, and since @Dashy already hosted one on the main site, I decided to host one on the forums. Hope you all like it! Happy Holidays! Information If you comment everyday up until December 31st, then each day you will get a special prize ranging from zc to some really awesome pets!! You can get all kinds of pets and lots of zc, so you definitely don't want to miss out! Make sure you comment everyday! Rules No fighting No cheating Have fun Have a merry Christmas! (Of course) Hope everyone enjoys, and Merry Christmas!
  2. Grinch Christmas Cookie

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    I forgot to post this in December but i did this to decorate my tree with i made a detailed tree cookie and a skeleton gingerbread man but i wont post those unless you guys want me too... How do you like it it has been awhile since i did Christmas cookies
  3. Christmas Pony Quads by Kayler

    So, I made a few Christmas themed versions of my Pony Quad that should be available soon. The sweaters aren't new, but I thought they went better with the new Christmas Quads than the other ones, so I decided to add them to this picture as well.
  4. Christmas Santa Hats

    From the album Avatar Clothing

    These are the Santa hats i made today, Once they Get approved they are gonna sell for either 150 or 200 zc I put them on a grey background so you can see they better.
  5. Rules: You may NOT resell these gift CYOs or any other CYOs you get from me. If you decide you no longer want them, send them back to me. EDIT: 12/08/2017 There are 0 Caroling Cats left! There are 0 Christmas Dreamers left! The event is over! Hello, everyone! I have two brand new Christmas CYOs that I will be giving out for free! Everyone is allowed up to three eggs per CYO, so six in total! (If you desire that many that is!) The alts come at random, so what you get will be a surprise! (Caroling Cats are available in male or female, but Christmas Dreamers are all male!) Comment below if you're interested! (If you get doubles you can use the Wishing Well , PM me for swaps, or swap with anyone else that's gotten one from me and wants to trade alts!) The CYOs and their possible alts are down below! What alts will you get? Merry Christmas, you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3 Caroling Cat: (Female or male.) Christmas Dreamer: ( ~These are all male! )
  6. Two Free Christmas CYOs Giveaway

    This is just an image I thought I'd post onto the image gallery in case anyone didn't see the post about the free Christmas CYOs I'm giving away. Here's the link to where you can get some of these for free: Please don't ask for them on this image. Just go to the post, read it, and then comment on the post, please.
  7. Christmas Cat Quads By Kayler

    These are now available in the avatar clothing shop! So is the "Christmas Reef" with the deer that I posted here a while back. To find the Christmas Cat Quad search any of the following and it should be at the bottom: cat, quad, christmas, or kaylercool. To find the Christmas Reef: deer, christmas, reef, or kaylercool. Searching kaylercool will bring up results for everything I have made in the shop if you're interested in any of my other customs.

    © Kaylercool

  8. Reopening! October 4, 2015! Welcome to my CYO shop! New today! Galacticat! 350 zc each Jeweled Kitty 350 zc Fingerpainted Kitty 250 zc each Meet Fairy Horse!! With line edits by gemscale1234!! Purple, teal, blue, yellow, silver and rainbow! Alts 1-5 are 550 zc each, alt 6 (rainbow) is 650 zc. And introducting two awesome Supreme CYO's by Aeryn!! Webbyjay! Alt 4 is 750 zc or 4 zp, all others are 650 zc or 3 zp. Also Hellbound Horse by Aeryn! More in stock!!! Alts 1-5 are 650 zc each, alt 6 is 700 zc! New CYO!!! Cupidcat!! 300 zc each And now, Cupidcattoo!!! 325 zc each, FEMALE ONLY PLEASE (she's wearing pearls) Candy Cane Cat, done by Soichan! A 4 stage pet with 6 alts. Alts 1-5 are 400 zc, alt 6 (rainbow) is 500 zc. Peppermint!!! Only 200 zc!!! Holiday Colors! This winged cat comes in three alts 300 zc each Silverstar! It is a single stage, no alt CYO that I created just for the Christmas holidays. May all your Christmas wishes come true!! 300 zc And introducing Holly, the leader of the Christmas parade!! Holly is also 300 zc And for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, may I introduce Hanukkat, thanks to Silver's amazing artwork! It is also a single stage pet, with choice of three alts. Please specify gender and color when ordering, either light blue, dark blue, or silver. 400 zc each And now, in the newer, larger size, and thanks to gemscale1234 for the line edits Demon Kitty Please specifiy by color which alt you would like. Gray, red, red/black, blue, hot pink, or tiger. Gray, red, blue and hot pink are 400 zc each, red/black is 450, and Tiger is 500 zc. And just because there is nothing cuter, meet Baby Bunny! Colors are Tan, Black/white and Hotot (white with black markings). Please specify by color name when ordering 250 zc each or all three for 700 zc Please meet Patches!! No matter what, he'll always be your best friend Patches is 300 zc And now something a little different - Radioactive Wyvern 300 zc - a single stage egg to adult. Introducing Sherbet Kitty!!! Sherbet Kitty comes in three colors, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime and Orange They are 250 zc each With many thanks to Chosaguro for creating The Guardian of the Forest! This winged wolf is the guardian of the fae, who live in the deepest part of the forest! These are 400 zc each or 3 zp. There are 50 in the system. With all thanks to Allie for doing this CYO for me!!! Meet Hallow!! Alts 1, 2, 4 and 5 are 400 zc Alts 3 and 6 are 500 zc Alt 6 (white) is sold out!! There will be only 50 available Description is written for female, but I will provide males upon request. Alt 6 will have the fewest available and will be the rarest of the 6. Thank you for looking!! Thank you so much to Matchitehew for bringing my vision to life!! Strong Survivor is a single stage CYO in honor of all women and men who have had breast cancer, and all people who know and love them. Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! This CYO is available for 400 zc. This is my very first CYO, and it was brought to life by Rain-in-March!! It is a single stage. Price is 400 zc Thank you for looking at my concepts, brought to life by the wonderful artists here!!
  9. Christmas Deer by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    A Christmas deer in a reef that I drew today. Since Thanksgiving is over I tried to get into the Christmas spirit by drawing this. I thought about making it a quad or something of that sort, but I am unsure. I'm not sure it'd work well for that. I might add something else to it. Also, please open in a new tab because it's so painfully small here.

    © Kaylercool

  10. Ladybug the Ornament Thief

    We put the Christmas tree up finally. So, the tree doesn't even stand a chance with Ladybug around this year. She has already pulled off an ornament.
  11. Christmas pets

    I have been away for a while and I have a bunch of Christmas pets from last year. I noticed that no one had them for sale in the bazaar. So I'm selling them on here! 1x 5x 2x 1x 1x 1x 1x
  12. Happy Christmas

    From the album Philo's Artwork

    a little christmas card I made for everyone hope all of you like it ~
  13. Hi guys! Silver here, I know it's a bit early but I'm going to *try* hosting a Secret Santa/ on PA. I know you're all thinking "wait is this a bit too early?" well, I'm spacing it out so there's lots of time to enter and as well finish your entries. *WARNING* SPACING WILL BE LIMITED! (as I can't really organize large amounts) Putting the limit to 20 right now. Here is some directory of what I'll be putting in my posts: 1. Rules & Info & Form 2-4. Participants ALL MUST READ INFO/SECTIONS WILL BE IN RED! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES: Please abide by my rules if you wish to participate: 1. Your account age must be at least 3 months old (This is in case of newbies who quit a couple of weeks later) YOU MUST HAVE POSTED ON THE FORUM AT LEAST 50 TIMES. 2. Fill out the participant form correctly, there's no limit on how many times you can try. I'll say denied if you missed something and tell you what you did wrong. 3. Please play nice, don't be the one person who gives someone a Chow Chow dog from the AR :/ (Unless that's what they wanted XD) 4. At least try to give you partner something, if you are unable to participate please tell me beforehand. 5. Ask for something reasonable, don't go like I want a billion ZP and ZC please or Ten spirits of Julys!(That's basically $100!) 6. Don't spoil anything, I want you to be as secretive as possible. This just ruins the fun of it 7. Disclaimer: I know I said to "try" to give and get something you want but please... I can't guarantee anything. If you read all six of these rules please but some holiday quote in your post (E.g. Merry Christmas, I like gingerbread cookies XD) 8. "Like" this post! INFO: In case you don't know what a gift exchange is, it's basically you put down your name in a post and I'll give you a partner. Then you have to give that person a gift, but someone else will give you gift. Please don't tell ANYONE who you gifting for example if you are getting the lineart checked for a CYO just say it's for a special someone! Near the deadlines of when you are supposed to submit your design then you can reveal your giftee. The sections you can apply for are: CYO design, HA items/Quads, Pets/currency (Pick only 1). (If you're gifting someone in the Pets sections customs count as pets. If you feel like you can't get them that pet pitch in some currency) *Must be an approved arist to enter section 1 and 2 DEADLINES: To enter: Now until Nov. 23-4th (about 2 weeks) PMs of who you get to gift: Should come by Nov.23-6th THIS SECRET SANTA IS BEING EXTENDED New Deadlines are: Until Dec. 11th to enter! From then on just work on compiling your gift together! Gift due date December 25-28th (In case some of you have Christmas plans) If you're going on vacation and will not have wi-fi to gift your person please post here before! I will allow exceptions! FORM: Dear Giving Tree, this is my letter to you this year... Site username: Forum username: I want to participate in: (Section Name!) Themes I am interested in: (CYO/HA items only! Max. 5-10 Not too,detailed! general themes only!) Pets I've wished for*Check rules*: (Pet & Currency Only) Other: SAMPLE: Dear Giving Tree, this is my letter to you this year... Site username: Silver Forum username: Silverdragons I want to participate in: The CYO section! Themes I am interested in: I really like magical, cute, elemental, fantasy, Twin/friend CYOs, also mysterious things! (Nothing bloody or too spooky!) Other: I don't eat turkey on Christmas XD Think I'm done this for now
  14. CAM02080

    From the album Origami

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I made an origami, it isnt that good.. Poor Santa, he has no hands and no legs because I couldn't finish it T__T I made this a present to one of my classmates at Secret Santa event ^^
  15. My Family's Christmas Tree

    From the album My Christmas tree & presents

    (Taken wih my phone) My little brother and I decorated our tree this year;) (had to have a smallish one with 6 indoor cats XD)

    © Sierra Conine

  16. Princess Early Christmas Present

    From the album Family

    Welp...we decided since we wouldn't be here for the present opening tomorrow we would give our 2 year old little dog Princess her Christmas present early...I am not sure if she likes it or not... Hard to tell at this point
  17. Christmas Pet Shop

    Welcome to Mizuchan's shop! Here you can buy Christmas Pets. Pets will be added almost all the time and the prices are great! Christmas Reindeer:600 ZC Festivity Dragon x2:200 ZC (Regular Pets) Clouded Leopard:300 ZC Cardigan Welsh Corgi: 200 Sleeping Beauty:800 ZC Starlight Llama: 200 Snowpup: 500 ZC
  18. this is your chance to be an this year at ! okay this is basicaly a gifting thread without or rudeness. okay simply donate a pet or 100zc or 100platinum or 100silver or 100gold or 1-100 zp etc.to me to enter the raffle so other people can win your donation! pets/ores in the raffle to win: 12 silver 13 gold 3 platinum all pets/ores above are donated by me to start it off,below are pets by others: -unluckycat donated(applause) 20 platinum-antoinettestjames(applause) all pets will be updated as well as everything else drawn on mondays tuesdays wednesdays thursdays fridays and sundays not every day each week just some mondays tuesdays wednesdays thursdays fridays and sundays it starts today!!! first peron to donate gets double "tickets" drawn with random.org. merry christmas! participants: and. winners so far: unluckycat-10 platinum and a Veiled Chameleon level4 antoinettestjames-10 gold and a Clydesdale Horse level4
  19. Get Grinched !

    Welcome to the Fourth Annual - and first multisite - GrinchFest! Come join members from all over, have some holiday fun, and see if you can win the prize! Click the image to go to the game page.
  20. Chit's Christmas Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! I've made these little guys called Stocking Stuffers, and I want to give some away as a bit of an early Christmas present! There are 25 eggs, and you may post here with a number and you can have it! (first come, first serve of course!) If you would like to know what alt it is before it's hatched, let me know and I'll tell you. If you'd rather wait, then that's cool too X3 Once I have confirmed that you've gotten the number you picked, please send me a trade and I'll add it in If one isn't enough, you may purchase ONE more slot for 1zp. If you just want the one though, it is completely free! One more thing- there is only ONE golden stocking. If you manage to get that one, let me know and you can also have your pick of one of any of my other CYOs! Here's what they all look like! So just to recap (and to add anything I've forgotten XD) Rules: 1. One free pet each 2. One extra slot can be purchased for 1zp 3. These pets may be swapped with other players if you wanted a different alt 4. Don't trade or give them away 5. If you get the golden stocking, you get one of my CYOs free! 6. First come, first serve 7. Please send a trade once your number's been confirmed The Pets! 1----2-----3-----4----5 6-----7----8----9----10 11---12---13---14---15 16---17---18---19---20 21---22---23---24---25 2 left! Merry Christmas everyone!
  21. Looking for Arctic Hare

    Looking for my only Christmas edition An Arctic Hare. I have the following to trade and many more. I can also buy with ZCs
  22. Christmas pets

    How do you get those? I'm really new, so any pointers would be much appreciated