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Found 28 results

  1. We're going to begin slowly improving the site based on YOUR suggestions! Is there something you'd like to see changed or improved on the site? Post your suggestion here! We'll take ALL suggestions into consideration!
  2. Kayla's Pet Shop (OPEN)

    First all pets for sale are in 1.Shop Room ONLY. Please Comment the pet(s) below and I will get to you ASAP. Rules to Remember: 1. Some Pets I have very few of so no fighting over pets 2. If you ask for a pet first you get it 3. I can hold pets for up to a week unless otherwise discussed
  3. Need Clicks

    This is a spot i put my pets that need clicking. you can comment yours down too!
  4. "Give Us Your Candy" PA Art Contest Entry

    From the album Artwork

    I posted a DA link onto Emma's post, but I thought I should post it here just in case the link doesn't want to work or something. It includes these pets: The Corpse Meow (My CYO.) Hellhound (Official Egg Drop Pet.) Shadowflame Cat (Kageshiryu21's CYO.) Scaredy Cat (Not sure if it's a CYO or who it's by.) Kurayami no Nyakuma (Custom by kellaymarie.) I spent about three days working on it, so there was a lot of effort put into it.

    © Kaylercool

  5. Show All codes [for room]

    When we go to our own pets page and scroll towards the bottom, we can all see the button that says, "Display BBCode and HTML codes". When we click this button, it shows us ALL of our pets codes, throughout every room. What if, we switched the abilities of this button to where, on the General room page, 2 buttons would appear, Show all and Show all in this room. And, when going into every OTHER room we have MADE (general is an unmakeable room and is a default room), there is just a "Show all in this room" button? Pros: Players can easily get all codes of pets in 1 room. Players who sell and trade but only want specific pets in a post, can create a room, move just those pets to it, and then copy codes related to said post, and then have an accurate post. This would help me, personally, out a lot with trying to get codes for just specific pets that I have. (Want to add selling pets' codes to my selling thread but am far too lazy to click every individual pet to get them or delete extra pets not in sales if I use the all bbc/html codes button) Cons: Extra work for the staff Confusion amongst newer players or older, returning players. (This could be fixed with a short announcement on the PA site explaining the new change) Um ... Input would be greatly appreciated. @tomomi I forgot Emma's tag for the forum And didn't know who to tag about this.
  6. Post links of your pets that need to be clicked or post the pets you are selling RULES: 1: no cussing or violence please! 2: if you are talking to me please mention me thanks 3: have fun
  7. Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

    From the album Artwork

    (These are not all of the colors. They're just examples. I still have some ideas and I've also done a white one, a gray one, a tortoiseshell, and an orange tabby.) I was originally planning on scaling these down and making them companion animals, but doing that does cause them to lose quality and make them harder to see. (or maybe that's just me because my eyesight is awful.) Then I thought "What if they were Quads?" What do you guys think? Would you like them as one or the other, or maybe even both? Would you want to even use these? Please no "you have serial killer handwriting" comments. I know that already. lol
  8. Random Cat Art by Kayler

    I just felt like drawing a cat, that's all. lol
  9. 'Ello Everybody!

    Hello everyone! My name is Sofia and I stumbled across this site randomly the other day when I discovered a pet sites forum that had a topic sharing different pet sites. It's a bit different than what I'm used to, but it's actually been really fun so far. I look forward to collecting and sharing pets with you all
  10. Hippocampus Child

    From the album Artwork By Me

    The second stage for my cyo/alted design. fundraiser/promo

    © Grimm

  11. I need help with my *Equine* archive

    Hello all! Many of you may know me because I collect horses. Equines of all breeds, shapes, sizes, etc etc. So, In order to help me, and any other equine lovers out there, to collect every cyo, custom, and PA equine/horse pet possible, I have decided to make my own archive. the below link will take you to the presentation. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1J5gvjSw5oi4kxqseDyugyS3kL93LdEi5v4zYUpunZ0Y/edit?pli=1#slide=id.p WHAT I NEED YOUR HELP WITH there are many of the slides, (as you can probably tell), that aren't quite done. What I want: I would like 1 of each alt, the egg, AND <if a cyo/custom> the artist name on the forums AND PA (if possible) I have been going through player by player, but i've been working on this for a week and have just now made it to the D's. So... IF YOU KNOW of the artist of a certain pet, or you have (or know someone who has) the egg or another alt that I haven't listed. OR if you know of a cyo/custom/pa pet that I haven't listed, what I want you guys to do is post in here and help me finish this archive! *NOTE* please post either a clickable link straight to the pet/egg or post a link to the gallery <if applicable> image of a certain pet. That is all!! thank you so much! I appreciate any and all help I will get. *also, this is an archive ONLY for equines/horses. Therefore, I DO NOT COUNT THE puptauros' has equines <taurus, means bull, aka it's a cow puppy, not a horse puppy> @ I don't consider the nomadic stag a horse/equine cyo <stag-male deer> Thank you soooo much for all the info you've sent my way! Helping me out so much!
  12. Ghost Avoider

    From the album Random PA Stuff

    Ghost Avoider! This was from a bug thread, thus the amount of zc is off.

    © Screenshot taken by Ashwing

  13. Hello The title says it all. I'm leaving PA on June 14th or so. I love this site and you guys, but my time's up D: I'm really, really hoping to be back within a year, but I'm not too sure yet DX Some of you may already know this, but I'm leaving because of academic things. I'm getting to obsessed and addicted to this game, so I decided to put my account on vacation for a long time. If possible, I want my forum account to be blocked too. I'm really going to miss all those great events and new pets, and I'm not very excited about that. Before I go, I want to take care of all the "business" in PA, like CYO and RP. You guys are great and all, once again, I don't want you to think that I'm leaving because of you guyz DX I'll be back as soon as I can Don't forget me!!! NOTE: I'm not returning CYO or Customs because I'm going to be back! It might take more than a year, but I'll be back! I promise!!! List of people: @ - CYO commission @Mille Feuille Fuelle - CYO commission @Runingwolfin - art commission @PotatoeSauce - I don't know @ - Camelia from giveaway @ - Stargazer trade @Soichan - buying a CYO from her @JellyBelly - giving me two bald eagles (Free?) @ - Moreu High @[member=TheZebraTamer' - Canyon of Life @ - Spectrum Clan Urgent! If I said that I was going to buy something from you and never replied, please tell me. Also, if I play your RP, we'll figure something out in this post. If I have some kind of "business" with you, also please tell me that. I'm having a little giveaway. Your prize can be bad or good, you might get nothing. {Say "I want to enter the good bye giveaway" you CAN say that you are sorry to see me go, and I'll appreciate it!} Giveaway ends on June 4 There will be ten prizes and no limit for the entry 1.jpmouse 2.PotatoeSauce 3.Ghostdance 4.Faol 5.Matchitehew 6.pokemainia 7. 8. 9. 10. Good Bye!
  14. Sam Adult

    From the album PA Stuff

    Adult stage of Sam.

    © Copyright PA for the lines

  15. artist-pet suggestion

    So something I think might be a good feature is some way they we can recognise which artist created which pet. I'm not so good at identifying different art styles, so it's hard for me to know what pet on the site was designed by which official artist. I think the best way to do this would be to have it listed in the colour almanac, along with things like the rarity and number on site etc. This way, it'll be easier to identify who did what another suggestion, if it's too hard to program this onto the site, is just to have a thread, with all the pets and their artists. It might also be nice to have it for cyo artists as well. At the moment, just the owner of the pet is listed, but obviously the owner isn't always the artist. thoughts anyone?
  16. jp mouse bobtail

    From the album drawings

    finally got round to continuing my present drawings. this one is for jpmouse little bobtail cat. design copied from the pa design, so i do not own it, pa does. I made a couple of little edits.

    © petadoptables

  17. I love Paris shirt :3

    From the album Linkin's collection

    I am not finished with this it will be edited on Gimp.2 and will have better shading This for male and female.
  18. Stuffed Kitty

    From the album My unofficial PA pets

    (not official pet, just for fun) Got bored so I decided to do some colouring Hope everyone likes!

    © PA

  19. Welcome to the Custom Fantasy! It is a hot sunny day, and as you are strolling through the forest you can here, multiple voices, far away. You decide it is nothing and carry on your walk through the forest. The sun is beating down on your furry, neck and back. The wind whistles in the leaves. As you walk farther clouds start to cover the sky. You start to feel relief flow through your body, you had been waiting for a little rain. It hadn't rained in days. The sky gets darker and darker, and you start worrying about what is going to happen next. Suddenly you hear a big BANG! of thunder, and then lightening strikes the earth around you. You start running towards where you heard the voices last, and wonder if they would take you in. As you are running you fall down a whole that seems only small enough for a mouse. You realized that it seemed to expand to fit you down the whole. Were you meant to come here? You keep falling and you start thinking you will be on the other side of the world soon. But then all of sudden you land on a large springy plant, preventing any injuries. As you slowly get up you see a surrounding, fall of animals you never thought exist. But as you think about it you are no normal animal either. The special world, seems to be filled with sun light, but you wonder how, as you think it must be at least 20,000 miles under the earth's surface. Is this place meant for animals like you? How come you weren't born here? The answers are soon to come. You have fallen to the place for all unique animals!
  20. Celestria as Robin Hood

    From the album Ice's Arts and Screenies

    This is my contest entry for the Spooky Pet Parade c: It's my arctic fox dressed as Robin Hood/a ranger.

    © PetAdoptables

  21. Hey guys! First of All, If you don't know about the PA Fairies, go here: PA Fairies are Buying! There are a lot of members who don't have profile comments enabled, either because they don't know how or don't want to. So, In order to help more people get pets, we, the Fairies, would love it if you could post here. It can be about anything at all. Just because you post right then doesn't mean that you will get one right then. We will randomly pick out of those who post, along with randoms on the site. Please note that this is a thread for those who haven't been gifted; if you have, please do not post. If you post and get gifted later, we really wish that you edit your posts to say that you have been gifted, then stop posting so we don't get confused. You don't have to post "Hey I haven't been gifted." Because, well, if you're posting we know that. You can talk about current events or hobbies or reply to what someone else said on here. Please keep it appropriate and OK according to the PA forum rules. Nothing that makes people uncomfortable, including cursing. Please don't post complaints like "WHY have I not been gifted???" It doesn't do anyone good. You will be gifted, unless, of course, you are violating the guidelines we have set. Thanks guys! ~ PA Fairies, otherwise known as Webby, Tomomi, SpiritWolfe and Brightshadow tomo speaking~~ Check my profile and the "Fairy" room. You can have any pet in there. List of those gifted(in no specific order): sonicx510 Crystal Moonshadow Beru Timb3rStr Fruityahhlicious Tsime Honesta Alexian345 Jissy Yoshi princess_kiya MFDM Crocodile Tail Elizabeth Zaiphon Quickie tobio6164 BlackBerryTea Mimithecat CompanionAce Sekhmet Krafty20 iiPurkyPandie Jolitaire Calum Adhara Lulover Elfa Jazz0109 SDeath Lyse Deajua825 vulpes teddybear64 hvernon Riverflow Zuckersternchen firedancer123 Rabbitheart Midnight9 buffy2000 lyrebirdgirl mbILLIOBA RedKittySoul nozoo Shimiro tigerspirit13 dqwerty Voloshka seraaches ShibaInuFan cubexline Keegan SweetAngel booknut cervas OceanHorse xxJadeoxx Ragani animalcrazyforpets Fennec Koalie hawkbreath101 Halogen Variousidentities Ninjawolf Vio3Red Lucky333123 mounthestia Epic Fail rbajl5 ClarissaK Brightshadow Bluesand1313 karina754 sheschenker Vulcana Railkielia monkerluver381 Lilytora Spottedheart Caseyp 9829Bex119829 Bbun Ide LovelessSoul TheRubyLady Reliant LuckyPleo Yugi135 Feather Schattenschwert Sapphiresong Ferro Ayumu14 CoconutCat Witchchylde funkyrach01 funfunfunny9 Sassyafras123 Bluemooncheese Tany99 9829Faith9829 SundaeNomz Ready Jger Intempestivity revolno Froggytails Fairfenix SoareThingMyr allielynn pokebuggirl brennzoo Bishie Kaichou Snowstream1997 love23bug lilaca emmettclover Dawnwillow Spirana pspsp13 TheCurrencyOfTea DreamBaby Sierrascarlet Coldasice wolf spirit
  22. Hiya I'm selling my PetAdoptables pets and currency in exchange for Mweor pets and currency. I did some calculations to find the equivalent cost of everything. :3 ZP 1 ZP = 100 ZC 1 ZP = 2 MP 1 ZP = 6,000,000 MM ZC 100 ZC = 1 ZP 50 ZC = 1 MP 1 ZC = 60,000 MM MP 2 MP = 1 ZP 1 MP = 50 ZC 1 MP - 3,000,000 MM MM 6,000,000 MM = 1 ZP 3,000,000 MM = 1 MP 60,000 MM = 1 ZC Notice: ZP=Zodiac Pearls ZC=Zodiac Crystals MP=Mweor Points MM=Mweor Money As of now, I have 0 ZP and 66.90 ZC. I'm broke, I know. xD But I recently went on a spending spree. :3 I'm working up more ZC all the time, so I may have more ZC than you think. ;D (ZC amount last updated 3/02/12) Yes, I also said I'll sell PA pets and buy Mweors. I shall still use the chart above. For example, if you want to buy a PA pet from me that's worth, say, 250 ZC, that would be 15,000,000 MM, or 5 MP.
  23. Scuba diver wolf

    From the album CYO ideas and sketches

    What do you think? I know the lines are thick, I'm going to change it. Just looking for comments. btw, I did it with a mouse.

    © PA, and me!

  24. Looking for beagles

    Well in real life I have a beagle called Lucas (he is so cute I love him <3) so I want to get all beagle alts but for now I only have two eggs, so I need to get four more eggs to get the complete set (if I get a double I will swap). I offert other promo pets for them and ores Especial offert: I will give you a Wisteria Cat (CYO custom) for each Beagle, can be a egg or any stage (exept alt5) I only want two more Beagles Ignore this xD fossil convo 1(only for fisrt times, Thy and Sabers): 20plat 30gold 50silver fossil convo ?(first time, only for mammots): 80 gold, 90silver, 70plat.
  25. PA style match ?

    From the album Draws

    I draw this on the back part of my calculator on my Fisic exam xD (I was bored). I want to know if it matchs with PA style because someday i want to be a artist ^^ is done with pencil because I dont have tablet (but i will get it soon, August) and I was on a exam

    © Grace, GS