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Found 2 results

  1. Elemental Wolf RP

    :WOLF RP: @Alcarie, @Dashy, & @MoonlitBlood Who wants to start the rp? If you guys don't want to, then I will. If you would like to join the rp, go here:
  2. Domain of War ~Sign Ups~

    The world; filled with beauty and war. Though this world is now corrupted with war. The Domains of the Fire Beasts, the Earth Legacies, the Water Sunamis, the Air/Lightning Cores, the Light Eras, and the Dark Knights have been at peace for eternity. Until the Beasts and Legacies wanted more land for their ever growing people, so they attacked the nearing domains. The Beasts attacked the Sunamis for their underwater temples and the Legacies attacked the Cores for their cloud cities. The Knights and Eras realized what was happening and tried to put an end to the fighting with no luck. So they sent out their best people to put an end to the war, but when their solders met each other, the hate between the two turns into chaos. Though as things heat up, so do the secrets between the Domains.... Especially the secret hiding behind the Eras and Knights.... Fire Beasts: They have the ears and tail of an animal, but with fire around the ears and tail (It's fine if you just have a plain neko with no fire; I get the point XD) It is rare if the person has a different color of fire other than Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Black. Color Of Stone- Red and Orange Earth Legacies: They have plants attached to a part of their body, at the end of the plant is a pet beast that they were born with. It is rare if the person has a rock Beast instead of a Plant beast. Color Of Stone- Green and Brown Water Sunamis: They have some kind of fish/dolphin/shark/whale attribute on their body (Like Kelpy or Mermaid). They can only breath air for a short period of time. It is rare if the person can breath air. Color Of Stone- Blue and Turquoise Air/Lightning Cores: They have wings and have control of Lightning. It is rare if they have wings and are another type of animal. Color of Stone- Yellow and Light Blue Light Eras: They have a spirit form, they can also sense Aurora. It is rare if their Spirit form is a Eastern Dragon or if they have no powers/Spirit form. Color Of Stone- Gray and White Dark Knights: They have a demonic form, they can also sense what others powers are. It is rare if their Demonic form is a Black Tiger or if they have no powers/Demonic form. Color Of Stone- Black and Dark Purple Rules: No Godmodding Please Try To Keep The Eras and Knights Even Eras and Knights Usually Hate Each Other Beasts and Sunamis Usually Hate Each Other Legacies And Cores Usually Hate Each Other As Many Characters As You Can Handle Only 1-2 Rarities Per Domains, Only one Rarity With The Eras And Knights, Sunamis are an exception All Characters Must Have A Stone Stone Usually Isn't Attached To Body Put Awesome in the Other Section If You Read Don't Kill Without Permission Can't Fall In Love With Your Own Characters Must Be Approved Stay Active Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Domain Race: Rarity (Only If You Are Rare): Powers: Domain Attributes: Color Of Stone: Place Of Stone: Pet: Crush: Family: Weapon(s): Background (Optional): Side Of War (Beasts, Legacies, Sunamis, Cores, Ect.): Human Form: Beast Form: Pet Pic(Optional [Except For Legacies]): Other: