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Found 16 results

  1. Little Red Baby Lineart

    From the album CYO's

    The baby stage for little red How does it look? I tried to make the wolf staring at little red like she was food but idk if that worked How do you like it so far Its time for bed now though See you all in the morning
  2. Little Red Version 2

    From the album CYO's

    My second version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  3. Little Red version 1

    From the album CYO's

    My first version of little red. I couldn't decide on how the wolf should look so i drew two and i'm asking what you guys like better I just quickly colored it in so this isn't it completed btw. It was hard to tell what went to what so i had to color them in.
  4. Birdy CYO

    From the album CYO's

    Just a pretty bird i made for no real reason Isn't it pretty though? What do you think i should add to it?
  5. Vampiric Eye Practice

    From the album All Artwork 2018

    I'm just practicing drawing eyes and trying out a new brush, I didn't really like how it worked as it made coloring way to dark and not smooth as you can tell on the skin. This took me about ten minutes to make.
  6. Unnamed Art by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    This is probably my first digital drawing of an anime girl. Is it an OC? Ah, I don't know? I just got inspired. lol She's not super original or anything. She doesn't have a name. Not yet at least.
  7. ~~~Unatural fox sale!!~~~

    just created my first set!! <3<3 here it is!! i take ZP at 200ZC each! Common 300ZC Common 400ZC Uncommon 600ZC On site:7/12 On site:5/12 On site:6/8 Rare 800ZC Very rare 1000ZC Rarest 2000ZC OR OFFER On site:3/7 On site:4/6 On site:1/5 PLEASE use this form!! Username on site: gender: fox you want: how much you are sending: I GO BY ORDER OF TRADES THAT COME IN SO PLEASE SEND YOUR TRADES~! My rarest will go for 2000ZC or to the highest offers. please keep in mind i will not be sending out my rarest till probably next week! kinda like an auction :3 they will go to my top 4 bidders! CYOs and customs i am currently searching for! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL ats! ALL atls! ALL alts! ALL alts! ALL alts!
  8. This Bidding is for my newest full staged line-arts The Chimera Rules: 1.whoever wins the bid must send me their email so I can send them all the psd files. 2.the winner must send me a copy of the final artwork 3.you may not edit the line-arts,though you may add coloring and markings. 4.you must mention me when finished the final product Bidding will start today and end on 25/1/14 Bidding will start at 20,500zc Current Bidders @Rinai-(bid 20,000) @Najawarie-(bid 25$ + 4,000zc) ​Minimum Increments:500zc
  9. Baby Hi no Megami

    From the album My CYOs

    Stage one of Hi no Megami. cat base©petadoptables concept©Soiyuu (Me)
  10. Red Alien

    From the album My CYO previews

    For the create a monster competition

    © Base from PA, edits and design by me :)

  11. Red Child

    From the album My CYO previews

    After a suggestion by BudgieBirdie (thank you again by the by <3), I got to work on some alts for the nameless bunny. My brother was watching me while I worked on these, and he thought that they reminded him of Tron, so I was thinking of calling them Tronbuns or something Hopefully I'll finish these soon and a couple others I'm working on, get them pre-approved and make a store where I'll have these designs up for sale. And hopefully my tablet comes soon so I can offer my design services XD

    © Lines from PA, design by me :)

  12. [Alt Swap]Red Fox Alt Swap

    I have: Male I would like: Any gender, any stage. Thanks for looking!
  13. [buying]2 Red Panda

    I am willing to buy 2 of this alt(any stage, just not last stage) or or egg stage Red Panda(maybe) I will pay 500 Each, its reasonable because they are 5$ in the Cash shop. I might buy more, but for now Im buying 2 from you users Anyone?
  14. [alt swap] Red Panda

    I am looking for this alt(female would be wonderful!): (any stage but the last, but it has to be this alt color) I have this alt: (female) And I can offer 100 zc as well OR I can buy it for 500zc xD So, anyone?
  15. [alt swap]Red fox

    This alt(male): for this alt(female preferred): Please? xD
  16. Ula

    From the album Designs to Die for

    my Valentine Dog

    © J-Dove @ deviantart.com