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Found 29 results

  1. Last letter word game

    So this is how it'll work I'll start out with a word and the next person will use the last letter to make the next word and so on Simple? I hope so. Words should be at least 4 letters please. Animals
  2. Edited: 03/07/2018 Hello, everyone! So, I have a game idea. I don't know if it's been done before on here or not, but if it has I'm reviving it! The game is called "Two Truths and One Lie." I will put two truths and one lie about myself in this post. The first person who guesses which one is the lie wins. The winner then gets to post their "Two truths and One Lie." and then whoever guesses their lie wins. ...and the cycle continues. Also, you can only guess ONCE on someone's Truths and Lies. (Also, it'd make things more interesting if you could explain your reason as to why you think which ones are truths and which one is the lie. ) Check the last couple of comments for new "Two Truths and One Lie" challenges. My first one that started the thread is completed. (but still below and marked out for anyone curious about it.) COMMENCE THE GUESSES! My Truths and Lie: I can vibrate my eyes rapidly. I write all my letters from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom. I was born in Alabama.
  3. Simply look through the pets of the person above you and post a picture or link to the one you would take if given the chance! :3 RULES: 1. Please do not use this as an opportunity to ask for trades/pets. This is just a game! Understand that you are NOT actually gifting/getting pets - this is about what pet you would take/have if you could, but you will not actually receive it. (Basically a game showing what you like in someone's inventory! ) 2. Try your best to post a picture rather than a link! (Right click the image then copy image address and just paste it in the message & it should pop up! ) 3. Have fun! <3
  4. ~The person below me.....

    I didn't invent this game but it can be a fun way to pass time. The way it works, the first person posts "The person below me", then something random. For example, "The person below me is on the internet" Person two would then post true or false, and make up another line: "True.... The person below me is not on the internet" and so forth. (You can elaborate on your answer, for example "True.....(I am ALWAYS on the internet)" I'll start The person below me has a pet cat.
  5. My little city so far

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    This is my city so far How does it look? This took forever but i'm still trying to make the city a bit more alive and not so dead
  6. The color game :I

    Boom. post a color and the next person who posts says the first thing that comes to thier mind. if a game like this already exsists sorry you can just lock/delete this.. Example: -first post- idk eggplants ftw BLUE -next post- THE SKY WAIT NO THE SKY IS RED. NEON GREEN YAAAY ill start PURPALL HURR
  7. Reply To A Question With An Image One person asks a question and the person below replies with a image or GIF, also asking a question for the next person below them, and so on. Q: How you feel today? -- Player 1 P1 Q: If you have superpowers you would be good or evil? Player 2 ---- Q: You like cats?
  8. Nyatsuki by Mccala

    From the album Artwork

    "Nyatsuki" Get it? Because her name is Natsuki, but this is a cat version of her and Nya means meow? No? Okay. lol Anyway, this is a cat version of Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club. I don't know why I felt like drawing this, but I did.
  9. Something New!

    Welcome! As you walk down a path in the woods you find yourself in an area you'd never been before. Curious and frightened you keep walking, hoping you can find your way back. Suddenly, you come across a beautiful abandoned shrine. Curious, you walk up the old, but in good condition, stairs up to the shrine. As you reach the shrine, you see two doors. You have the option of opening one door (per day). Do you choose the left or right door? *You post "left" or "right" to open a door. The door will have an egg behind it, BUT not always! Also FYI the eggs are from the egg drop, but can occasionally be cyos or zp/zc pets.* WATCH OUT FOR YOSHIN!
  10. Ghost Avoider

    From the album Random PA Stuff

    Ghost Avoider! This was from a bug thread, thus the amount of zc is off.

    © Screenshot taken by Ashwing

  11. Breakout

    From the album Random PA Stuff

    PA's Breakout game! Added in late June/early July 2011.

    © Screenshot taken by Emily

  12. Add, Drop, Change A Letter

    I found this on another Forum and really enjoyed playing it. How its played: As the title says you can add, drop or change a letter but you can not do more than one of these things at the same time. Example (right way): Pin Pine Example (wrong way): Pin Fine I'll start for the first post. Tail
  13. Concentration, 64

    ~singsong voice~ Concentration, 64. No repeats, or hesitations. Category is, ANYTHING! Sadly, we cannot keep the hesitations part, but we can keep no repeats! There'll be rounds, and the game will start over when someone repeats a word. In a new round, we restart and all the words in the first game are usable again. Example: User1: Purple User2: Table! User3: Pants User4: Purple! Me: New game User2: Table! I'll start! Smile
  14. Rebus Puzzles

    Hai humans! Okie, so I LOVE brain teasers and logic puzzles, this one being one of my faves. You may have seen this before, so you know it's a bit difficult to explain. I'll just post a problem c: HEAD HEELS The answer would be head over heels, because the word HEAD is over HEELS. Sound easy? Some aren't. Once someone answers a problem, they will post the next one. If you would like, you could even include prizes!! Here, I'll stat the game. cx Good luck, and have fun! COVER COVER HEAD COVER COVER
  15. Make a Story!

    Hello and welcome to the Project Committee's first project. The Make a Story Thread! The way this will work is I will post the beginning of a story. You may then write 1-2 sentences to continue the story and the next poster will do the same. When I feel the story has come to a good stopping point, I will add an ending, edit for grammar and mechanics, and post the finished story for all to see along with the names of all of the people who contributed. You are more than welcome to post multiple times (it is in fact encouraged), but I ask that you please wait at least one or two posts to allow the story to be one written by the whole community instead of just two or three people. Rewards: You will recieve 8 zc apiece for your first 5 posts, 8 silver for your next 5, 8 gold for the next 5, and 8 platinum for the next 5. The top contributer by the end of the story will recieve a CYO. A CYO will also be awarded to the most creative poster and the poster with the best grammar/word useage. Prizes will be distributed after the story has finished. The Beginning: A small dog glanced around at his unusual surroundings.
  16. So i've decided to start a new game! Hopefully it's not been done before on here. And yes! there will be prizes! so everyone knows the basic rules of 20 questions? well for this game, I'm going to make it really similar, but with a few extra rules, just to make things easier for folks! here are the rules: The pets that will be used will only be official PA pets, not Customs or CYO's. I love customs and cyos as much as the next person, but for now, those pets are just a bit too complex, so I want to stick to PA pets that are easily found the the Colour Almanac. I will think of a pet, and you all take it in turns to guess what it is, using questions such as: rarity (is it extinct? is it a rare pet?) species (canine, cat, rodent, marsupial, fish etc) egg simplicity (is the egg simple ie: or complex this is based on the idea that the gray wolf egg is self contained, without any extra parta, the barn out egg and wings on it, and therefore is more complex I will ALWAYS use the FIRST alt of the pet, as listed in the colour almanac, but all the STAGES will be included in the description. if you think you know what pet it is, questions relating to the actual animal are fine, such as: is it a carnivore? is it nocturnal? etc the LAST question, question 20, must always be a guess of what the pet is. NEW RULES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! pay attention to the previous questions and answers given by other members. if someone has already started that a pet is a mammal, don't ask if it's a reptile, if i've already said it's not a feline, don't ask if it's a tiger. i only say this because it happens SO often, and i'm starting to get a bit fed up having to reiterate things that have already been established. If people do it too often, i will start counting it as part of the question total, meaning that everyone will have less of a chance to guess correctly. if someone asks a repeat or pointless question in the space of one game, i will ban them from participating in the rest of the game, even if they guess the answer. anyone who is a repeat offender in multiple games, may face a ban from the game permanently. I'm sorry to have to implement this, but it was starting to get a bit annoying PRIZES these wont be huge prizes, the winner will be given a choice of 3 boxes, pick a number, and that box will be yours. none of the boxes will be empty, but they contain different prizes. it's up to you what you do with your prize. examples of prizes are: 50 zc 10 platinum 20 gold 30 silver pet (you will be able to choose one pet from the ones listed below, if this is the prize you win!) Gift a Hatch (this is the rarest prize, and will only be given out once a week) you may only claim 1 prize per day, to make it fair to everyone. games games will take place around 1-4 times a day, depending on how busy i am. anyone can participate, but anyone who i believe is being nasty, or acting out, or trying to ruin the game for others will be banned. take turns, please start your post with the number of the question ie: q.6 is it nocturnal? please allow me to answer before posting another questions. and where possible, wait for me to answer the last persons question before posting another, otherwise i will sometimes miss questions!!! if you aren't sure about anything, just ask here or on a PM, i'll be happy to help. i'll take donations of pets if anyone has any they dont want, but i really only want really cheap pets. thanks! omi Past winners: 1. Runingwolfin - answer Siamese cat 2. OldFoo - answer San Joaquin kangaroo rat 3. Tart - answer American Cocker Spaniel 4. rain-in-march - answer common apple snail 5. Portbud - answer - luna lion fish 6. allie - answer red fox 7. allie - answer gray wolf 8. oldfoo - berylline hummingbird 9. mille feuille - munchkin cat 10. oldfoo - tawny frogmouth 11. jae banana - american shorthair cat 12. oldfoo - leopard gecko 13. blazeclaw8 - plains zebra 14. sketchi - arctic hare 15. JellyBelly - thylacine 16. No winner - Great horned owl 17. sketchi - samoyed dog 18. jae banana - harp seal 19. acacia768 - ferret current possible pet prizes:
  17. I thought this might be quite fun to do. Basically all you need to do is name a song that reminds you of the person who posted above you. This is meant to be nice, so no posting anything nasty about other members. To avoid confusion, please explain why you think the song you named reminds you of the person above. You can post links to the video but if you think it has 'adult' content of any kind, be careful to disclose it! so to start, i guess I'll say what song reminds me of me XD since there is no poster above! I was going to go with 'the science of selling yourself short' by less than jake, but it was more relevant to me a few years back. now, i think 'much more beautiful person' by bowling for soup might be the one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVRSPCuqmgo I have serious trouble believing that i'm a good person and that i have any point in my life, so i listen to this song and it makes me feel so much better.
  18. Looking for meadow team to join

    I'm looking for an experienced and active team. I am a very active clicker and I do have snaplinks. I have been to the meadow seven times. I have also been on teams: Alicorn Amulet(disbanded due to team leader health) and Dragons(Became inactive). Timezone EST. Forum name: Littlefoxchild PA: littlefoxchild
  19. Smiley Face

    You make a random smiley face like these: (: . . `````` Rules:tell us what it is obvious have them make sense no inappropriate faces have fun d . . b ___ = wearing head phones
  20. Word game

    You read the word above you and write the first word that pops in your head. Rules: #1 rule have fun no repeating on the same page make a real word one word please no inappropriate stuff Example: person1:chicken Person 2:oven person 3:heat sun
  21. Play List

    So, I sorta came up with the game. Bahht I could have just found it on another site and I just don't remember it currently. >.<' -has a horrible memory- Soo.. basically, you just list the song your listening to now, or when you randomize your ipod/mp3 player what song comes up first? But above that you list whether you know/like the song the above person is listening to. Example: Person A: Roxanne by The Police Person B: I love that song! What makes you Beautiful by One Direction. Person C: Ughh I hate that song my sister sings it all the time.. and it's overplayed on the radio. Rockstar by Nickelback Okay, soo I start. The youtube video that was just playing was A Cha by Super Junior (or at least that's what the title of the youtube video said. It's in Korean, and I don't know Korean.. so I'm assuming that's the song title..)
  22. Add, Subtract, Change

    Basically the name is exactly what it suggests. During your turn you get to either add a letter, subtract a letter or change a letter to make a new word. Example: Word: Horse Player A - Horses Player B - Hoses Player C - Hopes Player D - Mopes Player E - Moves etc. The word we shall start out with is... Play
  23. A-Z Word game

    Simple, basic, how much easier can things get? haha. Any word that is next in line a-z. Army
  24. Sims 1, 2 or 3?

    Which Sims game do you prefer for PC and why? My favorite is the second one<3 and nothing will change my mind! I have all the expansion packs and almost all the Stuff packs . I love this version because Im just use to it for years of playing it. I find the Sims 3 a bit slow for me. Like in fast-forward mode, its just way too slow for me. For some reason I always keep my Sims young(adults) and I always make my house way to big :l . Now your turn! xD I could talk about this topic all the time
  25. The Code Game

    You make an easy code and people have to guess what you are saying. Example: person 1:i vole odgs Person 2:I love dogs? Person 1:yep Rules: wait until they say you are correct to take your turn if you are guessing the code add a questin mark at the end dont say inapporite thing remember the code please dont change the letters you may add letters but not alot listen to me have fun i ma orebd