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Found 33 results

  1. 5A76AC39-2AA6-4493-8F4D-C72742F22BFD.jpeg

    This is Lexi one of the puppers she’s very shy and only likes me and follows me around the house they protect me from my bigger dogs as they think they will hurt me
  2. 31888548-5EBD-46E0-B119-3EE27B758280.jpeg

    This is baby hearts because she has a lot of hearts on her body she loves everyone but loves me more as I have spent more time with her
  3. 2C31DDBD-9304-4C2B-89F1-25D350330542.jpeg

    These are the dogs I’m going to watch for awhile until I get my new dog that is currently breeding, it will be her last litter as she has joint issues I will post a pic of her later but we are just going to have these guys for a while and these are Russian chihuahuas a rare Breed of chihuahua
  4. #1 Selfie time

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Takuto and Setsuna, some of my very first OCs. They are the cutest and I love them very much. <3
  5. Prolouge Hi. My name is Linda, and I'm 16 years old. My family revolves almost like every other family does. My life consists of going to school, lostening to music, cooking for my mother, father, and little brother, Joel, and playing with my pet Frost the white wolf. He's a runt the zoos bornt and my job was to try and recreate wilderness by helping him. But in the fateful afternoon where Joel and Dad were out for some slurpees after the soccer game, we lost almost everything. My dad was hurt terribly and died a minute after he got to the hospital. My brother couldn't breathe nor talk much on his own anymore. The doctors were only Canadian, and required more traditional medicine and health care than what we had now. They would take years and maybe even decades to study other cultures and master their way of doing. None of us had that long. The doctors pleaded for me to go around the world, and find them at least two apprentices of great doctors to help Joel and a lot more others. And I accepted. I'll need the help of some friends at school though. Will you be willing? Spots Mum - Craze Linda - Craze Joel and Dad - Liza (Linda's BFF!) - (Change name into something more creative if taking these spots) Guy 2 - Girl 3 - Guy 4 - Girl 5 - Girl 6 - Guy 7 - Guy 8 - Guy 9 - Requirements I think to be able to post at least once per two weeks would be great. If you somehow do not have access to an electronic device: camping, got gtrounded, relatives over and you're exhausted, on a honeymoon and your lover will be hurt if they caught you on it, etc. Please simply let me know by saying "I don't have access to an electronic device for blah blah blah to blah blah blah." The maximum of characters I am not super fussy about, just please no taking half or all the spots. For when you're gone and you're the whole rest of the roleplay it'd be difficult to play without you! Every player is needed. And also, you have a life. Right? Please follow the signup below: (Oh and you don't need to fill in the ones with ° beside it. They're optional. OC means of character.) °Your username on petadoptables: (Everything below is OC) Name: Age: Gender: Partner/lover(Write if you have one, write single if you're open and crush if you're interested in someone): °Additional Info:
  6. Welcome to the Breeder's Club! Do you looove to breed? If so this is the club for you! You can post your breeding outcomes, ask for co-breeding, ask for someone to breed pets for you, talk about breeding pets (new breeding pets or old), or anything basicly having to do with breeding. Highlighted Breeding Pet: CorgiPom! No requirements needed to join just have a love for breeding! Jump on in whenever you'd like! Rules: 1. Be kind; don't be rude/whining 2. You may post pets for sale, pets available for breeding/any empty rooms 3. Have fun And don't make me add any more rules please! If you'd like to support this club then become an official member! No payment or requirement just post: I support! and you'll be added onto the official members list
  7. I Need Some Advice

    This may not be the kind of post you were all expecting, but I have a question. There is this boy at my school. I really, really like him. We're both graduating in June. Both of us have been single for a while and we've shared kisses, and snuggled. We're not dating yet, but we have hooked up. Recently, I have thought about asking him out. Now here's the rough part. We have both been hurt by our recent exes. Mine cheated, his verbally abused him. I'm excited about the idea of us together but because of what I went through with my previous relationship I'm scared that the same thing will happen again. I'm also terrified of rejection. I love him. We've had feelings for each other for two years. Do I take the chance or wait for him to ask? My anxiety is shooting through the roof. I don't know what to do. We have a week off from school next week. If I decide to ask him I'll do it then. But I really need some help.
  8. Moumoku Ai

    From the album CYO's

    The Base sketch for Moumoku Ai the name mean's Blind love i may add a heart between the paw's it hasn't been decided yet. How does it look so far? also what color should it be i'm thinking it should have alt's but i'm sure... someone comment and tell me what you think....
  9. Ikiru's click shop

    I'd love it if you could click my pets. Oh! and if you do I have a little something for you! I have 6 groups but ignore the doublesswap group. So, for every group you totally click you get 2 pet from my doublesswap group. It'll be either random or you can specifically tell me if you have one you like the most. IF YOU CLICK ALL MY PET YOU GET A MANED WOLF FREE! *will haft to wait till they grow up but you WILL get one* When u finish clicking @ me and tell me which group you clicked and what pets you want from my doublesswap group or just random.
  10. interest check??

    It was a cool night, the moon had just settled at its peak when something called you from deep slumber. A blue light appears in the sky and streaks toward a lake. As curiosity pegs you, you find yourself following the light and at the base of the lake you discover others have followed the same light. The light begins to dim and a crystal is left in its place. Everyone stops in aww and stares at the giant crystal infront of them when a girl steps forward and places her hand on it. Suddenly the crystal explodes engulfing all of those around them and sending them to a new world, Crovi. You awake to find yourself turned into a part animal/ part human verson of yourself in a word ruled by an evil tyrant who seeks the crystal to take over your world as well. To do this he needs to collect the gems that are now embedded in you and the others.
  11. wyvernegg

    From the album Coup de foudre

  12. female

    From the album Coup de foudre

  13. Everyone knows of the war between demons and angels that happened many centuries ago that had finally ended after the Prince Domin of the demon side saved Prince Kristen. After this display of kindness the angels had no need to fight the demons anymore and the war long since subsided. But some Angels still held resentment, especially some of the most powerful Angels 'The Arch Angels'. Than years later the son of the Demon (Now) King and the Daughter of the Angel King mated and bore a child as a symbol of peace between the two species. But many of the angels were displeased with the Kings choice and chose to roit. The roits soon turned into another war but it was not about the half breed child but about eachothers differences. Such as half of them having black wings or white wings, others having two wing or four wings, and than others being for male or female.......The War was maddening but there was nothing the king could do but watch his people slaughter themselves...... The half blood Prince, now older, wishes this to stop now by summoning his friends from the underworld into the high heaven's to help bring this war to an end~ But will it help or make things worse? Rules: No Godmodding, I Know These Are Angels And Demons; but still Please keep the Angels And Demons Even Include Nowa In The Other No Real-Life Characters Please No Plagerising, Original Characters PLEASE 3 Characters Per Person Don't Kill Without Permission Not Too Much Gore Can Not Fall In Love With Your Own Characters Must Be Approved Remain Active Minimum of 3 Sentences Name: Gender: Personality: Crush: Number/Color Of Wings (Angel): Demon Species (Demons): Weapon: Background (Optional): Good/Evil/Neutral: Humanoid Pic: True Form (Demons): Angelic Form (Angels): Pet (Optional): Other:
  14. So not sure on the name...but for now it's Tima to Yoki, which means Yoki and Tima in japanese! The custom will feature two characters, a pipe fox that becomes a kyuubi kitsune named Yoki, and a nekomata named Tima! The two grow up together and eventually fall in love! Before I finish the sketches and start it, I need to know if I can create my own custom if it is PA style or do I HAVE to let a official artist do it? @Cake Here are the sketches I have so far, the egg and baby stage: (digicam images will be replaced with lineart) I'm still working on the description! If anyone is interested in writing the description for it, I'll give you a free alt of your choice! If interested, plz pm me! =^ v ^= Any suggestion for how I can make it more PA style (if needed), would be great! XD And last but not least, let me know what you all think!
  15. About Cats And Dragons

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Phew, it was fun, lol! I like how it looks. x3 From left to right: Momo * Yoshitsune * Kouji * Hiroaki Momo is an ice dragon and about 80 years old. He was rescued by the other 3. He was a slave before. Yoshitsune is about 200 years old, one of the biggest and strongest dragon species, always grumpy and mean and mistrustful to anyone. He likes to yell and hit Kouji, but actually he does like him quite a bit, lol. Kouji is 18 years old and one of the beast men, he can also change into a (calico) cat. He loves eating and Yoshitsune. xD He hates water and being alone. Hiroaki is 19 years old and a boringly normal human. xD He's a great thief and taught all he knows about it to Yoshitsune and Kouji. He is the babysitter of the others, lolz. If you are wondering "Kouji, Kouji, I heard that before" (though I doubt it xD), yes, it's the Custom I have. That's him in cat form. If anyone wants to read the story, it is complete and I already translated the first 11 chapters (of 13) or so for another site. But beware, it's completely girl free, so that means Shounen-Ai. No, nothing hardcore, but still some people don't like that. xD Original language is German. So, if someone wants to read, PM me, but don't laugh, lol! I'm sure it's better in German. xD

    © @tomomi

  16. Group Lines

    From the album ~*~ tomo's art box ~*~

    Momo * Yoshitsune * Kouji * Hiroaki Will be done in the next days~

    © @tomo

  17. Loki Explores

    From the album My Pets!

    Loki came out to explore the new apartment.
  18. Bubble Fangs.

    From the album My Pets!

    I swear this wasn't me torturing her. YOU SEE. I moved out and refused to live anywhere without my cat so she had to go on a thirty minute car ride plus stay in the car with me while boyfriend got cat litter from Wal-mart. Needless to say she got stressed and I panicked so I took a picture and sent to my mom asking if anything was wrong with her. Obviously, she's perfectly fine and I fell in love with the picture.
  19. "What?!"

    From the album My Pets!

    Hey guess what, I guess you weren't expecting this.. More Loki-face!
  20. Loki?!

    From the album My Pets!

    MORE Loki-face!
  21. "You're Doing Laundry Without Me?!"

    From the album My Pets!

    Loki caught me in the middle of doing laundry and refused to move off the of washer..
  22. Loki and Ozzy with a Rose.

    From the album My Pets!

    Loki was playing with the fake rose and I was luck enough to catch Ozzy mid-yawn in the background.
  23. Loki likes Boxes...

    From the album My Pets!

    Title says is all. She loves her boxes.