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Found 157 results

  1. Reply to this with all the bb codes to your pets so that Myself and others can help them grow. I believe as a community we can all achieve pets to grow faster. So have fun and please be kind to others ~SilverArrow
  2. Favorite Pets

    A Place to show off your favorite pet so all can see it and admire it!
  3. Click Wall (Updated 2/26)

    I will be starting the click wall again as it was very successful and helpful but @cinnamonapples (the creator of the original click wall) is no longer active. All you need to do is comment the pets you want on the wall (max 10 per person) I'll have mine to start and if you comment yours then I'll put them on the wall too! If you want me to take your pet off the wall if you want me to just tell me. If your pet is fully grown I will take if off the wall and notify you! Please click most days and comment when you have clicked as it helps if everyone clicks. Pets:
  4. 50ZC Pet Shop~

    I was looking through my pets and realized I had a bunch of eggs and pets that I either don't need or will never get a chance to hatch. I decided to make a 50zc pet haul. A few that you may see will be free/less than 50 as well. Here's the link: http://petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=dragon egg 123 It's not yet finished and more pets will be added over time. <3 Enjoy! ^^ (You're also allowed to as many pets as you'd like. I'll add a rules section somewhere in this post eventually, lol)
  5. Merry Christmas! I have decided to host a Christmas event for the holidays for everyone that wants to participate, and since @Dashy already hosted one on the main site, I decided to host one on the forums. Hope you all like it! Happy Holidays! Information If you comment everyday up until December 31st, then each day you will get a special prize ranging from zc to some really awesome pets!! You can get all kinds of pets and lots of zc, so you definitely don't want to miss out! Make sure you comment everyday! Rules No fighting No cheating Have fun Have a merry Christmas! (Of course) Hope everyone enjoys, and Merry Christmas!
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to post this topic because I wanted to know all of your guys favorite pets and/or species on cs personally I love bunnies! Especially the baby bunnies love it when they are pps as well! I love all pps pets as they are adorable! The adults are cute as well I love the new pets on the Easter event page I’m saving for the bumble bee bunny I can’t get the right eggs for it sadly sorry if it’s messy it’s late and I’m tired lol -jade
  7. Hi! I closed down my old shop awhile ago, so I decided to make a new one. Welcome to Kat's Pet Shop! Here I will be selling pets of any rarity. Sometimes I might even sell pets that are zp pet mall pets for zc, so keep a lookout! Go to my profile and then go to the room titled "Pets for sale", and you will find some pet's I am selling. RULES: Whoever asks for a pet first gets that pet I am able to hold pets for a week All PA rules apply Hope you find something you like! Link to my profile:
  8. Jade's Weekly AR Drop

    --Jade's Weekly AR Drop-- Hello and welcome to my AR drop thread! I have been doing AR drops for quite some time now as well as AR cyo's and have gathered quite the collection of AR content! I mostly post CYO's I create for the AR here. Each cyo is either made by me or commissioned and its only purpose is for the AR I don't sell them so please don't bother asking! All pets can be found in the AR or obtained by donating. Click us please!!!! For every 100 clicks one of these pets below gets, I will drop a special Click generated AR CYO. These cyo's are only dropped after 100 clicks are added onto the pet the cyo was created for... so if you want to see more pets, go ahead and give them a click! Below are the current Click generated AR Cyo's available. Donate 50 or MORE pets to the Weeky drop and you get one Keeper of Sygal in exchange! CYO's Currently in Rotation: These are the CYO's that are currently available for AR drops! Each week I drop a couple of each pet into the AR! These pets will be released for the AR until the limit is reached. Retired AR CYO's: These are the AR cyo's I've hit the limit on, if you would like to see one of these put back into rotation you can always donate ZP to fund a potion! WIPs These are some of the CYO's waiting to be produced, sometimes I just need to finish the art or am waiting until I have enough ZP to get the cyo on site! You can also donate 2 ZP to help get the cyo moving along and you get one of the pet when its released! Suggestions?: If there are certain pets you;'d like to see in the next AR drop just post below and I can usually get a few for the next drop. And feel free to suggest any ideas or cyo ideas! Have AR CYO suggestions? Just go to this thread here. Donate?: 2ZP -- 1 AR CYO 5 ZP -- 3 AR CYO's Also feel free to post the AR CYO's you guys find I would love to see where some of them end up!
  9. 5A76AC39-2AA6-4493-8F4D-C72742F22BFD.jpeg

    This is Lexi one of the puppers she’s very shy and only likes me and follows me around the house they protect me from my bigger dogs as they think they will hurt me
  10. 2C31DDBD-9304-4C2B-89F1-25D350330542.jpeg

    These are the dogs I’m going to watch for awhile until I get my new dog that is currently breeding, it will be her last litter as she has joint issues I will post a pic of her later but we are just going to have these guys for a while and these are Russian chihuahuas a rare Breed of chihuahua
  11. Jades pet borrow!

    Hi guys! Hope your interested in what I have! Prices: for a day: 50zc For a week: 119zc There is too many to put all of them up here lol so just look at my rooms and pick out which you would like to borrow RULES! stating the obvious don’t sell my pets or you will not be able to borrow anymore remember to @ me below you have to pay me before you borrow babys that need clicks to help them grow Ty!!!!!
  12. Hello! I am currently looking for the pets below, and I am willing to negotiate the prices. I will also trade pets, (I do alt trades too) Thank you, to everyone who posts on here. (I accept offers) Thank you!
  13. Hey, everyone! I thought I'd start this so I'd have a reason to show some of my babies. I hope you guys show me any pets you have, I'd love to see them! I've posted a few other photos in the comments below too if anyone is interested! I encourage all of you to look through the comments at everyone's precious animals. This is Pikachu. She's Ladybug's mommy. :3 She was a stray. This is Ladybug. She's Pikachu's kitten. I'm keeping her. (My sister and uncle got the other two kittens.) As of now she's much larger! This is Ladybug now! Normally they get scolded for getting on the table, but I guess it was my fault for leaving a box there. xD This is Clementine! She's a stray that started hanging around on our porch recently! This is Lilly. I got her from the shelter. <3 This is Worm. (He was a runt. lol) My dad brought home a pregnant cat from Burger King and she was his mommy. We gave her and the rest of the kittens away to good homes, but decided to keep him. He's my oldest cat. This is Sebastian. He was given to me by a friend.
  14. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Information on my CYOs; The prices listed are per pet. The only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms starting with "9." However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. As a secondary option, feel free to message me about it, and we can exchange the unwanted alt with another egg of that CYO as long as one is available. Gifting is fine, but please don't resell my CYOs. I may be willing to do a trade for pets on my wishlist, feel free to ask! (I'll be making a forum wishlist soon and will link it here, since the PA wishlist doesn't let me select the stage of the pet I want.) My CYOs; Raptor Pack - 800 ZC Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Green Solid, Brown Solid, Orange Flame, and Black Flame alts; Siberian Husky - 800 ZC Egg, Goggles, Red, Blonde, White, Sky, and Jake alts; Ragnarok - 700 ZC Egg, Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, Fire, Ice, and Reaper alts; Doggos - 600 ZC Egg, German Shepherd, Mutt, Shiba Inu, Belgian Tervuern, Border Collie, Siberian Husky Across The World - 600 ZC Egg, Forest Wonderer, African Princess, French Maid, English Rider, Time Traveler, and Jungle Man alts; Norse Wolf - 500 ZC Costume Kitty - 500 ZC Fallen Flame - 500 ZC Pirate - 300 ZC Pageant Pups - 300 ZC Egg, King, Knight, Dark Wizard, Hero, Rainbow, and Rockstar alts;
  15. Need Clicks

    This is a spot i put my pets that need clicking. you can comment yours down too!
  16. Show All codes [for room]

    When we go to our own pets page and scroll towards the bottom, we can all see the button that says, "Display BBCode and HTML codes". When we click this button, it shows us ALL of our pets codes, throughout every room. What if, we switched the abilities of this button to where, on the General room page, 2 buttons would appear, Show all and Show all in this room. And, when going into every OTHER room we have MADE (general is an unmakeable room and is a default room), there is just a "Show all in this room" button? Pros: Players can easily get all codes of pets in 1 room. Players who sell and trade but only want specific pets in a post, can create a room, move just those pets to it, and then copy codes related to said post, and then have an accurate post. This would help me, personally, out a lot with trying to get codes for just specific pets that I have. (Want to add selling pets' codes to my selling thread but am far too lazy to click every individual pet to get them or delete extra pets not in sales if I use the all bbc/html codes button) Cons: Extra work for the staff Confusion amongst newer players or older, returning players. (This could be fixed with a short announcement on the PA site explaining the new change) Um ... Input would be greatly appreciated. @tomomi I forgot Emma's tag for the forum And didn't know who to tag about this.
  17. I know I haven't been on PA for that long, about since March of 2014. BUT... I have the need to give stuff away. It's hard to be a newbie, and there is allot of learning to do and is harder to get started. So, I will be giving eggs/pets away. I will have a room named [Newbies]. You can take up to 3-4 eggs or pets. I don't have TOO many pets, so it would help allot if I got pet donations. I will NOT take ownership of ANY donations. They will go STRAIGHT to the [Newbies] room. You can either take 1-2 a day, or 10 a week So, if anyone has extra pets, send them over and they will be for Newbies, or just needy PA members. Remember. 1-2 a day or 10 a week. Thank you all. They won't cost anything, but donations are excepted. Thank You Good Luck, -Skits
  18. Hello, everyone! This is a random post, yes, but I'm just curious about what pets you guys think would be fun to breed. I'm going to list a few I'd like to see. Also, I'm going to list some pets that would probably make interesting hybrids. Please tell me what pets you'd like to see breeable and if you agree with me on any of these. Also, maybe tell me some possible hybrids you think would be interesting! 1. Polish Hound Dog. It's one of my favorite dog pets on here! It's just super cute! 2. Siberian Husky Dog. I don't even have a Siberian Husky Dog on here, but if I did It'd be one of my prized pets! What do you guys think a hybrid between one of these and a Polish Hound Dog would look like? Would it be a good or bad combination? Maybe I'll do some sketches of possible hybrids someday. 3. Shiba Inu Dog. This just might be my favorite dog on here~ It's my favorite dog breed in real life. Are there any pets you guys think it should be bred with to make a hybrid? 4. Munchkin Cat. Please make this happen PA. ;_; I need more of these cuties in my life. Also, lets just mix this cat with every other breed. XD Any cat bred with this would be absolutely adorable in my opinion. 5. Cornish Rex Cat. This was my first pet on this site. It's adorable and I think breeding it would be fun. 6. Bakeyokai. These are some of the coolest cat pets on the entire site. Who doesn't want this? 7. Snowpups. So, Snowkits are breedable...how about Snowpups? 8. Aardwolf. If you think these wouldn't be adorable in new colors you're wrong. Any hybrid ideas? 9. Unicorn of Life. I need more unicorns in my life. 10. Common Hamster. I NEED NEW SQUEAKERS. 11. Horned Parakeet. These are soooo beautiful. I want more! 12. Giraffe. Because Giraffes are adorable. ;D 13. Jellyfish. They're pretty cool when they're not stinging me. Also, I really like breeding colorful pets. 14. Common Carp. They're cute and there are several pattern and colors that would look amazing on this pet. 15. Flutterwing llama. Because who doesn't love this pet? Imagine all the possibilities! (Also, on another note, we need a breedable butterfly pet. We have a moth, but it's not the sameeee. EDIT: Added #12 - #15 There are a few others I'd like to see breedable too, but for now I'm just going to post these since they're the ones I'd like to see the most.
  19. This Quiz is officially closed and all the prizes have been given out! I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! I plan on doing more of these in the future with even better prizes and questions. See you next time! Hello, everyone! I've decided to do a short little quiz. The questions are random. Some hard, some easy. Some you may just have to take a shot in the dark at. The first person to answer a specific question correctly wins the pet next to that question. (The prizes are NOT a hint to the answer.) Rules: NO CHEATING. NO RESELLING PRIZES. (Especially my CYOs.) Don't just keep guessing over and over on a question until you narrow it down. Give others a chance first. If you'd like to guess, but don't want the pet(s), that's fine. Just specify that you're giving up your reward. 1. To some I look like the cross between two different animals, though I am not. I first appeared about four million years ago. I was carnivorous. What animal was I? Prize: (Bred mix.) Answer: Tasmanian Tiger ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 2. What is Kayler's favorite flavor of tea? ;D Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. Around only five existing. My only one left.) Answer: Earl Grey~ Won by @Moonwing 3. I live in deserts and grasslands in Asia. I can be kept as a pet. I store fat and water in my tail. I am 99% certain you've seen me before. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Leopard Gecko ~ Won by @paws4ever 4. What is Kayler's favorite breed of cat? ;D Prize: Answer: Scottish Fold ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 5. I am a breed of Russian origin. I resemble an Oriental Shorthair Cat, but there is something different about my fur. Prize: (This is the last of my yellow Colorful Storm Cat CYOs.) Answer: Peterbald ~ Won by @Jadespets 6. What is Kayler's favorite Generation 4 starter Pokemon? ;D (Since yesterday was Pokemon Platinum's anniversary!) Prize: Answer: Piplup ~ Won by @paws4ever 7. WHO'S THAT POK- I mean...ahem... What pet is this? Prize: Answer: Gypsy Pony ~ Won by @Jadespets 8. I'm native to the Sahara desert of Northern Africa. I am fairly small and cute. I mate for life. I can survive without free-standing water. I get most of my water from leaves, fruits, prey, ect. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Fennec Fox~ Won by @Jadespets 9. I have no stomach. I was born out of an egg, but I still nursed from my mother. What animal am I? Prize: (Bred alt.) Answer: Platypus ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 10. Alright, the finale is here! How many Cheetos are in this bag? (Also, thumb reveal.) (XD What the heck am I doing?) Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. There were no more that five (if even five) available. Only one left.) Answer: 0~ Won by @paws4ever
  20. Post links of your pets that need to be clicked or post the pets you are selling RULES: 1: no cussing or violence please! 2: if you are talking to me please mention me thanks 3: have fun
  21. Jades pet shop

    Hi! I'm opening up a pet shop! All pets I am selling will be posted here and the price :3 Bakeyokai: 50 zc meerkat: 50 zc Barbed darter dragon: 30 zc
  22. I have an idea for something that would be fun and make things much easier and safer when it comes to helping each other breed pets. Lets say someone has a female Nebula Cat, but doesn't have a male. They meet someone who has a male, but not a female. They decide to help each other breed their pets, each of them paying half and getting half of the eggs. Someone is going to have to trade theirs over for the other person to put it in a breeding room, and that's always a risk. What if the other person were to refuse to give them their pet back or any of the eggs once they were finished breeding? The other person probably couldn't even prove the pet belonged to them. I thought about a system that is somewhat set up like the trading system. It would go like this: Step 1. Someone starts a "Breeding Collab" like how they would start a trade. They add the person that has the pet they plan breeding their pet to. Step 2. The person on the left adds their female Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. The person on the right adds their male Nebula Cat and half of the ZC. Step 3. They wait until the pets are done breeding. If there are two eggs, each person gets one. If there are three eggs, they have several options. They can decide who gets the egg, drop it into the abandoned room, or play some sort of short game to decide who wins the egg. Also, this feature wouldn't take up anyone's breeding rooms. Maybe there would be a specific room or rooms for this purpose? Collab rooms? What do you guys think of this idea? If you like it, please support this post. If you think it'd be useful or not, please tell me! I value all of your opinions.
  23. Grimms CYO Shop (New FREE Masked Kitsune CYO!!!)

    Welcome To Grimms CYO Shop ~Take a look around~ My Current CYO's On Site first of all before buying RULES (oh yes we love rules): WHEN SENDING A TRADE PLEASE ADD THE AMOUNT OF ZC BEFOREHAND,I dont want to have to run after players to add the zc.your trade will simply be canceled. When Buying A CYO please do not resell,if you dont want it anymore please return it too me. Please do not alt change,otherwise you will no longer be allowed to buy in my cyo shop EVER! If you would Like to keep a pet on hold please remind me if I forget. Please MOST IMPORTANT! When sending me a trade for the pet you want please post in the message with the trade what pet you want which alt and gender otherwise I will simply ignore it,(Its very confusing when doing trades and having to check every page for what every player wants.thank you) Very Cheap CYO's Utopia Bunny: (5 stages-no ALT's) 350zc or 1zp Crazy Deranged Cat: (5 stages-with ALT's) ALTS: all alts except alt 4 are 350zc alt 4 is 400zc or 1 zp SkullHead Jackalope: (1 stage-No Alt's) Pricing: 300zc/1zp Jack-O-Rabbit (5 stages-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp Abandoned Ghost Kitten: (1 stage-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp New Releases: Changeling Griffon (5 stages-4 Alts) ALT's: Pricing: ALT 1-400 (barn owl) ALT 2- 450 (snow owl) ALT 3- 500 (falcon) ALT 4- 550 (armored griffon) Pumpkin Cat: (5 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's: Prices: 1,2,3,5- 700zc or 2zp 4,6(rare ALT's)-800zc or 2 zp Kimono Kitsune: (4 stages-6 ALT's) ALT's Prices ALT's 1,2,3,4-650zc ALT's 5,6(special kimono designs)-750zc Sushi Wolf: (4 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's Prices: ALT 1-salmon and cucumber sushi roll-350zc ALT 2-salmon and Lettuce sushi roll-400zc ALT 3-salmon and Wasabi sushi roll-450zc ALT 4-salmon and egg sushi roll-500zc ALT 5-Shrimp sushi roll-550zc ALT 6-Octopus sushi roll-600zc Cherry Blossom Kitty (4 stages no alt's) Prices 500zc or 1 zp FireCracker Wolf: 300zc or 1 zp RiceBall Kitty: 350zc or 1 zp Sleeping Dragon: [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FCA-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Playful Kitten [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FC-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Rebel Runner 3 stage CYO No alts Price: 650 ZC or 2 ZP (p.s. I completely redrew the base and edited it+I also reshaded) Bacon & Egg's Full staged CYO Masked Kitsune: Price:FREE! 1 Per player please dont resell this is a gift,not a source to exploit some quick zc in the bazaar,so no reselling thank you. 7/50 Price: 450 ZC or 1 ZP Horses Of The Apocalypse: 1 Stage Supreme CYO (I consider this equal of a MCA) ALT's ALT 1-Death (Price:1,500 ZC or 6 ZP) ALT 2-Famine (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 3-War (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 4-Conquest (Price:1,000 ZC or 3 ZP) New MCA By Miosita Released Shizen No Sheishin ALT's alt 1-Normal alt 2-Fire alt 3-Earth alt 4-Water alt 5-Light alt 6-Darkness Prices: Alts 1,2,3,6-2,500zc or 4zp Alts 4,5-3,900 or 5zp Rules: No Alt Changing No selling or trading without letting me know. break these rules and you will not be permitted to buy again in my shop. Stay tuned for: The Four Horsemen Masquerade kitsune Carousal Cloppers Fluff Jacket Soul Eater The Lone Ronin p.s.-I also do Cyo Trades Nope
  24. Expanded Breeding Center

    OK so I know there have been several breeding suggestions throughout the years but since nothing seems to have been done with them for literally years, I thought it would be good to readdress this. As I know it's been a thing a lot of us have mentioned or complained about to each other. 1) It would really helpful to have at least 5 Breeding rooms though 7 would be the best. I know as a Breeder myself, that it would be super helpful. I'm sure several of us that really like to breed, or try to make money from it would like the extra space. (obviously to upgrade to more rooms it would cost extra just as it did to get the 3 we have now.) I saw someone else had mentioned something similar to this. 2) Another thing that I saw mentioned, both years ago as well as recently, and that I have thought about myself that would be helpful to breeding: Some sort of timer/tracker that would tell us either: A] when the pair was put in that particular center (Ex: Speckled Flitties entered xDays/Hours ago) one of the comments/suggestions I saw that I liked that was similar to this by Runingwolfin : "A timer/tracker thing. Just something to let you know when you put the breeders in the room. (Like: This room filled on July 11, 2013 [X days/hours ago])" or something like B] a timer to tell us how long is left till we get the eggs. A combination of the two would be the most awesome. And very informative, particularly to those of us that do a lot of breeding. 3) So we have the list in the breeding page of breedable pets, but it would be nice if the total breeding cost for a pair would also be displayed next to the name of said pets. (this is a much more minor thing, but would still be helpful, as not all of the pets have been updated with cost on the wiki. And I'm sure not everyone knows about the wiki or would want to go look. So it would help to have it right there to be able to check without having to have both a female and male and an open center just to check the cost. It would help would-be buyers/breeders to know what they might want to invest their time and crystals into first.) 4) another minor thing that would be nice to update, would be adding a picture of the pet (whether first alt or egg, doesn't matter too much) to the name in the breeding list on the breeding page. because the print for the names are rather small and it sometimes hurts the eyes to squint at a computer screen with tiny print. 5) Also, it would be nice and helpful to be able to change the name of the breeding centers at anytime like we can our mines. (And also would be nice to actually be able to see the description that we were told to put when we first bought the center. <- Just as a side note) {added} 6) A way to look at what we can actually breed without needing an open room. {added} 7) along the lines of actually breeding pets, and I know it would take a lot of work to make all the art for it but it would be super cool if there was more cross breeding within species. Like cats with cats and dogs with dogs. and so on. (more breedable horses would make my inner Horse-Girl uber happy) {added] 8) Another helpful bit would be some sort of mini menu while in a breeding room, that will let us easily move between rooms. Or, like we go into the "Breeding Center" and all three rooms are on display and easily accessed. What do you guys think?
  25. EDIT 8/8/2017 Not taking any more at the moment since it's a hassle to get them approved quickly. I still have one awaiting approval. In the future I may just give the finished product to whoever orders whatever and have them submit it, but I'll have to charge more because that person then can make profit from the item. Hello, everyone! I've decided to take some custom commissions. I've recently gotten into creating custom items for the malls, but I'm a little short on ideas at the moment. I've been doing hairstyles, eyes, accessories, bases, pet clothing, and pet accessories. Here are some examples of some things I've made: (all these items are available in the shops, by the way! :3) (The eyes and base for the second and third are just there to show what the hair would look like on a base! They do not belong to me.) RULES: It costs 100 ZC for an item with one color. For two colors 125 ZC For three colors 150 ZC For four colors 175 ZC... and you get it, right? 25 ZC added for each color. 150 ZC for a single rainbow item. In special cases I'm sure we can work out a price. Price may vary if the item is very complicated. Will consider making items in exchange for pet(s). Has to be something I really want. Once the item is ready I will notify you and let you get it for free since you already payed a fee, but once you've gotten it I will give the item a price so others can buy it too. We should probably be talking in real time so I can take it off the shop for free and add a price as soon as you get your item(s). (Yes, all colors for free if you ordered more than one.) I will send a finished picture to you before I submit it for final approval. Please keep in mind that the admins have to approve the items first, so don't complain to me if it takes a little while. I'm taking requests for hairstyles, companion animals, eyes, and accessories. (and possibly other things.) I also do recolors of my already made items. I will "consider" requests for avatar and pet clothing. It depends on what you're asking for. You can be as crazy as you want when it comes to hairstyles. I mean, look at the ones I already made. Please be very specific about what you're asking for. I want to make it just as you imagined! You can send me sketches of what you want too. (which would make things a lot easier for me.) I need at least half of the ZC up front. The other half when you receive the item(s). You can pay all at once too. I will also do requests for ZP. The price depends on what you're asking for. You can comment below or shoot me a message if you're interested! Thank you! :3 ~Mccala (or just call me Kayler. ^.^) Some requests may be denied or put on hold. If I accept your request, I will message you about it or respond on here. In Progress: 1. Recolor of Pigtail Buns ordered by TigresseBlanca. Color 1: Two dark green shades. Color 2: Black and green. Cost: 100 ZC- Paid in full. Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 2. Long bangs and long, straight ponytail hairstyle ordered by Creus. COMPLETED FULLY. Color: Blonde Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 3. Bloody knife ordered by Tastical. Cost: 100 ZC- Not fully paid yet. Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins. 4. Platypus With Hat Companion ordered by mcmuffin. COMPLETED FULLY. Color: Blue Cost: 125 ZC- Paid in full. Complete: Yes, but awaiting final approval from admins.