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Found 17 results

  1. I hope all of you wonderful PA-ans had a wonderful Christmas! Unfortunately the CYO that @Kaylercool made for me was only just approved yesterday, so I couldn't start this giveaway until now. Everyone is allowed up to three of these adorable CYOS (of your choice) and you can also ask for a random alt and gender if you prefer until they run out. (36 being the limit~) PLEASE make sure you mention which alt and gender you would like or else I'll just assume you want random. ♥ ♡ ♥ ~Fluffy Spirit of Christmas~ By Kaylercool <3 23/36 taken ♥ ♡ ♥ Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! <3~
  2. CLOSED.

    EDIT 06/24/2018 NONE LEFT! I still have some free CYOs left! ONLY 1 LEFT! These are up for grabs! First come, first serve. Claim as many as you want! If you already have this alt, that's fine. You can get more. (If you just want an extra of this alt, or if you want it for alt trading/changing.) But, my rule below still applies: Please DO NOT resell these. If you do, I won't allow you to get any other CYOs from me.
  3. Hello, everyone! ~Happy Easter~ Edit: As of 03/30/18 there are no more Chocolate Dogs left. -The American Curl Cat winners have been announced in the comments since I keep getting an error when I try to make a large edit to this post.- I'm giving away my CYO, Chocolate Dog, for Easter. Everyone is allowed up to three of these! So, comment below if you want some. Will you be lucky enough to end up with one of each? Only time will tell! No more females or males. Alt trading with others that obtain these or using the wishing well to change alts is totally fine! NOTE: If you obtain ANY CYOs from my shops or giveaways, you aren't allowed to resell them. Breaking this rule will mean I will not give you any more CYOs. Send them back to me if you no longer want them. __________________________________________________________________________________ Bonus Giveaway: Hi, again! I will be giving away five American Curl Cat CYOs to random people that comment below. (They're not even in my shop. I might never sell them. ) Please let me know if you're interested in obtaining one! (The American Curls will be chosen and sent over within 3-5 days.) I will leave the alts a secret for those of you who haven't seen the alts. If you happen to be one of the people I give one to, please share what alt you get! <3 That goes for those who obtain Chocolate Dogs too! _____________________________________________ If you ended up with doubles, please tell me what alt you'd like to trade and what alt(s) you'd like to trade it for. I'll put what you're looking for and trading right on the post so others can see and hopefully help you out.
  4. aw man okay SO!! I really am not active on this site all that much and so... I haven't got much use for the currency. I am also up to my ears in CYOs, and it seems like a waste to just let them fester in my abandoned rooms. So honestly, at this point, yall can just take 'em. This is also a great opportunity to cash in on some quality boys if I never fulfilled your order way back when - I'm not gonna make you pay if nobody else has to now. I would like to put a limit of 12 pets per person - if I don't get much of a response I may increase it. (and the maximum number of each cyo I'll give you is 6.) I can't really promise alts, though I do have a few hatched eggs I can give on a first-come first-serve basis - alts I have hatched will be bolded (x#) -- bear in mind numbers may not be 100% accurate Alts precede gender. If I don't have an alt of a particular gender, you'll get the requested alt of a different one. I do request that you not sell them. **Since I've had a few people ask -- The only "rule" I have is to please not sell them, otherwise you can do what you'd like** --- Summer Kitsune (30 left!) ALTS: Constellation, Nature, Beach (x1), Lemonade, Camping, and Fireworks Shark Wyvern Series I ALTS: Great White (x6), Horn (x6), Lemon (x4), Tiger (x3), Black-Tipped (x6), and Whale (x5) Series II ALTS: Thresher (x3), Cookiecutter (x6), Goblin (x4), Wobbegong (x7), Sawtooth (x5), and Zebra (x4) sharks Tabby Cat (38 left!) Literal Five-Headed Dragon ALTS: Basic (x3), DualWorld (x1), Precious Metals (x2), Volcanic, Leopard Gecko (x2), and Invisible (x1). Starfield Cat (36 left!) Ducem Draconis (37 left!) Skydra (39 left!) Draco Mare Alts: 1 (x2), 2 (x1), 3, 4 (x2), 5, 6 Auri Leonem Melon Collie Baby Alts: Watermelon (x1), Cantaloupe, Honeydew Watermelion Cockatrice Alts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Cheshire Cat Alts: 1 (x3), 2 (x6), 3 (x2), 4 (x2), 5 (x5), 6 (x4) Serpens Aeris Alts: Smooth Green snake, Copperhead, Eastern Garter snake, Timber rattler, Milk snake, and Eastern Hognose. Gingerwolf (29 left!) Dracoration (35 left!) Alts: 1-6 at random
  5. Rules: You may NOT resell these gift CYOs or any other CYOs you get from me. If you decide you no longer want them, send them back to me. EDIT: 12/08/2017 There are 0 Caroling Cats left! There are 0 Christmas Dreamers left! The event is over! Hello, everyone! I have two brand new Christmas CYOs that I will be giving out for free! Everyone is allowed up to three eggs per CYO, so six in total! (If you desire that many that is!) The alts come at random, so what you get will be a surprise! (Caroling Cats are available in male or female, but Christmas Dreamers are all male!) Comment below if you're interested! (If you get doubles you can use the Wishing Well , PM me for swaps, or swap with anyone else that's gotten one from me and wants to trade alts!) The CYOs and their possible alts are down below! What alts will you get? Merry Christmas, you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! <3 Caroling Cat: (Female or male.) Christmas Dreamer: ( ~These are all male! )
  6. I know I haven't been on PA for that long, about since March of 2014. BUT... I have the need to give stuff away. It's hard to be a newbie, and there is allot of learning to do and is harder to get started. So, I will be giving eggs/pets away. I will have a room named [Newbies]. You can take up to 3-4 eggs or pets. I don't have TOO many pets, so it would help allot if I got pet donations. I will NOT take ownership of ANY donations. They will go STRAIGHT to the [Newbies] room. You can either take 1-2 a day, or 10 a week So, if anyone has extra pets, send them over and they will be for Newbies, or just needy PA members. Remember. 1-2 a day or 10 a week. Thank you all. They won't cost anything, but donations are excepted. Thank You Good Luck, -Skits
  7. I am giving away literally everything on my account that can be given away. I have lost interest for this site and haven't gotten on in months. So I figure its time to pass my stuff on. All the pets and money on my account will be given to someone. The actual account will stay in my possession for security reasons. Currently, I have 2406.4 crystals and 0 pearls. About 97 pets, including five old event pets (2 Summer Solstice Cats, 1 Equinox Chupacabra who is wearing cloths, 1 Le Gardien, 1 Pharaoh Dragon, and 1 Noctilucent Kirin).The exact number of pets may be a bit different as I am selling cheap ones and getting new ones from the egg drop. I may not have a lot but I want it to go to a good home where the person will take care of the pets and get a nice use from the things. Basically, I'm going to be picking who gets all this stuff by a small contest. Write me a paragraph of what you would do with all of this stuff/why you want it and I will pick based on that. This is going to end on July 10th and the winner will be chosen on the 11th. I will use the site's clock to judge the exact ending time. So, uh, yeah. Good luck. Be nice. Lilytora thank you for informing me about the clothing not being tradable (I meant to update this when you posted but completely forgot)
  8. Free CYO Pets! This Topic Is For All The free cyo pets I have created,and will be creating. Each Player may receive 1 pet only,no reselling if you don't want it anymore send it back to me. I putting time and effort into these free pets for you guys ^~^ I use ZC to get random brushes from the wishing well. Current Pets Up For Grab's: Masked Kitsune:(free) 13/50 Poofle CYO: 1 Stage,6 ALT's To Claim one of these pets you have to answer this riddle down below and send me the answer by message so you don't give any other players idea's. (I thought up this riddle,what do you think? too easy,fair?): Big and Vast I Am Stretching Over Thousand's Of Lands A Variety Of Color In me Though I have Been The Death Of Many. What Am I? Alt's: Please note each pet will have a random alt,so you may trade with other players for a alt you want,or change it in the wishing well. (Left To Right) ​[Hybrid,Stitched Smiler,Gem Rock,Blue Fern,Green Thresh,Traditional Sakura] Butterfly Pegasus: 4 stages,all alt's ALT's: left to right: Sakura Flitty,Frey Tree,Chocolate Mint,Palomino Apple,Pink Snow,Aquatic Okapi Fluff Jacket: 3 stages no alts: (big thanks to @Ace and @thylac1ne for helping with ideas!) this one goes out to you @thylac1ne! Donations: ZC Donations: any and all donation are welcome,you can give 1 zc you can give 100,all of the donations go to buying more brushes from the wishing well,you can also donate pets though zc helps more. these are donations,just help show you're appreciation and help me buy more brushes. ZP Donations: all zp donations contribute to a supreme brush I will buy and then have a voting for a supreme design by you guys!
  9. Zeditha's Giveaway!

    Okay, basically, request any pet I own, or any amount of ZC up to 500 (so I can make more people happy XD). Pets you can't take: my Mysterious Panther (in my sig) the decorated Shadow Panther the decorated Dandelion Breeze. The Crystal Hares have a condition. You must take all three, and keep them at their current stages, because one is at each of the three stages Other than those two, you can have any number of any other pets. For free! Just ask, I'll send you a pre-accepted trade with those things in it. Accept it, and done! Link to my pets is here: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Zeditha List of people who claimed ZC: (so nobody claims twice ) Nobody yet. EDIT: added another pet I want to keep.
  10. Rainbow Summer Flyer Giveaway

    I will be giving away 3 Rainbow Summer Flyers! These are CYOs that I only have 37 of. 3 will be given away. That means there are very few on-site and they cost 300 ZC apiece. You can try your luck at this game to see if you can win one of the Flyers! Entrance is free! Rules: Only one entry per account per pet Once you have won you may not compete again There will be no selling, giving away, or abandoning my CYOs. If you would not like it let me know for a refund. How to Enter: 1. @FluttershyFlyer me with these things: Forum Name: Account Name: Would you like Male or Female: Number Between 1 and 50: Rainbow Summer Flyer: THE WINNING NUMBERS WILL BE GENERATED RANDOMLY WITH THIS WEBSITE: http://www.random.org/ This contest will last one week- 2 days for each Rainbow Summer Flyer. (arachnidsGrip, you may enter too) HAVE FUN! If any of the rules are violated you may never shop at my CYO shop or participate in my competitions again.
  11. ~* 10,000 ZC raffle! *~

    New round starts 7/20 Birthday raffle C: It's my birthday on the 25th, so, to celebrate, I'll be holding a larger-than-usual raffle! There will be multiple winners this time. "Like" this post for a chance to win 10,000 ZC or some pets! This round's winner will be drawn 7/24/14 Prizes: - 10,000 ZC @z e n (I have been informed this member is leaving. ;_; @KingAce (#8 on the list) @Kirito - 25 Random Pets @yingraner @thylac1ne @Rinai @Evelyan @sweetsurender247 Prizes are being sent out now. ♥ I have attached a screenie of the pages of previous winners for those interested. c: Previous winners: - JPmouse - SaberToothTigerGirl - Ocean
  12. Welcome to Kat's CYO and Quad Design Giveaway. I have no brushes to use but I do have some CYO and Quad designs to giveaway! Here I will post designs that I have completed for you to claim. All you have to do is 'like' this topic and post 'Claiming ______ Design' _______ being the name of the design. Good Luck! Rules (I know everyone hates them, but please follow them): 1. No selling the designs after I've given them to you, although re-gifting is fine. 2. You can make more stages/alts 3. You can make slight alterations 4. I would like a copy, but you don't have to 5. Please no winging, spamming, etc. 6. Sorry if the design is denied, please tell me and I'll change it 7. Have fun!! Please do not post yet - not ready
  13. New? Looking For a Pet?

    Welcome! This is a giveaway thread for anyone starting out who would like a free pet! c: Of course there are a few rules you must follow in order to receive a pet: You account may not be older than two weeks. You may only take one pet every other day. (This means if you adopt one today, come back the day after tomorrow for another!) It takes me a little while to gather these pets up, so don't hoard to many for yourself! c: You may not take duplicates of the same pet. Some of these pets are limited edition, or event pets meaning they're somewhat hard to come by. I will be keeping track of where all my pets go, so don't be greedy! Cx New Rule: If you do not pick up your pet from the trade within a week it will be put back in the giveaway thread! Looking to donate? Send me a private message on the forum or pet website. My name is the same on both sites. c: Available pets: Personal CYOs: Primates, Ect: Felines: Canines, Foxes, Ect: Rodents, Mustelids, Bears, Ect: Horses, Cows, Llamas, Sheep, Ect: Birds, Ect: Dragons, Fishes, Snakes, Lizards, Ect: Insects, Ect: Updated: 5/08/2013Thanks To For Donating:EquestrianJade: Mini Lop Rabbit, Shetland Sheepdog, Shetland Sheepdog, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Spotted Owlet, Luna Lion Fish, Bohemian Waxwing, Bohemian Waxwing, Keel Billed Toucan, Chow Chow Dog, Ferret, Anglerfish, Leopard Gecko, Golden Retriever Dog, Golden Retriever Dog Party Poison Grizzly Bear Kuitsumi Stickypaw Cat, Stickypaw Cat, Barn Owl, American Badger, Common Raccoon, Common Raccoon, American Flamingo, American Flamingo, Great Horned Owl, Berylline Hummingbird, American Paint Horse, Canada Goose, Gyrfalcon, Japanese Macaque, Inca Dove, Singing Moon Wolf, Love Seeker, Pygmy Rabbit, Keel Billed Toucan,Chinchilla, Woodland Jackalope, Woodland Jackalope, Rockstar, Threadfin Butterflyfish, Valentine Dog, Valentine Dog, Barbary Lion, New Year Puppy, New Year Puppy, New Year Puppy, Samoyed, Samoyed, Red Wolf, Artyfox, Leprechaun Sheep JellyBelly Pet 310533, Pet 173208, Pet 352049, Pet 352036, Pet 151652, Pet 170378, Pet 351747, Pet 362525, Pet 305576, Pet 62205, Pet 112397, Pet 292062, Pet 314849, Pet 339563, Pet 312329, Pet 312232, Pet 314497, Pet 276119, Pet 288226, Pet 313775, Pet 330679, Pet 341576, Pet 246824, Pet 314524, Pet 313701, Pet 313720, Pet 313677, Pet 360052, Pet 312205, Pet 323843, Pet 290741, Pet 314838, Pet 226687, Pet 305037, Pet 138873, Pet 290553, Pet 277627, Pet 273149, Pet 258381, Pet 305568, Pet 301674, Pet 269764, Pet 276417, Pet 269910, Pet 277916, Pet 314806, Pet 288149, Pet 308067, Pet 308068, Pet 325895, Pet 358833, Pet 235317, Pet 315373, Pet 325897, Pet 305877, Pet 302282, Pet 249761, Pet 278585, Pet 175492, Pet 213526, Pet 130886, Pet 298704, Pet 348294, Pet 173216, Pet 304047, Pet 5163, Pet 308073, Pet 308074, Pet 260080, Pet 327753, Pet 278870, Pet 305571, Pet 305574, Pet 330683, Pet 173116, Pet 339087, Pet 305036 (Oh god I hope I didn't forget to put any in the right room *sob*)
  14. Giveaway Eggy

    From the album Giveaway

    To be given away in a free raffle. <3

    © PA

  15. Giveaway Big Cat

    From the album Giveaway

    To be given away in a free raffle. <3

    © PA

  16. Chit's Christmas Giveaway!

    Hello everyone! I've made these little guys called Stocking Stuffers, and I want to give some away as a bit of an early Christmas present! There are 25 eggs, and you may post here with a number and you can have it! (first come, first serve of course!) If you would like to know what alt it is before it's hatched, let me know and I'll tell you. If you'd rather wait, then that's cool too X3 Once I have confirmed that you've gotten the number you picked, please send me a trade and I'll add it in If one isn't enough, you may purchase ONE more slot for 1zp. If you just want the one though, it is completely free! One more thing- there is only ONE golden stocking. If you manage to get that one, let me know and you can also have your pick of one of any of my other CYOs! Here's what they all look like! So just to recap (and to add anything I've forgotten XD) Rules: 1. One free pet each 2. One extra slot can be purchased for 1zp 3. These pets may be swapped with other players if you wanted a different alt 4. Don't trade or give them away 5. If you get the golden stocking, you get one of my CYOs free! 6. First come, first serve 7. Please send a trade once your number's been confirmed The Pets! 1----2-----3-----4----5 6-----7----8----9----10 11---12---13---14---15 16---17---18---19---20 21---22---23---24---25 2 left! Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. ZC Giveaway

    Since I'll be leaving soon, I'm giving away my ZC. It sums about 3000zc (I know, poor) and each person will get 100zc (I hope that's fair). To get them, you have to comment/post here, anything will be fine: a joke, a random thought, a song lyrics, etc... Everything, except bad thoughts, please. In fact, I'll very much appreciate funny things, but if not don't worry, you'll still get them.