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Found 1 result

  1. Alcarie's Custom Shop ~

    - Closed - I don't really get on here anymore. Sorry! Welcome~ Accepted Payments - Custom/Cyo Trades - Zp -Zc - Art! PM for details. :3 Rules: ~Please do not Sell or Trade any Custom/Cyo you bought. ~ Please do not Alt Change any Customs/Cyo's you bought. ~ Egg Drop Cyo's are exempt from the above rules. ~ Changing genders for whatever reason is fine. ~After a pets been in a trade for 5 days and I've not heard from you, I will cancel the trade and the egg will go back up for sale. If I catch you breaking the first two rules I will ban you from buying any of my Customs/Cyo's in the future. Customs Customs with Alts Ixbalanque Artist: Kellymarie -These are not for sale just yet!- Zburator Artist: Kellymarie 3500 Zc or 10 Zp Bessie Artist: Miosita 2500zc or 5Zp Yaksha Artist: Kellymarie -Shared with Rain-in March- These are for trade for other Customs only! Just offer~ 45/50 Nevereen By Kellymarie -Sold Out- Mini Customs with Alts Tilki Artist: Miosita 1500Zc or 3 Zp Shadow of Greyon By Kellymarie 1500zc or 3 Zp Phoenix of Azaliath Artist: CoconutMilkyway Shared with KingAce -Sold Out- Tailypo Artist: Kendle 1500zc or 3 Zp Mini Customs Vodou Artist: Kellymarie 3Zp, Art Trades, or Customs Trades Wretched Artist: Kellymarie 3Zp, Art Trades, or Custom Trades 14/50 Nushen Artist: Hoshi 1000Zc or 2Zp Cyo's Supreme Cyo's Geaux Siopilos Artist: Alcarie 1000Zc or 2Zp Murrliel Lineart/Shading by Aeryn - Coloring by Alcarie For Roleplayer's. Must have Rp'd here on PA, but not necessarily with me. -Out of Stock- Valentine Buddy By Alcarie Used for Gifting only -Out of Stock- Elysium Lineart by Jade/Alcarie - Shading and Coloring by Alcarie Alt 1 is Not for Sale 1000ZC or 2ZP Tuftswipe This lovely was done by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez 1000Zc or 2Zp Spirit Keeper Idea and sketch by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Everything else by Alcarie. 1000zc or 1zp Urafiki Artist: Match 1000ZC or 1zp Alted and Staged Cyo's Masque de la Mort Artist: Calum 500Zc or 1Zp Unhallowed Host Artist: Match 500 Zc or 1Zp Staged Only Cyo's Gargouille Artist: Rinai 800Zc or 1 Zp These are special to me, so more expensive. Fraidy Cat Artist: Lucky333123 No more currently for Sale Alted Only Cyo's Abstruse Mongrel Artist: Alcarie 200Zc or 1Zp -Sold Out- Felis Reverie Artist: Alcarie 400Zc or 1Zp Ringtail Cat Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1 Zp Clandestine Artist: Alcarie 500 Zc or 1 ZP Wintertide Artist: Aeryn 600Zc or 1 Zp -Sold Out- Hafgufa Artist: Rose305 500zc or 1zp Heraldic Griffon Artists: Matchiiehew 500zc or 1zp Cogs of Time Artists: Matchiiehew 500zc or 1 Zp Shaman King Artist: Rose305 500zc or 1 Zp Turkish Angora Artist: Alcarie 500zc or 1zp Single Staged and Alted Cyo's Sideshow Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1Zp Bardawulf Artist: Alcarie 300Zc or 1 Zp Cabal Lineart/Shading by Velseir - Hat/Coloring by Alcarie 500Zc or 1Zp Egg Drop CYO's ~ I cannot pick alts for these guys, but I can choose gender. ~ If you buy an egg, hatch it, and its an alt you don't want I will trade you it for another egg free of charge. Fantaziya Artist: Alcarie -Out of Stock- Pride Puppy Artist: Unknown 400Zc or 1 Zp Spirit Realm Artist: Alcarie 500Zc or 1zp Pretty Paw Artist: Matchiiehew 300Zc or 1zp Kleur Artist: Matchiiehew 300Zc or 1Zp Arachnid Pony Artist: Alcarie 500 Zc or 1Zp Humming Griffin Artist: Alcarie 300 Zc or 1Zp I prefer to trade full customs for full customs, mini for mini, or CYO for CYO. If you'd prefer mini for full it would be 2:1. I will not trade Customs for CYO's unless Supreme. For the two that are for Art trades/Zp only you can PM and we can work something out. 'Art' is a broad term to me, so it's not just digital/paper drawings. Upcoming CYO's Maljav *needs 10zp to be made private and Supreme Brush* By: Alcarie