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Found 1 result

  1. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    Welcome~ Accepted Payments - Custom/Cyo Trades - Zp -Zc - Art! PM for details. :3 Rules: ~Please do not Sell or Trade any Custom/Cyo you bought. ~ Please do not Alt Change any Customs/Cyo's you bought. ~ Egg Drop Cyo's are exempt from the above rules. ~ Changing genders for whatever reason is fine. ~After a pets been in a trade for 5 days and I've not heard from you, I will cancel the trade and the egg will go back up for sale. If I catch you breaking the first two rules I will ban you from buying any of my Customs/Cyo's in the future. Customs Customs with Alts Ixbalanque Artist: Kellymarie -These are not for sale just yet!- Zburator Artist: Kellymarie 3500 Zc or 10 Zp Bessie Artist: Miosita 2500zc or 5Zp Yaksha Artist: Kellymarie -Shared with Rain-in March- These are for trade for other Customs only! Just offer~ 45/50 Nevereen By Kellymarie -Sold Out- Mini Customs with Alts Tilki Artist: Miosita 1500Zc or 3 Zp Shadow of Greyon By Kellymarie 1500zc or 3 Zp Phoenix of Azaliath Artist: CoconutMilkyway Shared with KingAce -Sold Out- Tailypo Artist: Kendle 1500zc or 3 Zp Mini Customs Vodou Artist: Kellymarie 3Zp, Art Trades, or Customs Trades Wretched Artist: Kellymarie 3Zp, Art Trades, or Custom Trades 14/50 Nushen Artist: Hoshi 1000Zc or 2Zp Cyo's Supreme Cyo's Geaux Siopilos Artist: Alcarie 1000Zc or 2Zp Murrliel Lineart/Shading by Aeryn - Coloring by Alcarie For Roleplayer's. Must have Rp'd here on PA, but not necessarily with me. Out of Stock! Valentine Buddy By Alcarie Used for Gifting only. PM for inquiries. Elysium Lineart by Jade/Alcarie - Shading and Coloring by Alcarie Alt 1 is Not for Sale 1000ZC or 2ZP Tuftswipe This lovely was done by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez 1000Zc or 2Zp Spirit Keeper Idea and sketch by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Everything else by Alcarie. 1000zc or 1zp Urafiki Artist: Match 1000ZC or 1zp Alted and Staged Cyo's Masque de la Mort Artist: Calum 500Zc or 1Zp Unhallowed Host Artist: Match 500 Zc or 1Zp Staged Only Cyo's Gargouille Artist: Rinai 800Zc or 1 Zp These are special to me, so more expensive. Fraidy Cat Artist: Lucky333123 No more currently for Sale Alted Only Cyo's Abstruse Mongrel Artist: Alcarie 200Zc or 1Zp Felis Reverie Artist: Alcarie 400Zc or 1Zp Ringtail Cat Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1 Zp Clandestine Artist: Alcarie 500 Zc or 1 ZP Wintertide Artist: Aeryn 600Zc or 1 Zp Hafgufa Artist: Rose305 500zc or 1zp Heraldic Griffon Artists: Matchiiehew 500zc or 1zp Cogs of Time Artists: Matchiiehew 500zc or 1 Zp Shaman King Artist: Rose305 500zc or 1 Zp Turkish Angora Artist: Alcarie 500zc or 1zp Single Staged and Alted Cyo's Sideshow Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1Zp Bardawulf Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1 Zp Cabal Lineart/Shading by Velseir - Hat/Coloring by Alcarie 500Zc or 1Zp Egg Drop CYO's ~ I cannot pick alts for these guys, but I can choose gender. ~ If you buy an egg, hatch it, and its an alt you don't want I will trade you it for another egg free of charge. Fantaziya Artist: Alcarie -Out of Stock- Pride Puppy Artist: Unknown 400Zc or 1 Zp Spirit Realm Artist: Alcarie 500Zc or 1zp Pretty Paw Artist: Matchiiehew 300Zc or 1zp Kleur Artist: Matchiiehew 300Zc or 1Zp Arachnid Pony Artist: Alcarie 500 Zc or 1Zp I prefer to trade full customs for full customs, mini for mini, or CYO for CYO. If you'd prefer mini for full it would be 2:1. I will not trade Customs for CYO's unless Supreme. For the two that are for Art trades/Zp only you can PM and we can work something out. 'Art' is a broad term to me, so it's not just digital/paper drawings. Upcoming CYO's Maljav *needs 10zp to be made private and Supreme Brush* By: Alcarie