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Found 75 results

  1. Meadow's Pet Mall~ Customs and CYOs!

    Welcome to Meadow's Pet Mall!! Here I have a variety of pets, all for very cheap prices!! I have divided all my pets for trade into different sections based upon the price of the animal. Accepted currencies: ZC, ZP, mainly ZP. I can hold pets for 1 week at the most. If you purchase a custom from me, including CYOs, you are NOT allowed to trade/sell it. Reserves: 1. blazeclaw8 - White Alt Mountain Lion - 150zc _______________________________________________________________________________ Ores for trade: Silver: 2700 5 Silver for 2ZC, or 250 Silver for 1ZP Platinum: 159 1 Platinum for 10ZC, or 10 Platinum for 1ZP Gold: 654 1 Gold for 2ZC, or 50 Gold for 1ZP _________________________________________________________________________________________ 10zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 20zc: _______________________________________________________________________________ 50zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 100zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 150zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 200zc or 2zp: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Customs!!! :DD Flying Hedgehog: Slots: 2000zc: 1. Savynn ~ P 2. heat79599 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. Wolfsdrache ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. Hane Kujaku Kitsune: Slots: 2000zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ______________________________________________________________________________________ CYO Customs!! :DD Rainy Day Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. TaigaWolf ~ P 2. hope-hopper ~ P 3. BudgieBirdie ~ P 4. KichiCD ~ P 5. Savynn ~ P 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Demonic Kitty: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fairy Tale Pup: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Aura Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cupcake Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. yammy115 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stardust Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sunset Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Moonlight Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Icicle Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Earth Day Cat: (All are female) Slots: 600zc: 1. caitlingal ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Volcanic Horse: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Click Wall (Updated 16/10)

    I will be starting the click wall again as it was very successful and helpful but @cinnamonapples (the creator of the original click wall) is no longer active. All you need to do is comment the pets you want on the wall (max 10 per person) I'll have mine to start and if you comment yours then I'll put them on the wall too! If you want me to take your pet off the wall if you want me to just tell me. If your pet is fully grown I will take if off the wall and notify you! Please click most days and comment when you have clicked as it helps if everyone clicks. Pets:
  3. Help level up my neon wolf!
  4. 31888548-5EBD-46E0-B119-3EE27B758280.jpeg

    This is baby hearts because she has a lot of hearts on her body she loves everyone but loves me more as I have spent more time with her
  5. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Information on my CYOs; The prices listed are per pet. The only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms starting with "9." However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. As a secondary option, feel free to message me about it, and we can exchange the unwanted alt with another egg of that CYO as long as one is available. Gifting is fine, but please don't resell my CYOs. I may be willing to do a trade for pets on my wishlist, feel free to ask! (I'll be making a forum wishlist soon and will link it here, since the PA wishlist doesn't let me select the stage of the pet I want.) My CYOs; Raptor Pack - 800 ZC Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Green Solid, Brown Solid, Orange Flame, and Black Flame alts; Siberian Husky - 800 ZC Egg, Goggles, Red, Blonde, White, Sky, and Jake alts; Ragnarok - 700 ZC Egg, Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, Fire, Ice, and Reaper alts; Doggos - 600 ZC Egg, German Shepherd, Mutt, Shiba Inu, Belgian Tervuern, Border Collie, Siberian Husky Across The World - 600 ZC Egg, Forest Wonderer, African Princess, French Maid, English Rider, Time Traveler, and Jungle Man alts; Norse Wolf - 500 ZC Costume Kitty - 500 ZC Fallen Flame - 500 ZC Pirate - 300 ZC Pageant Pups - 300 ZC Egg, King, Knight, Dark Wizard, Hero, Rainbow, and Rockstar alts;
  6. Hello, everyone! I've decided to give a select few of my CYOs away for free like I did with my "The Corpse Meow" CYOs. I'm giving fifteen Candy Swirl Bears away for free. Each person is allowed up to two of them if they want more than one. There is only one alt and stage and they are already hatched. THERE ARE NONE LEFT for free as of 10/21/2017. Before you may get one, here are my rules for them: You may not sell or trade this pet. If you decide you no longer want it, send it back to me.
  7. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to set up a shop for what I'm selling in the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. This is mostly just here to help people find specific items. You must go to the shops on the original site. Hair Accessories: Other: Hairstyles: Companion Animals: Accessories: Clothing: Quads: See this post below for my Halloween items for sale!
  8. Hello, everyone! This is a random post, yes, but I'm just curious about what pets you guys think would be fun to breed. I'm going to list a few I'd like to see. Also, I'm going to list some pets that would probably make interesting hybrids. Please tell me what pets you'd like to see breeable and if you agree with me on any of these. Also, maybe tell me some possible hybrids you think would be interesting! 1. Polish Hound Dog. It's one of my favorite dog pets on here! It's just super cute! 2. Siberian Husky Dog. I don't even have a Siberian Husky Dog on here, but if I did It'd be one of my prized pets! What do you guys think a hybrid between one of these and a Polish Hound Dog would look like? Would it be a good or bad combination? Maybe I'll do some sketches of possible hybrids someday. 3. Shiba Inu Dog. This just might be my favorite dog on here~ It's my favorite dog breed in real life. Are there any pets you guys think it should be bred with to make a hybrid? 4. Munchkin Cat. Please make this happen PA. ;_; I need more of these cuties in my life. Also, lets just mix this cat with every other breed. XD Any cat bred with this would be absolutely adorable in my opinion. 5. Cornish Rex Cat. This was my first pet on this site. It's adorable and I think breeding it would be fun. 6. Bakeyokai. These are some of the coolest cat pets on the entire site. Who doesn't want this? 7. Snowpups. So, Snowkits are breedable...how about Snowpups? 8. Aardwolf. If you think these wouldn't be adorable in new colors you're wrong. Any hybrid ideas? 9. Unicorn of Life. I need more unicorns in my life. 10. Common Hamster. I NEED NEW SQUEAKERS. 11. Horned Parakeet. These are soooo beautiful. I want more! 12. Giraffe. Because Giraffes are adorable. ;D 13. Jellyfish. They're pretty cool when they're not stinging me. Also, I really like breeding colorful pets. 14. Common Carp. They're cute and there are several pattern and colors that would look amazing on this pet. 15. Flutterwing llama. Because who doesn't love this pet? Imagine all the possibilities! (Also, on another note, we need a breedable butterfly pet. We have a moth, but it's not the sameeee. EDIT: Added #12 - #15 There are a few others I'd like to see breedable too, but for now I'm just going to post these since they're the ones I'd like to see the most.
  9. This Quiz is officially closed and all the prizes have been given out! I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! I plan on doing more of these in the future with even better prizes and questions. See you next time! Hello, everyone! I've decided to do a short little quiz. The questions are random. Some hard, some easy. Some you may just have to take a shot in the dark at. The first person to answer a specific question correctly wins the pet next to that question. (The prizes are NOT a hint to the answer.) Rules: NO CHEATING. NO RESELLING PRIZES. (Especially my CYOs.) Don't just keep guessing over and over on a question until you narrow it down. Give others a chance first. If you'd like to guess, but don't want the pet(s), that's fine. Just specify that you're giving up your reward. 1. To some I look like the cross between two different animals, though I am not. I first appeared about four million years ago. I was carnivorous. What animal was I? Prize: (Bred mix.) Answer: Tasmanian Tiger ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 2. What is Kayler's favorite flavor of tea? ;D Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. Around only five existing. My only one left.) Answer: Earl Grey~ Won by @Moonwing 3. I live in deserts and grasslands in Asia. I can be kept as a pet. I store fat and water in my tail. I am 99% certain you've seen me before. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Leopard Gecko ~ Won by @paws4ever 4. What is Kayler's favorite breed of cat? ;D Prize: Answer: Scottish Fold ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 5. I am a breed of Russian origin. I resemble an Oriental Shorthair Cat, but there is something different about my fur. Prize: (This is the last of my yellow Colorful Storm Cat CYOs.) Answer: Peterbald ~ Won by @Jadespets 6. What is Kayler's favorite Generation 4 starter Pokemon? ;D (Since yesterday was Pokemon Platinum's anniversary!) Prize: Answer: Piplup ~ Won by @paws4ever 7. WHO'S THAT POK- I mean...ahem... What pet is this? Prize: Answer: Gypsy Pony ~ Won by @Jadespets 8. I'm native to the Sahara desert of Northern Africa. I am fairly small and cute. I mate for life. I can survive without free-standing water. I get most of my water from leaves, fruits, prey, ect. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Fennec Fox~ Won by @Jadespets 9. I have no stomach. I was born out of an egg, but I still nursed from my mother. What animal am I? Prize: (Bred alt.) Answer: Platypus ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 10. Alright, the finale is here! How many Cheetos are in this bag? (Also, thumb reveal.) (XD What the heck am I doing?) Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. There were no more that five (if even five) available. Only one left.) Answer: 0~ Won by @paws4ever
  10. Want a free pet? Here's how to get one: Simply comment below with your answer to the questions below: If you could choose any PA pet (past, retired, cyo, etc) to be real what would it be and why? Would the pet have any special "powers"? Explain. The first 10 people to answer the questions will win a random pet! 1.) @Starstream has won a Jaguarundi 2.) @Chloecat194 has won a water dragon 3.) @Lilytora has won a hellhound 4.) @Amakai has won a nebula cat 5.) @skydoe16 has won a Fantamasque 6.) @Storybook has won a Cuddle Kitten 7.) @Zoelle has won a Unicorn of Life
  11. ~ Clothing Shop Suggestions ~

    I have a few suggestions for the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. Avatar Clothing Shop: 1. I think buying clothes for avatars would be much easier and convenient if there was a way for us to pick out certain items and try them on before we actually bought them. I've bought items that didn't match as well as I thought they would or didn't even fit my avatar. This could have been prevented if I could have tried on clothes before I bought them. 2. I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of contest or even just special events where we could win exclusive clothing and accessories, or it could give players a chance at winning something they cannot afford to buy. Pet Clothing Shop: Both 1 and 2 would be useful additions to the Pet Clothing Shop too. The Pet Clothing Shop does have a way to try on clothes and accessories, but I think it could be easier. Take the character customization in Pokemon X and Y for example, it's easy, fun, and convenient. 1. The shop could really use more stuff in general. It could use more outfits specifically made for popular pets. Another useful feature would be being able to rotate accessories such as bows so they would fit almost any pet. It would also be convenient if we were able to change the size of the items. Another thing that's a bit bothersome is that we cannot put things behind pets. For example, I can't put splatters or backgrounds behind them, so they often end up covering the pets. I hope you'll consider these suggestions. If you agree with me, please show your support. Thank you.
  12. I've made two non-alted CYOs recently. Since I only have one non-alted brush, I can only submit one for now. Which one would you prefer? The winner is Candy Swirl Bear! (Also, just so you guys know, I'm considering adding a few extra sweets to said bear. It feels a little incomplete to me.) For those of you who voted for Demented Unicorn, don't worry! I'll be submitting it just as soon as a chest gifts me another brush...or I decided to buy one. lol Candy Swirl Bear: Demented Unicorn:
  13. ~ Munchkin Cats Wanted! ~

    Hello everyone! I've been on a mission collecting cat pets. I'm currently hunting for Munchkin Cats, so if anyone is willing to sell me some or do a trade with me I'd really appreciate it! Thank you~
  14. ~Pika's Pet Links~

    Thank you for anyone who takes the time to click my pets ~ <3
  15. Clicks for clicks!

    As the title says, clicks for clicks. If you want your pets to be clicked to help them grow then fill out this and post it on this topic. Username: This is your username on the main website. Link to profile or pet: What pet's: If you linked to your profile then please specify what pets you want to be clicked! I'm also looking for my pets to be clicked, so please click mine and in exchange I'll click your pet's! Thank you. Username: xXDruidXx Link to pets:
  16. INFO Herro, so. I will be selling CYOs and taking commissions. I am always open for requests/commissions so don't be shy... I have nothing better to do. If you are a regular customer, you get discounts. I will do alts, stages anything. But the price will change, depending on the amount of time put into it and just how well it looks. I am always ready to negotiate. I am selling pre designs and CYOs as I mentioned. My regular price for pre-designs is around 1k-2k For commissions it can change. For full stage and all alts it could be up to 4-5k zc But i mainly do single stage(including egg) with no other alts. o-o FOR SALE Florynth pm for prices <3 Sea Cat 700zc Divine Angel Kitties 2000zc My Chemical Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1500zc Skittle Cat 600zc Floracat SOLD-Vixxey Candy Theif[HALLOWEEN] SOLD-Vixxey SteamPunk Kitsune[HALLOWEEN] 1200zc CocoaCake Cat 1000zc Wolverine SOLD-Vixxey Mercat 1950zc Christmas Kitty Doll 1700+ (will do 250 per alt) Wolfcat 1600-2k (PM me for negotiation) Remembrance Day Kitty(delayed cx) 500 [Valentines Day] 'Torn Heart' Starting at 1500*will go down to 900* Definitely negotiating*that is just a starting price* PM ME FOR DETAILS COMMISSIONS Pm me to commission me, offer a price and details. Please be descriptive or give me an example. You must NEVER claim the design as you'res. Once it is on the game, please send me an egg. Do not steal the idea, or submit it to other art sites etc. without my consent. Thank you ;3 byee My PA user is Skittliceous
  17. Free CYO Pets! This Topic Is For All The free cyo pets I have created,and will be creating. Each Player may receive 1 pet only,no reselling if you don't want it anymore send it back to me. I putting time and effort into these free pets for you guys ^~^ I use ZC to get random brushes from the wishing well. Current Pets Up For Grab's: Masked Kitsune:(free) 13/50 Poofle CYO: 1 Stage,6 ALT's To Claim one of these pets you have to answer this riddle down below and send me the answer by message so you don't give any other players idea's. (I thought up this riddle,what do you think? too easy,fair?): Big and Vast I Am Stretching Over Thousand's Of Lands A Variety Of Color In me Though I have Been The Death Of Many. What Am I? Alt's: Please note each pet will have a random alt,so you may trade with other players for a alt you want,or change it in the wishing well. (Left To Right) ​[Hybrid,Stitched Smiler,Gem Rock,Blue Fern,Green Thresh,Traditional Sakura] Butterfly Pegasus: 4 stages,all alt's ALT's: left to right: Sakura Flitty,Frey Tree,Chocolate Mint,Palomino Apple,Pink Snow,Aquatic Okapi Fluff Jacket: 3 stages no alts: (big thanks to @Ace and @thylac1ne for helping with ideas!) this one goes out to you @thylac1ne! Donations: ZC Donations: any and all donation are welcome,you can give 1 zc you can give 100,all of the donations go to buying more brushes from the wishing well,you can also donate pets though zc helps more. these are donations,just help show you're appreciation and help me buy more brushes. ZP Donations: all zp donations contribute to a supreme brush I will buy and then have a voting for a supreme design by you guys!
  18. Shadow

    From the album Photographs

    This is my dad's dog Shadow. He won't sleep without his blanket.
  19. =^~^=Welcome=^~^= Hello everyone,welcome Im in current need of zc and zp :/ so Im going to sell some of my pets,cuz I have like way too many. ​The pets will be divided in rarities ^~^ I do not accept trades/ores,though if you decide to buy a pet which is a certain rarity and is alt's 5-6 the price will be higher then the others. common: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Uncommon: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Mega Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Ultra Rare: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Endangered: (zp only) ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Limited Edition: ≧◠◡◠≦✌ Other: (zp only) -alt 5 -alt 3 you can offer on all the pets. I will either say yes or no ^~^ + please dont offer very low prices on rare's/mega's.... Pets sold: -@Najawarie -@OldFoo also,Im considering selling my bred pets/breed able pets since I no longer breed that much if you think I should add them please comment ^~^
  20. Edit Avatar/Pet Dress Up

    Pet Dress Up does not work at all.Editing Avatar,can not save once you finish editing the Avatar,And this is before the pageant submissions end and the voting starts.I see you guys were trying to set it so that you can not editing them once they are submitted and/or during the voting,which i love,but it bugged out.
  21. Design Pageant! Its it exactly as the name says. There is the pet and avatar pageant, but instead of entering one of your pets or avatars you enter pet designs (cyo/supreme). How it works: There will be a theme announced every Sunday and you have till that Friday to enter your design. Entries will be composed into one post and voted on all through Saturday ending at 12:00am. There will be three yes THREE winners every round! Winners will be announced Sunday along with the new theme. Voting You will PM me your vote on 3 pet designs. Once you have sent me the PM you may NOT change your vote! To prevent clutter I will write down your votes and delete the PM. If you PM me a changed vote then it will be ignored. What can I submit? You will submit a hand drawn or digital pet designed with the current theme. Your pet may be colored or not. Can be a cyo (PA based pet) or supreme, but sometimes it will specificly be one or the other. What will the prizes be? 1st Place- The pet colored and shaded for you to immediately make it a cyo/supreme (zp sometimes included) 2nd Place- A random cyo/supreme (sometimes rare/extinct/retired pets instead) 3rd Place- 1500zc and a random pet (warning: pet may come from egg drop) Rules: (1) If your pet is submitted out of the deadline then it will be disqualified (2) No taking other peoples ideas/designs (3) Be nice (4) You may make as many edits to your design as long as it is within the deadline (5) If you edit your design then do not repost the picture just edit your earlier post! Banned? You will be subjected to being banned if you steal someone else's art/idea, are being rude to other people, or are continually disobeying rules even after multiple warnings.
  22. This is a new post of the same topic,my other topic failed and I couldn't post any images. This post Is going to be for all my promos and fundraisers for my free cyo pet giveaway. Most Of These fundraiser's will be for zp,I am saving up to buy a supreme brush which then you guys will vote for a design for the upcoming supreme. the promos will consist of both! LINK TO MY FREE CYO GIVEAWAY! Linearts for sale: (more will be posted,first come first serve) Mega Pega-3,500 ZC or 6 ZP (ZP always wins) Hungry Rabbit: 3 zp Hybrid Bat: 3 zp sold to @Alcarie Long Legged Hunter Wolf: 6 ZP sold to @thylac1ne Headphone Addict: 6 zp Spirit Keeper: 4 zp @Alcarie Winged Leo: 4 ZP Frank's Bride: 6 zp Completed CYO Designs: Hippocampi: 20 ZP-Only ZP! Upcoming CYO's: Fish Tailed Neko (Fundraiser special) -Pre-orders (each pre-order gets a random cyo from my shop) 1 stage: (more alts coming soon) Pre-orders:(1 zp each) 1.@Starstream 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Fundraiser cyo's: Donate To Adopt:(donate a random amount of equus 1 zc or 1,000 zc to adopt ^~^) Soul Eater: Donations: 14/35 ZP 4,650/30,000ZC Donators: @-2,500 ZC @OldFoo-CYO Brush @Rose305-100-200 ZC @Starstream-Future Donor @Brightshadow-CYO Brush @thylac1ne-500 ZC @Alcarie-1,500
  23. 1 Simple Little Trade

    Delete this please.
  24. I'm enjoying this!

    I'm new to Pet Adoptables, and I'm enjoying it! I hope the forums are good too... and that one, maybe two of my pets might grow out of their egg stage. That was a really random thing to say... nevermind!
  25. Hello Everyone,Im in current Need of ZC & ZP so im going to sell some of my unwanted/unneeded pets mostly extinct/ultra rare/mega rare/rare and limited+ holiday edition pets. please don't offer prices you know you wouldent accept on a pet you'r selling. also there are some pets I will only accept zp or maybe zp+zp. so just ask thanks =^~^= ​Limited Edition: Holiday Pets: Meadow Pets: Mega Rares: Extinct/ZP: ZP Pets: (f)(m)[20-25zp] (m)-outcome 3rd generation [25-30zp] oh and I don't accept trades/ores