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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Everyone,Im in current Need of ZC & ZP so im going to sell some of my unwanted/unneeded pets mostly extinct/ultra rare/mega rare/rare and limited+ holiday edition pets. please don't offer prices you know you wouldent accept on a pet you'r selling. also there are some pets I will only accept zp or maybe zp+zp. so just ask thanks =^~^= ​Limited Edition: Holiday Pets: Meadow Pets: Mega Rares: Extinct/ZP: ZP Pets: (f)(m)[20-25zp] (m)-outcome 3rd generation [25-30zp] oh and I don't accept trades/ores
  2. Selling Ores

    I am selling my ores for a ratio of 5 zc = 10 silver : 5 gold : 3 platinum. Willing to haggle. Will accept pets. All of the ores I currently have as of 4/1/14: 796 Platinum 1483 Gold 351 Silver
  3. ELLO HUMANS Welcome to A Bag of Pets! I shall be selling pets, ores, and CYOS, so keep an eye out for new updates! SELLING ORES Here is what I currently have. 2 Platinum (just sold it alllllll :3) 52 Gold and 1521 Silver SELLING PETS Here are some pets that I am willing to sell, for I don't need them. I'm bad at pricing, so offer what you think is fair! I will accept alt swaps, ZC, ZP, and CYOs. No ores please! Thank for visiting! COMING SOON!!! Want to see these in store NOW? Pre-order here! http://www.forums.petadoptables.com/index.php/topic/12996-harlequin-ninja-kitteh-and-white-tiger-preorders/
  4. Selling Ores!

    Hey guys! I'm selling my platinum, silver, and gold for ZC The chart is as follows. 2 Silver= 1 zc 1 gold= 1 zc 1 Platinum= 2 zc I will also take zp for my ores. Post your offer and we will discuss equivalency. Currently I have 2178 Platinum 4743 gold 6160 silver
  5. closed please lock

    So i'm in need of some more platinum in order to buy a few more puptauros! I just need 3 more! specifically these 3: so currently i need a total of 1600 more platinum to buy the last egg! i now have 2 of the eggs so just 1 more to buy! In order to get this i will be selling ores and pets the ores available are: 1500 silver (i will pay 100 silver for 50 platinum) 200 gold (i will pay 50 gold for 25 platinum) pets available can be seen in my 'for sale' room on the main site (username omiai) I will also sell me cyo's for platinum as well, the link for my cyo shop is in my signature! (some pets are no longer available: acorn wielder, foxxie florae) prices on the ores are negotiable, since i'm not 100% sure what the exchange rate is XD
  6. Ore Selling Spree! ^-^

    Hello, earthlings. Hehe I'm just weird like that ^^ I'm in a need for money and have plenty of ores to sell! I'll be selling 100 gold (0/100 sold) I'll be selling 200 platinum (200/200 sold) And last but not least 500 silver (0/500 sold) Make an offer, but please make it fair! I repeat, as I am not good with prices, Make an Offer!
  7. Buying ZP for ZC and/or ores

    Since I don't seem to have very valuable pets and would like to get some ZP, state your offer here. 100 ZC per 1 ZP is, of course, the minimum. I'd say about 500-600 ZC per ZP would be my maximum, though. 750 silver per 1 ZP sounds reasonable, right? 150 gold for 1 ZP. Don't know if anyone's looking for platinum, but still - 50 platinum for 1 ZP. I could do mixes, too. So, if anyone's interested...
  8. Ores for sell

    Hello people of PA i have way too many ores and nothing to do with them,so how about selling them. I really want zp because i need 9 more to make a cyo i already have commissioned but i will accept zc. i will also accept any offer that has zp so offer away please 400 Platinum(1 Platinum = 10 ZC) 174 Gold(1 Gold = 2 ZC) 2254 Silver(5 Silver = 2 ZC)
  9. Amy's Ores for Sale!!!

    Howdy all! I'm AmyLynn, and I just joined recently. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Nuigurumi Plushies on here, but I'm still a little short on ZC. I really have no use for my ores, so I've decided to sell them! If my prices are unfair, please let me know! Being new, I just used the prices I saw someone else selling their ores for. Currently Selling: 79 Platinum (1 Platinum = 10 ZC) 117 Gold (1 Gold = 2 ZC) 45 Silver (5 Silver = 2 ZC) Thank you so much for your time and hopefully your business! ~ AmyLynn
  10. Hello everyone! Welcome to my pet shop! All of this stuff is for sale, and I will remove the ones I sell once they're sold. I try to keep up with prices, (because of re-releases for promos, the prices go down) but if you think anything is too high just let me know. I try to price everything here about 20 ZC below the lowest Bazzar price, so I think it's pretty good. Unless the Bazzar price in outrageous. If you would like me to lower the price on something, I'm willing most of the time. If something is overpriced, I will most likely mark it down soon after I find out. I try to keep track of things. I also have a Custom and CYO shop: http://www.petadopta...-t-rexon-added/ Selling Normal Fish Ethereal Woodland Jackolope: 30 ZC, 100 Silver, or 60 Gold Limited Edition Berylline Hummingbird: 5 ZC, 20 Silver, or 10 Gold Yorkshire Terrier: 45 ZC, 100 Silver or 80 Gold Special Edition Desert Hedgehog: 80 ZC, 200 Silver or 130 Gold Explore Exclusive American Pika: 30 ZC, 90 Silver or 50 Gold Other Summer Essence Dragon: 250 ZC New! None Alt Swap: (I prefer swapping same level pets, but it doesn't have to be the same level. ) Malayan Tiger foror (White preferred) For (Any stage, will pay an extra 300 ZC for white.) For any other alt I'm also looking to trade some Capybara's for Desert Hedgehogs. If you would like to alt swap any pets in the selling part, I will most likely swap. Buying All except:Inca Doves, Ringtails, Roufus Mouse Lemurs, Shetland Ponies, Persian Cats, Beagles, Artic Foxes, African Penguins, Atlantic Puffins, Guinea Pigs, Clown fish, Fantail Singrays and I'm sure there's something else... I'll update this constantly. I will pay up to 150 ZC for all things listed, except Rats, Doves, Shetlands, and Mouse Lemurs. (And for the Penguins, I'll pay up to 300, Rats 20, Tammar Wallaby's 100, Badgers 100, Scottish Folds 100, and some others less than 150.) If you have any of these your willing to sell, I'll be happy to take them off your hands!
  11. Crystal Keepers are out soon and I'm using this to keep track of Pre-orders: 1. Tomomi (2) 2. Honesta (2) 3. Pixiequeen (2 - Male and Female) 4. FernisWolff (1) 5. Alexian345 Pet Trade: Spiritwolfe: Yamichuukari
  12. Ores = ZC or Credits

    Hi, I’m Grace and this is my idea. First in all we know that in Mines (mining) you get Gold, Silver and Platinum also called Ores, and that Ores have a value. . Example: And normally you get Ores but you don’t want them or you think that you will never get the enough to buy an Ores Pet. I propose that like the "Purchase Click Exchange Credits" when you can swap you ZC to Credits. Will be a new feature called "Purchase ZC or Credits" when you can swap your Ores for ZC or Credits. With a limit of course, like You only can swap 5 Platinum into ZC try the next day/week (PA will choose this). Each Ore will have a different limit of amount that you could get (because they value is different). Edit: When you use this exchange you will get less than the value of the Ore to get the PA economy fine. Example: **I will add photos and some more info, sorry if i have some spelling mistakes**