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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, everyone! This is a random post, yes, but I'm just curious about what pets you guys think would be fun to breed. I'm going to list a few I'd like to see. Also, I'm going to list some pets that would probably make interesting hybrids. Please tell me what pets you'd like to see breeable and if you agree with me on any of these. Also, maybe tell me some possible hybrids you think would be interesting! 1. Polish Hound Dog. It's one of my favorite dog pets on here! It's just super cute! 2. Siberian Husky Dog. I don't even have a Siberian Husky Dog on here, but if I did It'd be one of my prized pets! What do you guys think a hybrid between one of these and a Polish Hound Dog would look like? Would it be a good or bad combination? Maybe I'll do some sketches of possible hybrids someday. 3. Shiba Inu Dog. This just might be my favorite dog on here~ It's my favorite dog breed in real life. Are there any pets you guys think it should be bred with to make a hybrid? 4. Munchkin Cat. Please make this happen PA. ;_; I need more of these cuties in my life. Also, lets just mix this cat with every other breed. XD Any cat bred with this would be absolutely adorable in my opinion. 5. Cornish Rex Cat. This was my first pet on this site. It's adorable and I think breeding it would be fun. 6. Bakeyokai. These are some of the coolest cat pets on the entire site. Who doesn't want this? 7. Snowpups. So, Snowkits are breedable...how about Snowpups? 8. Aardwolf. If you think these wouldn't be adorable in new colors you're wrong. Any hybrid ideas? 9. Unicorn of Life. I need more unicorns in my life. 10. Common Hamster. I NEED NEW SQUEAKERS. 11. Horned Parakeet. These are soooo beautiful. I want more! 12. Giraffe. Because Giraffes are adorable. ;D 13. Jellyfish. They're pretty cool when they're not stinging me. Also, I really like breeding colorful pets. 14. Common Carp. They're cute and there are several pattern and colors that would look amazing on this pet. 15. Flutterwing llama. Because who doesn't love this pet? Imagine all the possibilities! (Also, on another note, we need a breedable butterfly pet. We have a moth, but it's not the sameeee. EDIT: Added #12 - #15 There are a few others I'd like to see breedable too, but for now I'm just going to post these since they're the ones I'd like to see the most.