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Found 3 results

  1. Stages of Grief [Baby]

    From the album CYO's

    I got the idea from @CaitlynMellark and she is helping me with the stages This is the stages of Grief there is going to be denial which is this one. Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance how does it look and sound?
  2. The Infected (sign ups)

    It all started with in Empalinse virus. A simple but fast spreading disease that affect most people on the island of Vanite. The virus seemed like a bad flu, and all signs pointed to a contaminated water source somewhere on the island. The citizens were told not to worry, it would only last three days and the flu would disappear. Clean water was then distributed to everyone on the island, as more people began to fall ill. However the people of authority were correct about one thing the 'flu' symptoms disappeared within three days, and soon everyone seemed to be healthy again. A week after the infected people were declared healthy, the began to show sudle changes, hair loss, nail growth, weight loss, extra. Most people didn't notice the changes until the second week. The physical changes doubled in speed nails became thick and claw-like, teeth became more jagged and grew at an alarming rate, and there skin began to turn to a black putrid state. The leaders of the small island city became alarmed at the rate of change and the changes that were taking place. They collected those they could find with the disease and began to study them. But by then it was too late. Week 3 the infected lost their minds, resorting to an cannibalistic and aggressive state. They would attack anything that moved and their strength was something out of a comic book. The officials stationed at the island reached out for help from neighboring countries who responded by sending in top doctors and doing an imitated evacuation of those proven to be virus free. The evacuation last 24 hours, everyone deemed unhealthy and those who did not make the 24 hour deadline were sealed on the island along with the doctors. Week 4 an infected ripped a doctors throat out. The other researchers and doctors reported that within 5 minutes the physical changes were complete within 10 minutes he attacked a nearby nurse. The researchers and remaining doctors where extracted along with all the research they had gathered. The survivors were given these instructions. 1. We will be back everyday at noon to evacuate survivors. 2. The infected are sealed away in the Hospital and have no way out. 3. Don't drink the water It has been 6 years since they researchers left. It has been six years since anyone left the island. Those who have survived discovered that the Infected had escaped the hospital, probably before the researchers ever left. The infected are never out during the day, although the reason why is unclear. To kill an infected you removed the head or burn the body. To become an infected someone would have to be bitten or come into contact with the blood or saliva of an infect. If killed with the disease in the bloodstream, the change occurs within 10 minutes. If infected but surviving the change takes three weeks. The water from tap is infected, the water surrounding the island is safe but is salt water so it needs to be purified to drink. The infected are smart and deploy hunting techniques like setting traps, and hunting in packs. The are attracted to sound, and although immensely strong are slower than the average person. An infected will not enter a building unless a door is open or the see a person inside. an infected can not open a door but can break it down if not reinforced. An infected person will not break down a wall even if they can, most likely because they lack the brainpower. THE ISLAND: The island is pretty much completely covered with a large city, called Vanite just like the island. There was a zoo near the northern point of the island and a small park to the east, nature has pretty much claimed the land and the animals of the zoo and park now run rampant through the land. The hospital is near the zoo and can be used to collect medical supplies along with a few various pharmacies. Most of the stores have been ransacked but some supplies are steal there and there is a large community garden full of vegetables in the center of the city. Many houses of survivors who have died or succumb to the infected also have supplies. It is impossible to swim across the ocean to another island and all of the boats were destroyed or removed after the first evacuation. Also the infected live in the waters outside the oceans making any escape efforts by boat, impossible. RULES: 1. No perfect characters 2. Must be accepted to post in rp 3. Your character is not immortal and if in a situation where you could die, you CAN DIE you're not going to randomly fly into the sky while blowing everyone up and live. But you might not just die either, i want to keep it fairly realistic. 4. If you get infected you can immediately cut off what was ever bit to be not infected. 5. Do not kill other people without their permission. 6. If you are out at night there is a chance you will run into a creature, if you come across a hunting group or are stuck in a trap at night you are in a situation where you might die.Use clever thinking or a weapon to get out of it, no big deal! 7. If you break a rule you will be attacked by hybrid unstable infected and die, deal with it. 8. Be nice. Your character doesn't have to be but you do 9. If you die you can immediately make a new character and join back in CURRENT CHARACTERS~~~ ~~~~Normal~~~~~ Delilah Lockwood: Age 20? The Recluse that Never Grew Up Mia: Age 14 The one That Never Washes her Hair Asura-Jabez Lolita du Melitith: Age 12 The Girl that Looks Dead Collete McTavish: Age 16 The Knife Wielding Prankster Gideon Sinclair {Kit}: Age 20 The Giant Russian Heartthrob Malachi Lynch: Age 17 The Bull on a Boat Asirani Baer: Age 37 The Gentle Momma bear who's Cool with Blood Shiva Baer: Age 6 The Baby Unicorn/Mermaid Rex Walker: Age 20 The Bad Boy in the Pent House Peyton Conners: Age 18 The Spunky Pirate Girl Taylor Dawson: Age 19 The Smiley Emo Who Needs a Hug Luke Kirkland: Age 16 The Shy Pool of Happiness Cory Kirkland: Age 8 The Boy who Never Knew his Father ~~~~Infected~~~~ ~~~~Dead~~~~~ ~~~~Unknown~~~~ FORMS: Picture(If Any): Name: Age: Gender: Mental Gender ( If you know what i mean, i want everyone to play anyone the would want): Personality: Base(do you have one?/describe): Group(Is anyone with you?): How did you survive so far?: Relationship status: Crush?: Sexual Oreintation: Appereance: Extra: Mine Picture(If Any): Name: Delilah Lockwood (Lilah for short) Age: 19 or 20 she forgets which Gender: F Mental Gender ( If you know what i mean, i want everyone to play anyone the would want): F Personality: She is the scared of her own shadow type, although she used to be braver. She is kind and bubbly and grows attached to those she considers friends. Base(do you have one?/describe): Her base is a few blocks away from the old zoo. Its made up of an the "Lucky Dog" pet store an the apartment above it that used to be her own. The pet store is completely boarded up including the door. All windows above the appartment are closed with wooden shutters that latch and can be opened from the inside. There is a balcony that has also been sealed off and the roof has a small garden on it and a door/ staircase leading up to it. The basement of the pet store is full of generators and other supplies her dad swiped before he vanished. Group(Is anyone with you?): She has three dogs with her King r\ Shasta, and Romney How did you survive so far?: The Main reason she had survived this far was due to her father. When the first evacuation took place he robbed many places for the supplies they needed to survive. He collect 8 generators (which was probably more than they needed) hundreds of cans of food and weapons and ammo to defend his house from raiders, along with comfurt items like soap, toilet paper, batteries, extra. He then bored up the place and created a secret entrance to and from the roof. Everyday he went out and collect more supplies he thought they would need and often brought back movies and stuffed animals for May to make her feel better. He kept the house completely stocked with food and often hunted deer that now ran amok in the city. One day he never returned from his trip. May started to make the days he has been gone on the wall and her food supplies are running low. Relationship status: completely alone Crush?: open Sexual Orientation: Straight Appearance: She is fairly thin and because she rarely goes outside now is extremely pale. Even though she is close to twenty (or already 20) she looks fairly young. This effect is amplified due to her smaller than average statue, her childish clothing, and the fact that she is usually clenching a stuffed rabbit. Extra: Due to her isolation she has not only formed complex relationships with her dogs, but with stray cats that hang near the roof, other animals that are still living in the store, and her stuffed animals whom she talks to and pretends that they all respond to her. The pink rabbit is her best friend. If you have any suggestions or if i forgot anything on the rules or forms that might be beneficial let me know!!!
  3. maximum ride sign up

    You are a new generation breed of maximum ride, all the others died. You must keep eachother alive, (angels) or kill the angels (hunters) or capture them (labcoats). You now have companions. Name: Age: Gender: Godly parent: Looks: Abilities: Personality: Crush: Companion/pet: Other: