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Found 19 results

  1. Jade's Custom Shop!

    I started to make another shop hopefully my custom collection will continue to grow c: Clicking the egg should show you the whole set. Full Alted Customs - 4200ZC or 6ZP Alted Mini Customs -2800ZC or 4ZP Mini Customs -2100ZC or 3ZP Supreme CYO's - 1400ZC or 2ZP Full Alted CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP Rare CYO's -900ZC or 1ZP and 200ZC CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP
  2. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  3. Hello and welcome~! Yes, you read right- Chit finally got customs ^>^ Seeing as my CYO shop is so full and there is definitely going to be a bunch more of them, I figured I'd open a separate shop for customs ^^ Rules: ⤠Please do not re-sell or trade them. If you don't want them anymore, PM me and we can talk about reimbursement. ⤠Please don't change the alt ⤠Just like in my other shops, if you don't mention gender when ordering then you'll just be given a random one ⤠I will only hold slots for two weeks maximum ⤠Unless I offer it to you myself, I will not swap my customs for CYOs. The only exception might be supreme brush CYOs- inquire about swaps with them if you wish! FCAs Vintwin Cat Artist :: sketchi Shared with pokemainia/pokemainew Steampunk | Match | Romance | Poke | Grayscale | Sepia ZC - Alts 1-5 3500zc, alt 6 4500zc | ZP - alts 1-5 12zp, alt 6 15zp ZC Set - 18,000zc (save 4000zc) | ZP Set - 50zp (save 25zp) Sorry if these seem a little expensive, but poke and myself felt it was fair seeing as I had to pay $60 rather than $45- and it was worth it XD no zc slots left | 6 ZP slots left OR 1 ZP Set left 44/50 *one on hold for Rose305 - M Steampunk* Morte Suprema Equos Artist :: Kelly Pestilence | Famine | War | Death | Greed | Guilt ZC - Alts 1-4 2500zc, alts 5&6 3000zc | ZP - alts 1-4 15zp, alts 5&6 18zp ZC Set - 13,000zc (save 3000zc) | ZP Set - 55zp (save 41zp) Based on the four horses of the apocalypse ^^ 38/100 Interested in breeding? I've already discovered some awesome outcomes, so I figured I'd open it up for anyone else who'd like one ^^ Here's the ones have so far in case you want to see what is possible! White/blue :: Blue/green :: Green/white I'm happy to set up a JM if you want to test some outcomes before buying~! ^^ Price will be 5zp and 1500zc. The 5zp will cover the cost of breeding and the zc will cover the pet itself and any leveling up or down I may have to do to get my pets to the right level for breeding I have a pair of each alt so you can try every combo! And if you'd like a third gen, let me know and we can work something out! Just post here that you would like one. If you already know what combo you want then just let me know, or if you want to see and test the outcomes, also let me know and I'll set up a JM FCAs COMING SOON None at the moment!
  4. Welcome to Hizkoh's CYO Pre-Order Shop! Where to Go in Need of a CYO INTRO + CREDITS: Hello, I'm Hizkoh. I'm here to sell my CYOs for simple ZC. Know that all designs are by me, and linearts are by the Pet Adoptables artists. But certain lineart things may be my lineart edits. If so, it will be said by the pet. ALTS: If you wish to view the full-grown/growing cycle, I will gladly show it to you! If you are buying it, I'll send the files. TRANSACTION: I or you will send the trade giving me ZC, and accept it. Then, you may take the files you see here or that I give to you through the message and you may submit it with YOUR paintbrush YOURSELF! Please do not ask for me to "Trade you the Pet," these are pre-orders, take a look at the CYO Guide if you must. Once bought, ALL 50 ARE YOURS TO USE/SELL! Here are the Current CYOs Available to Buy: Pine Sun Chipmunk Cost 150 ZC Zig-Zag Lion Cost 200 ZC Sold CYOs: and and \ and and Sold to: Space Sparkle Cloaked Cat - Vixxey Sky Sheep - Vixxey Summer Firefly Kitsune - Pink Madness Penguin Pink - Vixxey Spirit Wolf - Vixxey Desert Gryphon - Vixxey Winged Shadow Heart Cat - Vixxey And, of course, each is also 1 ZP! Thank you! Don't forget to resize your CYO files to 150 pixels and save them as PNG format. Thank you. To download each file, copy the image location and paste it in the link bar. Then, enter it, right click, and save it for your CYO.
  5. I am starting a customs commission shop, it can be PA related or any other site Things I can do: ~ Full color including shading ~ Linearts With or w/o shading ~ Line edits to existing PSD files ~ Backgrounds ~ custom + background I have made several customs for aywas, khimeros and PA. I can do virtually any site if you want me to do a existing PSD file Or I can make you an original design. If it is a site I have an account on I will charge you that site's currency, if not I'll take ZC I don't have to have ZP, GP, beads etc (currency bought with USD) But that is greatly appreciated as I can't get any atm. I have no set price, it all depends on what you want done, I generally charge by details/edits/time spent. I can work under a time limit We will work something out Examples of my work: ***Note these where either customs done for myself or some I made in commission, regardless please do NOT taken them and use them! If you Want something done Please Mention me or (preferably) PM Me
  6. Next AR Drop

    Hey guys, it's me again c: So you may be wondering what I'm doing for my next AR drop, the answer is I'm not going to be doing another one until February, now you may think thats a long time but I promise it will fly by in no time! c: I'm planning on doing many things this time, and hopefully getting to my goal of number of pets, since i have 4 months to reach that goal, i think i will reach it, but you never know! I plan on doing SO many things I hope you all will get excited for it! ^^ First thing! I'm going to be making many many AR pets! There will be a large variety of them, and i may even commission some people for one, if you have a design you'd like to sell/give away for the AR I'm very interested! My first pet was the Abandoned Traveler, but that is one of many. I'm also generally a pretty un-creative person! So if you have any CYO ideas for the AR CYO's please tell me about them I would love to know! c: Next! I am going to be trading my customs for other customs and cyo's, or regular pets but ONLY if they add up to the value of my Custom pet That means you can do say 10 regular pets for one of my customs, or even 100, it doesn't matter, as long as the prices match up! :3 My custom shop is here: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/10650-jades-custom-shop/ Please take a look! ^^ As always I love meadow pets, customs, and fossils! :3 And donations are always welcome! <3
  7. Hello everyone. <3 Slinking back into PA for a little while, before Uni starts. I'm currently visiting my parents/looking after my mother, so I'm back with that cruddy desert internet, so if it takes me a while to respond, please try to understand. Beyond that. *hugs the living daylights out of everyone* I've missed you all so much. Now. Onto business. I've recently discovered you can breed pets. Mind = blown. In my leave, though, I gave most of what I had away, and what ZC I didn't was eaten away by security and help (yeah, I didn't think about stopping them, doh.).... so I need funds for starting up my own little breeding. Poke was kind enough to donate some breedable pets to me. <3 Which I will get her back for >A> Someday. *shakes fist at* <3 <3 Otherwise, funds will be coming from my CYOs, or my Custom Little Jester. It's pretty much just going to be a pay whatever you feel like for these. I really don't care too much, so long as it's within reason (like I'm not going to give you one of my FullCustom with Alts for 20zc). ^^ Clockwork Kirins Only have 6 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. So limited supply of what I can give out. <3 B-Virus Only 15 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. Once more, limited supply. <3 Arcanus Draco Decorem Only 7 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. <3 Triceratops 25 of these guys left. Little note for self. Little Jester 23 of these guys left till I need a potion. I also have Whimsical Nature and Love Bug. I'll post their images up later. <3 These are the breedable pets I have thanks to Poke and Matty. <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you guys.
  8. Welcome to my adoptable art pets! [] So far I've been creating pets in this app I have called,"Drawcast." I've started think that opening a adoptable page where pick any CYO or Custom you'd like me to design. []So far I have the layout.[] []$Prices$: 100zc for full and design/color picked out[] [] 200zc for full design/color picked out and a stylish background( your pick)[] 300zc for all. OFFICIALLY DRAWN ART!
  9. Welcome to the Custom Fantasy! It is a hot sunny day, and as you are strolling through the forest you can here, multiple voices, far away. You decide it is nothing and carry on your walk through the forest. The sun is beating down on your furry, neck and back. The wind whistles in the leaves. As you walk farther clouds start to cover the sky. You start to feel relief flow through your body, you had been waiting for a little rain. It hadn't rained in days. The sky gets darker and darker, and you start worrying about what is going to happen next. Suddenly you hear a big BANG! of thunder, and then lightening strikes the earth around you. You start running towards where you heard the voices last, and wonder if they would take you in. As you are running you fall down a whole that seems only small enough for a mouse. You realized that it seemed to expand to fit you down the whole. Were you meant to come here? You keep falling and you start thinking you will be on the other side of the world soon. But then all of sudden you land on a large springy plant, preventing any injuries. As you slowly get up you see a surrounding, fall of animals you never thought exist. But as you think about it you are no normal animal either. The special world, seems to be filled with sun light, but you wonder how, as you think it must be at least 20,000 miles under the earth's surface. Is this place meant for animals like you? How come you weren't born here? The answers are soon to come. You have fallen to the place for all unique animals!
  10. Baby

    From the album Customs

    Alt 1 of the Yamichuukari!

    © (c)Casey , Spiritwolfe

  11. Welcome to my Wonderous Wonders! Alright, so I'm trying to sell some pets and figured I'll start my own Forum Shop since the Auction House, Shop, and Bazaar aren't always the three greatest places to sell things. I am looking mostly for Zodiac Pearls - ZP for most of these pets. You can offer Crystals, but I might decline, just warning you. Why I'm selling these for ZP is well, of course, because I need the pearls for future custom pets. (Like everyone else, of course). Again, mostly looking for ZP though you can offer ZC. It really depends on how badly I need the ZC at the time. Okay, enough chit chit and onto the pets! I also sell Ores. You can offer both ZP and ZC though ZP is preferred as of current. Platinum : 1332 Gold : 1244 Silver : 15444 Ratio: 5 Silver = 2 ZC 300 Silver = 1 ZP 1 Gold = 2 ZC 100 Gold = 1 ZP 1 Platinum = 10 ZC 50 Platinum = 1 ZP Selling the following pets. Name your price. I'm not too picky as long as it's a good offer. (F) - (M) - (M) - (M) - (F) - (M) - (M x1 - F x2) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (M) - (F) - (F x3 - M x1) - (F) - (F) - (F x2) - (F) - (M) - (F x3 - M x3) - (M x2) - (M) - (F) - (F) - (M) - (M/F) - (M x3 - F x2) - (M) - (F) - Will only accept ZP for Snails and Capybara Prefer ZP but will take ZC if prices are good enough Check out my Custom shop here Welp, Ladies and Gents! That's all I have for sell as of currant. Check back often for new pets and hopefully one of these babies will find a loving new home with you!
  12. Hello everyone! Welcome to my pet shop! All of this stuff is for sale, and I will remove the ones I sell once they're sold. I try to keep up with prices, (because of re-releases for promos, the prices go down) but if you think anything is too high just let me know. I try to price everything here about 20 ZC below the lowest Bazzar price, so I think it's pretty good. Unless the Bazzar price in outrageous. If you would like me to lower the price on something, I'm willing most of the time. If something is overpriced, I will most likely mark it down soon after I find out. I try to keep track of things. I also have a Custom and CYO shop: http://www.petadopta...-t-rexon-added/ Selling Normal Fish Ethereal Woodland Jackolope: 30 ZC, 100 Silver, or 60 Gold Limited Edition Berylline Hummingbird: 5 ZC, 20 Silver, or 10 Gold Yorkshire Terrier: 45 ZC, 100 Silver or 80 Gold Special Edition Desert Hedgehog: 80 ZC, 200 Silver or 130 Gold Explore Exclusive American Pika: 30 ZC, 90 Silver or 50 Gold Other Summer Essence Dragon: 250 ZC New! None Alt Swap: (I prefer swapping same level pets, but it doesn't have to be the same level. ) Malayan Tiger foror (White preferred) For (Any stage, will pay an extra 300 ZC for white.) For any other alt I'm also looking to trade some Capybara's for Desert Hedgehogs. If you would like to alt swap any pets in the selling part, I will most likely swap. Buying All except:Inca Doves, Ringtails, Roufus Mouse Lemurs, Shetland Ponies, Persian Cats, Beagles, Artic Foxes, African Penguins, Atlantic Puffins, Guinea Pigs, Clown fish, Fantail Singrays and I'm sure there's something else... I'll update this constantly. I will pay up to 150 ZC for all things listed, except Rats, Doves, Shetlands, and Mouse Lemurs. (And for the Penguins, I'll pay up to 300, Rats 20, Tammar Wallaby's 100, Badgers 100, Scottish Folds 100, and some others less than 150.) If you have any of these your willing to sell, I'll be happy to take them off your hands!
  13. Here is my official custom shop thread, i own the Flywolt, Rege Ex Caelum, Wisteria Cats, and the Paw Wolf. Please tell me the name of the Custom that you want, the gender and the ALT. If I sell/trade to you a Custom please dont re-sell it to another user Flywolt: I do 1:1 customs trades (see my customs wishlist on the last part of the post) and also I sold them for 8-9 ZP. I will only open a slot of each pay method ZP Slots: - Swap Slots: - Wisteria Cats: I do 1:1 CYO swaps, I sell them for 600ZC and if you give to me 5 Blue Jays I give to you one. I will open 2 ZP slots and 4 swap slots. ZP Slots: - - Swap Slots: - - - - Paw Wolf: I will sell them for 8 ZP each one and for now I dont accept CYO swaps, they will be added on the site today or tomorrow. I will open 4 zp slots ZP Slots: - - - - http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205073 pixie http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205086 drache http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205072 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205096 kuitsumi Pea Cat: Im selling them for 7zp each or you can pay 15zp for all the alts. Rege Ex Caelum: I will only trade away 4, I will sell 2 for 30ZP and other 2 for 1:1 custom swaps. I will only open 2 zp slots and 2 swap slots ZP Slots: - http://www.petadopta...t=view&id=11732 Alt3, fem - Swap slots: -Tomo -Drache Hold: -Fernis http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204882 pixie, blue-black http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205074 tomo, tunder http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=205075 drache, tunder http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204872 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204876 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204875 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204874 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204870 me http://www.petadopta...p.php?id=204873 me The 3rd and 5th ALT are rares, so they will cost 5 zp more than others Custom WL: Customs that I really want: Other customs that I like:
  14. I will be raffling off pairs of EVERY SINGLE CYO AND CUSTOM I OWN! There will be two winners for each raffle. I will be raffling off two pairs of the Aqua Stella Kitty CYO, two pairs of the Oceanus Spark Unicorn CYO, two pairs of the alted Guardian Spirit of Spring, two pairs of the alted mini custom Dragon Dove of Lyza, and two pairs of alted mini custom Lunta Angel. I will have more coming up soon! This raffle will end on July 8th, one day after I come back from my 28 day vacation. There's a lot of time! There will be 100 numbers for each raffle, you can have 3 each. The entrance fee for my no alt cyos are 10 zc for each raffle, 20 zc for alted cyo, and 30 zc each for the alted mini customs. ZC pool: 160 Raffle numbers: Symbols: @ = Aqua Stella Kitty # = Oceanus Spark Unicorn $ = Guardian Spirit of Spring % = Dragon Dove of Lyza & = Lunta Angel @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (petzrgr8 for all, paid) @: #: $: BritttheGravityDefiant %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (petzrgr8 for all, paid) @: #: $: %: &: (sakura34 for all, not paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (Phase the Hedgehog for all, not paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (Sakura34 for all, not paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (petzrgr8 for all, paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: BritttheGravityDefiant $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (Phase the Hedgehog for all, not paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: BritttheGravityDefiant &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (Sakura34 for all, not paid) @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: BritttheGravityDefiant &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: BritttheGravityDefiant $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: (Phase the Hedgehog for all, not paid) @: #: BritttheGravityDefiant $: BritttheGravityDefiant %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: BritttheGravityDefiant &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: BritttheGravityDefiant %: &: @: #: $: %: &: @: #: $: %: &: Prizes: Aqua Stella Kitty: - Lucky winner 2 kitties, gender of choice - Second lucky winner 1 kitty, I get to choose gender Oceanus Spark Unicorn: - Lucky winner 2 unicorns, gender of choice - Second lucky winner 1 unicorn, I get to choose gender Guardian Spirit of Spring: - Lucky winner 2 kitties, you get to choose gender and alts - Second lucky 1 kitty, you get to choose gender I get to choose alt Dragon Dove of Lyza: - Lucky winner 2 doves, you get to choose both gender and alts - Second lucky winner 1 dove, I get to choose both gender and alt Lunta Angel: - Lucky winner 2 angels, you get to choose both gender and alts - Second lucky winner 1 angel, you don't get choose alt and gender. I will be using random.org to generate the numbers, so the winners will be by random. Good luck, and choose your numbers well!
  15. Rainy's customs and cyos!

    I've got mixed up with the normal pets and the cyos I own, so this is a shop ONLY for my cyos and customs. CYOs: Aqua Stella Kitty: Price: ZC: 400-600 ZP: 3-5 Oceanus Spark Unicorn: Price: ZC: 500-700 ZP: 4-6 Guardian Spirit of Spring: Price: ZC: 800-1000 ZP: 7-10 I will want a bit more for the last alt. Customs: None currently, but soon! Accepting 1:1 cyo trades, make an offer and I'll see if I like that or not~
  16. WELCOME TO MY CUSTOM/CYO PETS SHOP! ^^ ~ Here, you can buy Customs or CYO pets of mine! ^^ ~ I’ll be sure to constantly update the shop when I get new pets! ~ Always feel free to PM me or leave me a comment on my PA account! ^^ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* SAMURAI SOUL - Custom Price: 15 ZP OR 2000 ZC Currency: ZC or ZP Alts: Has only 1 alt Level: 0 Rarity Mini Custom Buyers: 1. tomomi 2. FernisWolff 3. 4. 5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EL CHUPACABRA - Custom Price: 10-15 ZP Currency: ZP Alts: Has only 1 alt available Level: 0 Rarity: Custom Buyers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Price: 1500 ZC Currency: ZC Alts: Has only 1 alt available Level: 0 Rarity: Custom Buyers: 1. Calum 2. 3. 4. 5. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~ Toxic Pup - CYO AND Paint Splash Pup - CYO FOR EITHER: Price: 5 ZP or Price: 800 ZC Currency: ZP and ZC Alts: ? Level: 0 Rarity: Rare CYO Buyers: 1. 2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! ^^
  17. Customs sales for zp/zc.

    I am offering 5 of each of my customs currently available for sale for 18 zp (see below for alternate details). Indicate which alt you'd like, from left to right, and preferred gender. Ice Lion of Xanadu: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Avalon Unicorn: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pegasus of Olympus: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Desert Phoenix: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Chaos Chimerae: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Elemental Stallion of Avalon: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Azaal Hellhound: 5 slots available (any alt since I haven't claimed them yet), any gender 1. malibu - male, alt #1 - sent 2. 3. 4. 5. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Will also accept 500 zc + 13 zp only. Or any combination that will add up to 18 pearl (100 zc =1 pearl). No other pets (except for newly released Custom pets I don't have any of yet). May consider referral pets or extinct pets. Thanks for looking!
  18. Error received: You have reached your limit for how many of these pets you can get with a promo code. The current number you are allowed is: 25 I thought they were upped to 50 as the standard number? This is for the Desert Phoenix: I haven't run into this before so could someone please check? Thanks.
  19. Ideas Needed!!! (Again)

    Okay so I am about to get a custom but I don't know what to get!! I need some ideas and pictures of something similar to what it should look like from other people okay? I think I am going to do a "Pet Rock," but I am having trouble making it animal enough. These are current ideas. 1. Pet Rock Description: I was thinking a cute little rock with big, oval eyes that are different colors depending on the alt. All of the stages would look childish and cute, so not like the last stage looks mature. The last stage would still look cute and cuddly XD For the different alts, they would not just be different colors, they would have different textures. The alts would be something like Crystals, Gold, Obsidian, Ruby, Emerald, and........... do you have any ideas on the last one? The egg would be like a little earth planet, kinda like a globe you know what I mean XD And then first stage would be like just the rock not looking alive, the second stage would have eyes, third would have little stubby legs coming out, and fourth would have a little bobtail coming out too. It is like a tadpole, the eyes then legs then bob tail come in. 2. Cerberus http://www.butterfun...80/red+wolf.htm