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Found 3 results

  1. So I used to really love the plushies on here, and in my spare time started traditionally drawing some for fun n3n Anyway, decided I'd like to make some fake ones that are released in boxed sets like the real ones were :3 To open the boxes and reveal the five plushies inside, there will be some questions or riddles or something like that that will need to be answered Just to make it a bit more fun ^^ Then you can do what I do and save the cute little plushies into your computer if you wish- I have a folder full of the ones made of my CYOs/Customs :3 So this will run in a very similar fashion to the old plushie suggestion threads. You'll post up images of the pets you would like to see plushied, and I will pick some at random and make a little surprise box for them! Unlike the old threads though, you may also post up non CYO/Custom pets as well and you are also allowed to post up pets you have designed, not just ones you own! ⤠Notes/Rules ⤠⤠You can post as many alts of the pet as you like, but only one will be chosen if you link more than one so choose wisely! ⤠You can post as many pets as you'd like! ⤠You may post non CYOs/Customs ⤠For CYOs/Customs, you may only post ones you either own or have designed ⤠It doesn't matter what stage you post, unless the stages of the pets have different accessories or something ⤠Be aware that not all will be chosen! ⤠After a week or two, I will put [forms closed] in the title, which means to stop posting forms for pets you want plushied. I will then pick some and post the box up here when done! ⤠To let me know you've read these, please put an * next to the name of any one of the pets you have posted. Just one ⤠For each plushie in the box (there will be five in each) there will be a riddle/question to be answered. If it happens to be a plushie of one of your pets in there then even if you answer wrong, the pet will be revealed! ⤠Once all are revealed, I'll put '[forms open]' in the title again and you can post any new pets, or repost any pets that weren't chosen. ⤠Form for plushies ⤠⤠Custom/Official Pet name: ⤠Image: And that's it for this post! Check below for the latest box, and the third post for a fake-plushie archive!
  2. Happy Family

    From the album Stuff and Things

    Stitch has 2 new friends to cuddle with.
  3. Plushies

    From the album Ice's Arts and Screenies

    The Mew and Dragonite plushies I just got C: That's how big they are compared to a can of pop/soda. I love them so much

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