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Found 5 results

  1. Elementail Order Thread

    Elementails Leaftail // Firetail // Icetail // Sparktail // Windtail // Darktail There exists a peculiar tree, wind-swept and bare, ashen and dry. One would think it dead--but then every once in a long while it does bloom, and amongst its drab leaves you'll find brilliant sparkling treasures, with a tiny sleeping pup nestled inside each precious bundle. The pup and its leaf are inseparable, growing together until they combine as one, morphing into masters of elements: Elementails.
  2. Pre-Orders: Supreme Brush. Note:this will be a private pet!. Horses of the apocalypse (note:name may change if its too long) Here's the sketches of what the horses will look like:please not these are SKETCHES I am going to redo them in my manga studio. There Will be 1 stage,the adult stage. Names of alts Conquest,Famine,Death,War Colors: Death: black body,white skull,silver scythe and red eyes with shadows. shadows around the feet and tail. Conquest: White Body,golden hair,shining golden hooves,dark gold bow,silver arrow. Famine: Pale grey-ish green,black hair and a dark bronze scale at his from feet (gonna add that in manga studio) War: War Lineart: Dark Bordo Body,Flaming mane,Dark grey armor,light red-ish brown cape. Long sword at his feet (adding that in manga studio.) I will be using use the adult horse base. Slots: (2 zp per slot,each pre-order gets a free random cyo from my collection) 1.@Alcarie 2.@Alcarie 3.@Alcarie 4.@Alcarie 5. 6. 7.
  3. This Is The six legged Wolf/Sleipnir Full Stage's Full Alt's These are the Line-arts I realized because I had so many tests that I wouldn't have time :/ Example of the coloring (alt 1) These are the alt colors ^~^ 10 slots,2zp each 1.@Senrier 2.@Senrier 3.@Ocean 4.@Ocean 5.@Ocean 6.@Ocean 7.@Ocean 8.@Ocean 9.@Najawarie 10.@Matchitehew 11.@Matchitehew 12.@Matchitehew 13.@Matchitehew 14.@Matchitehew 15.@Matchitehew these are optional slots for all those who missed out =^~^= same price,(though its the better deal because when on site these pets will be about 4-5 zp) (optional slots) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. for all the players who ordered a whole set,will receive in addition a rare random pet from me =^~^=
  4. Ninja Kitteh Pre-Orders!

    HELLO THERE~! This is my very first CYO! I need an Alt brush, so I will have 5 2zp slots. If you don't have ZP, I will also have 5 500 ZC slots! A full set will cost 2,950 ZC, or 9 ZP, a 200 ZC/1 ZP discount!So, let's get started! Below this is my first CYO, the Ninja Kitteh! I want to that Puppy Pawz and Velesir for the shading, line edits and coloring, even if all I asked for was help with line edits! There are 5 Alts and only 1 stage. On site, Alt 5 will be rarest, so it will cost 750 ZC, while the rest will be 600. As for ZP, on site Alt 6 will be 3ZP, while the rest only 2. Thank you for viewing (and hopefully purchasing) my Ninja Kitteh CYO! One set set aside for me, one Alt Six set aside for Puppy Pawz, and one (unknown) set aside for Velesir. ZC 1 Alt Five Male - @uria15 2 3 4 5 ZP 1 2 3 4 5 Alt One is orange, Alt 2 is yellow, Alt 3 is green, Alt 4 is pink, and Alt 5 is black. On Hold~ One Alt Five Female for @
  5. ♥ Welcome to ♥ Sketchi's Custom Commissions SO, I like to draw, and if you like the way I draw, you can ask me to draw stuff for you! YAY! THE PRICE YOUR SOUL!! no just kidding, why would I want that... Mini Customs with alts: $25 without alts: $20 Full Customs with alts: $60 without alts: $50 --- Extra Lineart Edits this is optional, and is calculated per drawing simple edits: $3 (eg; if you want one alt to be wearing sunglasses, hats, winking, etc) complex edits: $5 (eg; if you want one alt to have longer fur, wings, etc) in this example, there are 5 extra edits, so that's an extra $25. complete redraws: $15 (eg; if you want an alt to be in a different pose) --- I would also appreciate 1 pet from your custom, any gender and alt, since I like to have at least one of everything I draw. for examples, check my profile! every custom and CYO I've ever drawn is posted. or scrolllll down for previous commissions! Fill out the form, and if I'm ok with it, I'll let you know and only THEN you can go submit your brush and send me money. I'll keep you updated on the progress via PMs. Paypal: sketchi@gmail.com FORM Custom Type: Any extra edits? Amount in USD: Describe what you want: Picture Reference, if available: