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Found 15 results

  1. Reply to this with all the bb codes to your pets so that Myself and others can help them grow. I believe as a community we can all achieve pets to grow faster. So have fun and please be kind to others ~SilverArrow
  2. Click Wall (Updated 2/26)

    I will be starting the click wall again as it was very successful and helpful but @cinnamonapples (the creator of the original click wall) is no longer active. All you need to do is comment the pets you want on the wall (max 10 per person) I'll have mine to start and if you comment yours then I'll put them on the wall too! If you want me to take your pet off the wall if you want me to just tell me. If your pet is fully grown I will take if off the wall and notify you! Please click most days and comment when you have clicked as it helps if everyone clicks. Pets:
  3. ✦ Click Hall ✦

    Click Hall I have decided to star a “Click Hall”. Here, I will put up eggs and/or pets of anyone’s that need to hatch/grow. Of course, I may sneak an egg or two of mine that needs to grow ^^’ Rules: Please only 5 eggs/pets from each user, this is to keep it less crowded. If your egg/pet hatches/grows, I will definitely inform you with a post! I know there is another one of these, but I didn’t know if it was active. Besides, it can’t hurt to have another one ^^ Of course, all PA rules apply. Thank you to all who click; especially those who come back everyday. ✦<3✦
  4. Need Clicks

    This is a spot i put my pets that need clicking. you can comment yours down too!
  5. Click for Clicks

    Hi, I'm new to the site and already fell in love with the little creatures. If you would be so kind as to click on my eggs or even just a couple eggs, I'd appreciate it. And if you want any clicks back, just message back in this thread with a link to your profile, the pets you wish clicked, or PM me if you're too shy to post publicly :3 Profile: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Reesekitty
  6. Clicks for clicks!

    As the title says, clicks for clicks. If you want your pets to be clicked to help them grow then fill out this and post it on this topic. Username: This is your username on the main website. Link to profile or pet: What pet's: If you linked to your profile then please specify what pets you want to be clicked! I'm also looking for my pets to be clicked, so please click mine and in exchange I'll click your pet's! Thank you. Username: xXDruidXx Link to pets:
  7. click in return

    please, click all my pets and I will click urs in return.Write about ur clicks under my post
  8. Hi,I am really dying ,cause I cant find geckoes sales etc. I need 2 geckoes - male and female . I expect to get em 4 zc ,or in exchange,or I can hatch ur eggs /click em. Good soul,dont miss this post, u re my last hope :В
  9. Im new!

    Hi! MY name is DanielleSmokes and im absolutely in love with pet adoptables even though ive only played for a couple days i could really use some more pets, im new so any gifts help alot. i love cats and bright colors, my favorite color is pink and im 17...just some random facts heres my pets please click them so they can grow up big and cute http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=883868 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=916172 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=915137 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=916536 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=915566 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=909990 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=674125 http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=847974 Thank you so much for stopping by
  10. Howdy! I'm super, super new, and as such none of my pets are even close to being grown up- and getting clicks is hard. So! You guys click these guys: Adopt your own virtual pet today! -and throw me some links of your own, and I'll click those for you. <3
  11. Who has Egg Rooms?

    I would like to find more pets to click so i'm able to help more site members hatch they're eggs. Form PA user Name: Egg room name: Thank you for posting Emeraldwolf
  12. Help me get into the top 50

    I'm not sure if this is where this goes or if tis even allowed on here if its not I'll take it down. I would love for my pet to be in the top 50. So if some of you could/would help me I'd greatly appreciate it!
  13. Prodigious Clicking!!! join now
  14. Will pay for clicks

    Ok I've been looking around for click shops and some of them are really old and haven't had any activity since april. I am trying to level up certain pets. I would like them to get at least 50 clicks. Please let me know which pet you would like to help level up. I would like to pay 3zc for 50 clicks and 6zc for 100.