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Found 12 results

  1. Kai's markings no glow

    From the album My OC's

  2. Valentine Pony

    From the album Artwork

    A quick little Valentines Day pony drawing I did for some reason. She has no name or anything. Like I said, random as heck. lol Ignore that random pink dot on the left. I did say this was a quick drawing, so yeah. lol
  3. Nick Clark (Bloody Vs Normal) by me.

    From the album Artwork

    Okay, I've literally redrawn the same drawing in like four different ways at this point because I'm experimenting. Well, his expression is definitely different in this one at least. I'm sorry, I just really like drawing him. So, I'm honestly not sure how I even feel about this. Though, I think it's a step up from my previous ones, I'm still not really happy with it. Also, I notice that I didn't bloody up the tank top straps and probably should have. :') RIP.
  4. Another Cat Drawing by Me

    From the album Artwork

    Just a random drawing I did today. I'm not exactly sure why I went with this specific design. It's loosely inspired by my Day Of The Dead Skelanimal plush.
  5. Random Art by Me

    From the album Artwork

    I don't know why I drew this or what it even is.

    © Kaylercool

  6. Nick Clark Painting V. by Me

    From the album Artwork

    So, I've never painted portraits before. Though, this is semi-realistic, it's still meant to be cartoonish, which is why I left the lines. Normally, I don't like keeping the line art. But, I am just trying to get out of my comfort zone. Yes, this is a version of the drawing I did before. It's changed up quite a bit though. I've found that I really like drawing this character. Honestly, he's just an amazing character and I love him so much. ;_; <3 He's precious. And also mine. No touching. xD
  7. Unnamed Art by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    This is probably my first digital drawing of an anime girl. Is it an OC? Ah, I don't know? I just got inspired. lol She's not super original or anything. She doesn't have a name. Not yet at least.
  8. Date Night

    From the album My OCs

    Stargazing date night. Raleigh and Siara enjoyed stargazing.
  9. Dipper and Dirk Watercolor Effect

    From the album My OCs

    I found a tutorial for a watercolor effect with sai so I tried it out. I used my OCs Dipper and Dirk since I already had lineart of them from the last piece I did with them.
  10. Jolitaire's Gallery

    Hey guys, I'm an animal artist for 3 years now, and I am showing all my stuff on devaintart (PasqualeV@devaintART.com) ofcourse. And I've got my gallery here, please have a look; http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/gallery/album/268-digital-art/ Critiques and tips welcome! (: Byee x Jolitaire
  11. Your Dog :3

    Hii :3 I'm doing commissions in Digital Arts. I have already Digital Arts, but you can do requests in different colors :3 These are the digital Arts: 1, Labrador Retriever 2, Dalmatian Dog The price is 4 zc per Request. You can ask me for color requests. Here is the list; PA Username: Which dog? 1/2: Which color: Extra?: Price: Yes, My real name is Pasquale Visser. And Yes, You can suggest some other dog breeds, Than you can do request in that breeds. Bye! :3