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Found 26 results

  1. 5A76AC39-2AA6-4493-8F4D-C72742F22BFD.jpeg

    This is Lexi one of the puppers she’s very shy and only likes me and follows me around the house they protect me from my bigger dogs as they think they will hurt me
  2. 2C31DDBD-9304-4C2B-89F1-25D350330542.jpeg

    These are the dogs I’m going to watch for awhile until I get my new dog that is currently breeding, it will be her last litter as she has joint issues I will post a pic of her later but we are just going to have these guys for a while and these are Russian chihuahuas a rare Breed of chihuahua
  3. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  4. Chernobyl [RP]

    Sign up here To give the roleplay some direction and hopefully keep it alive longer, I'm dividing it into three "parts": the aftermath/how the dogs cope/what they plan to do next, actually doing it, and how doing that particular thing ends up for them. Wolves and such things will likely appear in part two. @moo @nlys @Andromeda thanks for your patience! [ rules ] ☢ please try for at least one nice, grammatically-correct paragraph per post ☢ since dogs lack an understanding of science, they don’t know exactly what’s going on or why, so please don’t have your PhD Dog explain nuclear fission to everyone ☢ if you ask nicely, I may let you be a cat or other animal. A few of those would be interesting to throw into the mix! ☢ the usual roleplaying conduct: no godmodding, powerplaying, sexual encounters in the roleplay thread, etc etc ☢ just because there's radiation does not mean your character gets sweet powers. Sorry. They're more likely to get a malignant tumor ☢ because I know people will ask: yes, there will be wolves/half-wolves later in the roleplay [ characters ] Krasa - female - Alaskan Malamute - Mocking Chernysh - male - mutt - Mocking Elizar - male - Norwegian Elkhound - Mocking Czar - male - Laika - nlys Vitaliy - female - Australian Shepherd - Andromeda Zver - male- Caucasian Mountain Dog - Alcarie Kazan - male - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - Creus Aza - female - German Shepherd - Creus Dusha - female - mutt - Alcarie Svetlana - female - Karelian Bear Dog - moo Vladimir - male - Karelian Bear Dog - moo Tayna - female - Border Collie - RabbitTZY PART ONE: ASH AND DUST Krasa plodded along Main Street, paws smearing red on the pavement behind her. The damage had been done when she chased after her humans' vehicle. She was sure her torn-up feet would mend themselves if she gave them a chance, but the Alaskan malamute had been walking ceaselessly for two days now, up and down familiar streets in search of familiar faces. It was quiet except for the rumble of the occasional passing truck. Human figures wearing strange suits emerged from these trucks, their faces hidden; Krasa had a feeling that it was best to leave them be, however much the sound of Russian chatter tempted her to approach. Whenever she heard an engine, she'd remind herself to have some sense and duck into the nearest alley, laying down until it had passed. Something was very wrong in Pripyat. She needed to be cautious. But what exactly is wrong? the malamute swiveled her head in response to a flicker of movement. It was just a poster peeling off the side of a building. She caught sight of the insignia on it as it fluttered down-- a crescent shape with a stranger shape in the middle, and a star. Farm tools? Sometimes the symbol appeared on her humans' glowing picture box and they would scowl and change the channel. She didn't know what it could possibly represent but wrinkled her nose at it anyways and swung her gaze back to the road. Empty. "Hello?" she tried anyways. Maybe someone had tucked themselves into an alley as she often did? --- Chernysh shook his head vigorously from side to side, but the buzzing noise didn't stop. It had started two days ago, when he'd been forced to scramble through the chaos of forty-seven thousand people fleeing Pripyat all at once. For what reason, he hadn't the faintest idea. But once he'd finally found somewhere safe and silent, he'd noticed the buzzing noise. Like hornets in his head. It hadn't stopped since. Ears angled back in displeasure, he trotted along the street. His mouth tasted like blood and the air smelled sour and acrid. Was he going crazy? Or maybe this was what happened to dogs who didn't eat or drink anything for days. In any case, when his damn humans had vanished on the horizon they'd made it very clear that there was nothing left for him in Pripyat. They had run away. It was about time he ran away, too. But first, he needed to know what had happened. Voices of a familiar Russian dialect suddenly echoed up the street. Rapid-fire, irritated. Arguing. Ears pricking forwards, Chernysh instinctively hugged the wall of the store that flanked him, creeping forwards until he could peek his slender muzzle around the corner without looking too different from the building's shadow. A big truck idled off to the side. There were men in their weird suits standing in a circle in the middle of the road, looking down at something. One of them held a shotgun in his hands. Suppressing a small growl, Chernysh stole forwards, slinking beneath an abandoned car parked by the curb. Its undercarriage bushed grease against his fur, but he took no notice. His eyes followed the shifting gaps between men's legs to try and see what they were so taken by. A string of words his former human always used after she broke something came to mind as Chernysh realized that the thing lying on the ground was a dog. He could hear its soft whines. It sounded like it was in great pain. --- Elizar's voice was starting to go hoarse from two days of nonstop barking. It reverberated painfully back into his own ears each time, but there wasn't much else he could do, stuck in his kennel as he was. "Is anyone there? Hello?" he tried dog-speak. Silence. From between the bars of his cage he could see that the front door was firmly shut, though not locked. And he remembered his human forgetting to close the kitchen window before he left. His human. Elizar's curled-up tail shook faintly from side to side. His human always took him out to the woods and fields to hunt. Sometimes they caught something, but Elizar received a pat on the head regardless. When was his human coming back? It had been a couple days already. He was starting to get really hungry and thirsty, and he knew there was food and water in the kitchen. Had he done something to upset his human? Even if he had, he was sure the tall man would return. Elizar resumed barking, though. If somebody didn't come along to free him from his kennel soon, he'd be ready to eat his own foot.
  5. Chernobyl [SU]

    [ April 26, 1986 Chernobyl Soviet Ukraine 1:23 AM ] The first nuclear power station in Ukraine was celebrated as a feat of Russian ingenuity. That is, before everything went wrong. Appropriately named, the Chernobyl Nuclear Station was undergoing some technical experiments that Subbota; the last Saturday for a great deal of people. Staff were testing their facilities when, due to faulty human engineering, reactor No. 4 exploded. The blast and immediate effects of radiation killed thirty men. But it did not-- could not --stop there. Radiation spread. People and wildlife in the surrounding area found themselves afflicted with sudden maladies. Most died within a day. PRIPYAT, a town three kilometers away where CNS engineers were housed, and any surrounding Ukrainian settlements were promptly evacuated. People were jostled and hurried. Trains came to halts and the streets filled with anxious residents. Do not worry about your things, families were assured by important men in important uniforms, you will be able to return for them once this crisis is over. However, that was not the case. Increasing radiation levels made it impossible for anyone to return for anything. The crisis never ended. The people never went back. But this is not a story about the buildings left to rot or the family photos still hanging on faded walls. This is a story about dogs, you see. The humans' beloved canine companions who were not included in the evacuation plans. C H E R N O B Y L [ rules ] ☢ please try for at least one nice, grammatically-correct paragraph per post ☢ since dogs lack an understanding of science, they don’t know exactly what’s going on or why, so please don’t have your PhD Dog explain nuclear fission to everyone ☢ if you ask nicely, I may let you be a cat or other animal. A few of those would be interesting to throw into the mix! ☢ the usual roleplaying conduct: no godmodding, powerplaying, sexual encounters in the roleplay thread, etc etc ☢ just because there's radiation does not mean your character gets sweet powers. Sorry. They're more likely to get a malignant tumor ☢ because I know people will ask: yes, there will be wolves/half-wolves later in the roleplay [ form ] Name: [since this takes place in Soviet-controlled Ukraine, it stands to reason that dogs will be named in Russian, da] Gender: Age: [just puppy/young/adult/elder is fine] Breed: Description: [PLEASE SOURCE IMAGES] Personality: [a couple descriptor words will suffice] Other: [if you write a lengthy history here I will smite you; this roleplay will be more about who they become than who they already are] [ characters ] Krasa - female - Alaskan Malamute - Mocking Chernysh - male - mutt - Mocking Elizar - male - Norwegian Elkhound - Mocking Czar - male - Laika - nlys Vitaliy - female - Australian Shepherd - Andromeda Zver - male- Caucasian Mountain Dog - Alcarie Kazan - male - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - Creus Aza - female - German Shepherd - Creus Dusha - female - mutt - Alcarie Svetlana - female - Karelian Bear Dog - moo Vladimir - male - Karelian Bear Dog - moo Tayna - female - Border Collie - RabbitTZY I spent forever coding this to make it pretty lmao If it doesn't catch on, oh well. Here are my characters.
  6. Luke

    From the album My dog Luke

  7. Pets and Animals For Everybody! :D

    Yep, Just put your form here. :3
  8. Sign up: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/11407-the-labyrinths-secrets-dog-rp-sign-ups/ A step into the Labyrinth.. And you will never get out. When a giant group of campers decide to enter Labyrinth forest, they are separated from their faithful dogs by an accident. Those dogs, lost, and within reach of danger, decided to group together and find their way out. But this task is herder then they think... Rules -No swearing or cussing or Sassing -don't kill another person's dog without permission -Maximum of 3 dogs per person Dog lists Dog lists 1. Myrtle (Female Samoyed) 2. Winter (Female Samoyed) 3. Indies (Male Toy Poodle) 4.Maddie (Female grey hound) 5. Sky (Female Chinese Crested Dog)
  9. Currently Accepting! ..::T h e N i g h t::.. a wolf and dog RP Then... When many dogs flee from a puppy mill, they don't know what to do - they roam the forests before them together, with no order, no loyalties. Dogs fight with each other, food is scarce... until they meet the Night Pack, a pack of willing wolves who allowed the dogs to stay with them, at least until they were fed and taken care of. Some dogs left, though much of them stayed. Now... Since the dogs and wolves joined forces many moons ago, all has been well. While some remained wolves or dogs, others bred, to have dog-wolf hybrid pups. The pack has been thriving... until now. An unfriendly rival pack has moved in next door... N i g h t P a c k ..:: A l p h a ::.. The Alpha is the head of the pack, and is usually a wolf. They are responsible for the entire pack. If the Alpha has pups, it is usually the strongest or first-born that will later on become Beta, and then Alpha. Fang - 6 years - male - Wolf - darkwolf ..::B e t a::.. The Beta is the second in command, and takes over if the Alpha is sick, or has died. Usually a wolf. There are two Betas - a male and a female. Sometimes, they can be mates. Rosabella - 3 years - female - Silver Wolf - jpmouse ..::H e a l e r s::.. The healers are responsible for the well-being and health of the pack. Very important members By pack law, they are unable to have mates or pups. Only three Healers are allowed. Willow - 2yrs 1mt - female - Hybrid - paradoxedd Jay - 2 years - female - Wolf - Buffy ..::G u a r d s::.. The guards play a very important role to play, and are the fierce protectors of the pack. Usually, one of these canines will take the Beta position if it is vacant. Nero - 3.5 years - male - Gray Wolf - jpmouse Viper - 1yr 10mt - female - Collie - darkwolf Skye - 1.5 years - male - Wolf - r o x y Fallen - 1.5 years - male - Hybrid - r o x y Raven - 2 years - female - Wolf - Buffy Hero - 5 years - male - Wolf - SunrisePromises ..::H u n t e r s::.. These canines are responsible for hunting and bringing back food for the pack. These members are crucial to the surival of the pack. Silver - 2 years - female - Pomeranian - jpmouse Roxy - 2 years - female - Braque Francais - r o x y Ripple - 1.5 years - female - Wolf - r o x y Hawk - 2 years - male - Wolf - Buffy Sunrise - 5 years - female - Wolf - SunrisePromises ..::T o - B e ' s::.. These are the canines in training to become either a hunter, guard, or healer. They begin training at 6 moons, and end training at 10 moons. Swoop - 8 months - male - German Shepard - Mentor - paradoxedd ..::Q u e e n s::.. This part of the pack is made of mothers with pups and those expecting. They are also known as Care-Takers, as they all take care of each and every pup, regardless if it is their own or not. Aspen - 3 years - female - Dog - Mother to Snowy and Cloud - darkwolf ..:: P u p s::.. The youngest members of the pack. They range from 0 - 5 moons in age. Snowy - 2 months - female - Hybrid - jpmouse Cloud - 2 months - male - Hybrid - paradoxedd ..: O m e g a s::.. The least favored and lowest part of the pack. They are immature and easy-going, and are here to "keep the peace". Raff - 5 years - male - (three legged) Wolf - darkwolf ..::E l d e r s::.. The oldest members of the pack, ranging in age from 96 moons (8 years) and above. (None) Available to be Played Get permission to play an available charrie, though!! Snowy's mother, father, sister, brother. Aspen's sister. Crush & Mates A chart listing crush and mate status. Only to-be's and above are able to have crushes. To-be's are unable to have mates. Fallen likes Rosabella. Ripple likes Nero. Snowy and Cloud are too young to have a crush/mate (: Aspen is mates with (available to rp) Raff likes Sunrise. Rules Pweez read these!! If one fails to abide by these rules five times, they will be kicked out of the roleplay, and are able to join again with different character(s) the following week. 1. Please try to write in full sentences, with correct puncuation and such. There is a minimum of 5 sentences per post. 2. When speaking out of character, please make that clear by using ( ), [ ], *, or OOC 3. Swearing is forbidden, unless it is a clean swearing consistent with the roleplay. ex; mousebrain, etc. 4. If you and someone else are having a fight, problem etc, please don't include others. Either resolve it quickly, or take it to the PMs 5. If someone is being especially mean to you, please contact me. I will ban them from the roleplay for at least a week, depending on it's severity. 6. Please, no sexual or very gory content. Sexual? I think you know what that means. Gory? That includes guts coming to or from the body, cannibalism, limbs torn off, etc. If you want to know if what your about to post is clean, just PM me I don't bite. Form Name : Age : Breed : (if dog, put breed. If wolf, put wolf. If hybrid, put Dog breed x Wolf) Gender : Rank : Picture: (real, not drawn) History: Kin: Crush: Mate: Pups:
  10. We are currently ACCEPTING A long time ago, a adoption shelter was auctioned off. The dogs that aren't adopted are released into the streets. Some chose to stay in the City because they are familiar with the environment, and they formed a Stray Pack. But others, hating humans and prefer to stay away from them, moved to the forest that bordered the City, and thus they became the Wild Pack. The Wild Pack found enough food to keep them going. They are free, untamed, and safe from the taint of humans and smugglers. They dig dens covered in moss to sleep in, and the trees provide shade and shelter for them. Sheep and deers live in the forest, so they provide a steady supply of prey for the pack. They chase trespassers from their territory in order to survive. Life seemed to be good in the forest, but all is about to change... Ranks .: Alphas :. The supreme leaders of the pack. Brave, courageous, they would sacrifice themselves entirely for the safety of others. Alpha Male: Pushkin; Male, Alsatian, 3 years old Alpha Female: .: Betas :. The second in commands of the Pack. They are loyal and trustworthy advisors of the Alphas. Beta Male: Beta Female: Shasta, Female, Husky, 3 years old .: Deltas :. They are the Beta-in-Training. Only the strongest and fittest of the Juveniles have the honor to take this rank. Delta Male: Delta Female: .: Medics :. Dogs skilled in medicine. They heal others, from wounds to sickness. Lead Medic: Red; Female; Queensland Heeler; Medics: .: Subordinates :. Dogs without a rank. All dogs start at this rank. Subordinates: Ree; Female; Samoyed; 1 year old .: Hunters :. Dogs that hunt for the pack. They are especially skilled in that. Lead Hunter: Hunters: .: Soldiers :. Strong and powerful dogs that fights for the Pack. They protect the pack from safety. Lead Soldier: Soldiers: .: Juveniles :. A formal term for 'pups'. Juveniles are young dogs from a age of 1 day to 5 months. Juveniles: Lizzy, Female, Bull Dog, 3 Months .: Elders :. Old dogs that retired from their ranks. They are treated with great respect. Elders: .: Omegas :. The lowest rank in the Pack. They always get to eat last and they are always bullied. Omegas: Feather; Female; Queensland Heeler; 1 year old
  11. rp based on ginga nagareboshi gin and ginga densetsu weed. Generation after ginga densetsu weed:Orion. The rp will focus around Orion and his siblings, Ohu and his three pups. Kane, the youngest in his litter wandered off at the age of two months and fell into a river and was washed away. He is now a part of the pack that wants to take down Orion and the Ohu soilders. The leader's breed is unknown but he is brutal and even is called Bloodcur Demon by other packs. Razor is more evil and cold hearted than Genba, Hougen, Akakabuto and Shogun. Orion's pups are now nine months. Skeletons Username: Name: Breed: Pack: (Ohu, Razor's pack, Stray dog or Pet) Rank: Mate: (please message me your skeleton and i'll post it here) Username: Everdream Name: Razor Breed: Unknown Pack: Razor's pack Rank: Leader Mate: None Username: Everdream Name: Kane Breed: Akita/Kishu mix (all orion's pups are) Pack: Before-Ohu Now-Razor's pack Rank: Platoon leader Mate: None
  12. This story unfolds When a wolf pup and dogs; pup also coyote pup once lived together in the wild as a family. They thought they would be together forever but they were wrong. They use to lay under the stars together and tell one other about their dream,but When they got older so did their dreams. The dogs'pup wanted a human family of his own, and the wolfs' pup and coyote pup thought that was dumb. The wolf pup wanted to be wild and live with a pack,but the coyote pup thought that was a dumb dream also and he wanted to be wild and free. They started to fight and forgot about theri friendship, and they went their separate ways. Centuries past and the dog,wolf and coyote live theri dreams sadly without one anther. Will they forget theri difftens or will they stay away from one anther forever and fight. You will get to choses your own path. Are you a Dog,Wolf or Coyote? Would you take part in this fight or would you try to end it for good? Rules: No god-modding. No swearing No crushing/mating with your own charries. plz dn't talk like this. it's annoying and i don't like it and it's hard for me to read. thnx. black and white when mating or birthing please have fun you can kill the other peoples' character only if they say you can make form for pups. you can have up to how many charries you want but you must rp them all those put i follow the white wolf (if your good) i follow the black wolf (if your bad) in others so I know you readed the rules dont rp till i Accepte you please no rping on here this is for sign ups only you can have wings ect any colors on your wolf , dog or coyote you can be a wolf mix with a dog put what you follow (dogs wolves or coyotes) in others so i know you read the rules Ranks for Wolves Alphas Thor (played by darkwolf) (leader of the pack) Betas: night (played by darkwolf) (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: hunter:Twilight (played by Erathefox Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Ranks for dog Alphas (leader dog) Chi Meng (played by KeepAwaySeries) (leader of the pack) Betas: (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: Dobro(played by KeepAwaySeries) hunter:Ace (played by darkwolf) Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Ranks for coyotes Alphas (leader of the pack) Betas: (second in comand) Subordinates: Caretaker, hunter, etc: hunter:Fang (played by darkwolf) Omega: (lower rank) longers: (no pack) Form: Name: Age: dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Gender: Personality: would you fight or forgive: Do you like wolves coyote or dog: Rank: Crush: Mate: Young: History: Description: Picture: Other: Wovles Home (woods) Dogs home (woods human homes or streets) Coyotes home (woods where ever they like) My charries: Name:Thor Age:old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Full blooded wolf Gender:Female Personality:rp out would you fight or forgive: I not sure yet Do you like wolves coyote or dog: no dont like dogs (with humans) Rank:Aphal Female Crush:open Mate:sure Young:none but wants History:not telling yet Description: Picture: Other: I follow the wolves of my pack Name:Fang Age:old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you:Coyote Gender:male Personality:mean would you fight or forgive:never I will fight Do you like wolves coyote or dog: i dont like dogs or wolves Rank:Hunter Crush:open Mate:open Young:wants History:kick out his old pack now he a hunter in his new pack Description:n/a Picture: Other:I follow the coyotes Name:Night Age:3years dog wolf or coyote (which one are you:Dog mix with a wolf Gender:female Personality:rp out would you fight or forgive: i forgive Do you like wolves coyote or dog:yes Rank:Beta female Crush:Twilight Mate:open Young:wants History:Her father was a dog and her mom was a wolf. They found one anther when her dad was walking in the woods and her mom was stuck in a humans trap. Her dad help her mom and it was love at first sight :3. She was their only pup. Description:she looks like a wolf more then a dog Picture: Other:i follow the wolves but i like to forgive Name:Ace Age:4 years old dog wolf or coyote (which one are you: Dog Gender:male Personality:He very mean when it comes to his food,family and friends. He likes to show off to Chi Meng hopeing she would give him a chance. he is also a strong dog. would you fight or forgive:fight!!!! Do you like wolves coyote or dog:No but only his friends and family and Chi Meng (they are all dogs) Rank:Hunter Crush:Chi Meng Mate:really likes Chi Meng to be his mate one day Young:might not sure History:I never look back Description:a very agressive and all muscular doberman Picture: Other:Only follow Chi Meng
  13. New Canine Equine Lover

    Hey everyone!! I'm a little late here with intro but better late than never, right? Well my user on site and in forums here is Juraco! I'm a 15 year old girl in America who thinks of herself as a misfit. I like being different from everybody else. I have my very own blog too! pitstoptsinthepath.blog.com there's an app for it available for Android phones. Cool right? I'm secretly a ninja ain't no way! I am secretly a spazz so if you're ever bored, come talk to me. I'll be sure to entertain you for a while. I just wanted to use the emote cuz it looked funny I am a member of DeviantArt.com you can see my art work at juraco.deviantart.com! I write, draw, paint, do photography, and play bass guitar. My guitar is named onyx and is a red and black Fender Squier. I recently acquired an iPhone 4 too so I'm one happy camper. I really love to read. I am currently reading some research documents on Graphology which is the study of handwriting. I can learn a lot about you from just your handwriting in pencil on unlined paper. Neat isn't it? I'm obsessed with the BBC show called Sherlock. It's really amazing. I watch it on the weekends and I really should be watching now except I'm busy here haha. I want to collect lost of dragon, horse, and dog creatures here on PA and I look forward to talking with you!
  14. Asto and his Sister

    From the album My Pets!

    Asto and his sister were playing around back at their old home and I managed to get this shot. (I own Asto and my boyfriend owns his sister, Folly.)
  15. Magestic Legends

    Welcome to the pack,you {as a dog}has had a very curious mind.That rabbit you just chased after was actually me as i cannot be seen as a dog to the human eyes,but you can that is why we need you to join our pack Legend: Life to humans now means nothing Magic forces in these dogs must save them all the chosen dogs must know seek out Red the evil in us all{Zoren} Blue the sorrow holding the humans{Bane} Yellow the brightness that keeps us alive Violet the beauty of the world {Sakura} Orange the love that keeps us together Teal the energy force withholding it all Fern the life force in humans {If you would like to be in the legend put which sentence and i will give you a riddle to solve ,if solved you will be placed in the spot} ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranks: Alpha Male:Zoren Alpha Female:Sakura Alpha Pups: Beta Male:Lei Beta Female: Beta Pups: Delta Male:Bane Delta Female: Delta Pups: Gamma Male: Gamma Female: Gamma Pups: Omega Male: Omega Female: Omega Pups: Medicine Wolf : Lead Fighter/Warrior:Sirrah Warriors:Naasir Fighters: Lead Hunter:Neha Hunters: Guards: Elders: Stray Pups or Wolves: Apprentices:Nyree ~Mates~ None Availble ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: Markings and scars are allowed No killing unless for kill pile Fades to black when mating. Say gives birth to instead of detailations. 2-8 kits when being born No cussing No breeding with yourself Allowed as many wolfs as you can handle If you can`t figure out the riddle you can pay 1 zp and ill put a new one up for you ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Form(s): Name: Age: Breed: Gender: Rank: Pups: Crush: Mate: Apprentice or mentor: History: Looks: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ My forms: Name:Sakura Age:1 year 6 months Breed:Collie/Husky Gender:female Rank:Alpha female Pups:none Crush:open Mate:looking Apprentice or mentor:able to mentor History:she was always a lone wolf until she met Lei and they made a pack Looks: {Right pup is Lei and Left pup is Sakura} Name:Lei Age:1 year 6 months Breed:collie Gender:male Rank:Beta male Pups:nope Crush:open Mate:looking Apprentice or mentor:able to mentor History:found by Sakura Looks:up top
  16. The Run Aways

    Plot:You just went for a stroll and you found this rabbit and chased it.Before you knew it you were lost in this unfamiliar neighborhood.You settle down in a abandoned house.You meet some dogs that ran away,were strays from birth,and some that chased something like you.Your family tries to find you but doesnt succeed.Some dogs want to go back to humans,while other like it this way.You chose stay in cold and hunger but free,or stay warm and full but with untrusting humans? Form: Name: Age: Gender: Breed: Crush: Mate: Pups: History: Personality: Looks: Other: Rules: 1. Respect everyone. Rudeness will not be tolerated. 2. No GodModding and/or PowerPlaying WHATSOEVER 3. Please don't hog the high ranks. 4. No romance between your own two wolves. 5. Listen to me. 6. When speaking OoC(Out of Character) please make it clear by putting the text in parenthesis or brackets. 7. No forced mating unless agreed to by both sides. 8. All Pa rules apply. 9. Have fun! If you're not having fun, kindly tell me so and I will hand your wolf/wolves out. 10. No wolves or wolf mixes but if it says it is a wolf like breed i will accept. 11. Wait for me to accept you. 12. Stay in the setting unless it is near the setting. 13. Do not kill a member unless you have permisson to. 14. Don't join and then quit. 15. Put lost! at the top if you read this. Pack rules: No showing humans our hideout Humans are not to be trusted No wondering off without someone else Mating/birthing is to be private not public You must follow all the rules If you break one of the rules you must leave Dont bite humans ever they get mad If you dont feel good tell us immediently Fighting pack members is wrong Watch for enemies and the big moving things The house looks like this:
  17. *door bells ring* Welcome to my little shop! This week we are selling: Einhorn der Magie Customs! We are selling them for ZP. Anybody interested?
  18. Selling my custom

    I am selling my new Dark Dog Customs. Pricing: Eggs: 1 for 4zp or 2 for 6zp Grown: 5zp each or 8zp for 2 (if 2 are available) Pricing(ZC) Eggs: 1 for 1000 or 2 for 1500 Grown: 1 for 1500 I have 15 to sell I will also do custom trades.
  19. The sled dog team, on one fateful trip, get lost in the wilderness of Alaska. Their human driver left them, planning to search for help and then return for the supplies and the dogs, but they never came back. It's now up to the sled dogs themselves to survive. Name: Gender: Age: Rank: Crush: Mate: Pups: Personality: Description/Picture: Other: Alpha Male: Sorren Alpha Female: Delta Male: Rayne Delta Female: Beta Male: Beta Female: Lanie Healer: Snowfall Lead Fighter: Juniper Fighters: Mitsu, Keva, Jay, Soul, Snow, Buck, Jet, Nora Hunters: Jagger, Bear, Bala, Zook, Acho, Todd, Sage, Bella, Willow, Ivy, Rose Mothers: Skye Pups: Cammi [Foster Mum is Bella] Rules ----------- All PA Rules Apply Keep it PG-15 No forced mating unless both people agree with it. No god-modding or power playing. Dogs have to be big enough to pull a sled. Note: This is iAkita's role play, not mine.
  20. Your Dog :3

    Hii :3 I'm doing commissions in Digital Arts. I have already Digital Arts, but you can do requests in different colors :3 These are the digital Arts: 1, Labrador Retriever 2, Dalmatian Dog The price is 4 zc per Request. You can ask me for color requests. Here is the list; PA Username: Which dog? 1/2: Which color: Extra?: Price: Yes, My real name is Pasquale Visser. And Yes, You can suggest some other dog breeds, Than you can do request in that breeds. Bye! :3
  21. Dog Hotel

    "Hello, and welcome to the Dog Hotel. This is where we take care of dogs who live in the shelter, or where the dog has an owner that goes away quite often. I owned a dog and couldn't care for it, but I found this old hotel and a few friends, and we put together this. I hope your dog enjoys her/his stay!" welcomes Jade. Rules: PA rules are applied No fights period No adult content No describing births or matings No force mates No mating with your own Character No wolf mixes or wolves Put Ruff in your form if you've read this Form for Dogs: Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Breed: Looks: Personality: Crush: Mate: Pups: Other: Form for People: Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Looks: Personality: Crush: BF/GF: Husband/Wife: Children: Other: Rooms: Bathroom You know what that is!!! (Room for 4 dogs) Exercise Treadmills with bones hanging from the front to encourage them. (Room for 4 Dogs) Car Ride Car doors with a view screen in front, showing changing scenery. (Room for 6 dogs) Fetch A mechanical arm that throws a tennis ball. (Room for 5 dogs) Herding Herding dogs can herd robotic sheep. (Room for any amount) Washing Like a car wash, but for dogs. (Room for 1 dog) Sleeping Where the dogs sleep at night. (Room for all) Dining The dogs eat two to three meals a day. (Room for all) Dog Residents: Key: Bold=Mom or Dad Italic=Mate/Wife/Husband M=Male F= Female Females: Fallen (Fall), Tina (Tie) Males: Jason (JJ), Diesal Pups: Elders: Dog Hotel Workers: Jade (Jadey, Angel), Sunny White (White),
  22. Mai Pet Suggestions

    Here are my ideas for new pets and some pictures to go with them for alt ideas: Dogs Poodle Pit Bull Llasa Apso Basset Hounds Whippet Beagle Cats Sphynx Norwegian Forest Horses Appaloosa Wild Animals Deer, White Tailed Stage 1: Male And Female Stage 2: Female Stage 2: Male Stage 3: Female Stage 3: Male ****More will be added as I think of them**** Any Ideas? Agree, Dis-Agree, comments etc... LOVED!
  23. Ok so this is my first roleplay tell me if there is something I should add Rules No cursing or swearing Keep to site rules Your not invincible Don't join and never return that is not fun. Players and characters(alphabetical order) Alexica-Alura,Ajax, LovelessSoul-Chance, Arrow, Bella, Fennec-Mason, Lacey, Misty, Flint, Lillybelle-Echo, Ella, banana3074-Kyla, sam Moon over Sun-King, Prince Regular Strays Mason Lacey Chance Arrow Alura Bella Ajax Ella Echo Kyla Sam King Prince Pack Strays(includes ranks) Leader- Followers- Forum Name: Gender: Age: Kin: Crush: Looks: Other: Yes I am keeping the forum short, I think Kin is pretty clear correct? My characters Name:Mason Gender:Male Age:2 year adult Kin:Lacey Crush:N/A Looks: Other:Blind Name:Lacey Gender:Female Age:2 year adult Kin:Mason Crush:N/A Looks: Other:Blind in one eye Yes okay feel free and there are lots of hurricanes and floods if you are a stray dog in the pack you take the empty homes other dogs are in away from them and use it as your own. Name:Flint Gender:Male Age:6 months Kin:Misty Crush:N/A Looks: Other:N/A Name:Misty Gender:Female Age:6 months Kin:Flint Crush:N/A Looks: Other:N/A
  24. Stray Dogs -- Original

    Original? I am UTP (understand-the-pain) i own the original Stray dogs. i had made a website for it: straeedoggs.webs.com though havent been on in a while.. i had started the first (i beleive) on foopets then when foopets took the roleplay forum off (grr..) my friends asked me how would i get us to beable to roleplay again.. so Mrmcaffee (my friend) gave me an idea to make a website.. so i did. Forums Name: Gender: Age: Breed: Accessories: Markings: Kin (family): History:(optional): include here if your free or owned Romance Rules 1.Do not go into detail when mating or birthing. 2. do not get angry because of simple things including: mates, puppies and dens, (its just an rp) Fighting Facts 1. do not kill unless you are given the right too. (wolves) 2. please dont be a canibal.. its just nasty.. (new rule! ) 3. i use to have more rules.. :/ you guys are luky. The setting Time of day: Morning Month: November Mating Season: yes.. usually around August to December. Time of the year: Time to find a pack and prepare for winter Mine Name: Rotter Gender:Male Age:Adult Breed:Husky Accessories:A chain collar Markings: black and white husky markings Kin (family):Sage (sister) History:(optional):is not owned and grew up around sage while his past haunts him. Name: Sage Gender:Female Age:Adult Breed:Husky mix geman shepherd Accessories:A pink collar with her name on it Markings:Greyish brown with black german shepherd markings and blue eyes Kin (family): Rotter (brother) History:(optional): Was owned but went to live in the street she grew up with rotter and is still blamed about rotter's past. Name: Peace Gender:Female Age: teen Breed:wolf mix husky Accessories:a peace sign necklace Markings:white with a black spot on her left ear and a black patch on her right eye Kin (family):None History:(optional):was one of the lost ones amung her pack as she grew up with her father in his pack.
  25. The Pack of Outsiders

    A long time ago, dogs and wolves would come together in the Saivire forest to form the Pack of Demine. After generations of caring for each other, and hunting together in peace and harmony, humans had come and destroyed it all, leaving only a chunk of forest left. It forced all the dogs and wolves away. But now, they are all coming back into the chunk of forest the humans had left, to form The Pack of Outsiders. Rules: 1: Don't be rude to each other! Remember, we are a pack of peace. 2: Don't fight about mates! This is just a RP. 3. No Godmodding. No dog, nor wolf, is perfect. 4. You may only have up to 3 characters. Forums: Name: Age: Gender: Type of wolf/dog: Color of fur: Eye Color: Design: Mate: Crush: Pups: History: Personality: Other: My Characters: Name: Astrum Age: 2 years Gender: Female Type of wolf/dog: Shetland Sheepdog Color of fur: Black pelt, brown snout, brown paws, brown tip of tail, and white chest, and white belly. Eye Color: Light gree Design: There's a black star on her chest, and on her left leg. Mate: None. Crush: None. Pups: None. History: Don't wanna talk about it. Personality: Shy and caring. But will fight if needed to. Other: I'm Ria's sister Name: Ria Age: 2 years Gender: Female Type of wolf/dog: Shetland Sheepdog. Color of fur: Black and white. Eye Color: Dark blue Design: There's brown spots on her back and her paws. Mate: None. Crush:None. Pups:None. History: Don't wanna talk about it. Personality: Very protective of Astrum, but very playful when you get to know me. Other: I'm Astrum's sister. Name: Demine Age: 4 years Gender: Male Type of wolf/dog:Black wolf Color of fur:Black and gray Eye Color: Dark Orange Design: There are Orange marks on my front legs, my tail, and on my ears. Mate: None. Crush: None. Pups: None. History: Nothing much... Personality: Loves to run freely, loves to adventure, and he doesn't follow rules that good.. Other: None.