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Found 5 results

  1. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

    --Jade's Weekly AR Drop-- Hello and welcome to my AR drop thread! I have been doing AR drops for quite some time now as well as AR cyo's and have gathered quite the collection of AR content! I mostly post CYO's I create for the AR here. Each cyo is either made by me or commissioned and its only purpose is for the AR I don't sell them so please don't bother asking! All pets can be found in the AR or obtained by donating. Click us please!!!! For every 100 clicks one of these pets below gets, I will drop a special Click generated AR CYO. These cyo's are only dropped after 100 clicks are added onto the pet the cyo was created for... so if you want to see more pets, go ahead and give them a click! Below are the current Click generated AR Cyo's available. Donate 50 or MORE pets to the Weeky drop and you get one Keeper of Sygal in exchange! CYO's Currently in Rotation: These are the CYO's that are currently available for AR drops! Each week I drop a couple of each pet into the AR! These pets will be released for the AR until the limit is reached. Retired AR CYO's: These are the AR cyo's I've hit the limit on, if you would like to see one of these put back into rotation you can always donate ZP to fund a potion! WIPs These are some of the CYO's waiting to be produced, sometimes I just need to finish the art or am waiting until I have enough ZP to get the cyo on site! You can also donate 2 ZP to help get the cyo moving along and you get one of the pet when its released! Suggestions?: If there are certain pets you;'d like to see in the next AR drop just post below and I can usually get a few for the next drop. And feel free to suggest any ideas or cyo ideas! Have AR CYO suggestions? Just go to this thread here. Donate?: 2ZP -- 1 AR CYO 5 ZP -- 3 AR CYO's Also feel free to post the AR CYO's you guys find I would love to see where some of them end up!
  2. WELCOME! to the 1st FREE Breeding Pet 'LIKE' Raffle! This raffle is for 1st generation breeding pets. That means they have no parents and are ideal to start your own lines. There are 2 pages of prizes - Make sure you check them all out! Please @ me if you have any questions or wish to donate pets! ╡ GOALS ╞ 1. Help members to complete their collections. 2. For Cake to edit the silver & platinum fees. 3. To inspire more members to breed! ╡ INFORMATION ╞ 1. Winners will be drawn on August 11th! 2. Winners will be drawn using a randomizer. [ OldFoo will not be involved in this process ] 3. Full Alt Sets - Contain 3 Male & 3 Females [ ferrets contain 5 ] 4. Start Up Kits - Contain 2 Males & 2 Females 5. Paired Pets - Contain 1 Male & 1 Female ╡ RULES ╞ 1. Enter as many lots as you wish.. but please don't enter on pets you don't want! 2. You can win up to 3 times - ONCE in each category. [ hybrid lot excluded ] 3. All unwanted breeding pets CAN BE RETURNED. They will be used in the next raffle. ╡ SPECIAL THANKS ╞ ♥ OLDFOO ♥ From piles of pets & offering her breeding rooms for use, to cracking the whip & being a great friend! This raffle would not at all be possible without her more than generous contributions. Please take the time to thank her if you win! ♥ YOU ♥ Lots of members lately have donated pets or sold me pets. Thank YOU! Without your interest & help, there would be no need for this raffle. ENJOY! ╡ HYBRID PET ╞ >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << ╡ LOT #00 ╞╡ NORWEGIAN SPHYNX CAT ╞
  3. Add, Drop, Change A Letter

    I found this on another Forum and really enjoyed playing it. How its played: As the title says you can add, drop or change a letter but you can not do more than one of these things at the same time. Example (right way): Pin Pine Example (wrong way): Pin Fine I'll start for the first post. Tail
  4. Next AR Drop

    Hey guys, it's me again c: So you may be wondering what I'm doing for my next AR drop, the answer is I'm not going to be doing another one until February, now you may think thats a long time but I promise it will fly by in no time! c: I'm planning on doing many things this time, and hopefully getting to my goal of number of pets, since i have 4 months to reach that goal, i think i will reach it, but you never know! I plan on doing SO many things I hope you all will get excited for it! ^^ First thing! I'm going to be making many many AR pets! There will be a large variety of them, and i may even commission some people for one, if you have a design you'd like to sell/give away for the AR I'm very interested! My first pet was the Abandoned Traveler, but that is one of many. I'm also generally a pretty un-creative person! So if you have any CYO ideas for the AR CYO's please tell me about them I would love to know! c: Next! I am going to be trading my customs for other customs and cyo's, or regular pets but ONLY if they add up to the value of my Custom pet That means you can do say 10 regular pets for one of my customs, or even 100, it doesn't matter, as long as the prices match up! :3 My custom shop is here: http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/10650-jades-custom-shop/ Please take a look! ^^ As always I love meadow pets, customs, and fossils! :3 And donations are always welcome! <3
  5. Drop down menu isn't working

    Starting yesterday, I think, that the drop down menu stopped working on the 'main' site for me. A bit frustrating since I can't access anything except my home (thankfully) and the home page. Is it just me?