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Found 4 results

  1. ~Missing Ducks~

    My beloved duck pair has gone missing. They were spooked by something one night and took off, getting themselves lost. Puddleduck and Frank are always together, they never leave each other's side. Find one and you'll find the other. Frank is really friendly and will try to glomp your legs, wanting to be held, he is very protective of Puddleduck. Puddleduck is a bit shy but if you are slow and gentle she'll come to you. The duo was spooked by something and took off to escape whatever it was, getting themselves lost. Puddleduck sometimes comes to you if you call her 'Duck duck' in a gentle voice. I miss them greatly and would love to see them again. And if possible... have them back with me safely. ~Current leads~ October/???/2011: Pair was spotted in Westlake Village CA on a dock near a lake. They were the most friendly ducks there according to the person telling me this. They have not been seen there for weeks as they most likely have migrated with other ducks from the area. (Note: The above information about them not being there kinda scares me.They're friendly but if they went up to someone, would the person see them as dangerous and have them taken away since they have no ID tags and are thought to be wild?)
  2. Missing ZC?

    Just now I went onto the main site, and noticed me ZC has gone down since last night. My current total is 3.80ZC, but I clearly remember leaving yesterday with about 23 or 28ZC, since I remember from the AR Frenzy, I bought one pet slot and it dropped me to lower then 30ZC. After that, I didn't do anything but leave the main site. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't re-call buying anything after the frenzy, since I'm trying to save up my money, not spend it. Thank you for your time, ~OceanHorse
  3. Rarity?

    Hey, I just checked the bazzar and the rarity's were GONE! I also checked my pets/others pets rarity's and they were missing as well! The only way i'm able to see the rarity's were to CLICK ON the pet? Is this a new feature or something??? Is anyone else here having this problem????? HELP!!!!!!
  4. Hello! I am crazy mad Collector, so I wanna have ALL the Alts. And by ALL i mean every single alt for every species! I will buy missing alts for reasonable prizes. So don't go crazy. XD For some of them I can offer Alt Trades. Hope someone can help me out! Also i can save the ZC so i can buy the pet if your asking more than i have! I will be buying petts all the time so either message me on here or post here the pets you have for sale!!! xxx American Badger: Want: American Pika: Want: Atlantic Octopus Want: Atlantic Puffin Want: Blue Jay Want: Blue Ringed Octopus Want: Bohemian Waxwing Want: Boston Terrier Dog Want: Canada Goose Want: Caracal Cat Want: Chiuahua Dog Want: Eastern Chipmunk Want: Ferret Want: Inca Dove Want: Mini Lop Rabbit Want: Mountain Quail Want: North American Otter Want: Platypus Want: Potbellied Pigs Want: UPDATED! PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF I AM NOT ON! THANK YOU!