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Found 28 results

  1. Jade's Custom Shop!

    I started to make another shop hopefully my custom collection will continue to grow c: Clicking the egg should show you the whole set. Full Alted Customs - 4200ZC or 6ZP Alted Mini Customs -2800ZC or 4ZP Mini Customs -2100ZC or 3ZP Supreme CYO's - 1400ZC or 2ZP Full Alted CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP Rare CYO's -900ZC or 1ZP and 200ZC CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP
  2. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

    --Jade's Weekly AR Drop-- Hello and welcome to my AR drop thread! I have been doing AR drops for quite some time now as well as AR cyo's and have gathered quite the collection of AR content! I mostly post CYO's I create for the AR here. Each cyo is either made by me or commissioned and its only purpose is for the AR I don't sell them so please don't bother asking! All pets can be found in the AR or obtained by donating. Click us please!!!! For every 100 clicks one of these pets below gets, I will drop a special Click generated AR CYO. These cyo's are only dropped after 100 clicks are added onto the pet the cyo was created for... so if you want to see more pets, go ahead and give them a click! Below are the current Click generated AR Cyo's available. Donate 50 or MORE pets to the Weeky drop and you get one Keeper of Sygal in exchange! CYO's Currently in Rotation: These are the CYO's that are currently available for AR drops! Each week I drop a couple of each pet into the AR! These pets will be released for the AR until the limit is reached. Retired AR CYO's: These are the AR cyo's I've hit the limit on, if you would like to see one of these put back into rotation you can always donate ZP to fund a potion! WIPs These are some of the CYO's waiting to be produced, sometimes I just need to finish the art or am waiting until I have enough ZP to get the cyo on site! You can also donate 2 ZP to help get the cyo moving along and you get one of the pet when its released! Suggestions?: If there are certain pets you;'d like to see in the next AR drop just post below and I can usually get a few for the next drop. And feel free to suggest any ideas or cyo ideas! Have AR CYO suggestions? Just go to this thread here. Donate?: 2ZP -- 1 AR CYO 5 ZP -- 3 AR CYO's Also feel free to post the AR CYO's you guys find I would love to see where some of them end up!
  3. Two Free Christmas CYOs Giveaway

    This is just an image I thought I'd post onto the image gallery in case anyone didn't see the post about the free Christmas CYOs I'm giving away. Here's the link to where you can get some of these for free: Please don't ask for them on this image. Just go to the post, read it, and then comment on the post, please.
  4. How to Submit CYOs

    Hello, everyone! I thought I'd make this post to help anyone that is confused about making and submitting CYOs. First off, here are the basics: How to format your images for the CYO: And finally, how to submit it! Alright, I believe I covered everything! If anyone has any further questions, please ask! I know it's a bit confusing. It's still a bit confusing for me. Once I make another fully staged and alted CYO I'll probably update this post and try and explain that a bit better.
  5. New Halloween CYOs For Sale by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    The same rule applies for these CYOs. If get one from me you may NOT resell them. If you decide you no longer want them, send them back to me. Here's the post for full details: The Spooky Marionette Cat is for sale now (300 ZC)! I've only posted a few examples of the possible alts for each here, so be sure to check out the post. I cannot 100% guarantee alts, but I may be able to some. The Collector Ghoul Kitsune is not here yet, but hopefully it will be soon! (It's actually somewhat transparent, but you can't really tell against a white background.) I had been working on this one for a while now, I'm glad I finally got around to finishing it! It will cost 450 ZC.
  6. looking for someone to commission to help make a CYO I had an idea for, I have a few pictures and if you are interested PM me! Post guide 1. Intro 2. CYOs (I don't think I will ever make customs) 3. For Sale 4. Alt Swaps Intro for CYOs I just started making CYOs and my first one just got approved so I decided to create a shop. I have more CYOs, just looking for ZP so I can make them private probably never going to get the ZP to make them private so I'm making them all Egg Drop pets. Feel free to swap/trade if you don't get the alt you are looking for. I've never really messed around with photoshop before but I'm trying my best and viewing a bunch of tutorials so I hope to get better Some quick rules for CYOs: (please read) ☾Please don't resell the CYOs you buy from me ☾You can trade the CYOs with me or someone else (since they are Egg Drop, I can't control what alt I give you so it is perfectly fine if you want to swap for another egg) ☾The artist is always myself ☾I'm willing to swap CYOs/Customs so just ask ☾Mention gender while posting (or you can just say any gender is fine) ☾I come online daily (unless I'm busy) so I should be able to get your order the next day ☾I will mention on my forum profile if I'm going to be away so bear with me if you don't get your order immediately
  7. Hey guys! So I just coloured a CYO and I need help naming it: I'm probably going to make alts later on if I'm not too busy. If your name gets chosen, you can have one once they are in the game Suggestions: Night Howler (Lilytora) Winding Vine (Lilytora) Through the Vine (Lilytora) Vine Keeper (Lilytora) Nightshade (Creus) If I have more CYOs that I need help naming I'm going to post them here
  8. Magma Pony

    From the album Zoelle's CYOs

    Just finished this pony, had to stay up late to do it because I've been so busy with school. Going to try and get a paintbrush because I've run out lol
  9. So y'all know I love giving away things and with so many new bases, I just want to try some out! All you need to do is fill out the form and I'll go through and pick one (or most likely more) and turn it into a CYO for you <3 Sounds fun and easy, yeah? All will be fully staged, and I will add alts if I feel it needs them! ⤠As always, some rules! ⤠⤠Only the newly added official bases please, and only suggest colours for a single alt. ⤠You can enter as many times as you want! ⤠You may only give ideas for non-edited, or only very slightly edited CYOs (eg a collar or simple wings etc are fine, but you can't ask for like a supreme or anything like that). If you'd like a small edit, you can mention it in 'other' ⤠I won't comment about anyone's forms so as not to give anything away (because I'm terrible at not showing how excited I am about things XD ⤠Casually mention the word 'wild' in your form somewhere. Make a sentence out of it or something- I'll understand it's not actually part of what you want Any forms that don't mention it will just be ignored, even if I love the idea! I will like forms that are eligable ⤠You must supply your own brush if you win ⤠You have until midnight GMT+10 on the 1st of August to enter ⤠I will announce the winners not more than a week after that and will have the files made and ready to go ⤠Any ideas that aren't used are obviously free for you to use, whether making them yourself or commissioning someone ⤠Be nice! <3 And the form~ Username: Base: Colours/themes: Other: That's it I think! Feel free to post your forms now <3
  10. So I used to really love the plushies on here, and in my spare time started traditionally drawing some for fun n3n Anyway, decided I'd like to make some fake ones that are released in boxed sets like the real ones were :3 To open the boxes and reveal the five plushies inside, there will be some questions or riddles or something like that that will need to be answered Just to make it a bit more fun ^^ Then you can do what I do and save the cute little plushies into your computer if you wish- I have a folder full of the ones made of my CYOs/Customs :3 So this will run in a very similar fashion to the old plushie suggestion threads. You'll post up images of the pets you would like to see plushied, and I will pick some at random and make a little surprise box for them! Unlike the old threads though, you may also post up non CYO/Custom pets as well and you are also allowed to post up pets you have designed, not just ones you own! ⤠Notes/Rules ⤠⤠You can post as many alts of the pet as you like, but only one will be chosen if you link more than one so choose wisely! ⤠You can post as many pets as you'd like! ⤠You may post non CYOs/Customs ⤠For CYOs/Customs, you may only post ones you either own or have designed ⤠It doesn't matter what stage you post, unless the stages of the pets have different accessories or something ⤠Be aware that not all will be chosen! ⤠After a week or two, I will put [forms closed] in the title, which means to stop posting forms for pets you want plushied. I will then pick some and post the box up here when done! ⤠To let me know you've read these, please put an * next to the name of any one of the pets you have posted. Just one ⤠For each plushie in the box (there will be five in each) there will be a riddle/question to be answered. If it happens to be a plushie of one of your pets in there then even if you answer wrong, the pet will be revealed! ⤠Once all are revealed, I'll put '[forms open]' in the title again and you can post any new pets, or repost any pets that weren't chosen. ⤠Form for plushies ⤠⤠Custom/Official Pet name: ⤠Image: And that's it for this post! Check below for the latest box, and the third post for a fake-plushie archive!
  11. I am starting a customs commission shop, it can be PA related or any other site Things I can do: ~ Full color including shading ~ Linearts With or w/o shading ~ Line edits to existing PSD files ~ Backgrounds ~ custom + background I have made several customs for aywas, khimeros and PA. I can do virtually any site if you want me to do a existing PSD file Or I can make you an original design. If it is a site I have an account on I will charge you that site's currency, if not I'll take ZC I don't have to have ZP, GP, beads etc (currency bought with USD) But that is greatly appreciated as I can't get any atm. I have no set price, it all depends on what you want done, I generally charge by details/edits/time spent. I can work under a time limit We will work something out Examples of my work: ***Note these where either customs done for myself or some I made in commission, regardless please do NOT taken them and use them! If you Want something done Please Mention me or (preferably) PM Me
  12. Grimms Free CYP Promo/Fundraiser

    This post Is going to be for all my promos and fundraisers for my free cyo pet giveaway. Most Of These fundraiser's will be for zp,I am saving up to buy a supreme brush which then you guys will vote for a design for the upcoming supreme. the promos will consist of both! LINK TO MY FREE CYO GIVEAWAY! Linearts for sale: (more will be posted,first come first serve) Mega Pega-3,500 ZC or 6 ZP (ZP always wins)
  13. Grimms Pet Shop (new special deal!)

    Pricing Range's (Please Take A Look before Offering,Arigato) More pets will be added as more are sold off SPECIAL DEALS AT THE END OF THE PAGE! ZP Pets: 5-8 ZP Japanese Tiger-15 ZP (final price) Extinct/Rares: Extincts:(6-9 ZP) Others:2-5 ZP Ethereal's: ZC prices:700-1,500 ZC ZP prices:2-3 ZP Uncommon's: ZC:500ZC-1,000ZC Egg drops/AR/CYO: 500-2,500ZC (Selling For ZP only!) (Selling For ZP only!) (Selling for ZC & ZP) (Selling For ZC only!) (Random Pricing (ZC only!)) : 1.Buy Over 8 pets (randoms) and get two of my cyo's your pick! 2.buy over 4 pets (randoms) and get one of my cyo's your pick! 3.Buy 2 random pets and get one random one free! SOLD PETS:
  14. Closed

  15. Loving Heart Monkey

    This is a Cyo made by Sierra Rose I am pricing them at 200z for alts 1-2 150zc for alts 3-6. Full Set 800zc a 200zc saving. Alt 1 (0/4) (2 females-2 males) Alt 2 (0/4) (2 females-2 males) Alt 3 (0/5) (3 females-2 males) Alt 4 (0/5) (3 females-2 males) Alt 5 (0/5) (3 females-2 males) Alt 6 (0/5) (3 females-2 males)
  16. Next AR Drop

    Hey guys, it's me again c: So you may be wondering what I'm doing for my next AR drop, the answer is I'm not going to be doing another one until February, now you may think thats a long time but I promise it will fly by in no time! c: I'm planning on doing many things this time, and hopefully getting to my goal of number of pets, since i have 4 months to reach that goal, i think i will reach it, but you never know! I plan on doing SO many things I hope you all will get excited for it! ^^ First thing! I'm going to be making many many AR pets! There will be a large variety of them, and i may even commission some people for one, if you have a design you'd like to sell/give away for the AR I'm very interested! My first pet was the Abandoned Traveler, but that is one of many. I'm also generally a pretty un-creative person! So if you have any CYO ideas for the AR CYO's please tell me about them I would love to know! c: Next! I am going to be trading my customs for other customs and cyo's, or regular pets but ONLY if they add up to the value of my Custom pet That means you can do say 10 regular pets for one of my customs, or even 100, it doesn't matter, as long as the prices match up! :3 My custom shop is here: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/10650-jades-custom-shop/ Please take a look! ^^ As always I love meadow pets, customs, and fossils! :3 And donations are always welcome! <3
  17. Welp, I'm doin' this here auction of some cute thingys I drewed.. haha, but really. I think you guys will appreciate that I made an ape and a fox that can most likely be used with the bear base to make cyos.. they may need supreme brushes (not quite sure) but you may change them any way you like after purchasing them. These are being auctioned separately. (I apologize in advance for the shadows on the pictures. The lighting in my house isnt all that great.) Loverboy: Isn't he cute?? Starting bid: 400zc (If you want, the winner can ask me to do an egg, or they can do one themselves. ^-^) Current Highest Bid: 600zc-SpiritWolfe Apologetic Ape Awww! What a great idea you might say? Yes, I know. <3 Starting bid: 500zc Current Highest Bid: 1100zc- SpiritWolfe Minimum bid increments are in amounts of 100zc. Both auctions will end today at 5:00 PM Pet Adoptables time. Let me know by liking this post if you would love to see more auctions like this one. ;3 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
  18. CYO Contest (closed)

    Hey Everyone ^^ So lately I'v been very board and went fishing in the Wishing Well,and well I'v been very lucky and I got 4 Cyo brushes 2 Cyo Regular Brush and one with alts & 2 Cyo Alt brushes and....well...I don't have any Ideas so Instead you guy's can do it for me ^^ Entering The Contest Will Be As Follows: 1.To enter you must make a full staged Cyo/alt Pet, it can either be a sketch or a fully shaded/colored cyo. 2.if you decide to make a cyo with alts,you must post the stages and the alts 3.the Cyo must be a full staged cyo 4.you can enter and post as many cyo's as you want things I like(will give you more chance to win(^-^): Hybrid's,Blue,Black,Punk Stuff,Reptiles,Anime Style, daemon wings,angel wings,cats,bears,chimera's, Aura's,fire,ice,orbs,japanese stuff,kimonos,traditional japanese wear,cute hair styles ^^ There Will be 4 Big Prized winners: The 4 who win will be picked by best Cyo Made ^^ So get those artsy skills out and lets see what you guys can do! that will win a full set/if no alts then just the Cyo that they made+200zc each and 1 meadow pet. Meadow Pets: All those who didn't win the top 4 will win 2 random pets from the section below: Competition Ends On The 25/1/14 Good Luck Everyone 'and may the odds be ever in your favor'
  19. Hey there everyone I am finally back from a super long Hiatus and looking to sell some of my CYO's so that do some pet breedings on the site and other general awesome stuff since I am trying to practically start over. Anyways since I have been gone for so long I am a bit shakey with pricing so just offer whatever you feel is appropriate for what you want. But please no really silly offers. Anyways! Here are my CYO's: Necromage 14 remaining Fenrae 28 remaining ( 1 on hold for @Lilytora ) Crystal Draconis 27 remaining Wolpertiger 45 remaining Demonia Seraphim 49 remaining Insert Random Comment Here: I seem to have a thing for white and pale rainbow X'3 CYO's to come
  20. Hello everyone. <3 Slinking back into PA for a little while, before Uni starts. I'm currently visiting my parents/looking after my mother, so I'm back with that cruddy desert internet, so if it takes me a while to respond, please try to understand. Beyond that. *hugs the living daylights out of everyone* I've missed you all so much. Now. Onto business. I've recently discovered you can breed pets. Mind = blown. In my leave, though, I gave most of what I had away, and what ZC I didn't was eaten away by security and help (yeah, I didn't think about stopping them, doh.).... so I need funds for starting up my own little breeding. Poke was kind enough to donate some breedable pets to me. <3 Which I will get her back for >A> Someday. *shakes fist at* <3 <3 Otherwise, funds will be coming from my CYOs, or my Custom Little Jester. It's pretty much just going to be a pay whatever you feel like for these. I really don't care too much, so long as it's within reason (like I'm not going to give you one of my FullCustom with Alts for 20zc). ^^ Clockwork Kirins Only have 6 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. So limited supply of what I can give out. <3 B-Virus Only 15 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. Once more, limited supply. <3 Arcanus Draco Decorem Only 7 of these guys left till I need to get a potion. <3 Triceratops 25 of these guys left. Little note for self. Little Jester 23 of these guys left till I need a potion. I also have Whimsical Nature and Love Bug. I'll post their images up later. <3 These are the breedable pets I have thanks to Poke and Matty. <3 <3 <3 <3 Love you guys.
  21. Hi guys! So...I've been rather busy with my game project leaving me no time for CYOs...but my brushes keep adding up and now thanx to the breeding system, I'm in need of ZC! What better way to make ZC than to sell CYOs...and that's where you all come in! XD Rules: 1. Approved Artists only!!! 2. Do not submit CYO designs that you yourself did not make, and no collabs! 3. All CYO designs must meet the PA standard, meaning they must be pre-approved! 4. You may submit as many designs as you please, there is no limit! 5. Line edits are preferred, but are not necessary! 6. I would prefer full staged CYOs, but will accept one stages as well! 7. Follow forum etiquette, meaning be nice and don't cause trouble! 8. ...and just have fun! XD Bases: Cat Winged Cat Kitsune Wolf Griffin Dragon Themes: Asian/Japanese Fantasy Cute Colorful Horror Space (galaxy) Sci-fi Summer Ice-cream Elemental End Date: 1 month after I receive 5 entrants! ...more time will be allotted if needed! XD ...with that said, I wish you all good luck and look forward to seeing what you all come up with! =^ v ^=
  22. CYO Ideas?

    Hi guys! I need inspiration to make something for an example to become an approved artist! These will probably become real CYOs, at some point. I'm not very skilled with lineart edits...(mouse pads...terrific...But I do hope to get a drawing pad for my birthday =)) but I'm willing to try coloring ideas. So...throw 'em at me, if you have them! It'd be most appreciated. I'd love to make another CYO. ^-^ Thanks guys, Jelly ;3
  23. Welcome to my adoptable art pets! [] So far I've been creating pets in this app I have called,"Drawcast." I've started think that opening a adoptable page where pick any CYO or Custom you'd like me to design. []So far I have the layout.[] []$Prices$: 100zc for full and design/color picked out[] [] 200zc for full design/color picked out and a stylish background( your pick)[] 300zc for all. OFFICIALLY DRAWN ART!
  24. Hello everyone! Welcome to my pet shop! All of this stuff is for sale, and I will remove the ones I sell once they're sold. I try to keep up with prices, (because of re-releases for promos, the prices go down) but if you think anything is too high just let me know. I try to price everything here about 20 ZC below the lowest Bazzar price, so I think it's pretty good. Unless the Bazzar price in outrageous. If you would like me to lower the price on something, I'm willing most of the time. If something is overpriced, I will most likely mark it down soon after I find out. I try to keep track of things. I also have a Custom and CYO shop: http://www.petadopta...-t-rexon-added/ Selling Normal Fish Ethereal Woodland Jackolope: 30 ZC, 100 Silver, or 60 Gold Limited Edition Berylline Hummingbird: 5 ZC, 20 Silver, or 10 Gold Yorkshire Terrier: 45 ZC, 100 Silver or 80 Gold Special Edition Desert Hedgehog: 80 ZC, 200 Silver or 130 Gold Explore Exclusive American Pika: 30 ZC, 90 Silver or 50 Gold Other Summer Essence Dragon: 250 ZC New! None Alt Swap: (I prefer swapping same level pets, but it doesn't have to be the same level. ) Malayan Tiger foror (White preferred) For (Any stage, will pay an extra 300 ZC for white.) For any other alt I'm also looking to trade some Capybara's for Desert Hedgehogs. If you would like to alt swap any pets in the selling part, I will most likely swap. Buying All except:Inca Doves, Ringtails, Roufus Mouse Lemurs, Shetland Ponies, Persian Cats, Beagles, Artic Foxes, African Penguins, Atlantic Puffins, Guinea Pigs, Clown fish, Fantail Singrays and I'm sure there's something else... I'll update this constantly. I will pay up to 150 ZC for all things listed, except Rats, Doves, Shetlands, and Mouse Lemurs. (And for the Penguins, I'll pay up to 300, Rats 20, Tammar Wallaby's 100, Badgers 100, Scottish Folds 100, and some others less than 150.) If you have any of these your willing to sell, I'll be happy to take them off your hands!