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Found 4 results

  1. School Uniforms by Kayler

    EDIT 1/1/18: These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! Just search "Kaylercool" and scroll to the bottom to find them. Some anime inspired School Uniforms I made for the Avatar Clothing Shop. They're not available yet, but I've already submitted them. This is actually all the colors I made. I usually include only a few, but this is all that I made. I hope you guys like them. I made some a while back, but I wasn't happy with them so I made new and improved versions. I'll update this image when they're available.
  2. onigiri plushie

    From the album Plushies

    made from felt, pattern/idea from here: http://www.hapyshoppe.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-to-make-kawaii-puppydog-onigiri.html

    © KJ2014NES

  3. Onigiri Puppy Plush

    From the album Plushies

    Made from felt, embroidered the mouth, I used a blanket stitch and the fell stitch to make it. patter/idea from here http://www.hapyshoppe.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-to-make-kawaii-puppydog-onigiri.html

    © KJ2014NES

  4. Hey people! I have several Custom ideas, all based on Japanese mythical creatures, lol~ And have added some others now as well. ^^ I'd like you to help decide which one to do next and maybe also donate for the one you like most. ^^ I'll list all of them now, with some info - info will be added as I work on them, like Alts and sketches and so on. ;3 If you have any Alt suggestions or stuff, feel free to post them. I appreciate them. ^-^ ~ Hoshi no Tama ~ DONE This will be an Alt Custom. It's a Kistune with 3 Tails and a Hoshi no Tama - a Star Ball. These Star Balls represent the Kitsune's soul. I'm still working on the different Alts and stuff, but this is how it should look basically, normal Alt. Normal Fox Colors. xD All Alts should have the black paws and ears, and the white belly and so on. The Star Balls will be the same color as the eyes. Alt1 ~ Normal Foxy Colors (orangish) with green eyes Alt2 ~ Blue with orange eyes Alt3 ~ Red with ? eyes Alt4 ~ Black/Dark-Grey with whitish eyes Alt5 ~ Purpleish with ? eyes Alt6 ~ White/Albino with red eyes of course Picture is taken from Magistream, it's not mine. And sketches, lol. Made during work time. xD I suck at drawing foxes. ~ Kuda-gitsune ~ Re-added as we talked it over. xD I know it had 1 vote before. ;P DONE A pipe fox. It will have Alts It's a pretty small - size of a mouse or even smaller - and cute fox with magic powers, that "lives" in a bamboo pipe. I will make sketches for this one soonish, lolz. ^^ Sketches done really quickly, last stage will have 9 tails. Of course it will have some Accessoires and stuff, but I have to think about it more, lol. ~ Son Goku ~ Monkey King Son Goku. No Alts. A cute monkey in some kind of Armor. Will have to think more about stages and stuff, but it will be epic. o3o I will try to draw something, but I fail at drawing monkeys, lol. -.- ~ Yamata no Orochi ~ A 8-headed and 8-tailed serpent~ Alted Mini Custom. Not much to say about it for now. o.O This is from the game Persona, not mine, lol. ~ Kamaitachi ~ SENDING IN SOON Not sure if it will have Alts or not. Normally 3 weasels, but I'll only make 1, lol. Some kind of wind/flying weasel. Weasel with wings! o.O *** New Idea *** Kouso na Soragin (Great SkyPenguin) It will be a Full Alted Penguin Custom. Or just a Mini Custom, still have to decide... Though I *want* to make a Full Custom out of this one. But it won't be a normal penguin. It's a bird, so it will have proper wings! * Sketch and more details will be added soon * Yousei na Soragin (Fairy SkyPenguin) Sooo, another winged Penguin. It's gonna be a MiniCustom with Alts. Well, a cute little penguin with fairy wings and fairy stuff, lol. * Sketch and more details will be added soon * I'd do a Nekomata as well, but someone else - I think Emma - wanted to do one, so that's unfortunately a no-no. All of these will be done eventually, but I can't decide which one to do next. x3 Thanks for looking and voting! tomomi~