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Found 37 results

  1. Falling Blossom Alt 1

    From the album CYO's

    I recently asked KitKat if GIF CYO's where allowed and they said yes so i really wanted to make one So with the help of @CaitlynMellark (For Ideas) This is what I created This alt is my favorite Though it could be because I love cherry blossoms Which is your favorite and how much would you pay for one? (Deciding on a price is hard) They took my entire day to make
  2. From the album Animation tests

    The FInished Egg of Windy Day Kitsune How does it look?
  3. Windy Day Kitsune GIF Smoother

    From the album Animation tests

    I made the animation smoother and added a few more frames (24 frames in total) I made the breeze last longer so it looks like it's a strong wind and I colored it in. I tried to make it have more of a galaxy look but I'm not sure if it turned out well. I was planning on adding a hat but I decided not to. I think I may add like a bucket with sand in front of it and a crab or should I leave it as it is? I noticed for some reason the edges of the lines are messed up so i think i'm going to but a white rim around the CYO so that gets pixelated and not the black lines
  4. NEW POST: Please go to this shop instead if you're interested in any of my CYOs, including the Halloween ones! Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you get from me. If you decide you no longer want them, I will gladly take them back. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to make a post about these two Halloween CYOs. Edit: Halloween is over, but these are still available! All of these are 300 ZC a piece. I cannot 100% guarantee alts, but I have been using the Stickerbook to label some of the eggs. I will try my best to get the alt you want. I will do swaps if need be. EDIT 11/4/2017: Alts are beginning to run short. I may be out of certain alts. I haven't sorted through them yet, plus I have some eggs where the alt is unknown. It may make things easier for you if you look in my room: "My CYOs For Sale/Trade (Reselling Is Not Allowed.)" You can post links of pets you want below if that's easier for you. It's easier for me. Link to my profile: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Kaylercool But, you can ask for certain stuff on here and I'll see if it's available, if that is easier for you. Spooky Marionette Cat: Collector Ghoul Kitsune :
  5. Halloween Ghost Fox Kit by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    I'm going to be doing some Halloween customs items. Mostly Quads and Companion animals. This one is a Quad and will be available for ZP only. (Unless I decide to make it for ZC too.) I also have some normal Fox Kit Quads that'll hopefully be up with this one in the shop within a day or so. They are for ZC! These may become companion animals as well if anyone wants that. I'll also consider any Halloween Quad/Companion suggestions!

    © Kaylercool

  6. Practice CYO

    From the album New Updated PA Stuff

    just some practice doing CYOs again, this time a finished product
  7. Fox RP - Characters - Closed

    History: With the clichéd "A long time ago", there was a thousand of foxes that roamed the free lands. All of different colors and personalities. But. A few years back, the humans got out of control and ran wild - killing every fox they saw. The strongest survived and the weakest died. Will you be able to restore the magnificent world of foxes after this apocalypse? Form: Name, Gender, Color, Personality, Likes/Dislikes, Mate/crush, Any extra info (including background) ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Name: Wapun (Meaning Dawn) Gender: Female Color: https://www.google.com/search?q=foxes&safe=strict&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGz-DgrPrLAhXos4MKHYtTA70Q_AUIBygB&biw=1363&bih=669#safe=strict&tbm=isch&q=foxes&chips=q:fox,g_1:white&imgdii=qoDn_OmMzdRoJM%3A%3BqoDn_OmMzdRoJM%3A%3Br_cLfb5C3B_H1M%3A&imgrc=qoDn_OmMzdRoJM%3A Personality: Quiet, shy, strong, mysterious at times, can get feisty Likes: Nighttime, shade, pine trees Dislikes: Hot sun, river/water Mate/Crush: None at the moment Background: She was from the Arctic pack, full of all white foxes. Yet when the apocalypse happened it wiped out all of the white foxes except for her - Will she ever be able to find someone to care for? (Ahh it too cliché)
  8. Fox CYO egg

    From the album WIP

    This is my fox CYO I'm not sure if it would be allowed because it was a wolf base I'm not sure if I need a supreme brush for this well either way how do u guys like it so far
  9. Pirate Art

    From the album Drawings

    This is my entry for the Halloween art contest

    © Art by Me

  10. Sol and Yue

    From the album Philo's Artwork

    well, another digital artwork of mine ^^ it really took me some time to finish this one, well I guess I have to thank my laziness for that XD I felt like drawing the kitsune brothers, so here they are, the big brother Sol (Soleil) and his adorable little brother Yue

    © Philotes

  11. ~~~Unatural fox sale!!~~~

    just created my first set!! <3<3 here it is!! i take ZP at 200ZC each! Common 300ZC Common 400ZC Uncommon 600ZC On site:7/12 On site:5/12 On site:6/8 Rare 800ZC Very rare 1000ZC Rarest 2000ZC OR OFFER On site:3/7 On site:4/6 On site:1/5 PLEASE use this form!! Username on site: gender: fox you want: how much you are sending: I GO BY ORDER OF TRADES THAT COME IN SO PLEASE SEND YOUR TRADES~! My rarest will go for 2000ZC or to the highest offers. please keep in mind i will not be sending out my rarest till probably next week! kinda like an auction :3 they will go to my top 4 bidders! CYOs and customs i am currently searching for! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL atls! ALL alts! ALL alts! ALL alts!
  12. Hey guys ^^ I've got a lovely little cyo here that will be needing a supreme brush. Unfortunately, I do not have one. haha. The bills are kinda tight or I would pay for it myself, but I would really like to get these beauties on site as soon as possible. That's where you come in! I'm holding ZP preorders for my Fae Kitsune made by @Velseir! This shows the egg, and alt 1-6 in order from left to right. The most popular alt selected in preorders will become the rare alt once on site. There are 10 slots, 2zp each. Please let me know whether you would like male or female when placing your order. Oh, and if you PM me a description (I have yet to think of one for them) and I use it, you will get one free alt of your choice! 1. Aleah alt 6 female 2. Aleah alt 5 male 3. Scone alt 3 male 4. Najawarie alt 4 female 5-10. Full set at Match. gender not specified.
  13. Welp, I'm doin' this here auction of some cute thingys I drewed.. haha, but really. I think you guys will appreciate that I made an ape and a fox that can most likely be used with the bear base to make cyos.. they may need supreme brushes (not quite sure) but you may change them any way you like after purchasing them. These are being auctioned separately. (I apologize in advance for the shadows on the pictures. The lighting in my house isnt all that great.) Loverboy: Isn't he cute?? Starting bid: 400zc (If you want, the winner can ask me to do an egg, or they can do one themselves. ^-^) Current Highest Bid: 600zc-SpiritWolfe Apologetic Ape Awww! What a great idea you might say? Yes, I know. <3 Starting bid: 500zc Current Highest Bid: 1100zc- SpiritWolfe Minimum bid increments are in amounts of 100zc. Both auctions will end today at 5:00 PM Pet Adoptables time. Let me know by liking this post if you would love to see more auctions like this one. ;3 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
  14. I have really been inspired by another artist on Deviantart, their creations have captured my soul, so to speak. I want an alted one stage cyo that is similar to their style, but not exact because I don't want to accidentally copyright infringe. This is the sketch I made for my cyo idea. I want it to be as close to this as possible: I love fantasy, and have been wanting to do a wolf/fox type creature. I don't know which base or stage would be best to use with these animal body types, so I will let the artist choose what to do that will help there not be so many lineart edits. I only have the regular cyo brush. If still interested, please take a look at these links, and let me know how much you think something like this might cost. I know the detail is a lot but we could simplify if we have to. http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Posable-Fantasy-Moon-Dust-Wolf-342342618 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Poseable-Siberian-Arctic-Wolf-387110734 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Hand-Made-Poseable-Fantasy-Black-Berry-Wolf-385975486 http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/art/SOLD-Poseable-Hand-Made-FIRE-WOLF-372835301 @Aeryn @ Maybe you would like to take this on?
  15. 4-rare

    From the album Unatural kitsune

  16. standing Fox

    From the album standing fox

    commissioned by Katniss
  17. foxegg

    From the album standing fox

    commissioned by Katniss
  18. Fox Hollow ~ Sign ups!

    Prologue An arctic foxes point of view of the journey to the meeting place: "Come on Snow, Cloud and Puff. We're almost there." I whisper gently to my precious cubs. They are wimpering in fear and exhaustion. My mate refused to come, so now I'm alone. Puff, the youngest, smallest and weakest, has been carried most of the way. We are going to the tree - beast place, where trees are changed into beasts that roar, but float. We recieved a message from every foxes leader, (Place open). We must reach our meeting place, for war. War against our enemies. War against mankind. We live... Far away. So we have to catch a tree - beast. I can see a few dwellings, but no lights. That is good. We want to travel in secret, only revealing ourselves once we are near land. Then I will bite all who come near me. Simple. ~~~~ It is a few days later, and we are on the boat. The no - furs never seem to notice when one or two fish go missing, so now I'll try five. I am starving, since my cubs have developed a taste for fish. No one has discovered us yet, and of that we are glad. ~~~~~ I have finally sited land, a distant green. I will reveal myself soon. Puff almost died a few days ago, and Cloud is only just better. Only Snow is ok. I hope we all survive. I can here the footsteps of the no - furs, it is time to reveal ourselves. I leap out at the no - furs, bristling my fur. They jump back in fright. I growl and glare, swiping my tail from side to side. I circle the area where I have been hiding, making it clear that it was my territory now. They back up, then rush away. I snuggle down on my territory, keeping my cubs warm. ~~~~ The no-furs shout something and, even if I don't I understand their strange, foreign language, I know that they are talking about how close land is! We are almost there! None of my cubs dyed, I am fine, we are not injured, what could possibly be better!? I ring my cubs out with me, nudging them forwards, always in sight. The no - furs part wherever we walk, as we make our way towards entrance, Puff stumbles and falls. A small no fur, a female, darts forward and right him. I growl and keep walking forwards. Maybe they aren't so bad, at least when they are cubs they are not. When we reach the exit, I stand there, tall and proud, my cubs trying their best to look good next to me. We are there, and on our way... To be continued by everyone who joins. The form is: User name: On forums: Katlover. On the main site: Bigcat8r Character name: Icicle Gender: Female Mate: Frost Cubs: Snow, Cloud and Puff Personality: Icicle is highly protective of her cubs. She was parted with her mate when he refused to come to The Meeting. She can be a little hot-headed at times, but is mainly kind and caring. Looks: She has a stunning white coat with emerald green eyes. She has the bushiest tail the world has seen and she can tread so lightly that even the sharpest ears cold not hear her. She has never dropped her chest and always keeps her head held high. Altogethera very proud looking fox, almost wolf - like. How she/he got to the meeting (PLEASE include): See above. Other: I think I forgot something but I can't remember what it is! All members will get a free pet of their choice from my selltrade room or my unnamed room! I will accept anyone even if the roleplay is almost finished! Thanks! EDIT: You can have up to a family of them!
  19. attention

    From the album animal photos

    © larewenevenstar/ omiai

  20. arcticfox2

    From the album animal photos

    © larewenevenstar/ omiai

  21. So not sure on the name...but for now it's Tima to Yoki, which means Yoki and Tima in japanese! The custom will feature two characters, a pipe fox that becomes a kyuubi kitsune named Yoki, and a nekomata named Tima! The two grow up together and eventually fall in love! Before I finish the sketches and start it, I need to know if I can create my own custom if it is PA style or do I HAVE to let a official artist do it? @Cake Here are the sketches I have so far, the egg and baby stage: (digicam images will be replaced with lineart) I'm still working on the description! If anyone is interested in writing the description for it, I'll give you a free alt of your choice! If interested, plz pm me! =^ v ^= Any suggestion for how I can make it more PA style (if needed), would be great! XD And last but not least, let me know what you all think!
  22. Fennec foxes for free

    This is based on lozzylove's cute little wolf adoptables. I hope I can adopt some. So basically this is a shop with fennec foxes. Fennec foxes are cute small foxes with bat ears. They love desert and they orignate from africa I think. Petadoptables has fennec foxes. I've always been a big fan ever since 5th grade. Here is what they can look like but they have many poses. Image example: Here is a forum Username: Foxes name: Reference: Other: No payment required and you may have as many as you like.
  23. Elanoire

    From the album Art

    This is my fursona.

    © Mickaela Carr

  24. Hi yaa~ So, another Custom I want to do. This one has the most votes up till now so I'll try and see if I can get that brush. xD I'm thinking about giving the brush to the new and awesome Coco! <3 This will be an Alt Custom. It's a Kistune with 3 Tails and a Hoshi no Tama - a Star Ball. These Star Balls represent the Kitsune's soul. I'm still working on the different Alts and stuff, but this is how it should look basically, normal Alt. Normal Fox Colors. xD All Alts should have the black paws and ears, and the white belly and so on. The Star Balls will be the same color as the eyes. Alt1 ~ Normal Foxy Colors (orangish) with green eyes/ball Alt2 ~ Blue with orange eyes/ball Alt3 ~ Red with blue eyes/ball Alt4 ~ Black/Dark-Grey with whitish eyes/ball Alt5 ~ Purpleish with yellow eyes/ball Alt6 ~ White/Albino with red eyes/ball of course Picture is taken from Magistream, it's not mine. And sketches, lol. Made during work time. xD I suck at drawing foxes. One slot will be 10zp. :3 There will be only 6 slots, I can get the rest myself. x3 0/60zp 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thank you, tomomi~
  25. Kitsune (Nameless)

    From the album CYO

    Baby Stage

    © Base PA; Colors/Changes tomomi