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Found 15 results

  1. Jade's Custom Shop!

    I started to make another shop hopefully my custom collection will continue to grow c: Clicking the egg should show you the whole set. Full Alted Customs - 4200ZC or 6ZP Alted Mini Customs -2800ZC or 4ZP Mini Customs -2100ZC or 3ZP Supreme CYO's - 1400ZC or 2ZP Full Alted CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP Rare CYO's -900ZC or 1ZP and 200ZC CYO's -700ZC or 1ZP
  2. (SOLD) CYO Design For Sale

    EDIT: 01/23/2018 This design has been sold. I'm selling this CYO design if anyone is interested. I'm looking for something between 800 and 1,000 ZC for it. I'm flexible when it comes to the price, so let me know what works for you and I'll see if it works for me. If you buy this design to submit, you can do whatever you want with it. They are yours after all. You can change the name to whatever you want when submitting if you don't like it's current name. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. <3 _________________________________________________________________________________ I still have Pizza Pup and I'm considering selling it soon too. I haven't decided.
  3. Looking for (Yurei no Kami alt 6) (Ritsuka) (Alvah) Currently looking for Clouded Leopards I need alt's 3 and 5 as female. Name your price, if it's reasonable I'll buy them from you. I will not buy any litter pets. Alt Swaps Have: (Alt 1 male, first generation) Need: (MUST be first generation. If alt 2 it must be male. If alt 4 it must be female. The gender doesn't matter for alt 3; which is the alt that takes priority over the other two) Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: (preferably male; will not trade for a litter pet) Have: Need:(any stage) Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: I'm Need: Have: Need Have: Need: (preferably stage 1, willing to trade both alts for this) Have: Need: Have: Need: (preferably stage 1) Have: Need: Have: Need:(alt 2) Have: Need:(stage doesn't matter) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently looking for Spirit of July Need: (Stage 1 ONLY) Dhole Spotted Hyena Red Wolf (Stage 1-3 ONLY) Kit Fox European Mink Queensland Heeler Dog Wyoming Wolf Saber Tooth Tiger Clockwork Panthera (Stage 1-2 ONLY) Thylacine Hokkaido Dog Eclipse Pug Dog (Stage 1-3 ONLY) ~~~~~~ Buying Current status: Buying(but only the ones listed in the 'currently looking for' section) ~~~ Felid Wayfarer(alt's 1-2 4-5) ~~ Yurei No Kami(alt's 6) ~~ Dhole(all alt's) ~~ Caracal Cat(Alt's 1 and 4) ~~ Queensland Heeler Dog(All alt's) ~~ Tiger Flitty(All alt's, stage 1 only) ~~ Spotted Hyena(alt's 1, 3-5) ~~ Red Wolf(All alt's, MUST be stage 1-3) ~~ Kit Fox(All alt's) ~~ Wyoming Wolf(All alt's) ~~ Alvah(Preferably male but I'll except female) ~~ Ritsuka ~~ European Mink(All alt's) ~~ 3 Heartbreaker Kitsune's ~~ Saber Tooth Tiger(All alt's) ~~ Clockwork Panthera(Alt's 1, 4-6, all at stage 1 or 2) ~~ Thylacine(All alt's, preferably stage 1) ~~ African Wild Dog (alt's 1 and 6) must be stage 1-3) ~~ Eclipse(alt's 1-5) ~~ Falkland Island Wolf(alt's 1-5) ~~ Ferret(2-5(male) alt's 1-4(female) will NOT buy litter pets) ~~ Hokkaido Dog (all alt's) ~~ Jaguarundi(all alt's) ~~ Chilean Pudu(alt's 1-3, 5-6) ~~ Kitty alt 1 ~~~~~~~~ Gender swapping ~~~~~~~ For sale I'm not going to be uploading every single pet since there are many of them, but here's the link to all my pets I have for sale, if you see any you want, just link them here or message them to me(I'm working on naming them with their price). http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Lone%20Wolf they're in my room titled 18.Selling
  4. Hey everyone, it's Husker Wolf here. I'm selling some eggs since they're not on my priority list and i'm hoping to find good homes for them. These are all around 10-25 ZC JUST NAME YOUR PRICE. HATCHED ATM JUST ASK A PRICE. ^-^ Well that's it for now. Just comment if you want one and i'll get back to you. Have a beautiful day.
  5. Under construction... Sorry for the inconvenience, I need to revamp my shoppe after my long hiatus. Thank you for stopping by! <3 Good day... it's lovely to meet you... Oh, I do love customers. Come on in, would you like a cup of tea? Just make yourself at home, maybe take a look around. There's quite a variety to see... in fact it's almost a menagerie. And if you like anything just let me know. Welcome to Morph's Pet Shoppe... (So, I actually got around to doing this xD) I'm terrible at pricing so just give me an offer, I'm sure we'll work something out. And here are the pets! And here we have some loverly llamas... If your are feeling brave and strong... With a dragon, you can't go wrong. If you need some holiday cheer, The pets you want may be found right here... Finally, the pets created by PA art, May be the ones to find a place in your heart... Come back again soon!
  6. ★Kraftys Shop★

    Kraftys Shop Selling / Buying / Alt Swapping _______________________________ For Sale Hi, I have a few old Pets I'd like to trade or sell. ALL EGG DROPS IN SALE ROOM 50 ZC EACH! MY PROFILE (look in Sales category for more pets, pets in unsorted might be for sale if you make me a good offer). Alt Swaps for any alt except alt 5. for alt 4, 5 or 6. for any alt. Buying I am mainly looking to buy pets that are missing from my collections of pets that I already have. I'm not extremely interested in CYO's or fantasy pets (with some exceptions) so those are generally low priority for me. My most wanted pets are in my wislist. I'm buying any egg drop octopuses, any stage for 75zc each! I'm hoarding them. Wishlist There's more but I'll keep it shorter for now. Bombay Cat Alt 3 (I'd seriously do almost anything for this one.) Great Horned Owl (Alt 6) Bohemian Waxwing (Alt 3 & 6) Atlantic White Spotted Octopus (any alt except 1). I love these guys! I'd only just begun collecting them... Common Marmoset, any alts Blue Whale, any alt (I can dream...) (except Alt 4 because I was gifted one!!!!!!) Giraffe (alt 4, 5 or 6) Gouldian Finch, any alt (Except alt 1 or 5) Mountain Chickadee,any alt (I used to really want these) Narwal. Any alt except the yellow one. Oncilla, Any Alt African Penguin, alt 4
  7. Breeding Pets + Extras!

    So I have gone crazy with breeding however i have kept most of my doubles and even triples! As a person who literally doesn't collect anything it is starting to bother me! So I'm here to sell a few pets! ^^ I also am always breeding new pets so there should always be more o: So this will be under construction while i get everything sorted out! :3 Other Pets: Breeding Pets: Sphynx Cats: 500ZC Norwegian Sphynx Cat: 800ZC Norwegian Forest Cat: 300ZC Fairy PomPoms: 1000ZC British Longhair: 900ZC Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 300ZC I don't know many prices but feel free to name your own price!
  8. will only be selling doubles I will have all types of pets{normal,rare,limited}and customs For my customs i will do 1:1 trades and that also goes for my cyo`s too i am looking for many pets too I will accept ores but i am mainly looking for Zc,Zp,or pet swaps Selling or Trading[will alt swap] Make offers on any pet Customs Leyendas Magestic 34/50 on site 1500 zc slots 1/5 1.chosaguro2. 3. 4. 5. 8 zp slots 1/5 1.Linkendew 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 zp slots 0/4 1. 2. 3. 4. CYO`s 500zc or 2zp Angel of the Light Orb~ First of the Orb Series Hebunzu Harobani Preorders welcome Go here for Details on Bunnies Origami Cat coming soon Demon of the Shadow Orb~ Second of the Orb Series coming soon Guardian of the Water Orb~ Third of the Orb Series coming soon PRE-ORDERS WELCOME ~ 300 zc for preorder or 1 zp Key Pink-Still Need Brush Black- Already Have Brush Swapping,Buying, and Trading African Wild dog ~ Any Stage American Badger ~ Any Stage Valentine Dog ~ Any Stage Beagle Dog ~ Any Stage Chihuahua Dog ~ Any Stage Dachshund Dog ~ Any Stage Golden Retriever ~ Any Stage Yorkshire terriers ~ Any Stage Keeshond Dog ~ Baby stage only please Hokkaido Dog ~ Baby stage only please Blood Hound Dogs ~ Baby Stage only please Papallion Dog~ Any Stage Summer Solstice Cat ~ Any Stage Nubian Goats~baby or child stages only please Shiba Inu Dog ~ Any stage American Paint Horse~ Any Stage WILL ADD MORE AS SEEN NECESSARY Customs & CYO`s In order of most wanted to wanted Custom`s CYO`s These are not final if you have a custom, mini custom, or cyo post it up I`ll probably accept it faster if you offer anything blue or purple, or a bunny
  9. Info: Hello There Welcome Silverdragon's Thread for Trading and Sales! I will post my pets for sale here if you are looking for a alt swap with one of my for 'sale' pets feel free to ask. Alt swaps are done only with the required stage or lower (not eggs though) Offer Only, Don't ask how much I want. Most things sold for ZC and Pets. Last Updated March 29st 2013! For Sale Misc. : For Alt Swap: Have: Need:Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: (x2) Need: Have:(x2)Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: Have: Need: CYO: None! (coming Soon!) Ores 640 Platinum 784 Gold 3683 Silver
  10. PetZmart, editing x3

    EDIT as of 4/9, updating x3 Well hello there and welcome to PetZmart! How are you doing? Here we sell critters of all kinds, so come back often to see what animals we have looking for new homes. Click the pets to visit them. Feel free to make trade offers for them. Sometimes we also are looking for pets to keep in reserves meant specially meant for them! Thanks and enjoy! Click on my avatar to the left and then go to the room "PetZmart". A pet should have this symbol on the page when you click on it : If a pet has no price listed, then please follow these guidelines or post an offer! Common: 7 ZC Uncommon: 20 ZC Rare: 100 ZC Others: Please offer or post. If you wish to pay in ores, please post the pet and your offer. The only other method of payment I accept is in Corgi's. If you have pembroke welsh corgis, I'd love those too. Each corgi accounts as 10 ZC. It is also my preffered method to ores and sometimes ZC. Lol. Featured pet: Enrique!
  11. chibi cats zc adopts | open

    From the album xWB's Adoptables

    asdf it was ages since the last one so here is a second one ; v ; I apologize if the designs I draw/make/sell look like yours or someone else's character/artwork, but I assure that this is completely drawn and thought up by my unintelligible brain and any similarities are coincidental. ;;Rules - » first come first serve. So please send the ZC to my PA account (xWildblaze) once you comment that you want one. » please adopt only if you will use these designs, and are able to pay right away. » do not steal these — using the designs without buying » credit is preferred and appreciated, but not necessary. if you do then please link to my dA. ;;Price - 20 ZC each » 1 · sold to SpiritWolfe » 2 · open

    © art / designs © me / xwildblaze.deviantart.com

  12. ZC Adoptables:: batch 1

    From the album xWB's Adoptables

    Alright I promised I would do this way back in August, so here it is ( ; v ; ) I figured that doing it on the gallery would be better, since I'm more used to deviantart so I feel more at home here xD I don't really know if this is allowed or not (but it's just like art commissions on the creative desk, only already-made it shoud be okay?), so admins are free to move/remove as they see fit \( ; ∆ ; )/ ::Rules!:: There aren't a lot, so please read~ » Do NOT steal these designs or this artwork. It's a violation to law. Do not use the designs if you did not buy. » If you want one, comment here on this image with it's number and price (name/gender/other character info optional :3). These are first come first serve. » Please wait for me to reply to your comment with my 'ok', then immediately send the payment to my PA player, 'xWildblaze' (same as here.) » Do not bluff if you really want one! Meaning do not comment with an "I want __ " then walking off and forgetting about it. Please adopt only if you will use the character. » You can use your adopted on any site you want, just credit me if applicable on the site. it's preferred to link to my dA. Please enjoy! ^ v ^ 1. sold to - Lilytora 2. 12 ZC - no owner 3. sold to - Lilytora To anyone who cares wants to know; I drew this by hand with pencil (class scribbless) then scanned it and colored with PS.

    © art/design © me/xWildblaze.deviantart.com || characters © [future] owners

  13. All prices can be lowered. (: Just ask! If a pet is no longer on my account (LoonyFreak) or not in the bazaar, please notify me so I can remove them from the list. They are all for sale in the bazaar. If you want a lower price, send me a trade with the ZC and post here letting me know which pet you want and how much you want to pay. If I don't want to sell for the price, I will cancel the trade. Thanks! 550ZC
  14. Closed

    I am interested in buying or trading another promo for a barn owl! More specifically: A male, still an egg if possible, but any 1 stagers are just as good. Found the guy! (Thank you Rbajl5!) Now that I've found my owl, I'm going to sell my promos! I have: Two Canadian Geese, both female, the black and brown alt Three Gyrfalcons, one female and two males, the normal alt and two tan alts
  15. He is in the bazaar for 200 crystals! Or you can message me on here to change the price! Please. I need the crystals! xxx