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Found 6 results

  1. ~Kayler's CYO Shop~ (All 250 ZC)

    Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you get from me. If you no longer want them send them back to me. Same rules apply for any gift CYOs I give out. I'm ready to clear out all of my old CYOs and make room for the ones to come. Some are very limited or gone, so first come, first served. I will be selling all of them for just 250 ZC. (Or 1 ZP if you'd rather pay with ZP.) Pick out the pet you want and post the link below. You're allowed as many as you want as long as you follow the rules above. They are in my room called:"My CYOs For Sale/Trade (Reselling Is Not Allowed.)" Here's my profile link: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Kaylercool Thank you to anyone that decides to take some off my hands. List of all CYOs made by Kayler (This list needs updating when I have time.): 1. Colorful Storm Cat: 2. The Corpse Meow: 3. Pop Star: 4. Chocolate Cat: 5. Candy Swirl Bear: 6. Demented Unicorn: 7. Two Faced Festival: 8. Happy Birthday From Kaylercool: Get one here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16457-happy-birthday-cyos-get-a-free-birthday-cyo-on-your-birthday/ 9. Spooky Marionette Cat: 10. Collector Ghoul Kitsune: 11. Neon Corpse Meow: SECRET. 12. Pastel Corpse Meow.: SECRET Thank you to those of you who bought from the shop so far! <3 I will be doing another giveaway real soon! Count on it!
  2. American Curl Cat CYO by Kaylercool.

    A CYO I finished today. I really love this cat breed and thought it deserved to be a pet on here.
  3. ~Free Thanksgiving CYO Giveaway!~

    EDIT: 11/23/17: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! I might give these away again next year (Thanksgiving 2018) along with a new one. Rules: You may NOT resell this gift CYO or any other CYOs you receive from me. If you decide you no longer want it, send it back to me. This giveaway will be over after Thanksgiving. Hello, everyone! I decided to make a Thanksgiving CYO. Since it's a holiday and all I decided to give them out for free! Here it is: They're all female. If you want one just post below saying so and I'll send it over as soon as possible. Just please be aware of the rules above! Thank you to anyone who takes one! 34/50 left! (As of 11/23/17 ~ 1:12 PM site time.)
  4. Hello, everyone! I've decided to give a select few of my CYOs away for free like I did with my "The Corpse Meow" CYOs. I'm giving fifteen Candy Swirl Bears away for free. Each person is allowed up to two of them if they want more than one. There is only one alt and stage and they are already hatched. THERE ARE NONE LEFT for free as of 10/21/2017. Before you may get one, here are my rules for them: You may not sell or trade this pet. If you decide you no longer want it, send it back to me.
  5. CYO Name Not Available Bug

    When I type a pet name when submitting a CYO name for approval it says "Creature name not available." It doesn't matter what name I put in the box. I even tried names I know for sure aren't already in the system. It says the same thing every time. (I checked pet percentages, none of the names I tried were on it.) Despite what it says, I was still able to submit my name, so obviously the creature name was available. This is a problem because some may sit there and type names for quite a while before actually attempting to submit their CYO name, or they may even give up on submitting it all together.
  6. CYO Alt Brush Base Changes?

    I just got a CYO Alt Brush and I'm a little confused about the changes I'm aloud to do on the base. Lets say I wanted to add a cupcake or something like that to the base, is that permitted with my current brush? Am I limited to the amount of colors too? Can someone please answer my questions and explain things to me. Thank you, I appreciate all the help I can get.