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Found 10 results

  1. I'm still fairly new to this site and I've had a couple of questions I couldn't find a clear answer to. I'm sorry if any of my questions seem dumb or extremely obvious. I've seen people obtaining several pets through egg drop that I've never seen before. I keep getting the same things. 1. Do the pets you get from egg drop change over time? Do they change depending on how many pets you have, how long you've been a member, or anything like that? 2. If they do change over time, are the past ones only available by buying from others, or do they ever return in egg drop? 3. Are some egg drop pets rarer than others? 4. I'm assuming you obtain rare, uncommon, and so on pets from winning contests, special events, ect? Right? Okay, I think that's about it. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help out! Thank you!
  2. Christmas pets

    I have been away for a while and I have a bunch of Christmas pets from last year. I noticed that no one had them for sale in the bazaar. So I'm selling them on here! 1x 5x 2x 1x 1x 1x 1x
  3. Lots of rare pets for sale!~

    Hello Everyone!~ I have alot of pets I got from promo codes, too much actually. So, im selling some! I also have other pets xD Well, i click on my avatar and look at all the pets. lemme know if you find what you want, and name a price im terrible at pricing happy halloween! xD If you buy 5-7, its 700-1000 depending on the pet and since its a set.
  4. Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions

    Hello, and welcome to Iceberg's 1-Hour Auctions where I, your host IcebergCrystals, auction a pet for one hour! Currently Up Alt 2 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 3 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 4 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 5 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 6 Ragdoll Cat - Female - 15 ZC Alt 1 Singing Moon Wolf - Female - 150 ZC (retired pet) Alt 5 Canada Goose - Male - 15 ZC Alt 3 Cutie Dream Sheep - Male - 100 ZC Auction time - Congratulations to the winners! C: All pets being auctioned will be in my '1Hour Auction' group, so you can go there to see all of their stats.
  5. Welcome to my Wonderous Wonders! Alright, so I'm trying to sell some pets and figured I'll start my own Forum Shop since the Auction House, Shop, and Bazaar aren't always the three greatest places to sell things. I am looking mostly for Zodiac Pearls - ZP for most of these pets. You can offer Crystals, but I might decline, just warning you. Why I'm selling these for ZP is well, of course, because I need the pearls for future custom pets. (Like everyone else, of course). Again, mostly looking for ZP though you can offer ZC. It really depends on how badly I need the ZC at the time. Okay, enough chit chit and onto the pets! I also sell Ores. You can offer both ZP and ZC though ZP is preferred as of current. Platinum : 1332 Gold : 1244 Silver : 15444 Ratio: 5 Silver = 2 ZC 300 Silver = 1 ZP 1 Gold = 2 ZC 100 Gold = 1 ZP 1 Platinum = 10 ZC 50 Platinum = 1 ZP Selling the following pets. Name your price. I'm not too picky as long as it's a good offer. (F) - (M) - (M) - (M) - (F) - (M) - (M x1 - F x2) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (F) - (M) - (F) - (F x3 - M x1) - (F) - (F) - (F x2) - (F) - (M) - (F x3 - M x3) - (M x2) - (M) - (F) - (F) - (M) - (M/F) - (M x3 - F x2) - (M) - (F) - Will only accept ZP for Snails and Capybara Prefer ZP but will take ZC if prices are good enough Check out my Custom shop here Welp, Ladies and Gents! That's all I have for sell as of currant. Check back often for new pets and hopefully one of these babies will find a loving new home with you!
  6. Bunch of Pets!

    Just new ideas for awesome pets for the site! Endangered: Jaguarundi Striped Hyena Douc Langur Numbat Pygmy Rabbit Threatened: White Nosed Coati Rare: Okapi Wolverine Uncommon: Flying Squrriel German Short-Haired Pointer Bernese Mountain Dog Common: Mickey Mouse Platy Meerkat Cardinal Jack Russel Terrier Beagle Bull Terrier Pets for Adventure: Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Porcupine Weasel Skunk
  7. Tons of Pets

    Here are a lot of pets I have for suggestion. I may add new ones with time, though. xD Yes, I know, it's a lot. If pictures are needed/wanted. Just ask. =P Extinct Animals Tyrannosaurus Rex Steller's Sea Cow Irish Deer Caspian Tiger Aurochs Greak Auk Cave Lion Dodo Dire Wolf Syrian Elephant Island Exclusive Chimpanzee Orangutan Jaguar Panther Gorilla Peacock Toucan Frogs/Toads (specially red eyed tree frog, yellow-banded poison arrowfrog, blue dary frog, fire bellied toads) Snakes (specifially viper, cobra, green tree snake) Squirrel Monkey Bearded Dragon Crocodile Alligator Turtles Adventure Pets Porcupine Weasel Skunk Flying Squirrel Sloth North American Bison Ethereal Pets Phoenix Unicorn Pegasus Dragon Faery Griffon Marine Pets Jelly Fish Sea Spider Sea Turtle Clown Fish Shark Squid Cuttlefish Catfish Angel Fish Parrot Fish Starfish Barracuda Eels Sea Horse Sea Lions Cod Fish Usual Pets Bulldogs Pitbulls Laboratory Poodles Beagle Jack Russel Terrier Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Maltese Italian Greyhound Australian Shepherd Chow Chow Basset Hound Akita Bloodhound Collie Saint Bernard Tibetan Mastiff American Bobtail Cat Balinese Cat Bengal Cat Birman Cat Cornish Rex Cat Egyptian Mau Cat Himalayan Cat Ocicat Cat Persian Cat Savannah Cat Siamese Cat Sphynx Cat
  8. Ok I'm only selling three pets so grab 'em which you can! Adopt your own virtual pet today! Name your price but be reasonable
  9. I'm new

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say hi
  10. WANTED a few pets

    I'm looking for a variety of pets to complete my sets. They range from Limited Editions to Rares (and probably a bit of in between LE and Rare). LIMITED ONES: Tammar Wallabies - offering 500 crystals each (or one donation pet of your choice). Blue Ringed Octopus (the teal or blue/green ones) - I need 3 females; Since they are not so rare as other limiteds, I'm offering 100 crystals for each. Barn Owls - I'm looking for 1 black male (you can offer me orange males or females, too). I'm not sure on the price but I'll start with 200 crystals (let me know if that's too low; I want to be fair). Luna Moths - will offer 150 crystals for them. Yorkshire Terrier Dog - I need the all-cream/blonde colored one in a female; an all-golden male; a male in mainly brown with gold streaks. I'm offering 125 crystals for starters (not sure on pricing). American Badgers - I need a bunch of female (and a few male) of these to complete my set. I'm offering 200 crystals to start. I've got a separate thread up for the Scottish fold cats (offering 500 cr. or 1 donation pet) - I'd love a male of each kind (and any others you're anxious to trade for $$$$). RARES OR ULTRA RARES: I'm defining these as those sold for 200 crystals or up in the adoption stand. I'm looking for rarely seen alts. I will offer 100 crystals in addition to the price in the adoption stand, so please offer only hatched critters. OTHERS: Main coon cats - Looking for the grey-striped ones and the orange-striped ones in both genders. Currently offering 75 crystals over the price in the adoption stand. Corgi - Looking for grey and white corgi alt. Offering 50 crystals. Male and female. Koala Bears - looking for males in cream, brown, tan, and grey. I don't know when they'll be back in the shop but I haven't seen them in a while. Offering 100 crystals over the adoption shop price (I assume that's where they're from; if not, let me know and we can work out a deal!). Harp Seals - (super-super rare) would like at least one male. I am offering a pair of donation pets (of your choice) and 500 crystals. Can also do it all in donation pets if you like. Killer Whale - (super-super rare) would like at least one female. I am offering a pair of donation pets (of your choice) and 500 crystals. Can also do it all in donation pets if you like. EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. Want it all in donor pets? Fine! Offer me more than one pet and you can combine them to get more in return. Right now I'm offering 500 crystals as being equal to one donor pet. I'm on daily after work. Please be patient and remember to give me your site name so I know who to send the trade to (Or if you like, you can start the trade!). Let's make each other deliriously happy!