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Found 10 results

  1. Scottish Fold Cat Companions/Quads

    From the album Artwork

    (These are not all of the colors. They're just examples. I still have some ideas and I've also done a white one, a gray one, a tortoiseshell, and an orange tabby.) I was originally planning on scaling these down and making them companion animals, but doing that does cause them to lose quality and make them harder to see. (or maybe that's just me because my eyesight is awful.) Then I thought "What if they were Quads?" What do you guys think? Would you like them as one or the other, or maybe even both? Would you want to even use these? Please no "you have serial killer handwriting" comments. I know that already. lol
  2. (CLOSED) ~Scottish Fold Alt Swap~

    I can offer one of these two Scottish Fold alts for trade: or I'm looking for one of the following: Or of course I can trade these two for two of the following. If you're willing to do this trade, please let me know! Thank you!
  3. Losing Bred Eggs

    I know that me and several others lost our bred eggs due to the site being shut down for a couple of days. I lost eggs from my breeding pair of Scottish Folds and my breeding pair of a Gift Grabber and Snowkit. (One of my Scottish Fold breeding pairs had just gotten ready to be claimed when the site came back, so thank goodness I was able to get those.) I ended up losing 4,000 ZC since I bred them and wasn't able to get my eggs since the site was down. I looked through the abandoned room the first time it opened since the site has went down and I didn't see my eggs or anyone else's. Just the stuff that's common in there. Is there a chance for us to get our eggs we lost, or at least get back the ZC we lost?
  4. Scottish Fold(s) Wanted!

    Hello! I've been searching for Scottish Folds to buy for a while now without any luck. If anyone has any please let me know. Eggs are fine too. Thanks so much!
  5. I'm buying pets: brown, gray, or tan alts - Barn Owls (300-400 zc) orange & white stripe alts or tortoise shell alts (orange/black/white) - scottish fold cats (up to 500 zc or 1 donation pet egg of your choice) (other alts may be considered for 375-425 zc) Resurrected extinct fossils/pets (up to 1500 zc or 3 donation pet eggs of your choice) - esp. quagga and thylacines. (mainly black with thin white stripe on face; 5th from left on color almanac) Badgers (400-500 zc or 1 donation pet egg of your choice) most wallabies (@350 zc or one of the threatened donation pet eggs, i.e. $3 ones), esp. the tiger-striped one (3rd from left in Almanac) penguins with a circle around their eye (6th from left on Almanac) - @ 400 zc. If you want the donation pet option, please make sure you tell me the species, gender, etc.
  6. Quick Auction (Various Pets)

    Hi guys c: Here is Vio's Quick Auction Stand. Updated every weekend, with two auctions every week c: Mods, please don't lock this post until I ask you to. (Sorry if that comes off rude, but please know I fully respect you guys and if you find a reason to lock this post, then let it be so.) And without further ado, here are the pets. ------------------------------- Currently auctioning....(more to come!) ------------------------------- Rusty (American Cocker Spaniel Dog, Normal Alt) Starting Bid: 5 ZC Minimum Increase: 2 ZC Highest Bidder: Raikielia: 5 ZC Charcoal (American Paint Horse, Charcoal Alt) Starting Bid: 150 ZC Minimum Increase: 5 ZC WINNER: Honesta: Autobidded with two North American Otters° Autobid: Two North American Otter Alts other than the ones in the Bazaar :3 Unnamed (Barn Owl, Cinnamon Dappled Alt) Starting Bid: 85 ZC Minimum Increase: 3 ZC Highest Bidder: firedancer123: 90 ZC Autobid: Two German Shepherd Alts. Unnamed + Unnamed (Dachshund Dogs, Alts 3 + 6) Starting Bid (this is for both): 20 ZC Minimum Increase: 3 ZC Highest Bidder: Raikielia: 38 ZC Torina + Churro (Dachshund Dogs, Alts 1 + 5) Starting Bid (this is for both): 20 ZC Minimum Increase: 3 ZC Highest Bidder: Raikielia: 20 ZC Kasume (Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Red Alt) Starting Bid: 5 ZC Minimum Increase: 2 ZC Highest Bidder: ashleypikachu1: 7 ZC Evie (Gryfalcon, Black Alt) Starting Bid: 10 ZC Minimum Increase: 3 ZC Highest Bidder: Lilytora: 10 ZC Raja (Javan Tiger, Alt 5) Starting Bid: 500 ZC Minimum Increase: 15 ZC Highest Bidder: Pixie: 920 ZC Autobid: 4,500 ZC Iris (North American Otter, Alt 5) Starting Bid: 85 ZC Minimum Increase: 5 ZC Highest Bidder: Raikielia: 85 ZC Autobid: Any other alt aside from Alts 5 or 6. Albany (Scottish Fold, Orange Striped Alt) Starting Bid: 100 ZC Minimum Increase: 10 ZC Highest Bidder: Pixie: 190 ZC The end date for this current auction is Tuesday, November 29, at 9:00 p.m. PST. Get your bids in before then! Enjoy Vio's Quick Auctions!
  7. Finished, please delete.

    Got it! Thanks OldFoo
  9. I rrreeeaaaallllllyyyy want that alt. xD I have two of the brown and white Scottish Folds, then I have a blue one, so if anyone one else is willing to switch alts for one of those, I'd be happy to trade. I also have 45 ZC.. but htat isn't much. xD