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Found 3 results

  1. Pony Quads by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    Edit: THESE ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN THE AVATAR CLOTHING SHOP! (ZC only.) These are some Quads I made today. I drank an energy drink and felt like drawing ponies. lol It's no secret that these are inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but these are just some random ones I made by playing with different color combinations. If any of these seem similar to ones in the show it's a coincidence. I have a few more, but I could only fit these.

    © Kaylercool

  2. Grimms Commission Page: [Fist Come First Serve] Rules:(please read before posting,thank you) 1.Payment for commission:I only take zc/zp so please do not offer ores or cyo trades. 2.I talk half payment before I start working,then on finishing the commission I take the other half.I will not send the files for the cyo until I have the rest of the payment. 3.Do not copy or steal any of my work,Unless you have had my permission to use! 4.Do not ask for a commission then half way through decide to withdraw or decide you don't want the cyo anymore.(you will be banned from buying any of my cyo's/commission ect.dont waste my time) thank you. Pricing Single Stage CYO's: With ALT's- 650 ZC ​Without ALT's-450 ZC Full Stage CYO's: With ALT's-3,800 ZC (pricing may vary depending on alt changes) Without ALT's-2,000 ZC Supreme CYO's: With ALT's-15 ZP (pricing may vary depending on alt changes) Without ALT's-10,000/9 ZP How Long Will It Take?: For simple CYO's With ALT's (full staged or not)-1-1.5 hour's (may vary) Supreme CYO's With ALT's (full staged or not)-3 hours-1 day (may vary) Commission Form: (please fill in and post to me in private messaging) Name/User: CYO?:(Normal/Supreme) Stages: (1-4 not including egg) Alts? (description if you want extra items added to each alt): Poses(if supreme post for each stage): Reference(images): Color Pallette?: Price: Have you read the rules?: Open Spots: 1.@OldFoo-DONE 2.@Vixxey-DONE 3.@Vixxey-Done 4.@Vixxey-Done 5.@Alcarie-not done Examples Of My Work:
  3. Tigger

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Tigger the crazy guy, lol~ Got quite colorful, but I guess that fits him. xD

    © @tomo and Disney and the guy who wrote the books, but mostly he's MINE xD