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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! First of All, If you don't know about the PA Fairies, go here: PA Fairies are Buying! There are a lot of members who don't have profile comments enabled, either because they don't know how or don't want to. So, In order to help more people get pets, we, the Fairies, would love it if you could post here. It can be about anything at all. Just because you post right then doesn't mean that you will get one right then. We will randomly pick out of those who post, along with randoms on the site. Please note that this is a thread for those who haven't been gifted; if you have, please do not post. If you post and get gifted later, we really wish that you edit your posts to say that you have been gifted, then stop posting so we don't get confused. You don't have to post "Hey I haven't been gifted." Because, well, if you're posting we know that. You can talk about current events or hobbies or reply to what someone else said on here. Please keep it appropriate and OK according to the PA forum rules. Nothing that makes people uncomfortable, including cursing. Please don't post complaints like "WHY have I not been gifted???" It doesn't do anyone good. You will be gifted, unless, of course, you are violating the guidelines we have set. Thanks guys! ~ PA Fairies, otherwise known as Webby, Tomomi, SpiritWolfe and Brightshadow tomo speaking~~ Check my profile and the "Fairy" room. You can have any pet in there. List of those gifted(in no specific order): sonicx510 Crystal Moonshadow Beru Timb3rStr Fruityahhlicious Tsime Honesta Alexian345 Jissy Yoshi princess_kiya MFDM Crocodile Tail Elizabeth Zaiphon Quickie tobio6164 BlackBerryTea Mimithecat CompanionAce Sekhmet Krafty20 iiPurkyPandie Jolitaire Calum Adhara Lulover Elfa Jazz0109 SDeath Lyse Deajua825 vulpes teddybear64 hvernon Riverflow Zuckersternchen firedancer123 Rabbitheart Midnight9 buffy2000 lyrebirdgirl mbILLIOBA RedKittySoul nozoo Shimiro tigerspirit13 dqwerty Voloshka seraaches ShibaInuFan cubexline Keegan SweetAngel booknut cervas OceanHorse xxJadeoxx Ragani animalcrazyforpets Fennec Koalie hawkbreath101 Halogen Variousidentities Ninjawolf Vio3Red Lucky333123 mounthestia Epic Fail rbajl5 ClarissaK Brightshadow Bluesand1313 karina754 sheschenker Vulcana Railkielia monkerluver381 Lilytora Spottedheart Caseyp 9829Bex119829 Bbun Ide LovelessSoul TheRubyLady Reliant LuckyPleo Yugi135 Feather Schattenschwert Sapphiresong Ferro Ayumu14 CoconutCat Witchchylde funkyrach01 funfunfunny9 Sassyafras123 Bluemooncheese Tany99 9829Faith9829 SundaeNomz Ready Jger Intempestivity revolno Froggytails Fairfenix SoareThingMyr allielynn pokebuggirl brennzoo Bishie Kaichou Snowstream1997 love23bug lilaca emmettclover Dawnwillow Spirana pspsp13 TheCurrencyOfTea DreamBaby Sierrascarlet Coldasice wolf spirit