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Found 8 results

  1. Vaporeon Painting by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    A painting I did of a Pokemon. The only reference used was my Vaporeon plush that looks like this --> So, I know it isn't perfect. I appreciate any feedback. I'm still trying to improve on my digital art.

    © Kaylercool

  2. Sunfish

    From the album New Art Style!

    Here are the results of a day's labour... I'm pretty happy that I managed to draw 2 things in one day, as I usually find myself with an artistic block after just one. It can be weeks before I pick up again after that I'm really pleased with them, and I feel like this is a style I want to improve, but ultimately stick with Let me know any comments you have, or suggestions/questions. Oh, and on the off chance anyone likes them enough to buy stickers/shirts etc with them on, PM me and I can send you the link to my redbubble account. Thanks! And the captions are the same for both 'cause I'm lazy

    © M.C.

  3. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  4. Merkitten Alts

    From the album CYO

    Now I just need ZP to make it private. Hmmm. Edit: Just saw that the eyes on the brown AND the blue Alt are wrong. Well, normally they are orange and red. Just imagine it, lol.
  5. Merbear Alts

    From the album CYO

    I need one more bear species to replace the 2nd Alt, the all-black one. It's kinda boring. Though if no one can suggest one I'll leave it like that. Brown Bear Black Bear Sun Bear Spectacled Bear Panda Bear Red Panda Edit: I see stuff that needs erasing, lmao.
  6. Pets and Animals For Everybody! :D

    Yep, Just put your form here. :3
  7. JellyFish

    From the album Random

    So, I started doing a jelly fish for the HA item and this is what I came up with. However, it will need to be redone since I doubt the glow, specks of "tails" and lack of actual lineart would be accepted.

    © @RRH

  8. Fishing Question

    Okay, so... I have tried fishing several times but have caught absolutely nothing! I've stocked my ocean spot, too... What does it say when you catch a fish or have a fish on the line? and where does it say that? If possible, could someone post a screenshot of what it looks like? Thanks! EDIT: Mods - feel free to delete this. Thank you.