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Found 27 results

  1. [WANTED] Ball Python Egg

    Like the title says. Don't care if female or male. Reply or message me a price.
  2. Last edited: 01/31/2018 Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you receive from me. You will not be able to get more from me if you break this rule. If you decide you no longer want one of my CYOs return it to me. Hello, everyone! I'm going to be giving out free birthday CYOs! Of course what the pet actually is is a surprise! ;D I will show off the egg though. There are three different alts and three stages. If you're interested in receiving one for your birthday please let me know a date! (If it has already passed you may wait until next year or receive a late gift.) I'm only giving each person one each unless I decide otherwise. (Per year. So, as long as there are some left you may have another for the next year.) If your egg hatches and you'd like a different alt I will do swaps. Private message me about that. Also, if you want a certain gender please let me know. If you want to be cute and tell me a wrong date just to get one early then you're NOT getting another on your actual birthday! Upcoming Birthdays: SwiftTalon: June 19. Kirito: August 23. rebeccaqwer12: May 17. CaitlynMellark: June 24. Lady of Baskerville: August 4.
  3. Windy Day Kitsune Egg GIF Nest

    From the album Animation tests

    The Windy Day Egg animation But instead of it floating i made it look like it was in a nest. Which animation do you like better? The one where there is no nest or the one where there is?
  4. Yūrei Neko egg

    From the album CYO's

    The Egg for Yūrei Neko How does it look?
  5. ~Wishing Well Suggestions~

    I have a few suggestions for the Wishing Wells. 1. You are able to attempt changing the gender and alt of pets in the wishing well. Lets say you have an egg that is hatched, but you don't want it to be. What if you could use the wishing wells to revert your pet back into an egg? 2. A feature that I think might be interesting for the Wishing Wells is similar to what I talked about in the thread above. ^ You are able to pay ZP to get a random pet from the well. What if you could pay to deposit a pet into the well, and get something completely random in return? 3. What if there were a feature where we could deposit a certain amount of money and have a super small chance of receiving a special pet or even any other sort of prize? It could be called "Hope." as in hoping for a special gift. I'm thinking that the price would be fairly cheap considering the low chances.
  6. Hey everyone, it's Husker Wolf here. I'm selling some eggs since they're not on my priority list and i'm hoping to find good homes for them. These are all around 10-25 ZC JUST NAME YOUR PRICE. HATCHED ATM JUST ASK A PRICE. ^-^ Well that's it for now. Just comment if you want one and i'll get back to you. Have a beautiful day.
  7. Eggs hatching

    Hey guys, I've been on a hiatus for a while, but realized I wanted to hatch a few more eggs. I don't remember if every egg has a set level where it hatches (let's say, 50?) or each egg is different level to hatch at? Does anyone know? I know it's such a noobie question but i haven't been here in ages
  8. manedWolfEgg

    From the album Artwork By Me

    egg for an upcoming cyo for @thylac1ne comment and likes appreciated

    © Grimm

  9. WELCOME! to the 1st FREE Breeding Pet 'LIKE' Raffle! This raffle is for 1st generation breeding pets. That means they have no parents and are ideal to start your own lines. There are 2 pages of prizes - Make sure you check them all out! Please @ me if you have any questions or wish to donate pets! ╡ GOALS ╞ 1. Help members to complete their collections. 2. For Cake to edit the silver & platinum fees. 3. To inspire more members to breed! ╡ INFORMATION ╞ 1. Winners will be drawn on August 11th! 2. Winners will be drawn using a randomizer. [ OldFoo will not be involved in this process ] 3. Full Alt Sets - Contain 3 Male & 3 Females [ ferrets contain 5 ] 4. Start Up Kits - Contain 2 Males & 2 Females 5. Paired Pets - Contain 1 Male & 1 Female ╡ RULES ╞ 1. Enter as many lots as you wish.. but please don't enter on pets you don't want! 2. You can win up to 3 times - ONCE in each category. [ hybrid lot excluded ] 3. All unwanted breeding pets CAN BE RETURNED. They will be used in the next raffle. ╡ SPECIAL THANKS ╞ ♥ OLDFOO ♥ From piles of pets & offering her breeding rooms for use, to cracking the whip & being a great friend! This raffle would not at all be possible without her more than generous contributions. Please take the time to thank her if you win! ♥ YOU ♥ Lots of members lately have donated pets or sold me pets. Thank YOU! Without your interest & help, there would be no need for this raffle. ENJOY! ╡ HYBRID PET ╞ >> "LIKE" THIS POST FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! << ╡ LOT #00 ╞╡ NORWEGIAN SPHYNX CAT ╞
  10. Egg

    From the album CYO

    Griffin Egg

    © Michie

  11. Sam Egg

    From the album PA Stuff

    Egg Stage of Sam.

    © Copyright PA for the lines

  12. Example Egg For BudgieBird 1

    From the album Funsies

    Idea egg for @BudgieBirdie. I can't actually make art since a ) I'm not an approved artist and b ) My art program can't do layers.

    © PA

  13. Flower Pony Egg

    From the album Funsies

    This is another of my 'funsies' eggs!! The pony eggs are the only ones whoslayers work, so I'll be doing a lot more of these!!!! This is a Flower Pony, I won't be doing stages for this because they don't work... Any way, please tell me what I did right, and what I did wrong!!! I tried to erase pixels but I'm not sure I got all of them... Thankies!!

    © Pet Adoptables

  14. Musical Skychaser Egg

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA

  15. Mystic Penguin Egg

    From the album CYO

    © @tomo and PA

  16. Cheast NutBackedChickadee

    From the album Chestnut-Backed Chickadee

    the egg of the chestnut-backed chickadee
  17. bear Egg purple

    From the album Vine Bear

    bear egg
  18. bear Egg

    From the album Vine Bear

  19. bear Egg black

    From the album Vine Bear

    egg, backround black
  20. bear Egg black

    From the album Vine Bear

    egg, backround black
  21. bear Egg

    From the album Vine Bear

  22. incubator problems

    I put a couple of eggs into the incubator yesterday, at 2:11pm, they are still there, saying that they are not ready. I had put in 5 other eggs earlier in the day yesterday, and they all hatched fine, it just seems to be these two that are refusing to hatch. any suggestions? EDIT: they have now hatched, over 2 hours later than they were meant to. not sure what caused this.
  23. Hi no Megami WIP

    From the album My CYOs

    WIP of the stages and alts of Hi no Megami, for the Halloween Contest! cat base©petadoptables concept©Soiyuu (Me)
  24. Hi no Megami Egg

    From the album My CYOs

    The egg for my original CYO Hi no Megami, done for the Halloween contest! cat base©petadoptables concept©Soiyuu (Me)
  25. Icharusegg2

    From the album My projects

    need help with the shading!

    © me (coloring and altering)