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Found 89 results

  1. CLOSED.

    EDIT 06/24/2018 NONE LEFT! I still have some free CYOs left! ONLY 1 LEFT! These are up for grabs! First come, first serve. Claim as many as you want! If you already have this alt, that's fine. You can get more. (If you just want an extra of this alt, or if you want it for alt trading/changing.) But, my rule below still applies: Please DO NOT resell these. If you do, I won't allow you to get any other CYOs from me.
  2. Hello everyone! Comment to get a "card" for Valentines day! You will get one free special Valentines pet and a little Valentines present! Don't wait! Comment now for your own! This event will be closed by tomorrow at 3:00 P.M Pacific time zone. Happy Valentines Day everyone!
  3. Want a free pet? Here's how to get one: Simply comment below with your answer to the questions below: If you could choose any PA pet (past, retired, cyo, etc) to be real what would it be and why? Would the pet have any special "powers"? Explain. The first 10 people to answer the questions will win a random pet! 1.) @Starstream has won a Jaguarundi 2.) @Chloecat194 has won a water dragon 3.) @Lilytora has won a hellhound 4.) @Amakai has won a nebula cat 5.) @skydoe16 has won a Fantamasque 6.) @Storybook has won a Cuddle Kitten 7.) @Zoelle has won a Unicorn of Life
  4. Search and rescue!

    Hello! I thought the forums could use more fun games! So here is the story & rules of the game hope you enjoy! you are on a big boat sailing across the ocean exploring the lands and helping as much Animals as you can, you just started this journey to rescue animals only one problem... there is no animal in sight! So you search the land, finally you hear animals calling for help! But where are they?!? RULES 1. Please let other players have a chance at this max is 3 times if no new players show up you may win again 2What you will be looking for is hints, you will have to guess what pet it is using the hints I give you 4. MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!! Have fun and enjoy this game 5. Oh almost forgot the prizes will be eggs or hatched pets you can abandon prize or take prize!
  5. OldFoo's AR Drop Raffle I'm an alt one male Bali Tiger. Extinct, retired and only 390 onsite. Female Gray Wolf. A CYO Custom Dandi Lapin A CYO Custom Fairy Deer, you can pick alt and gender. A CYO Custom called Kayliana the Fierce, you can pick alt. Snow Leopard. Unicorn of Life. Last contest for awhile. Each egg/pet donated counts as one ticket. All donated eggs/pets will be dropped into the Adoption Room. Numbers will be given according to first trade accepted and so on. First winner may choose their prize. I will add more prizes if needed. 1 more prize per 100 pets donated. I'll use a random number generator. To enter, send me trades with the pets(don't forget to accept) and put Contest on it, in the message area. Post in this thread whenever you like. Contest starts now and ends Saturday, Aug 12/17 at 3pm EST/noon game time. Rules: Be nice and have fun. I have probably forgotten something, so don't hesitate to ask questions. Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 1 - 62 TigresseBlanca Tickets # 63 - 95 TigresseBlanca Tickets # 96 - 102 Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 103 - 194 TigresseBlanca Tickets # 195 - 211 Lone Wolf Tickets # 212 - 415 ClossAA93 Tickets # 416 - 433 Brightshadow Tickets # 434 - 503 Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 504 -709 Kageshiryu21 Tickets # 709 - 754 Winning Numbers are: 514 Kageshiryu21 431 ClossAA93 157 Kageshiruyu21 480 Brightshadow 222 Lone Wolf 204 TigresseBlanca 610 Kageshiruyu21
  6. Musketeer 5

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA

  7. Welcome to OldFoo's Halloween Pet Pageant and Raffle Forms: Pet Pageant Custom/CYO Name: Pet: Pet Pageant Offical Name: Pet: Raffle Name: What do you like about Halloween?: Rules: Post your forms here but do NOT post your pageant entries here. Please send all entries by Private Message to me. Image only, do NOT link it. Please do NOT talk about or ask anyone to vote for your pet, doing so will be a disqualification. Only one entry per person per contest. Prize trades must be accepted by Oct 20 or they will be cancelled. Halloween Pageant starts Oct 1 Contest closes for entries on Oct 7, midnight PA time. Pictures for the Poll will be posted on Oct 8 Poll ends Oct 11, midnight PA time. (I will flip a coin to break any ties.) Winners announced and trades will be sent on Oct 12. Raffle starts Oct 1 and closes for entries on Oct 11, midnight PA time. Winners will be chosen by a double random listing. Winners announced and trades will be sent on Oct 12.
  8. Closed~

    Closed! For those of you who sent me in a design I'll be sending you a little gift now, and an alt when I get these onto site. I've redone the base a bit to fix some problems that were bugging me, and plan to incorporate the designs/colors you've submitted on the new one.
  9. Made This Today,Its a 1 Stage Supreme with 6 alts,basically the top 6 will get one of the final pets based from sleeping bear base. all you have to do is color here are the examples: (oh and I forgot to add you can enter as many times as you want) =^~^= here is the psd files,the 2 stages are in 1 file: ChubbyHamsterall.psd Good Luck
  10. CYO Contest (closed)

    Hey Everyone ^^ So lately I'v been very board and went fishing in the Wishing Well,and well I'v been very lucky and I got 4 Cyo brushes 2 Cyo Regular Brush and one with alts & 2 Cyo Alt brushes and....well...I don't have any Ideas so Instead you guy's can do it for me ^^ Entering The Contest Will Be As Follows: 1.To enter you must make a full staged Cyo/alt Pet, it can either be a sketch or a fully shaded/colored cyo. 2.if you decide to make a cyo with alts,you must post the stages and the alts 3.the Cyo must be a full staged cyo 4.you can enter and post as many cyo's as you want things I like(will give you more chance to win(^-^): Hybrid's,Blue,Black,Punk Stuff,Reptiles,Anime Style, daemon wings,angel wings,cats,bears,chimera's, Aura's,fire,ice,orbs,japanese stuff,kimonos,traditional japanese wear,cute hair styles ^^ There Will be 4 Big Prized winners: The 4 who win will be picked by best Cyo Made ^^ So get those artsy skills out and lets see what you guys can do! that will win a full set/if no alts then just the Cyo that they made+200zc each and 1 meadow pet. Meadow Pets: All those who didn't win the top 4 will win 2 random pets from the section below: Competition Ends On The 25/1/14 Good Luck Everyone 'and may the odds be ever in your favor'
  11. Fundraiser Pet Shop >_< (PLEASE LOOK!)

    Welcome to The Fundraiser Pet Shop what am I fundraising for? (well its not exactly fundraising) Well...I am a cyo's artist I do commissions and design my own CYO's,I am working my way to becoming a CYO Custom Designer.Though I only Have 1 problem not enough ZP.So I am selling loads of pets worth good amounts of ZP. I am working my way to raise 50 so I will be able to buy 2 MC brushes,and 1 MCA Brush & to create My Own CYO customs. what are the benefits? well,anyone who donates by buying a pet will be able to get 1 of my future CYO Customs when I Raise the ZP...FOR FREE! Current Pets Up for sale (ZP Only) : [Clouded Leopard,Female 4zp] [bullshark,Female (rarest ALT) 6zp] [Galaxy Cat,female 3zp] [Christmast Bandit,female 4p][Winter Whisker,male 4zp][Hannuka Deer,female 3zp] [Western Hognose Snake,female 2zp][starlight Llama,female,3zp][undead Cat,female, 3zp] [HellHound,female 2zp][Moonlight Pony,Male 3 zp][X3 Utopia Bunny's (my CYO stage 2) 5zp each] [X3 CDC(Crazy Deranged Cat's) random alt's 5zp each][Yurei No Kami,female 2zp] [starlight Llama,female (rare ALT) 4zp][Christmast Cottontail,male 3zp][Anisoptera Dragon,male 4zp] [X3 Jamaican Iguanas random everything for 4zp] 0/50 zp Raised
  12. Get Grinched !

    Welcome to the Fourth Annual - and first multisite - GrinchFest! Come join members from all over, have some holiday fun, and see if you can win the prize! Click the image to go to the game page.
  13. Do you have awesome ideas you'd like seen turned into a custom pet, but don't have the money? Then you're in the right place! If I like your design I'll make it into a custom, and you will get 2 full sets of the pet (one of each gender). If the design was a full-custom with alts, you'll also get up to 3 bred pets, as long as you have the zp (site's breeding fee is 5zp). You don't have to be a good artist, you can describe stuff and show reference images from google. Drawings would help though, even if it's a rough scribble! You can enter as many times as you want, and I'll make any that interest me. Good luck and have fun! FORM Custom Name: Mini or Full-staged? Custom Description: Idea (include visuals, text, anything you have that helps describe it):
  14. I want to have an ARMY of cyo's, but sometimes it's hard finding an artist! So i thought i'd open up a contest to try and generate some interest! Rules Please only enter CYO's you have made yourself or as a collab with someone else. All pet's must, obviously, be up to PA's standards and rules. Both Alted and non-alted pets are welcome! It is better to have your pet approved beforehand if you can! I would prefer that a new design is entered for this contest, but if you have one already made, but not on the site that works with the themes, then feel free to enter it. Unless you win, the design is still yours. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter. Only approved artists may enter (for obvious reasons!) Line edits are welcome (and encouraged) THEMES Yes, there is a few themes you can choose from, or a strange, unusual combination of them if you wish! Songs - based on songs that inspire you, or if you want, some of my favourites (just ask) Butterflies/moths - I adore both of these! mythical creatures - kinda self explanitory angels - rather like them... books - maybe try a cyo inspired by a book? but make sure the idea isn't something that can be seen as copyrighted. flowers/trees - i adore nature in general seasons - i love spring and autumn best Paua shells - they are so pretty and with such interesting colours! ribbons - threw this in for fun! masquerade - i love the masks and costumes! but i hate clowns, so NO clowns please XD cave paintings - have a go! Bases I prefer the following bases: Kistune Wolf Bunny/rabbit Flying cat these are the bases i'd prefer to be used, but if you have an awesome idea for one of the other bases, i will still accept it! Prizes 1st. place - 2000zc, plus a full set of the winning cyo (either one of each alt if alted, or if it's a single alt, 1 for each stage), plus a selection of 6 of my existing cyos. And discounts on any future cyo purchases from me! 2nd place - 1000zc, plus full set of your cyo design (as above), and choice of 3 of my previous cyos. 3rd place - 500zc, full set of your cyo design, and 1 of my previous cyos of your choice. ALL PARTICIPANTS will get 250zc just for entering. this is 250zc per design entered. ENDS 31st July, 12midnight PA time extended since i got no entries *cries* will end August 31st. Any questions, pm me or post here i'll be happy to help out and answer! GOOD LUCK TO ALL! note: if you're interested in entering, please pm me, so that i know there is actually some interest in the contest ^^;
  15. Hi Since I have a lot of brushes, I decided to make this contest ^-^ Since it seems like a lot of the participants need more time, this contest will be extended until the 1st of august! Rules: 1. You may enter with one or more designs, but only CYOs with alts please 2. Your design/s must have been pre-approved on the CYO approval thread! 3. All submitted designs will be owned by me 4. You may use all or less stages 5. Please give your design/s a name and a proper description Prizes: 1. place: 10 ZP, 500 ZC and a full set of their CYOs 2. and 3. place: 5 ZP, 500 ZC and a half set of their CYOs All other participants will get 2 ZP each and one of their CYO! What I like: - nature-themed designs - natural colors - elements - bright/soft colors - fantasy things - wings - cute things <3 - fluffy fur - legendary creatures - dark themes - angelic designs - collars, ribbons, bells - japanese things - white pets *-* - celtic/irish designs and myths Thank you and have fun! :3 Entrants (there's no limit yet): 1. Rain-in-March 2. pokemainia 3. PotatoeSauce 4. Scone 5. Matchitehew Jabell Have you ever lay awake at night and thought you heard a bell? Been walking alone in the park and hear a tinkling sound? That mysterious beauty is the sound of the Jabell's. Each an every person in the world begins their life with a guardian Jabell who will dedicate their lives to watch over you. If ever times are tough, or you feel like no one around knows how you feel, your guardian Jabell will tinkle their bell, bringing your attention from any dark thoughts in your mind to the present time. The tinkling can be heard by no one but the Jabell's charge, and signals to you that there is someone out there who cares. If ever someone were to harm another living being or give in to the darkness, they will no longer be able to hear the tinkling of their guardian's bell, leaving them up to their own devices without anyone to help. However, if someone were to do something really good and selfless for another living creature, they will no longer have to wonder where the tinkling of the bell comes from, because their guardian Jabell will be able to reveal themself to their charge and forever will the two be bound. 6. Chaosdawn 7. JellyBelly Hana no Banī These little bunnies love to play in the meadows, prancing and playing with their friends. When they see a flower, they just have to pick it. It's a natural instinct of theirs. They have huge flower collections in their dens, but when they're collecting flowers where are they to put them? Why they tuck them behind their ears of course! By the time they get home they have at least 10 flowers tucked behind their little bunny ears! 8. chosaguro Usamarie Usamaries are mythical white bunnies with colored tiger stripes. They have two pairs of wings, one besides their ears and another on their back, and both move when they're flying. They are very shy creatures that have the power of bringing happiness, and when the power is used, their two gems - one on forehead, and other on chest - glows. According to a legend, its name was given by the first person who saw one - a woman whose daugher named Marie had died - because the girl Marie was responsible for bringing joy for the family and the woman felt that same happiness when she saw the Usamarie.
  16. Hi guys! So...I've been rather busy with my game project leaving me no time for CYOs...but my brushes keep adding up and now thanx to the breeding system, I'm in need of ZC! What better way to make ZC than to sell CYOs...and that's where you all come in! XD Rules: 1. Approved Artists only!!! 2. Do not submit CYO designs that you yourself did not make, and no collabs! 3. All CYO designs must meet the PA standard, meaning they must be pre-approved! 4. You may submit as many designs as you please, there is no limit! 5. Line edits are preferred, but are not necessary! 6. I would prefer full staged CYOs, but will accept one stages as well! 7. Follow forum etiquette, meaning be nice and don't cause trouble! 8. ...and just have fun! XD Bases: Cat Winged Cat Kitsune Wolf Griffin Dragon Themes: Asian/Japanese Fantasy Cute Colorful Horror Space (galaxy) Sci-fi Summer Ice-cream Elemental End Date: 1 month after I receive 5 entrants! ...more time will be allotted if needed! XD ...with that said, I wish you all good luck and look forward to seeing what you all come up with! =^ v ^=
  17. Welcome! This is a game meant to bring a little bit of the pet site itself into forum games. ^w^ Basically what's planned out is a scavenger hunt to find a specific pet on the forum! These will be non cyo/custom pets. They may be retired pets or current available pets. Sometimes the request will be simple and vague such as 'show me a feline'. Other times I may request a specific species such as a Munchkin Cat. Other times I may request a specific stage or alt of a pet! Make sure to read carefully! How does it work? What will happen is I will post a type of pet I am looking for on the front page. It will also be added as a comment at the end of each round after someone wins.What you need to do is simply post a pet ID of the pet I am looking for in this thread. But it must be your pet. This means it cannot be a pet owned by someone else. It cannot be a pet you had once but traded away either.There are three possible winners, ranking from 1st to 3rd.After three people win and the prizes will be handed out, a new round will be started eventually.I will try to run one to two rounds a day. Keep an eye out! Rules: Questions? Send me a PM!Entering is free! All you need to do is read the rules and understand them as well as how the game works!You do not need to ask permission to enter!If you win one round, you must sit out the next round. This means if you win Round One, you cannot enter Round Two. You can enter Round Three though!You may only enter each round once. (Except for the listed rule above.) Meaning you cannot try to win first, second, and third place all in one round!Winners are based on speed, so please refrain from complaining if you don't make it in time!The prize is a secret, meaning you will not know what you receive until it is traded to you. It can range from a random pet to ZC, Silver, Gold, or Platinum!The pet ID you post must be from your own Rooms, meaning it cannot be from someone else or a pet previously owned by you that you may have traded or given away. Schedule: First Round- 6/12 Last Round's winners: Omiai Wolfdragon Blazeclaw Current Hunt: Show me..... A Glamour Pup of this coloration!
  18. Win a Squiggle! Free to enter. Pink // Green // Brown // Blue // White // Black Deep inside the heart of every artist lies a Squiggle. These creatures are the core of an artist, holding the key to creativity and artistic sense. Each color represents different facets of an artist. Pink is a vibrant, bold artist. Green is the artist who's serene and at peace. Brown is the artist who bathes in memories. Blue is the artist that loves to explore. White for an artist who seeks only truth, and black for the artist that thrives in chaos. So which Squiggle lies inside you? You can answer in words, pictures, anything. The best answer will be chosen to win the squiggle in their heart. ♥ Winner will be chosen this Sunday, don't miss out!
  19. Free For All CYO Contest! 10 Days Left! Hello and welcome to my CYO designing contest! It is open to any approved artist. You may use any idea (withing CYO making rules) on any CYO base. You may make a no alt design or an alted one. There will be 10 slots and you may claim 1 or two slots. The deadline will be 1 month from the day that the last slot is filled. If you have other projects, feel free to pm me to extend the deadline and I will post here with the new deadline. It is a completely flexible contest that works around the schedules of the entrants. The only thing is, a slot must be reserved. This is so that say if there are 11 people working on a design for the contest, then a tenth entry is posted, the eleventh person would otherwise be left without a prize because there are only 10 entry spots. This system allows everyone who participates to get a prize. If you reserve a spot and you decide not to participate, you may be removed from the list, and a new slot will become open for anyone else who chooses to join. The deadline of one month from the last entry is done so that, say someone leaves PA. Everyone would be waiting on their entry for the contest to end. This way, 1 month from the last entry (or whenever the entrants have pm'd me is the earliest they could have their design done), I could safely remove the non-participator from the list and open up a new slot for someone else. Prizes: For a non-alted CYO: The winner will receive: 5 of their CYO, 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs, and 1,000 ZC Each of the remaining participants will receive: 1 of their own CYOs, 1 of the winning CYOs, 1 of each participant's CYOs, and 500 ZC For an alted CYO: The winner will receive: 9 of their CYO (1 of each alt + 3 extra of their 3 favorite alts which can be sold or given to friends. If less than 6 alts, adjust winning proportionally), 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs (winner's choice of alt), and 1,500 ZC Each of the remaining participants will receive: 6 of their CYO (1 of each alt, adjust proportionally if less than 6 alts), 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs (random alt), and 750 ZC How it works: All designs will be used as submitted and prizes will be distributed at the end of the contest. Each participant gets at least 1 of their own CYO as well as 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs. In other words, every participant gets a grab bag of CYOs and at least 500 ZC, even if they don't win! Please post here to reserve your slots in the contest. You may reserve up to 2 slots. From the date that the last person reserves their slot, you have one month to submit an entry. Time can be extended. Please post with any questions you may have. Slots: 1.) Soichan 2.) Ruisistence 3.) pokemainia 4.) Matchitehew 5.) chosaguro 6.) Vanilla 7.) BlueSora 8.) Mille Feuille
  20. Hello, I have a no alt brush and thought I'd have a little fun with finding a design for it. I'm going to host a contest! Your design can be on any base, and any idea (within the CYO Making Rules). Winner: Soichan. Prizes: The winner will recieve: 6 of their CYO, 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs, and 2,000 ZC Each of the remaining participants will recieve: 1 of their own CYOs, 1 of the winning CYOs, 1 of each participant's CYOs, and 1,000 ZC The way this will work is the winner's design will be used immediately after the contest is finished. ZC will be distributed along with the winner's CYO. Each of the non winning designs will be used at a later date (When I get brushes) immediately (I have procured the last brush), and each participant will recieve one of their own CYO, as well as one of each of the other participant's CYOs. In other words, every participant gets a grab bag of CYOs and 1,000 ZC, even if they don't win! Please post here to reserve your slots in the contest. You may reserve up to 2 slots. From the date that the last person reserves their slot, you have one month to submit an entry. Time can be extended. Please post with any questions you may have. Entries: 1.) Soichan: 2.) lucky333123 3.) Soare&Thing 4.) Matchitehew 5.) Rinai 6.) Mille Feuille 7.) Rain-in-March
  21. WINNER IS DRAWN! CONGRATS GRACEY! So, since i'm down to my last 6 Elfenaidd Winwydd cyos, i thought i would do a little contest! as some of you may know, i made the last two alts rare, and only 5 were available of each, and they went very quickly. So i've decided to give away a full set of the EW's INCLUDING the rare light and dark alts! however, it will cost you to enter! there will be 20 slots, and i will pick the winner using a random number generator. each slot costs 500zc (less than the original cost of an EW common alt!) you can buy as many of the 20 slots as you like, it will up your chances of winning the full set, but obviously does not guarantee it! to enter, message me here and start up a trade containing the zc for the entry. username on main site: omiai i will be happy to put you down for the number slot of your choice, as long as the number is available! just let me know which number you'd like! Slots: 1.wolfsdrache 2.sketchi 3.intempestivity 4.sketchi 5.intempestivity 6.doctorwho 7.wolfsdrache 8. Allie 9.budgiebirdie 10. intempestivity 11.faol 12.gracey 13.wolfsdrache 14.sketchi 15.Faol 16. Allie 17.wolfsdrache 18.jpmouse 19.faol 20. gracey ALL SLOTS ARE FULL! I WILL DRAW AS SOON AS I HAVE PAYMENT FROM EVERYONE
  22. fluffdevil4 6

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA

  23. fluffdevil4 5

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA

  24. fluffdevil4 4

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA