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Found 8 results

  1. eggs for sale, 50zc each!

    I have some lovely eggs for sale, at 100zc 70zc 50zc each! -male Floravine egg -female Steambear egg -female Walrus egg -male Steambear egg -female Oasis Dragon egg -male Oasis Dragon egg -female Tropical Seal egg -male Bull Shark egg -male Ethereal Dragon egg [/url] just message me which one, and I'll send over a trade asap! ~lark
  2. Animation Human Practice

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    I did an (almost) full body animation! This is my first time doing one of these, normally I just do small animations like the hair moving or them blinking but I finally did one where I had to repeatedly draw the person. This is just a sketch and I think I may clean it up and color it but for now, it's just a rough sketch. How does it look so far? I noticed the face is a bit weird so I guess I'll fix that tomorrow :) This uses about 10 or 11 frames Made with Clip Studio Paint Pro I used my XP-Pen 15.6-inch tablet. took about an hour and a half to draw.
  3. Witch Chibi Female Practice

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    I drew this on January 5th, I was practicing drawing chibi's this is an original character I made from one of my friend's description of a character from one of her kid books she is making.
  4. School Uniforms by Kayler

    EDIT 1/1/18: These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! Just search "Kaylercool" and scroll to the bottom to find them. Some anime inspired School Uniforms I made for the Avatar Clothing Shop. They're not available yet, but I've already submitted them. This is actually all the colors I made. I usually include only a few, but this is all that I made. I hope you guys like them. I made some a while back, but I wasn't happy with them so I made new and improved versions. I'll update this image when they're available.
  5. [Cosplay Wolfie] [Female Ver]

    From the album CYO's

    Working on a new CYO with alts called ' Cosplay Wolfie Female ' Obviously I'm gonna make a male version too but i decided in spirit of Halloween i will make a cyo with all 6 alts in different Halloween costumes or what i call it cosplay Anyway, this is the pirate alt for the female there will be a Princess alt, Pirate,Skeleton, Witch, and you guys can comment what you want the last two to be!
  6. New here!!

    So hello there!! As the title tells ya, I'm new here! So I just thought I would say hello and introduce myself! I'm NerdlilngRising but you can call me Panda. I'm 22 years old (and yes, I still adore these sites, the art and time put into everything is amazing). I'm in a relationship with this amazingling dorky/nerdy dude. We're coming up on 2 months! (Finally. Long story. xD) I love pandas, rats (especially nakie babies), dogs, and sphynx kittehs! I love video games and I lean a bit more toward PC. I like to do karaoke!! Yeeaah. I love to sing!! I love to doodle and color and stuff. I recently drew my boyfriend an adorable corgi!! I'll have to post a few pictures or something. Haha. Uhm... I don't really know what else to write here right now. Haha. Oh! I also love to roleplay. <3 Any questions, feel free to ask!! I looove to talk and I promise I don't bite.
  7. Maiyun's 1x1 rp search!

    Hello everyone! My name's maiyun and I have a ginormous love for roleplay. How do I know this? Well lets just say I have over 30 original roleplay characters and I keep making more xD I really love roleplay because it allows me to use my creativity that I don't get to use much and lets me, for just a little bit, kinda become another person and get to be something I could never be before ;3 I love to roleplay and meet new people so it's just a win win. I have MANY characters, mostly female, but all quite interesting in my opinion. http://imperfectperfections.weebly.com/ The link above links to my weebly site where you can find all my characters. There are many females but there are a few males sprinkled around. Some of them are traps but some of them are out right males ;3 As you can see, I do like to play as females because I feel very odd sometimes playing males. But I'm still okay with playing them. They just have to be kinda girly or soft xD Things you need to know: - I only roleplay in third person. - I type anywhere from half a para to maybe three. It varies a lot. - I love romance, drama, action, and some comedy. Slice of life stuff is okay too since it builds relationships but I really like drama and action the most. - I don't let my characters fall in love in just one day, it takes time. - I love to experiment with my characters so dont be afraid to throw me a curve ball. - I'm not that good with events and stuff so talking those out might be a good idea. - I often get rp block where I cant bring myself to roleplay for a bit. When this happens I will hopefully let you know and you will just have to ride it out with me. ^^" If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask! ^^
  8. Book Jacket Assignment

    From the album General Artwork

    This is a sketch of a digital painting I will be doing for a book jacket. I am creating a book jacket as part of a English assignment at University because my art degree friends can't have all the fun! Enjoy~