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Found 6 results

  1. This Quiz is officially closed and all the prizes have been given out! I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners! I plan on doing more of these in the future with even better prizes and questions. See you next time! Hello, everyone! I've decided to do a short little quiz. The questions are random. Some hard, some easy. Some you may just have to take a shot in the dark at. The first person to answer a specific question correctly wins the pet next to that question. (The prizes are NOT a hint to the answer.) Rules: NO CHEATING. NO RESELLING PRIZES. (Especially my CYOs.) Don't just keep guessing over and over on a question until you narrow it down. Give others a chance first. If you'd like to guess, but don't want the pet(s), that's fine. Just specify that you're giving up your reward. 1. To some I look like the cross between two different animals, though I am not. I first appeared about four million years ago. I was carnivorous. What animal was I? Prize: (Bred mix.) Answer: Tasmanian Tiger ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 2. What is Kayler's favorite flavor of tea? ;D Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. Around only five existing. My only one left.) Answer: Earl Grey~ Won by @Moonwing 3. I live in deserts and grasslands in Asia. I can be kept as a pet. I store fat and water in my tail. I am 99% certain you've seen me before. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Leopard Gecko ~ Won by @paws4ever 4. What is Kayler's favorite breed of cat? ;D Prize: Answer: Scottish Fold ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 5. I am a breed of Russian origin. I resemble an Oriental Shorthair Cat, but there is something different about my fur. Prize: (This is the last of my yellow Colorful Storm Cat CYOs.) Answer: Peterbald ~ Won by @Jadespets 6. What is Kayler's favorite Generation 4 starter Pokemon? ;D (Since yesterday was Pokemon Platinum's anniversary!) Prize: Answer: Piplup ~ Won by @paws4ever 7. WHO'S THAT POK- I mean...ahem... What pet is this? Prize: Answer: Gypsy Pony ~ Won by @Jadespets 8. I'm native to the Sahara desert of Northern Africa. I am fairly small and cute. I mate for life. I can survive without free-standing water. I get most of my water from leaves, fruits, prey, ect. What animal am I? Prize: Answer: Fennec Fox~ Won by @Jadespets 9. I have no stomach. I was born out of an egg, but I still nursed from my mother. What animal am I? Prize: (Bred alt.) Answer: Platypus ~ Won by @GalaxticTraveler#1 10. Alright, the finale is here! How many Cheetos are in this bag? (Also, thumb reveal.) (XD What the heck am I doing?) Prize: (This alt of my CYO Chocolate Cat is very rare. There were no more that five (if even five) available. Only one left.) Answer: 0~ Won by @paws4ever
  2. September Abandoned Room Raffle One donated pet equals one ticket. Prize to be won.......Clockwork Panthera. AR Drop will begin on September 27. Please have your final trades sent by Friday September 26. I reserve the right to keep any pet donated and substitute a pet of equal value.
  3. ~* 10,000 ZC raffle! *~

    New round starts 7/20 Birthday raffle C: It's my birthday on the 25th, so, to celebrate, I'll be holding a larger-than-usual raffle! There will be multiple winners this time. "Like" this post for a chance to win 10,000 ZC or some pets! This round's winner will be drawn 7/24/14 Prizes: - 10,000 ZC @z e n (I have been informed this member is leaving. ;_; @KingAce (#8 on the list) @Kirito - 25 Random Pets @yingraner @thylac1ne @Rinai @Evelyan @sweetsurender247 Prizes are being sent out now. ♥ I have attached a screenie of the pages of previous winners for those interested. c: Previous winners: - JPmouse - SaberToothTigerGirl - Ocean
  4. Hello, I have a no alt brush and thought I'd have a little fun with finding a design for it. I'm going to host a contest! Your design can be on any base, and any idea (within the CYO Making Rules). Winner: Soichan. Prizes: The winner will recieve: 6 of their CYO, 1 of each of the other participant's CYOs, and 2,000 ZC Each of the remaining participants will recieve: 1 of their own CYOs, 1 of the winning CYOs, 1 of each participant's CYOs, and 1,000 ZC The way this will work is the winner's design will be used immediately after the contest is finished. ZC will be distributed along with the winner's CYO. Each of the non winning designs will be used at a later date (When I get brushes) immediately (I have procured the last brush), and each participant will recieve one of their own CYO, as well as one of each of the other participant's CYOs. In other words, every participant gets a grab bag of CYOs and 1,000 ZC, even if they don't win! Please post here to reserve your slots in the contest. You may reserve up to 2 slots. From the date that the last person reserves their slot, you have one month to submit an entry. Time can be extended. Please post with any questions you may have. Entries: 1.) Soichan: 2.) lucky333123 3.) Soare&Thing 4.) Matchitehew 5.) Rinai 6.) Mille Feuille 7.) Rain-in-March
  5. Fishing Derby Bug?

    So I was one of 3 people who tied for 1st place in amount of fish caught today (as seen below)! =^ v ^= ...but when I got the notification for winning, I recieved no zc! DX
  6. Video Editing!

    OK! So I really did not know where this belonged so I decided to put it in the games section ^^ Here's the Deal: This is my families last summer holiday together before we move countries. Today as a part of the holiday we went to one of the zoos together (Yay animals ^^). I took video's of just about every animal in the zoo and I need somebody who can edit videos or make video collages to make one for me with the videos I took! It would mean allot to us (my family) to have a video of one of our outings, even if there are no videos of us in it, just the animals. You don't need to be Tim Burton or a professionalism to do this. I'll appreciate any level of video editing, just do your best! Just post here if you want to enter and I will PM you the videos. ((This will take some time as I still need to upload them onto the lap top. After that it'll be easy)) With the given videos you can just get creative and do what you like with them! There are some things you need to know when editing it! If you notice that some videos are longer than others it is either because I really like that animal or because they were doing something funny ^^ That means that I want a good bit of footage of that animal in the finished product! (Example: I really like the bear so I have longish videos of it and the monkeys started howling so I have a longish clip of them howling) I would like it if you could possibly replace the audio with some music or something xP (Except the Gibbon video in the part where they start howling) In the videos you will hear a mixture of German, Dutch and English lol xD You won't hear me though except one time very quietly saying "shutup" to my sister. There shouldn't be any videos with myself in it so if there is don't put it in the video xP (You'll know it's me because I have red hair xD) So is anybody up for the challenge? I'd do it myself but I don't have programs and I'm no good at that sort of stuff. Take as much time as you need. When everybody (If anybody can do it) hands in the videos I'll put them up here and there will be a poll. The winner of the competition can choose between 15 ZC OR any two pets in my trading group in CS!