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Found 124 results

  1. Sunshine Scattered || a RP

    Welcome! This is my first rp (on this forum, I’m educated in role playing :3) and here are the basics I guess. RULES: -minimal cussing (you can cuss 3 times per day) abbreviations such as “frick” are allowed, but don’t say it too often. -each character must have two flaws, and if there are powers, no stronger than like, sending rays of sunshine down or something. Just make it so the other(s) can avoid it if they find a way. -You must specify First and Last name, but middle names are optional because not everyone has them. -If you want to get into detailed romance PLEASE rp it where no one else can read it. -You do not have to specify your chapters family or relationships (unless you want to!) -Have fun and be nice! (Unless it’s part of the rp) BACKSTORY: This world is separated by two sides. The Sun, and The Moon. However, some don’t choose a side, and are known as “The Unknown.” The Unknowns one and only goal is the shatter the two sides, and allow people to live freely m. Sadly, very few people believe that this is a good idea, and will attack the Unknown the second they see them. The Sun is the side that basks in sunlight, happiness and wealth. You're lucky if you are born there. However, The Moon treats it’s followers with kindness, and most of them agree with the Unknown. The Unknown is getting smaller though, and very few have survived. Eventually they are forced to side with The Moon, but insist on staying known as The Unknown. The Sun and The Moon now have broken into war, and the world is coated with blood and flames. You must find a way to end this war and make peace between the two sides, but with the sacrifice of your life. However, if you are skilled enough, you can survive. SETTING: The Sun: Bright sunny hills flourished with flowers dapple the Sun’s bright land, and wide sparkling oceans stretch across for miles. It is a very lush, green beautiful place. The Moon: Cold hills of snow cover the Moon’s dark mountains, and moonlight makes the ice sparkle. Quiet, wet swamps and forests cover the territory. Instead of oceans, small rushing rivers flow through the land. The Unknown: Most Unknown camp out in the Lost Desert, but some sneak through and live in the Sun and Moon’s territory. CHARACTERS: -Minty (Female, 14, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood -Chole (Female, 16, The Moon) @Kitkat -Rowan (Male, 15, The Unknown) @Kitkat -Orchid (Female, 15, The Unknown) @Dashy -Gadget (Female, 13, The Unknown) @MoonlitBlood -Ryan (Male, 17, The Moon) @Kitkat -Cherry (Female, 14, The Moon) @Kitkat -Trixie (Female, 16, Unknown) @Dashy -Xander (Male, 17, Unknown) @Dashy -Bianca (Female, 15, Unknown) @Dashy -Gideon ‘kit’ (Male, 21, unknown) @Alcarie -Gabriel (Male, 16, Unknown) @Alcarie -Ilia (Male, 29, The Sun) @Alcarie RELATIONSHIPS: - = single or hates/ is afraid of Humans + means they like each other ~ means they are in a relationship if this (>) arrow is pointing towards a name, that means the person on the opposite end likes them. Jut say who your oc likes. Minty > Xander Orchid -= Chloe -= Rowan > Minty Gadget -= Trixie -= Xander -= Gideon -= Gabriel -= Ilia -= Name//Gender//Age//Personality//Moon sun or unknown//Family (optional)//Crush/bf or gf (or single, You also may say that they are afraid/hate humans//Clothing//Looks//Weapons//Soulpower (the one power they have that represents them)
  2. Now Available Hairstyles by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    Edit: 11/13/17: These are now available in the shop! (Some will be on the homepage, while others you'll have to search for terms such as: hair, pigtails, or Kaylercool and go to the bottom.) I also made some new Christmas sweaters that fit my Pony Quad that are available. These are a few examples of some of the hairstyles I've been working on. There are more colors, but these are just examples. If anyone has any cute hairstyle ideas I'll consider them. (You can tell me of some or send me reference photos if you want.) Also, I'd like to know what you guys think of these.
  3. READ: Basically no trading or selling CYOs/Customs you get from me. - EXCEPTION: Because I cannot choose the alts for the Felidae Neona, you can trade a Felidae Neona with someone for a different Felidae Neona alt. You may also use the Wishing Well to change the alt of a Felidae Neona for that same reason. Also, if you get a Felidae Neona from the Egg Drop, you may trade/sell it, but please not for more than I'm selling them here. But no trading or changing the alt of a Puppy Love under any circumstances. I also take CYO/custom trades, provided you own the rights to the CYO/custom. Just offer. Note: I collect black cat customs/CYOs :3 I also collect bats. 6 bats (any species) = 1 CYO 12 bats (any species) = 1 Supreme CYO Obviously bats that are of a high rarity or that are CYO/Customs are worth even more. Feel free to offer:) Don't forget to @mention me for a quicker response. And sorry that my images and spacing are so messed up XD Felidae Neona 800 ZC or 1 ZP (or 3000 for 6, I can't guarantee a full set though because I can't choose alts) NOTE: I CANNOT CHOOSE ALTS but I will be trying to get as many hatched as possible for people who want a full set. Tiger, King Cheetah, Leopard, Black Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Bobcat I currently have an extra black leopard hatched, if you would like that alt. I have about 10 eggs left to sell. Puppy Love Alts 1-5: 1750 ZC or 3 ZP Alt 6: Rare alt, not for sale at the moment, sorry (may trade, though). I can choose alts on this one:) 21 on site Who has them (if you have one and aren't on the list, please tell me): Chikoo12007, Ipmetallica, Gammawolf, Lilytora Remembrance These are for gifting to those who have lost someone. Tell me and I'll send one their way. You can include a short note for them if you like (can even be anonymous if you prefer). Only 4 in the system so far. Possibly for trade in rare circumstances. COMING SOON Summer Night PRE-ORDERS Merow I need 30 ZP to make these into a private custom. Six preorder slots, 5 ZP each. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks for looking
  4. Hello, friends~ Edit 10/21/2017: Might not add anything else. I planned on doing more things, but I ended up being busier than I anticipated. It may be a bit late to now. BUT, I did add something new below! I had been working on them for a while. The Kaylercool has decided to do Halloween custom items. It's good practice for me, it's fun, and the store is lacking in the Halloween department. :3 Here are the two I have for FREE in the shop as of now: Halloween Kit Quad: 0 ZP : Zombie Pup Quad: 0 ZC : Here are some others with their prices: Candy Pumpkin Basket: 75 ZC : Halloween Bat Quad: 125 ZC : Halloween Pigtails: 175 ZC: Witch Cat Quads: 200 ZC: I also have many other custom items in the shop that aren't Halloween themed. Just search "Kaylercool" and you can look through them all!
  5. CYO Alt Brush Base Changes?

    I just got a CYO Alt Brush and I'm a little confused about the changes I'm aloud to do on the base. Lets say I wanted to add a cupcake or something like that to the base, is that permitted with my current brush? Am I limited to the amount of colors too? Can someone please answer my questions and explain things to me. Thank you, I appreciate all the help I can get.
  6. New CYO!! CherryBlossom Griffin[FOR SALE]

    From the album My CYOs

    It's up for Sale!! I didn't make a CYO/custom in ages omg The egg+First Stage will be around 800-1000zc, if you want more stages its an added 200zc! PM me!!
  7. Flicker Fox Order Thread

    Flicker Fox RULES You may not alt change or gender bend. You can sell, trade, or gift these pets, though I'd always be happy to take it back. No refunds. Make sure you want one before your purchase. SLOTS 10zp 1. jpmouse - Alt1/f - SENT 2. Kakazu - Alt1/m - SENT 3. Kakazu - Alt5/f - SENT 4. Rain-in-March - Alt1/m - SENT 5. TaigaWolf - Alt6/f - SENT6. Allie - Alt6/f - SENT 7000zc 1. Loveless - Alt3/m - SENT 2. Macheeba -Alt2/f - SENT 3. Macheeba - Alt6/m - SENT 4. JellyBelly - Alt1/f - SENT 5. yingraner - Alt6/m - SENT 6. xyh69 - alt4/f - SENT Full Set - 52zp (save 8zp) 1. paws4ever SENT Alt 1, 3, 6 - 21000zc 1. omiai (all male) SENT Full Set - TRADE 1. Runingwolfin PREORDER'd 8zp 1. Wolfdragon (PAID) Alt1-m SENT 2. AdskajaLisa (PAID) Alt4-any SENT 3. Alcarie (PAID) Alt5-m SENT 4000zc 1. Gracey (PAID) Alt2-f SENT 2. Gracey (PAID) Alt4-m SENT 3. Midnight Scarborough (PAID) Alt5-m SENT 4. Matchitehew (PAID) Alt6-m SENT 5. SpiritWolfe (PAID) Alt4-m SENT
  8. matchii's design shop Hello everyone! I'm a 22 year-old arty person with a few years of digital art up my sleeve now. I'm constantly striving to better myself and my art and welcome every idea- there's nothing I won't try!Currently I also own my own business hand drawing jewellery charms among other things, and I also am aboutto start work at a graphic design and printing company Currently I am only taking cash commissions. examples You can also click the 'Pet Library' link in my signature for a full view of every pet I have made! From newest to oldest- just a few of my favourites from over the years! prices [updated 19th May] Mini CYO Recolour - $1 | Simple Edits - $3 | Complex Edits - $5 Mini CYO with alts Recolour - $5 | Simple Edits - $7 | Complex Edits - $10 Full CYO Recolour - $5 | Simple Edits - $10 | Complex Edits - $20 Full CYO with alts Recolour - $10 | Simple Edits - $15 | Complex Edits - $25 Mini Supreme - $20 Mini Supreme with alts - $25 Full Supreme - $35 Full Supreme with alts - $50 add-ons + Simple Background $2 + Complex Background $5 + Simple Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) - $2 (Per alt) + Complex Alt Edit (so one alt has a different edit to the rest) - $5 (Per alt) All prices are in USD, paypal via goods & services only. My prices are not up for negotiation, though I am happy to send an invoice and you can pay in parts. However, I will not start any work until it is fully paid. slots Slots aren't confirmed until payment is complete. If someone backs out of their slot, the reserve gets it. 1. 2. 3. Reserve -
  9. Scone's Custom Shop

    & Hello and welcome! PLEASE please please, don't re-sell !! You can return the pets back to me if you do not wish to have them anymore. Thank you! YOU MAY - Change the pet's gender(Unless pet specifies not to!), freeze the pet at any stage YOU MAY NOT - Change the alt, resell Please use the "@ mention" function for a quicker reply and acknowledgement. I will send out the trades first unless spoken otherwise. Pricing Guide- basic CYOs | 3ZP-8ZP or 500ZC-1500ZC Customs | 8ZP-20ZP or 3500ZC-10000ZC Mystical Pup (3zp // 650ZC) Details: 23/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) NO ALTS Design-Scone|Edits by Matchitehew JUST ASK FOR GENDER! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Toripuru (4zp // 700ZC alts 1-2 || 5zp // 850ZC alts 5-6 || 6zp // 1000ZC alts 3-4) Details: 24/50 available CYO Mini (egg + stages 1) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Cervus Felis (4zp // 700ZC alts 1-3 || 5zp // 800ZC alts 4-6) Details: 15/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Jeweled Guardian Neko Tabby||Siamese||Orange||Russian Blue||Calico (Female only)||Nekomata (ALT 1 NOT FOR SALE || 4zp // 800ZC alts 2-5 || 8zp // 1600ZC alt 6 [Only 5 available total {4 for sale}]) Details: 19/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Hane no Ryu (5zp // 2000ZC alts 1-6[not including 4] || 6zp // 2500ZC alt 4) Details: 20/50 available Supreme CYO Single-staged (egg + stage 1) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Draconis Chimerae Meadow||Mountains||Forest||Volcano||Clouds||Cave (10zp // 5000ZC alts1-4 || 20zp // 10000ZC alts 5-6) Details: 27/50 available CUSTOM Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone|Shared Custom w/Pokemania(shop)|Made by Sketchi JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Toberu Ikimono Poison||Moon||Magma||Lemon Lime||Rainbow||Peacock (6zp // 2500ZC alts1-4 || 7zp // 3000ZC alts 5-6) Details: 21/50 available CUSTOM Single-staged (egg + stage 1) ALTS Design-Scone|Made by Kellaymarie JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS I can do some CYO/Custom swaps but preferably only for the pets listed on my wishlist linked below. Other pets are less likely to be accepted but you can always try. ^^ PLEASE! Swaps are not available unless the pet states so that swaps are available for it! (Please keep in mind- FCA for FCA, MCA for MCA and etc ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (For Own Reference)
  10. SilverStallion's Tiny Pet Shop [OPEN]

    Hello, There is a change to my pet shop. You MUST click here: SilverStallion in order to see my pets, as I've stopped playing as Spaur93 because I remembered my P-word for my SilverStallion and I'm now able to log in! Spaur93 had been DELETED. I have SEVERAL different For Sale rooms (towards the bottom of my rooms list and one towards the top). Feel free to OFFER on ANY pets that are NOT horses/unicorns/pegasi/zebras/pretty much any equine. If you offer a good price, I will more than likely sell. DO NOT offer on my Monocled Cobra or my EMERALD TREE BOAS. These are NFS/NFT. Sorry. I worked really hard for those pets. I do NOT sell/trade eggs. I will hatch ALL eggs before they become for sale. If you don't see what you're looking for here, PLEASE take the time to look in my rooms on PA main. I won't be able to post EVERYTHING here, but I will try my best to get the main pets put up here. Thank you. SS Please offer ZC or pets for all pets. SilverStallion's MOST WANTED list (you will most likely get a pet (or more) if you offer the below pets in exchange for the pet(s) you want). Dogs For Sale
  11. Pet Alts not correct

    Hello, I have noticed that a lot of the pets I obtain, that only have one alt, will say there are more than one alt in their pop up description box while on my pet page. For example: The pet shown below, Adorned Grace, only has 1 alt. But in the hover menu, it says that it is Alt 1 of 6. It happens again with Blackberry Pony: It also happens with cyo's that only have 4 alts, like below. The Easter ponies only have 4 alts, but I "supposedly" have alts, 2,3,4 and 6 out of 6 alts. To reproduce this bug, simply find cyo's with only 1 or 4 alts and have them in a room or your general room. Use the NEW pets page and hover over any given cyo to see what "Alt" it is. The only less than 6 alted CYO/Pet that I know of, that has been correctly defined, is the Archer Pony pet. The male is alt 1 of 2 and the female is alt 2 of 2. (example below) I'm not sure if it was supposed to be corrected in an update, or if this was never gotten around to, but it's quite confusing and I was wondering if this was a bug/glitch or purposely done? If you need any more information, please ask. Thank you. SS
  12. Mythic Maned Wolf Order Thread

    Mythic Maned Wolf the first alt is a regular maned wolf, and then it gets interesting... here are some of the interesting combos you can breed, with 'ghost' tails. all of them bred together gets... rokubi; six-tailed maned wolf! depending on the order you breed them in, the final result can be very different. ZP slots 10zp 1. Matchitehew (alt4-m) SENT 2. Wolfsdrache (alt1-f) SENT 3. Kakazu (alt1-f) SENT 4. tomomi (alt1-m) SENT 5. ZC slots 7500zc 1. Rain-in-March (alt1-m) SENT 2. Bred 13zp OR 5zp + 6000zc currently unavailable 1. 2. 3. Owner List 1-12. mine! 13. 405421 - alt4/m - Matchitehew 14. 405422 - alt1/f - Wolfsdrache 15. 405423 - alt1/m - Rain-in-March 16. 405424 - alt1/f - Kakazu 17. 408638 - alt1/f - AUCTION 18. 411733 - alt1/m - tomomi
  13. Help! an't download PSD for custom avatar!

    I'm trying to download the PSD of the quad big cat to do some custom avatar design, but for some reason all PSDs wont download for me It keeps giving me an error that I "can't access it from my account". Please help?
  14. Bunny thing

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Found this some days ago. Maybe it's gonna be another MCA. Who knows.
  15. Flower Cat

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Probably will be another Mini Custom. Cats with different flowers growing on their back!

    © @tomomi

  16. Running Wolf Custom

    From the album Cutsoms and CYO's

    I decided to sell the design so just comment how much you are willing to pay Credit to Tephra76 for doing the basic lineart for this Custom Spoiler http://tephra76.devi...-Wolf-200358218
  17. Elementail Order Thread

    Elementails Leaftail // Firetail // Icetail // Sparktail // Windtail // Darktail There exists a peculiar tree, wind-swept and bare, ashen and dry. One would think it dead--but then every once in a long while it does bloom, and amongst its drab leaves you'll find brilliant sparkling treasures, with a tiny sleeping pup nestled inside each precious bundle. The pup and its leaf are inseparable, growing together until they combine as one, morphing into masters of elements: Elementails.
  18. So I used to really love the plushies on here, and in my spare time started traditionally drawing some for fun n3n Anyway, decided I'd like to make some fake ones that are released in boxed sets like the real ones were :3 To open the boxes and reveal the five plushies inside, there will be some questions or riddles or something like that that will need to be answered Just to make it a bit more fun ^^ Then you can do what I do and save the cute little plushies into your computer if you wish- I have a folder full of the ones made of my CYOs/Customs :3 So this will run in a very similar fashion to the old plushie suggestion threads. You'll post up images of the pets you would like to see plushied, and I will pick some at random and make a little surprise box for them! Unlike the old threads though, you may also post up non CYO/Custom pets as well and you are also allowed to post up pets you have designed, not just ones you own! ⤠Notes/Rules ⤠⤠You can post as many alts of the pet as you like, but only one will be chosen if you link more than one so choose wisely! ⤠You can post as many pets as you'd like! ⤠You may post non CYOs/Customs ⤠For CYOs/Customs, you may only post ones you either own or have designed ⤠It doesn't matter what stage you post, unless the stages of the pets have different accessories or something ⤠Be aware that not all will be chosen! ⤠After a week or two, I will put [forms closed] in the title, which means to stop posting forms for pets you want plushied. I will then pick some and post the box up here when done! ⤠To let me know you've read these, please put an * next to the name of any one of the pets you have posted. Just one ⤠For each plushie in the box (there will be five in each) there will be a riddle/question to be answered. If it happens to be a plushie of one of your pets in there then even if you answer wrong, the pet will be revealed! ⤠Once all are revealed, I'll put '[forms open]' in the title again and you can post any new pets, or repost any pets that weren't chosen. ⤠Form for plushies ⤠⤠Custom/Official Pet name: ⤠Image: And that's it for this post! Check below for the latest box, and the third post for a fake-plushie archive!
  19. I'm Looking for a Cyo/Custom partner! I LOVE to design pets and have a BUNCH of pre-drawn/designed pet adoptables. Problem is......I can't color them online! The only editing software i have is Pixlr and GIMP. Though it doesn't help that i cant really work them. So in thinking of this I decided to see if anyone wanted to partner up with me. For more information please @Ikiru me with your questions.
  20. I just got a cyo brush (alted) and have the design for my cyo....but I'm not very good at the coloring and editing/making part. I'll upload pictures of the designs i just need someone better than me to "professionally" do it. I'm willing to pay or agree on something for your much appreciated help and time. Also whoever helps can have a free full set!
  21. Doctor Who CYO

    Hello, I was hoping to find someone I could commission to make a Doctor Who related adoptale. I was hoping for an egg that has the TARDIS on it or the Egg being the TARDIS. Then I would Like 13 Alts however I can lower it to 5 from just the new season. This would be a dog dressed as the Doctor as each alt. In the Thirteen alts it would be all twelve including the War Doctor. In the five it would be 9-13 including the War Doctor. Payment can be discussed at a later date. Please message me if you would like to Create these for me. Thank You
  22. Welcome to my shop, here I will sell my CYOs and customs...if I ever get enough ZP to make one! I accept ZC and ZP only for payment, but I am also willing to do 1:1 CYO / 3:1 Custom trades if I like the CYO/Custom being offered! =^ v ^= I'm sure this is a no brainer...but I prefer ZP, I can't afford to buy my own ZP and I'd really like to be able to make a custom, so if you like my CYOs enough and have the ZP to spend, I would be very grateful! =^ v ^= RULES: 1. Please do not sell or trade any of my CYOs or Customs without informing me first. 2. Please do not Alt swap my CYOs or Customs unless you inform me first. 3. Please do not gift my CYOs or Customs without letting me know first. 4. Please return my CYOs or Customs if you decide to leave PA. 5. Please give my CYOs or Customs lots of love! =^ v ^= Adoptions: These pets need a warm and loving home! fffff mmff discount prices: Full stage CYO - 40% off One stage CYO - 10% off One staged Custom - 20% off Full staged Custom - 50% off ***exception: sold out pets*** Adopted: Hoshi no Usagi (male) - morphoblue Bara alt 1 (female) - artisabangdeidara Bara alt 2 (female) - artisabangdeidara Bara alt 3 (female) - artisabangdeidara Bara alt 4 (female) - artisabangdeidara Bara alt 5 (female) - artisabangdeidara Bara alt 6 (female) - artisabangdeidara Umitsune alt 6 (male) - Morph Tsukihime alt 1 (female) - Wolfsdrache Negimata alt 1 (female) - ruxy91 Hi no Megami alt 5 (female) - Warhola Tsukihime alt 2 (female) - Velseir Tsukihime alt 4 (male) - Velseir CYOs (new - old) Kitsu no Sakura Artist: Velseir Alt 1 is special, so it will be 800ZC or 6 ZP Alt 2-4 600ZC or 4ZP Alt 5-6 700ZC or 5ZP Full set: 2400ZC (400/alt) or 15ZP Owners: (for my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Velseir (thank you gift) - Alt1F 8. Rinai (gift) - Alt?F 9. lucky333123 (ZC Payment) - Alt3F 10. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt1F 11. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt2F 12. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt3M 13. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt4F 14. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt5M 15. yingraner (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt6M 16. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt1F 17. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt2F 18. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt3M 19. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt4M 20. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt5M 21. Unluckycat (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt6M 22. shadowphoenix (ZC Payment [gift from Unluckycat]) - Alt5M 23. Snowflakes[budgiebirdie] (CYO trade/ZC payment) - Alt1F 24. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt1F 25. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt2F 26. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt3F 27. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt4M 28. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt5M 29. Senrier (ZC Payment [FS]) - Alt6M 30. wildfoxgirl (ZC Payment) - Alt2F 31. wildfoxgirl (ZC Payment) - Alt4F 32. The Doctor (ZC Payment) - Alt5F 34. tomomi (ZC Payment) - Alt1M 35. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt1F 36. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt2M 37. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt3M 38. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt4F 39. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt5M 40. Wolfsdrache (ZC Payment) - Alt6F 41. Ruxy91 (ZC Payment) - Alt1F 42. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt1F 43. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt2F 44. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt3M 45. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt4M 46. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt5M 47. Ocean (ZP Payment) - Alt6F 3 left! Neko no Dansu Artist: Rain-in-March FEMALE ONLY!!! Alt 1-5 600ZC or 4ZP Alt 6 700ZC or 5ZP Full set: 2400ZC (400/alt) or 15ZP Owners: (for my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. ruxy91 - (ZC payment) Alt 4 8. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 1 9. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 2 10. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 3 11. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 4 12. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 5 13. Omi - (ZC payment [FS]) Alt 6 14. Portbud - (CYO trade) Alt 1 15. Portbud - (CYO trade) Alt 3 16. Najawarie - (CYO trade) Alt 4 34 left! Skellicat & Inverse Skellicat All Alts 700ZC or 5ZP ***Special Deals*** Buy both for 1000ZC (500ZC each) Full set (Skellicat OR Inverse): 2800ZC (466ZC each) Double Set (All Skellicat and Inverse): 5000ZC (416ZC each) Owners: (for my reference) Skellicat: 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Jade - (CYO trade) - Alt 4 M 8. ruxy91 - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 9. Midnight Scarborough - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 10. Chaosdawn - (ZC payment) - Alt 3 M 11. Rena Kuro - (Gift Box Event) - Alt ? M 12. Alcarie - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 13. wildfoxgirl - (ZC payment) - Alt 6 F 14. Velseir - (ZC payment) - Alt 4 M 15. Lizaseedling - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 16. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 F 17. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 2 F 18. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 3 F 19. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 4 M 20. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 5 M 21. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 6 M 22. Portbud - (CYO trade) - Alt 6 M 23. Najawarie - (CYO trade) - Alt 1 M Inverse Skellicat: 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Jade - (CYO trade) - Alt 5 F 8. ruxy91 - (ZC payment) - Alt 6 F 9. Midnight Scarborough - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 10. Chaosdawn - (ZC payment) - Alt 3 F 11. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 F 12. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 2 M 13. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 3 M 14. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 4 F 15. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 5 M 16. Intempestivity - (ZC payment) - Alt 6 F 17. KiraTheFoxWolf - (CYO trade) - Alt 5 M 18. Alcarie - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 M 19. wildfoxgirl - (ZC payment) - Alt 5 M 20. Velseir - (ZC payment) - Alt 4 F 21. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 1 F 22. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 2 F 23. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 3 F 24. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 4 M 25. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 5 M 26. Omi - (ZC payment) - Alt 6 M 27 / 24 left! Bara FEMALE ONLY!!! Alt 1-5 500ZC or 4ZP Alt 6 600ZC or 5ZP Full set: 2400ZC (400/alt) or 15ZP Owners: (for my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Seilie (CYO trade) - Alt 6 8. Chaosdawn (ZC payment) - Alt 3 9. Chosaguro (2:1 CYO trade) - Alt 2 10. Chosaguro (2:1 CYO trade) - Alt 3 11. Luxray (CYO trade) - Alt 6 12. Chosaguro (ZC payment) - Alt 1 13. Chosaguro (ZC payment) - Alt 4 14. Chosaguro (ZC payment) - Alt 5 15. Chosaguro (ZC payment) - Alt 6 16. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 1 17. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 2 18. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 3 19. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 4 20. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 5 21. Mysfit (ZC payment) - Alt 6 22. Morphoblue (ZC payment) - Alt 6 23. Jade (CYO trade- AR Drop) - Alt? 24.Jade (Donation- AR Drop) - Alt? 25. wildfoxgirl (ZC payment) - Alt 5 26. Stoic (ZC payment) - Alt 6 27. Stitch (ZC payment) - Alt 6 28. Portbud (CYO trade) - Alt 5 29. Budgiebirdie (ZC payment) - Alt 1 21 left! Negimata Artist: Chosaguro Alt 1-4 600ZC or 4ZP Alt 5 700ZC or 5ZP Alt 6 800ZC or 5ZP Owners: (for my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 1 F 8. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 2 F 9. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 3 F - Gifted to Shadow Cat 10. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 4 F 11. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 5 F 12. Chosaguro (CYO payment) - Alt 6 F 13. Lady Laviniya (ZC Auction) - Alt 1 F 14. Pixiequeen (ZP Auction) - Alt 6 M 15. Matchitehew (CYO trade) - Alt 5 F 16. Macheeba (1:2 CYO trade) - Alt 1 F 17. Katlover (CYO trade) - Alt 3 F 18. Jade (CYO trade-AR Drop) - Alt? 19. Jade (Donation-AR Drop) - Alt? 20. ??? 30 left! Umou no Ryuushishi Entry for Rose305's CYO contest! Alt 1-5 600ZC or 4ZP Alt 6 700ZC or 5ZP Owners: (for my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Match (set swap) - Alt 1 M 8. Match (set swap) - Alt 2 F 9. Match (set swap) - Alt 3 M 10. Match (set swap) - Alt 4 F 11. Match (set swap) - Alt 5 M 12. Match (set swap) - Alt 6 F 13. Katdark (gift) - Alt 4 F 14. Runingwolfin - Alt 6 M 15. emptyadam - Alt 1 M 16. Brambleclaw - Alt 5 F 17. Brambleclaw - Alt 6 F 18. Lady Laviniya (ZC Auction) - Alt 6 M 19. ZP Auction (link) - Alt 6 F 20. Schattenschwert - Alt 1 M 21. Schattenschwert - Alt 2 F 22. Schattenschwert - Alt 3 F 23. Schattenschwert - Alt 4 M 24. Schattenschwert - Alt 5 M 25. Schattenschwert - Alt 6 M 26. Allie - Alt 6 M 27. Jade (CYO trade-AR Drop) - Alt? 28. Jade (Donation-AR Drop) - Alt? 22 left! Pallas Cat Bought code from Grace19 Artist: Chosaguro 600ZC or 4ZP 6 left! Kabukichou Artist: SoubisSacrifice Alts 1, 2, and 5 are Male only! Alts 3, 4, and 6 are Female only! 600ZC or 4 ZP, Alt 6 is the rare so it is 700ZC or 5 ZP! SOLD OUT Preorders for New stock! Hoshi no Usagi the second of the Hoshi no Doubutsu series! 400ZC or 2zp 13 left! Umitsune Artist: Webby The beautiful CYO made by Webby that I won claim to in her CYO shack! XD 400ZC or 3zp SOLD OUT Preorders for New stock! Hoshi no Neko The first out of the Hoshi no Doubutsu series! 400ZC or 2zp 2 left! Hi no Megami 600ZC or 4 ZP, Alt 1 and 2 are rare so it is 700ZC or 5 ZP! Restocked! Owners (for my Reference): 51. Scone - (Preorder) Alt 1 F 52. Scone - (Preorder) Alt 2 M 53. Scone - (Preorder) Alt 4 M 54. Chosaguro - (Preorder) Alt 5 F 55. Rin - (Flitty Trade) Alt ? 56. ruxy91 - (ZC payment) Alt 6 F 57. Hikarikun - (ZC payment) Alt 1 F 58. Midnight Scarborough - (ZC payment) Alt 6 M 59. Wildfoxgirl - (ZC payment) Alt 2 M 60. Rena Kuro - (ZC payment) Alt 5 F 61. ScarletLetter - (ZC payment) Alt 3 M 62. ??? 63. Kirbystar - (ZC payment) Alt 5 F 64. Jewel Cat - (ZC payment) Alt 5 F 36 left! Coming Soon: Floraline Series: next up Sakura! (single no alts) Hachibi no Youso (full+alts) Tri-toned Nekomata Kokoro no Hyoushi Konton no Akuma Hoshi no Kyuubi (full no alts) Hoshi no Ookami (full no alts) Hoshi no Ryuu (full no alts) Hoshi no Inu (full no alts) Hoshi no Uma (full no alts) Hoshi no Gurifon (full no alts) Kunoichi Nyan (full+alts) CUSTOMS MCA: Tsukihime 2000ZC or 10 ZP, Alt 5 & 6 are 2500ZC or 12 ZP! 19 left! Owners: (For my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. Jade (preorder) - Alt 3 M 8. Matchitehew (preorder) - Alt 1 M 9. Matchitehew (preorder) - Alt 5 F 10. Tomomi (preorder) - Alt 4 F 11. Tomomi (trade) - Alt 3 M 12. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 1 M 13. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 2 F 14. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 3 M 15. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 4 M 16. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 5 F 17. Alcarie (6:3 trade) - Alt 6 F 18. Crystalcat (ZC payment) - Alt 6 F 19. Budgiebirdie (trade) - Alt 3 F 20. Yammy115 (trade) - Alt 3 F 21. Scone (trade) - Alt 4 F 22. Sketchi (trade) - Alt 1 F 23. Sketchi (trade) - Alt 2 M 24. Philotes (ZC Payment) - Alt 3 F 25. Chosaguro (ZC payment) - Alt 1 F 26. Jade (Custom trade-AR Drop) - Alt? 27. Jade (Custom trade-AR Drop) - Alt? 28. Jade (Custom trade-AR Drop) - Alt? 29. Jade (Donation-AR Drop) - Alt? 30. Velseir (HAI Payment) - Alt 3 F 31. ruxy91 (ZC payment) - Alt 2 F Reserved: 1 for No One (Rin) MCA: Two-faced Skellicat 2000ZC or 10 ZP, Alt 6 is 2500ZC or 15 ZP! 37 left! Owners: (For my reference) 1-6. First set belongs to me! 7. tomomi - (Preorder) Alt 3 M 8. ruxy91 - (Preorder) Alt 6 F 9. Velseir - (Preorder) Alt 4 M 10. Jade - (Preorder) Alt 6 M 11. ScarletLetter - (Thank you gift) Alt 6 F 12. Mizuki - (ZC payment) Alt 1 M 13. Cloaked - (2:1 CYO trade) Alt6M Coming Soon: FCA: Tima to Yoki (On a short break) Sketches/Final: Updated! CYO/Customs Wishlist: These are the CYO/Customs I'd love to trade for: CYO = 1:1 trade, FC (alt/no alts) = 3:1 trade, and MC = 2:1 trade Mini custom = 1:1 trade, FC (alt/no alts) = 2:1 trade, and CYO = 3:1 trade Prices are Negotiable. ***I will only trade with original owners unless you have their permission!*** Customs: CYOs:
  23. Unisagi Order Thread

    UNISAGI Meet the Unisagis, an adorable creature thought up by Scone! Her idea won this contest, it's on-going so feel free to enter too! Yellow - Blue - Pink - Grey - Black - White SLOTS (32/50) 3600zc1. TaigaWolf (white female) SENT 2. chosaguro (pink female) SENT 3. Midnight Scarborough (black male) SENT 4. chikoo12007 (black male) SENT 5. chikoo12007 (white female) SENT 6. Sesshomaruslover (white ??) 7. 8. 6zp 1. Matchitehew (white female) SENT 2. Ocean Potion (blue male) SENT 3. Ocean Potion (black female) SENT 4. Rue-Bee3 (blue female) SENT 5. Rue-Bee3 (white female) SENT 6. Kakazu (blue female) SENT 7. 8. (Pre-Orders) ZC SLOTS (2500zc) 1. Allie (SENT) -blue male 2. Allie (SENT) -black female 3. Wolfsdrache (SENT) -blue female 4. pokemainia (SENT) -grey male ZP SLOTS (5zp) 1. Matchitehew (SENT) -blue male 2. jpmouse (SENT) -black female 3. Runingwolfin (SENT) -black male 4. Runingwolfin (SENT) -yellow female
  24. Honesta's One Stop Shop

    Customs for Sale Price: 10zp 15zp - Alt 5 (rare alt) Tigerflies adopted: @ - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=350242@Loveless - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353087 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353126 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353127 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353128 @Gracey - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353677 @ - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354504 @ - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354505 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354506 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354507 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354508 @sketchi - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=365461 @Rue-Bee3 - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=369931 @Kakazu - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=369985 Price: 8 zp 10zp - Alts 1 and 6 Faerie Dragons adopted: @ - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=350246 @ - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=350245@Gracey - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=353680 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354905 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354906 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354908 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354910 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354912 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=354913 @TaigaWolf - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=355785 @Kakazu - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=369980 Price:9zp 12zp - Alt 5 Emperor Dragons adopted: @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361035 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361034 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361036 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361037 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361038 @paws4ever - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=361039 @sketchi - http://www.petadoptables.com/levelup.php?id=365462 Price: 5zp 7zp - Alt 6 Fuchs der Elemente adopted: Price: 5zp 7zp - Alt 4 Fuchs der Kraefte adopted:
  25. Senrier's Custom and CYO house ^_^

    Welcome! Senrier's Custom and CYO house is now open! Truly, it was my goal / my wish to have a very own custom, and it came true! Really happy to say it :3 Thanks to Cake and Miosita (who made my very first custom)! I hope in the future to have more customs and CYOs, but for now it's only my cute hedgehogs. Hope you will like them! MCA: Hedgehog of Kinga by Miosita Alt1: Brown / Alt2: Chocolate / Alt3: Albino / Alt4: Cinnamon / Alt5: Gray / Alt6: Black Alts 1 and 2: 2000 ZC or 6 ZP, Alts 4 and 5: 2800 ZC or 8 ZP, Alts 3 and 6: 2500 ZC or 7 ZP Hope my prices aren't too high for you... Though they may change. Full set: 14000 ZC or 35 ZP (A little economy ;D) Description: The World Forest is a place, where you can find every creature you could ever imagine among forest animals. And lives there the Good Witch, Kinga, who takes care of all that creatures. Every morning she comes out of her Tree Residence, sings a song and from the bushes, where they were hiding, emerge the hedgehogs, true messengers of Kinga, to tell her what is happening in the World Forest. On site: 19/50 Owners: FS Alts 1-6: Me (Senrier) Alt 5 female: Miosita FS Alt1: Wolfsdrache FS Alt2: Wolfsdrache FS Alt3: Wolfsdrache FS Alt4: Wolfsdrache FS Alt5: Wolfsdrache FS Alt6: Wolfsdrache Auction Alt1M526457: Ocean Alt2M: Ocean [Trade] Alt3M: Ocean [Trade] Alt4F: Ocean [Trade] Alt5F: Ocean [Trade] Alt6F: Ocean [Trade] Alt2M 535269 [Auction] teakitty Alt1M : Sleepy3254 [Trade] Alt2M Blade369 [Trade] Alt6M Blade369 [Trade] Alt1F Nickykitty [Trade] And some rules: 1. Do not sell or trade my customs. I will check every custom I sell. 2. Do not change their alts. 3. Do not change their genders. And take care of them Feel free to PM me, ask any questions (I'll try to answer) and have your own Hedgehog of Kinga Oh, and if you see any mistakes in text, please tell me.