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Found 7 results

  1. Munchkin Cats by Kayler

    I just finished these Muchkin Cat Quads and submitted them. I'll probably make them into companion animals later. Let me know if you want them to be made into companions. <3 I might make more colors later.
  2. Christmas Pony Quads by Kayler

    So, I made a few Christmas themed versions of my Pony Quad that should be available soon. The sweaters aren't new, but I thought they went better with the new Christmas Quads than the other ones, so I decided to add them to this picture as well.
  3. Christmas Cat Quads By Kayler

    These are now available in the avatar clothing shop! So is the "Christmas Reef" with the deer that I posted here a while back. To find the Christmas Cat Quad search any of the following and it should be at the bottom: cat, quad, christmas, or kaylercool. To find the Christmas Reef: deer, christmas, reef, or kaylercool. Searching kaylercool will bring up results for everything I have made in the shop if you're interested in any of my other customs.

    © Kaylercool

  4. Witch Cat Quads by Kayler (NOW AVAILABLE)

    From the album Artwork

    They are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop! Priced at 200 ZC!
  5. So I just realized that we can now have our own clothing lines. Yippee! So here are some machinations/abominations/pure fun outfits and critters I'm going to contribute. I hope you enjoy! Pending: none Many updates to come! Set: Cute Girl Shoes to Come! Newest: Brown Moth Wings (5 for sale only!) 6 zp each
  6. Winter Wolf

    From the album Wild's Quads

    Part of my new "line" of quads coming out; this is Winter! she loves to play with snowballs and of course loves to bundle up in her favorite scarf and ear muffs^^

    © Sierra Conine

  7. LA's Quad Show

    Welcome to my Quad Show! Basically a pet show for all my quad HA designs!