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Found 113 results

  1. 50ZC Pet Shop~

    I was looking through my pets and realized I had a bunch of eggs and pets that I either don't need or will never get a chance to hatch. I decided to make a 50zc pet haul. A few that you may see will be free/less than 50 as well. Here's the link: http://petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=dragon egg 123 It's not yet finished and more pets will be added over time. <3 Enjoy! ^^ (You're also allowed to as many pets as you'd like. I'll add a rules section somewhere in this post eventually, lol)
  2. Hi! I closed down my old shop awhile ago, so I decided to make a new one. Welcome to Kat's Pet Shop! Here I will be selling pets of any rarity. Sometimes I might even sell pets that are zp pet mall pets for zc, so keep a lookout! Go to my profile and then go to the room titled "Pets for sale", and you will find some pet's I am selling. RULES: Whoever asks for a pet first gets that pet I am able to hold pets for a week All PA rules apply Hope you find something you like! Link to my profile:
  3. Kirito's CYO Shop [Open]

    Hello! Welcome to my CYO shop. I don't have a lot of CYO's Available at the moment, But I'm slowly trying to increase the number of cyo's I have for sale. Rules You are not allowed to sell my cyo's (Unless you got it from the egg drop) You can gift my CYO's You can do alt changes and Gender changes if you want. If you no longer want the CYO I will gladly take them back. All my CYO's are Egg Drop CYO's because I can't afford the 10 zp to make them private. If you have an alt you don't like, you can send it back to me and I will give you another egg. ( That's if there isn't already 50 of that CYO's sold) Non-Alted CYO's Alted CYO's Hatched CYO's for Sale None Atm
  4. READ: Basically no trading or selling CYOs/Customs you get from me. - EXCEPTION: Because I cannot choose the alts for the Felidae Neona, you can trade a Felidae Neona with someone for a different Felidae Neona alt. You may also use the Wishing Well to change the alt of a Felidae Neona for that same reason. Also, if you get a Felidae Neona from the Egg Drop, you may trade/sell it, but please not for more than I'm selling them here. But no trading or changing the alt of a Puppy Love under any circumstances. I also take CYO/custom trades, provided you own the rights to the CYO/custom. Just offer. Note: I collect black cat customs/CYOs :3 (As if you couldn't already tell that from my sig haha) I also collect bats. 6 bats (any species) = 1 CYO 12 bats (any species) = 1 Supreme CYO Obviously bats that are of a high rarity or that are CYO/Customs are worth even more. Feel free to offer:) Don't forget to @mention me for a quicker response. And sorry that my images and spacing are so messed up XD Felidae Neona 800 ZC or 1 ZP (or 3000 for 6, I can't guarantee a full set though because I can't choose alts) NOTE: I CANNOT CHOOSE ALTS but I will be trying to get as many hatched as possible for people who want a full set. Tiger, King Cheetah, Leopard, Black Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Bobcat I currently have an extra black leopard hatched, if you would like that alt. I have about 10 eggs left to sell. Puppy Love Alts 1, 2, 4, 5: 1750 ZC or 3 ZP Alts 3 and 6: Rare alts, not for sale at the moment, sorry (may trade, though). I can choose alts on this one:) 21 on site Who has them (if you have one and aren't on the list, please tell me): Chikoo12007, Ipmetallica, Gammawolf, Lilytora Remembrance These are for gifting to those who have lost someone. Tell me and I'll send one their way. You can include a short note for them if you like (can even be anonymous if you prefer). Only 4 in the system so far. Possibly for trade in rare circumstances. COMING SOON Summer Night PRE-ORDERS Merow I need 30 ZP to make these into a private custom. Six preorder slots, 5 ZP each. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Thanks for looking
  5. ~Kayler's CYO Shop~ (All 250 ZC)

    Rules: You may NOT resell any CYOs you get from me. If you no longer want them send them back to me. Same rules apply for any gift CYOs I give out. I'm ready to clear out all of my old CYOs and make room for the ones to come. Some are very limited or gone, so first come, first served. I will be selling all of them for just 250 ZC. (Or 1 ZP if you'd rather pay with ZP.) Pick out the pet you want and post the link below. You're allowed as many as you want as long as you follow the rules above. They are in my room called:"My CYOs For Sale/Trade (Reselling Is Not Allowed.)" Here's my profile link: http://www.petadoptables.com/profile.php?user=Kaylercool Thank you to anyone that decides to take some off my hands. List of all CYOs made by Kayler (This list needs updating when I have time.): 1. Colorful Storm Cat: 2. The Corpse Meow: 3. Pop Star: 4. Chocolate Cat: 5. Candy Swirl Bear: 6. Demented Unicorn: 7. Two Faced Festival: 8. Happy Birthday From Kaylercool: Get one here: http://forums.petadoptables.com/index.php?/topic/16457-happy-birthday-cyos-get-a-free-birthday-cyo-on-your-birthday/ 9. Spooky Marionette Cat: 10. Collector Ghoul Kitsune: 11. Neon Corpse Meow: SECRET. 12. Pastel Corpse Meow.: SECRET Thank you to those of you who bought from the shop so far! <3 I will be doing another giveaway real soon! Count on it!
  6. Hello and Welcome to my CYO/Custom Art Shop! These are the designs that I don't plan on using them myself or I can't afford the brush to post it. so the figured I would sell them to people who would use them. I do take commissions and the prices of commissions are at the bottom in a spoiler. Message me for the png sized and transparent once you paid. The Commissions now have prices in ZC Also when the pet gets published that you buy here may I have a set (if alted) or one of the pets? (Optional) Designs for sale ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Risu Akuma 1000zc or $4 or 4zp Only the Adult stage is done (Already Sized correctly) Risu Ran'ningu 2500zc or $7 or 7zp Only the base outline is done (Already Sized Correctly) Sutekina kitsune 1000zc or $4 or 4zp Base Sketch is done (Not sized) Kosupure Okami 700zc or $3 or 1zp Only Adult Stage is done (Not Sized) Fenikkusu Sold to @CaitlynMellark (Feb 24) 2000zc or $7 or 7zp Adult and Baby Stages with 6 alts (Sized) Commission Now with ZC Prices!
  7. EDIT: These are now available in the Avatar Clothing Shop. You can find them all by searching: Ruffled, Top, Dress, or Kaylercool and scrolling to the bottom. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, I just whipped these random dresses up today. I'm trying to improve on drawing clothing. Before I mostly stuck to quads, companions, and hairstyles. I put the yellow background to kind of show how the hearts on the sleeves are see-through. Also, I uploaded larger images here. They're not going to be this big on site since I had to size them down to fit the human base. I've submitted these already, so they should be available soon.

    © Kaylercool

  8. Kayla's Pet Shop (OPEN)

    First all pets for sale are in 1.Shop Room ONLY. Please Comment the pet(s) below and I will get to you ASAP. Rules to Remember: 1. Some Pets I have very few of so no fighting over pets 2. If you ask for a pet first you get it 3. I can hold pets for up to a week unless otherwise discussed
  9. Welcome to Dashy's Pet Palooza! Introduction While this thread is mainly for my shop, I will also be up for alt-swapping and I will post all of the pets I am willing to buy or trade for. Information on the shop will be in this post, alt-swapping in the second post, and pets I am looking for in the third post. Shop My shop isn't yet finished and more pets will be added over time. I based prices off rarity, how many of the pet are on the site, and whether or not they are retired. If you feel the price is off/unfair please PM me. Before you ask what the prices are, look at their names, I put down all of the prices already. If you'd like to take a look, the link is in the spoiler below! Make sure you go to the 'Pet Palooza' room before you start browsing the pets for sale! Rules Please be nice to each other! This one is obvious! First come, first serve. Whoever asks first for the pet receives it! Please accept or deny the trade within 5 days. If the trade is still there on the sixth day, I will delete it and the pets you asked for will be for sale again. I can add more rules at any time! I may add some more rules later on so make sure to check every-so-often! Disclaimer: Any CYO's that you see in my shop I did not buy personally. I either received them from an event or got them by luck from the egg drop. If you see one of your CYO's in my shop, please do not get offended or upset as I triple-checked that I didn't put any CYO's that I had bought into my shop. Updates: Last Update: 12/9/17 Everything is 50% off until 12/31/17!
  10. Now Available Hairstyles by Kayler

    From the album Artwork

    Edit: 11/13/17: These are now available in the shop! (Some will be on the homepage, while others you'll have to search for terms such as: hair, pigtails, or Kaylercool and go to the bottom.) I also made some new Christmas sweaters that fit my Pony Quad that are available. These are a few examples of some of the hairstyles I've been working on. There are more colors, but these are just examples. If anyone has any cute hairstyle ideas I'll consider them. (You can tell me of some or send me reference photos if you want.) Also, I'd like to know what you guys think of these.
  11. Kimii's CYO Shop

    Information on my CYOs; The prices listed are per pet. The only CYO I can guarantee alts on is Ragnarok, or already hatched pets in my CYO rooms starting with "9." However, I give my full consent for you to use the wishing well on my CYOs if you don't get the alt you want from an egg, or to change its gender. As a secondary option, feel free to message me about it, and we can exchange the unwanted alt with another egg of that CYO as long as one is available. Gifting is fine, but please don't resell my CYOs. I may be willing to do a trade for pets on my wishlist, feel free to ask! (I'll be making a forum wishlist soon and will link it here, since the PA wishlist doesn't let me select the stage of the pet I want.) My CYOs; Raptor Pack - 800 ZC Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Green Solid, Brown Solid, Orange Flame, and Black Flame alts; Siberian Husky - 800 ZC Egg, Goggles, Red, Blonde, White, Sky, and Jake alts; Ragnarok - 700 ZC Egg, Fenrir, Hati, Skoll, Fire, Ice, and Reaper alts; Doggos - 600 ZC Egg, German Shepherd, Mutt, Shiba Inu, Belgian Tervuern, Border Collie, Siberian Husky Across The World - 600 ZC Egg, Forest Wonderer, African Princess, French Maid, English Rider, Time Traveler, and Jungle Man alts; Norse Wolf - 500 ZC Costume Kitty - 500 ZC Fallen Flame - 500 ZC Pirate - 300 ZC Pageant Pups - 300 ZC Egg, King, Knight, Dark Wizard, Hero, Rainbow, and Rockstar alts;
  12. Hello, everyone! I finally decided to set up a shop for what I'm selling in the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. This is mostly just here to help people find specific items. You must go to the shops on the original site. Hair Accessories: Other: Hairstyles: Companion Animals: Accessories: Clothing: Quads: See this post below for my Halloween items for sale!
  13. Meadow's Pet Mall~ Customs and CYOs!

    Welcome to Meadow's Pet Mall!! Here I have a variety of pets, all for very cheap prices!! I have divided all my pets for trade into different sections based upon the price of the animal. Accepted currencies: ZC, ZP, mainly ZP. I can hold pets for 1 week at the most. If you purchase a custom from me, including CYOs, you are NOT allowed to trade/sell it. Reserves: 1. blazeclaw8 - White Alt Mountain Lion - 150zc _______________________________________________________________________________ Ores for trade: Silver: 2700 5 Silver for 2ZC, or 250 Silver for 1ZP Platinum: 159 1 Platinum for 10ZC, or 10 Platinum for 1ZP Gold: 654 1 Gold for 2ZC, or 50 Gold for 1ZP _________________________________________________________________________________________ 10zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 20zc: _______________________________________________________________________________ 50zc: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 100zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 150zc or 1zp: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 200zc or 2zp: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Customs!!! :DD Flying Hedgehog: Slots: 2000zc: 1. Savynn ~ P 2. heat79599 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. Wolfsdrache ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. Hane Kujaku Kitsune: Slots: 2000zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 15zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ______________________________________________________________________________________ CYO Customs!! :DD Rainy Day Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. TaigaWolf ~ P 2. hope-hopper ~ P 3. BudgieBirdie ~ P 4. KichiCD ~ P 5. Savynn ~ P 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Demonic Kitty: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fairy Tale Pup: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Aura Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cupcake Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. FernisWolff ~ P 2. yammy115 ~ P 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stardust Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sunset Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Moonlight Cat: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Icicle Kitsune: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Earth Day Cat: (All are female) Slots: 600zc: 1. caitlingal ~ P 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Volcanic Horse: Slots: 600zc: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5zp: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. ~ Clothing Shop Suggestions ~

    I have a few suggestions for the Avatar Clothing Shop and the Pet Clothing Shop. Avatar Clothing Shop: 1. I think buying clothes for avatars would be much easier and convenient if there was a way for us to pick out certain items and try them on before we actually bought them. I've bought items that didn't match as well as I thought they would or didn't even fit my avatar. This could have been prevented if I could have tried on clothes before I bought them. 2. I think it would be cool if we could have some sort of contest or even just special events where we could win exclusive clothing and accessories, or it could give players a chance at winning something they cannot afford to buy. Pet Clothing Shop: Both 1 and 2 would be useful additions to the Pet Clothing Shop too. The Pet Clothing Shop does have a way to try on clothes and accessories, but I think it could be easier. Take the character customization in Pokemon X and Y for example, it's easy, fun, and convenient. 1. The shop could really use more stuff in general. It could use more outfits specifically made for popular pets. Another useful feature would be being able to rotate accessories such as bows so they would fit almost any pet. It would also be convenient if we were able to change the size of the items. Another thing that's a bit bothersome is that we cannot put things behind pets. For example, I can't put splatters or backgrounds behind them, so they often end up covering the pets. I hope you'll consider these suggestions. If you agree with me, please show your support. Thank you.
  15. Ikiru's Cyo/Supreme Shop!

    Welcome! Supremes Sea Kelpie 800zc or 10zp Shadow Bats Alts 1-3 = 800zc & Alts 4-6 = 900zc or 10zp FireFoxes Alts 2-5 = 1,200zc & Alts 1&6 = 1,500zc or 15zp Cyos (I can't choose alts) Stuffed Pup 600zc; 2zp Merlion 700zc; 3zp Jinja Beru 500zc; 2zp Neon Shadow Wolf 500zc; 2zp Cherry Blossom Spirit 600zc or 3zp Necromancer Magi 500zc or 2zp Paint Pup 500zc or 2zp Neon Stripes (I can choose alts) Alt 3-5 600zc; Alts 1,2,&6 700zc or 2zp Color Paws 600zc or 3zp Little Kits (I can choose alts) Alts 2,5,&6 600zc; Alts 1,3,&4 700zc or 3zp Any questions just ask/PM me! Coming soon! Ookami Shinigami (Supreme) Anubis Jackal (Supreme)
  16. Grimms CYO Shop (New FREE Masked Kitsune CYO!!!)

    Welcome To Grimms CYO Shop ~Take a look around~ My Current CYO's On Site first of all before buying RULES (oh yes we love rules): WHEN SENDING A TRADE PLEASE ADD THE AMOUNT OF ZC BEFOREHAND,I dont want to have to run after players to add the zc.your trade will simply be canceled. When Buying A CYO please do not resell,if you dont want it anymore please return it too me. Please do not alt change,otherwise you will no longer be allowed to buy in my cyo shop EVER! If you would Like to keep a pet on hold please remind me if I forget. Please MOST IMPORTANT! When sending me a trade for the pet you want please post in the message with the trade what pet you want which alt and gender otherwise I will simply ignore it,(Its very confusing when doing trades and having to check every page for what every player wants.thank you) Very Cheap CYO's Utopia Bunny: (5 stages-no ALT's) 350zc or 1zp Crazy Deranged Cat: (5 stages-with ALT's) ALTS: all alts except alt 4 are 350zc alt 4 is 400zc or 1 zp SkullHead Jackalope: (1 stage-No Alt's) Pricing: 300zc/1zp Jack-O-Rabbit (5 stages-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp Abandoned Ghost Kitten: (1 stage-no ALT's) Pricing: 350zc/1zp New Releases: Changeling Griffon (5 stages-4 Alts) ALT's: Pricing: ALT 1-400 (barn owl) ALT 2- 450 (snow owl) ALT 3- 500 (falcon) ALT 4- 550 (armored griffon) Pumpkin Cat: (5 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's: Prices: 1,2,3,5- 700zc or 2zp 4,6(rare ALT's)-800zc or 2 zp Kimono Kitsune: (4 stages-6 ALT's) ALT's Prices ALT's 1,2,3,4-650zc ALT's 5,6(special kimono designs)-750zc Sushi Wolf: (4 stages 6 ALT's) ALT's Prices: ALT 1-salmon and cucumber sushi roll-350zc ALT 2-salmon and Lettuce sushi roll-400zc ALT 3-salmon and Wasabi sushi roll-450zc ALT 4-salmon and egg sushi roll-500zc ALT 5-Shrimp sushi roll-550zc ALT 6-Octopus sushi roll-600zc Cherry Blossom Kitty (4 stages no alt's) Prices 500zc or 1 zp FireCracker Wolf: 300zc or 1 zp RiceBall Kitty: 350zc or 1 zp Sleeping Dragon: [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FCA-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Playful Kitten [5 stage supreme CYO non alted] (This Pet I consider To Be Just Like a FC-but cheap (-~-) Prices: 900zc or 3zp Rebel Runner 3 stage CYO No alts Price: 650 ZC or 2 ZP (p.s. I completely redrew the base and edited it+I also reshaded) Bacon & Egg's Full staged CYO Masked Kitsune: Price:FREE! 1 Per player please dont resell this is a gift,not a source to exploit some quick zc in the bazaar,so no reselling thank you. 7/50 Price: 450 ZC or 1 ZP Horses Of The Apocalypse: 1 Stage Supreme CYO (I consider this equal of a MCA) ALT's ALT 1-Death (Price:1,500 ZC or 6 ZP) ALT 2-Famine (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 3-War (Price:1,400 ZC or 5 ZP) ALT 4-Conquest (Price:1,000 ZC or 3 ZP) New MCA By Miosita Released Shizen No Sheishin ALT's alt 1-Normal alt 2-Fire alt 3-Earth alt 4-Water alt 5-Light alt 6-Darkness Prices: Alts 1,2,3,6-2,500zc or 4zp Alts 4,5-3,900 or 5zp Rules: No Alt Changing No selling or trading without letting me know. break these rules and you will not be permitted to buy again in my shop. Stay tuned for: The Four Horsemen Masquerade kitsune Carousal Cloppers Fluff Jacket Soul Eater The Lone Ronin p.s.-I also do Cyo Trades Nope
  17. Snowy's Click Shop [Reopened]

    Hi guys! Its me, Snowy. I'm finally back from the busy world. Since I'm back, I'm reopening my click shop here 10zcs per 50 clicks
  18. Pink Pet shop and Alt Swaps

    Welcome! Hello I am Pink Madness there, my main name is Kirbystar Pet shop - All my pets from "For sale" - room, are for sale - 50 zc each. Little form you to make (Please use pictures of pets you want or tell very carefully, so I know what youre talking about. ID is fine, but I am very bad to look which ID belong to who) Main username: Pets you want: Total price: Alt swaps - I am too lazy to copy/ paste the pets images there so you can find them to my "Swaps" - room. Thought I will make a little list, for what I want for them thought What I have? - What I want? Jaguarundi alt 2 - Swapping for alt 5 Savannah cat alt 3 - Swapping for alts 1 & 4 Little red alt 6 - Swapping for alts 2 & 4 Pumpkin tiger alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1, 2 & 4 Magnificent Quetzal alt 6 - Swapping for alts 1,3 & 4 Saber toothtiger alt 3 - Swapping for Any other alts Kerberos alt 2 - Swapping for Any other alts Japanese tiger alt 2 - Swapping for Any other alts Felidae Neona alt 4 - Swapping for alts 2,3, 5 & 6 Stinckypaw Pomeranian alts 1 & 2 - Swapping for alts 3 & 6 Bright Bowkits alt 6 - Swapping for alts 2 & 4 Snuggle panda alt 3 (x2) - Swapping for alts 1,4,5 & 6 Gray wolf alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1 & 2 Gift grabber alts 1(x2)& 2 - Swapping for alt 5 & 6 Thylacine alt 3 - Swapping for Any other alts Indochinese tiger alt 4 - Swapping for Any other alts Summer lady alts 3 & 5 - Swapping for alts 1 & 6 Akinobu alts 5, 2 & 1 - Swapping for alts 3,4 & 6 Samurai monkey alt 4 - Swapping for alts 1 & 5 Prom lioness alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1,2 & 4 Florin alt 5 - Swapping for alts 1,2,3 & 6 Not alt swaps, but still swaps :/ Minitaur alt 1 - ZC/ ZP Cashshop pets or rare pets (Make a offer) Little Explopers alts 1 (x2) & 2 + two eggs - For any ZC/ZP Cashshop pets or 1000 zc each (Make a offer) I am not really interested about them (Minitaur and Little Explorer) so not alt swapping them, but I will trade them to other ZC/ ZP Cashshop/ rare pets. Thank you!
  19. dan's lame cyo and pet shop

    Hello everyone! Gee, it's been a while since I've made my old thread. Hopefully I won't be as lazy as I was then, yeesh. But anyways, welcome to my CYO and pet shop. I sell CYOs and some random pets from time to time.
  20. looking for someone to commission to help make a CYO I had an idea for, I have a few pictures and if you are interested PM me! Post guide 1. Intro 2. CYOs (I don't think I will ever make customs) 3. For Sale 4. Alt Swaps Intro for CYOs I just started making CYOs and my first one just got approved so I decided to create a shop. I have more CYOs, just looking for ZP so I can make them private probably never going to get the ZP to make them private so I'm making them all Egg Drop pets. Feel free to swap/trade if you don't get the alt you are looking for. I've never really messed around with photoshop before but I'm trying my best and viewing a bunch of tutorials so I hope to get better Some quick rules for CYOs: (please read) ☾Please don't resell the CYOs you buy from me ☾You can trade the CYOs with me or someone else (since they are Egg Drop, I can't control what alt I give you so it is perfectly fine if you want to swap for another egg) ☾The artist is always myself ☾I'm willing to swap CYOs/Customs so just ask ☾Mention gender while posting (or you can just say any gender is fine) ☾I come online daily (unless I'm busy) so I should be able to get your order the next day ☾I will mention on my forum profile if I'm going to be away so bear with me if you don't get your order immediately
  21. Scone's Custom Shop

    & Hello and welcome! PLEASE please please, don't re-sell !! You can return the pets back to me if you do not wish to have them anymore. Thank you! YOU MAY - Change the pet's gender(Unless pet specifies not to!), freeze the pet at any stage YOU MAY NOT - Change the alt, resell Please use the "@ mention" function for a quicker reply and acknowledgement. I will send out the trades first unless spoken otherwise. Pricing Guide- basic CYOs | 3ZP-8ZP or 500ZC-1500ZC Customs | 8ZP-20ZP or 3500ZC-10000ZC Mystical Pup (3zp // 650ZC) Details: 23/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) NO ALTS Design-Scone|Edits by Matchitehew JUST ASK FOR GENDER! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Toripuru (4zp // 700ZC alts 1-2 || 5zp // 850ZC alts 5-6 || 6zp // 1000ZC alts 3-4) Details: 24/50 available CYO Mini (egg + stages 1) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Cervus Felis (4zp // 700ZC alts 1-3 || 5zp // 800ZC alts 4-6) Details: 15/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS Jeweled Guardian Neko Tabby||Siamese||Orange||Russian Blue||Calico (Female only)||Nekomata (ALT 1 NOT FOR SALE || 4zp // 800ZC alts 2-5 || 8zp // 1600ZC alt 6 [Only 5 available total {4 for sale}]) Details: 19/50 available CYO Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Hane no Ryu (5zp // 2000ZC alts 1-6[not including 4] || 6zp // 2500ZC alt 4) Details: 20/50 available Supreme CYO Single-staged (egg + stage 1) ALTS Design-Scone JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Draconis Chimerae Meadow||Mountains||Forest||Volcano||Clouds||Cave (10zp // 5000ZC alts1-4 || 20zp // 10000ZC alts 5-6) Details: 27/50 available CUSTOM Full-staged (egg + stages 1-4) ALTS Design-Scone|Shared Custom w/Pokemania(shop)|Made by Sketchi JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! SLOTS Toberu Ikimono Poison||Moon||Magma||Lemon Lime||Rainbow||Peacock (6zp // 2500ZC alts1-4 || 7zp // 3000ZC alts 5-6) Details: 21/50 available CUSTOM Single-staged (egg + stage 1) ALTS Design-Scone|Made by Kellaymarie JUST ASK FOR GENDER AND ALT! (SWAPS AVAILABLE) SLOTS I can do some CYO/Custom swaps but preferably only for the pets listed on my wishlist linked below. Other pets are less likely to be accepted but you can always try. ^^ PLEASE! Swaps are not available unless the pet states so that swaps are available for it! (Please keep in mind- FCA for FCA, MCA for MCA and etc ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (For Own Reference)
  22. Hey everyone, it's Husker Wolf here. I'm selling some eggs since they're not on my priority list and i'm hoping to find good homes for them. These are all around 10-25 ZC JUST NAME YOUR PRICE. HATCHED ATM JUST ASK A PRICE. ^-^ Well that's it for now. Just comment if you want one and i'll get back to you. Have a beautiful day.
  23. SilverStallion's Tiny Pet Shop [OPEN]

    Hello, There is a change to my pet shop. You MUST click here: SilverStallion in order to see my pets, as I've stopped playing as Spaur93 because I remembered my P-word for my SilverStallion and I'm now able to log in! Spaur93 had been DELETED. I have SEVERAL different For Sale rooms (towards the bottom of my rooms list and one towards the top). Feel free to OFFER on ANY pets that are NOT horses/unicorns/pegasi/zebras/pretty much any equine. If you offer a good price, I will more than likely sell. DO NOT offer on my Monocled Cobra or my EMERALD TREE BOAS. These are NFS/NFT. Sorry. I worked really hard for those pets. I do NOT sell/trade eggs. I will hatch ALL eggs before they become for sale. If you don't see what you're looking for here, PLEASE take the time to look in my rooms on PA main. I won't be able to post EVERYTHING here, but I will try my best to get the main pets put up here. Thank you. SS Please offer ZC or pets for all pets. SilverStallion's MOST WANTED list (you will most likely get a pet (or more) if you offer the below pets in exchange for the pet(s) you want). Dogs For Sale
  24. Hey there! I am a new artist on PA and I would like to introduce my newest creations for your avatars here! <3 If you want to buy them, simply search for my name in the Avatar Clothing Shop! <3 This Post will be updated every time new items are released. Thank you! ^-^ S/M = Stocks available per month Fanatasy Outfits Dresses Witch dress Nights Glance Oriental Nature S/M: 5 S/M: 50 S/M: 50 S/M: 50 Cost: 500 ZC Cost: 100 ZC Cost: 100 ZC Cost: 100ZC African Cultures Hair Savannah BASIC S/M: 50 Cost: 100 ZC SPECIAL S/M: 5 Cost: 2ZP Asia Backgrounds Asian pond S/M: 50 Cost: 300 ZC Dresses Chinese dress [SHORT] S/M: 50 Cost: 100 ZC
  25. Sketchi ♥ CYO's

    Welcome to Sketchi's CYO Shop! General Info You start the trade, my username is sketchi. Once purchased, you may do with the pet as you wish, including reselling, trading, etc. You may not, however, alt change or gender bend. ♥♥♥ Woffle processing calico woffle // water woffle // dark woffle // fire woffle ♥♥♥ Dinglecat description: Wherever this cat goes, dingle dingle dingle... 750zc or 2zp (In System: 12/50) Send a trade and I'll add the pet! Please specify gender when ordering. ♥♥♥ Nimbun Slots on hold until next month Alts: sketchibun, omibun, midnightbun, sconebun, akainbun description: The members of the epic Team Nimbus. Click! Slots (In System: 36/50) will not be renewed Alt 1-4 is always female, Alt 5 is always male. 2000zc 1. Runingwolfin - sketchibun SENT 2. Allie - omibun SENT 3. BudgieBirdie - omibun SENT 4. Wolfsdrache - omibun SENT 5. Wolfsdrache - midnightbun SENT 6. TaigaWolf - sketchibun SENT 7. Ocean Potion - omibun SENT 8. Ocean Potion - sconebun SENT 9. Lilytora - midnightbun SENT 10. Matchitehew - omibun SENT -waitlist- 11. SpiritWolfe - sketchibun 12. SpiritWolfe - sconebun 13. pokemainia14. Silver Owner List 2. 390485: omibun - omiai 3. 390486: midnightbun - Midnight Scarborough 4. 390487: sconebun - Scone 5. 390488: akainbun - Akain 6. 390497: omibun - sketchi 7. 390498: midnightbun - sketchi 8. 390499: sconebun - sketchi 9. 390500: akainbun - sketchi 10. 390501: sketchibun - omiai 11. 390502: midnightbun - omiai 12. 390503: sconebun - omiai 13. 390504: akainbun - omiai 14. 390505: sketchibun - Midnight Scarborough 15. 390506: omibun - Midnight Scarborough 16. 390507: sconebun - Midnight Scarborough 17. 390508: akainbun - Midnight Scarborough 18. 390513: sketchibun - Scone 19. 390514: omibun - Scone 20. 390515: midnightbun - Scone 21. 390516: akainbun - Scone 22. 390518: sketchibun - Akain 23. 390519: omibun - Akain 24. 390520: midnightbun - Akain 25. 390521: sconebun - Akain 26. 390597: omibun - Allie 27. 390598: omibun - BudgieBirdie 28. 390600: sketchibun - Runingwolfin 29. 392131: sketchibun - TaigaWolf 30. 392533: omibun - Wolfsdrache 31. 392541: midnightbun - Wolfsdrache 32. 394511: akainbun - Aleah 33. 394662: midnightbun - Lilytora 34. 394701: omibun - Ocean Potion 35. 394703: sconebun - Ocean Potion 36. 397153: omibun - Matchitehew 1. 390484: sketchibun - sketchi ♥♥♥ Canvas Creature description: Using their magic paintbrush, canvas creatures like to use their own body as the platform on which to explore. Alt 2-5: 1200zc or 3zp // Alt 1 & 6: 1900zc or 5zp (In System: 30/50) Please specify alt and gender when ordering. Slots 1. Alt4-f // Midnight Scarborough SENT 2. Alt4-m // Runingwolfin SENT 3. Alt6-m // Runingwolfin SENT 4. Alt5-m // yammy115 SENT 5. Alt6-m // yammy115 SENT 6. Alt4-f // Matchitehew SENT 7. Alt5-m // Matchitehew SENT 8. Alt1-f // Ocean Potion SENT 9. Alt6-m // Ocean Potion SENT 10. Alt6-m // Rain-in-Match SENT 11. Alt1-f // Scone SENT 12. Alt2-m // Scone SENT 13. Alt3-m // Scone SENT 14. Alt4-m // Scone SENT 15. Al5-f // Scone SENT 16. Alt6-f // Scone SENT 17. Alt4-m // TaigaWolf SENT 18. Alt2-m // BudgieBirdie SENT 19. Alt5-m // pokemainia SENT 20. Alt2-f // SpiriteWolfe SENT21. Alt5-m // SpiritWolfe SENT 22. Alt6-m // DoctorWho SENT 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Owner List 6. 385429: Alt6-m // Katdark 7. 385436: Alt4-f // Midnight Scarborough 8. 385437: Alt4-m // Runingwolfin 9. 385438: Alt6-m // Runingwolfin 10. 385439: Alt5-m // yammy115 11. 385440: Alt6-m // yammy115 12. 385441: Alt4-f // Matchitehew 13. 385442: Alt5-m // Matchitehew 14. 385443: Alt1-f // Ocean Potion 15. 385444: Alt6-m // Ocean Potion 16. 386160: Alt4-m // TaigaWolf 17. 386163: Alt1-f // Scone 18. 386165: Alt2-m // Scone 19. 386166: Alt3-m // Scone 20. 386167: Alt4-m // Scone 21. 386168: Alt5-f // Scone 22. 386169: Alt6-f // Scone 23. 386792: Alt2-m // BudgieBirdie 24. 386872: Alt6-m // Rain-in-March 25. 387370: Alt6-m // sketchi 26. 398867: Alt5-m // pokemainia 1-5: mine! 27. 398913: Alt1-m // Macheeba 28. 399223: Alt2-f // SpiritWolfe 29. 399224: Alt5-m // SpiritWolfe 30. 400030: Alt6-m // DoctorWho ♥♥♥ Wildling description: All Wildlings are born with wings, but only males grow wings big enough to support fight. Female Wildlings are much swifter on land and water, without clunky wings to get in the way... (more) Slots (In System: 61/100) Alt 1-4 is always male, Alt 5 & 6 is always female. ZC (1500zc each) 1. Midnight Scarborough -alt4 SENT 2. Midnight Scarborough -alt6 SENT 3. yingraner -alt3 SENT 4. yingraner -alt6 SENT 5. Philotes -alt3 SENT 6. Allie -alt3 SENT 7. Allie -alt4 SENT 8. Rain-in-March -alt4 SENT 9. TaigaWolf -alt5 SENT 10. artisabangdeidara -alt2 SENT 11. paws4ever -alt1 SENT 12. paws4ever -alt2 SENT 13. paws4ever -alt3 SENT 14. paws4ever -alt4 SENT 15. paws4ever -alt5 SENT 16. xyh69 - alt3 SENT 17. xyh69 - alt6 SENT 18. SpiritWolfe -alt3 SENT 19. SpiritWolfe -alt5 SENT 20. DoctorWho -alt4 SENT21. DoctorWho -alt5 SENT 22. Sori1 -alt6 SENT 23. Sori1 - alt3 SENT 24. Sori1 - alt5 SENT 25. ZP (5zp each) 1. Scone -alt3 SENT 2. artisabangdeidara -alt6 SENT 3. Kakazu -alt1 SENT 4. Kakazu -alt2 SENT 5. Ocean Potion -alt3 SENT 6. Ocean Potion -alt6 SENT 7. paws4ever -alt6 SENT 8. omiai -alt3 SENT 9. 10. Trade (1:1) 1. Rain-in-March -alt6 (Starfall) SENT 2. Akain -alt3 (Mistshrouded) SENT 3. Runingwolfin -alt2 (Ryu Neko) SENT 4. Mysfit -alt3 (Fuego) SENT 5. Mysfit -alt4 (Jinx) SENT 6. Mysfit -alt6 (Faris) SENT 7. Silver -alt3 (Grad Cat) SENT 8. Matchitehew -alt3 (Faerie Horse) SENT 9. Matchitehew -alt6 (Hareo) SENT 10. Scone -alt1 (Toripuru) SENT 11. Scone -alt2 (Toripuru) SENT 12. Scone -alt5 (Toripuru) SENT 13. Scone -alt6 (Toripuru) SENT 14. Ruisistence -alt3 (Faerie Wings) SENT Owner List 7. 383377 - alt4 // Midnight Scarborough 8. 383378 - alt6 // Midnight Scarborough 9. 383379 - alt3 // yingraner 10. 383380 - alt6 // yingraner 11. 383381 - alt3 // Philotes 12. 383382 - alt3 // Allie 13. 383383 - alt4 // Allie 14. 383384 - alt4 // Rain-in-March 15. 383385 - alt6 // Rain-in-March 16. 383386 - alt5 // TaigaWolf 17. 383388 - alt2 // artisabangdeidara 18. 383389 - alt6 // artisabangdeidara 19. 383391 - alt3 // Scone 20. 383393 -alt5 // Midnight Scarborough 21. 383395 - alt3 // Akain 22. 383401 - alt2 // Runingwolfin 23. 383427 - alt3 // Mysfit 24. 383436 - alt4 // Mysfit 25. 383438 - alt6 // Mysfit 26. 383844 - alt3 // Silver 27. 384409 - alt1 // Kakazu 28. 384410 - alt2 // Kakazu 29. 384412 - alt3 // Kakazu 30. 384413 - alt4 // Kakazu 31. 384414 - alt5 // Kakazu 32. 384415 - alt6 // Kakazu 33. 384708 - alt3 // Ocean Potion 34. 384709 - alt6 // Ocean Potion 35. 385417 - alt1 // paws4ever 36. 385418 - alt2 // paws4ever 37. 385419 - alt3 // paws4ever 38. 385420 - alt4 // paws4ever 39. 385421 - alt5 // paws4ever 40. 385422 -alt6 // paws4ever 41. 385587 -alt3 // Matchitehew 42. 385588 -alt6 // Matchitehew 43. 386170 - alt1 // Scone 44. 386171 - alt2 // Scone 45. 386172 - alt5 // Scone 46. 386173 - alt6 // Scone 47. 386733 - alt3 // omiai 48. 394461 - alt3 // chikoo12007 49. 394463 - alt5 // chikoo12007 50. 394509 - alt3 // Ruisistence 51. 394698 - alt3 // xyh69 52. 394699 - alt6 // xyh69 1-6 (mine) 53. 398914 - alt6 // Macheeba 54. 399225 - alt3 // SpiritWolfe 55. 399226 - alt5 // SpiritWolfe 56. 400032 - alt4 // DoctorWho 57. 400037 - alt6 // AUCTION 58. 400049 - alt5 // DoctorWho 59. 402326 - alt6 // Sori1 60. 407329 - alt3 // Sori1 61. 407330 - alt5 // Sori1 ♥♥♥ Paisley Dragtis Guest Artist - Matchitehew description: A preying mantis dragon may not be very intimidating, but they sure are colorful! Paisley dragtii are the fluffy bugs of the dragon world, their size not exceeding one inch. They are rare and exist in few places, but if you find one you'll find many! Dragtii like to stick together, dancing in the wind on their glittering wings. At night, the sight of thousands of Dragtii together is more than any firework show could ever achieve. Alt 1-5: 790zc or 3zp // Alt 6: 900zc or 4zp (In System: 20/50) Send a trade and I'll add the pet! Please specify alt and gender when ordering. ♥♥♥ Ramsel Guest Artist - Pokemainia description: Ramsels are forlorn little creatures, just wanting to belong. Rams shun them for their weak horns, and sheep look down upon their scruffy sparse fur. Will you love them instead? 680zc or 2zp (In System: 22/50) Send a trade and I'll add the pet! Please specify alt and gender when ordering. ♥♥♥ Cloudfur Alts: Fox, Painter, Cinder, Blueflame, Circus, Candy description: I drew them on a long flight, so they were literally born amongst clouds. Click to read. Slots (In System: 58/100) Please specify alt and gender when ordering. There are limited slots, but I will re-open more once in a while. ZC (2100zc each) 1. Matchitehew (male blueflame) TRADE SENT 2. Loveless (male candy) TRADE SENT 3. Loveless (female painter) TRADE SENT 4. ExDream (male blueflame) TRADE SENT 5. BudgieBirdie (male fox) TRADE SENT 6. Rain-in-March (male fox) TRADE SENT 7. LAsDarkFireWolf (female cinder) TRADE SENT 8. LAsDarkFireWolf (male blueflame) TRADE SENT 9. yingraner (male blueflame) TRADE SENT 10. chosaguro (female fox) TRADE SENT ZP (7zp each) 1. SoubisSacrifice (male cinder) TRADE SENT 2. SoubisSacrifice (female painter) TRADE SENT 3. Rue-Bee3 (?? blueflame) TRADE SENT 4. Ocean Potion (male cinder) TRADE SENT 5. Ocean Potion (female blueflame) TRADE SENT 1:1 Trades (prefer customs or CYOs with heavily edited linework; will be picky) 1. Katdark (male blueflame) TRADE SENT 2. SpiritWolfe (any alt and gender) TRADE SENT Full set (12,000zc - save 600zc) 1. Arty TRADE SENT 2. Soichan TRADE SENT 3. Gracey TRADE SENT Full set (30zp - save 12zp!) 1. paws4ever TRADE SENT ID & Owner List of All Cloudfurs 1. 352188 - Fox / sketchi 2. 352244 - Painter / sketchi 3. 352253 - Cinder / sketchi 4. 352424 - Blueflame / sketchi 5. 352618 - Circus / sketchi 6. 352626 - Candy / sketchi 7. 352631 - Blueflame / Matchitehew 8. 352632 - Candy / Loveless 9. 352633 - Painter / Loveless 10. 352635 - Blueflame / Katdark 11. 352636 - Painter / paws4ever 12. 352637 - Circus / paws4ever 13. 352638 - Candy / paws4ever 14. 352639 - Fox / paws4ever 15. 352640 - Cinder / paws4ever 16. 352641 - Blueflame / paws4ever 17. 353686 - Cinder / Gracey 18. 353689 - Blueflame / Gracey 19. 353690 - Circus / Gracey 20. 353799 - Fox / Soichan 21. 353800 - Painter / Soichan 22. 353801 - Blueflame / Soichan 23. 353821 - Fox / Matchitehew 24. 353846 - Fox / Team Eric Northman 25. 354046 - Cinder / SoubisSacrifice 26. 354047 - Painter / SoubisSacrifice 27. 354053 - Blueflame / Portbud 28. 354056 - Fox / Kakazu 29. 354062 - Cinder / Kakazu 30. 354063 - Blueflame / Kakazu 31. 356231 - Painter / Scone 32. 356575 - Fox / Arty 33. 356583 - Painter / Arty 34. 356589 - Cinder / Arty 35. 356590 - Blueflame / Arty 36. 356591 - Circus / Arty 37. 356592 - Candy / Arty 38. 359971 - Cinder / SpiritWolfe 39. 360530 - Fox / yammy115 40. 360566 - Candy / TaigaWolf 41. 360567 - Cinder / jpmouse 42. 361155 - Candy / Matchitehew 43. 361183 - Painter / kuitsumi 44. 362987 - Cinder / AUCTION 45. 368059 - Blueflame / Rue-Bee3 46. 370551 - Blueflame / ExDream 47. 370845 - Blueflame / BudgieBirdie 48. 370846 - Fox / BudgieBirdie 49. 374355 - Painter / AUCTION 50. 382859 - Cloudfur / Akain 51. 382950 - Fox / Rain-in-March 52. 385648 - Cinder / LAsDarkFireWolf 53. 385649 - Blueflame / LAsDarkFireWolf 54. 385733 - Blueflame / yingraner 55. 386373 - Cinder / Ocean Potion 56. 386375 - Blueflame / Ocean Potion 57. 394464 - Blueflame / chikoo1200758. 403059 - Fox / chosaguro ♥♥♥ Chaotic Good SPECIAL TRADE ONLY description: So good they're borderline evil. Slots (In System: 48/50) Please specify alt and gender when ordering. ZC (1500zc each) 1. xenephos 2. arty 3. ruisistence 4. doctorwho 5. sesshomaruslover ZP (5zp each) 1. paws4ever 2. paws4ever 3. paws4ever 4. paws4ever Full set 1. Macheeba ♥♥♥ Dragonling SPECIAL TRADE ONLY description: click to read (a bit long! written by my husband lol) Slots (In System: 39/50) I'm going to be pretty picky about trading these, as they're quite special to me. There will only be 6 individual slots and two full sets released for sale. The rest will be for personal trading and auctions. Please specify alt and gender when ordering. ZC (1200zc each, white unavailable for zc) 1. wolfsdrache (black-f) 2. Kiandra (blue-f) 3. Kiandra (green-m) 4. Katdark (black-m) 5. paws4ever (red-m) 6. paws4ever (yellow-m) ZP (5zp each, 6zp for white) 1. paws4ever (black-f) 2. paws4ever (white-f) 3. xyh69 (white-f) Full set (25ZP) 1. Kakazu (blue-m, black-f, red-m, yellow-f, green-f, white-m) ♥♥♥ Lioncat description: Lioncats may be small, but have huge personalities! They like to believe they're just as fierce and ferocious as normal lions. They will often tackle prey much bigger than themselves, with hilarious results. 300zc or 1zp (In System: 28/50) Send a trade and I'll add the pet! Please specify gender when ordering. ♥♥♥ Mothbun SPECIAL TRADE ONLY Alt 1 (13/15) | Alt 2 (13/15) Alt 3 (12/15) | Alt 4 (5/5) description: Mothbuns are very shy, very elusive little creatures. About the size of a child's fist, they are actually quite affectionate once tamed--if you can catch one! Slots (In System: 43/50) Alt 1 is always female, Alt 2 is always male. You pick for Alt 3 and 4. Alt 1: 750zc or 2zp (always female) 1. Kakazu 2. BudgieBirdie 3. TaigaWolf 4. Ruisistence 5. SpiritWolfe 6. Sharingana 7. Macheeba 8. luminere 9. Ocean 10. Midnight Scarborough Alt 2: 750zc or 2zp (always male) 1. Kakazu 2. ~ThePotatoeKid~ 3. BudgieBirdie 4. tomomi 5. Kiandra 6. Ruisistence 7. Matchitehew 8. Lilytora 9. Naervon 10. Sharingana Alt 3: 750zc or 2zp (specify gender when ordering) 1. Haterade Pony (m) 2. Brambleclaw (f) 3. Ruisistence (f) 4. j2001 (f) 5. Sharingana (f) 6. Ocean (m) 7. BlueSora (f) 8. ihaslolcat (f) 9. googleegirl (m) 10. paws4ever (f) Alt 4: 4000zc or 8zp (specify gender when ordering) 1. SoubisSacrifice (m) TRADE SENT Full Set: 6000zc or 12zp (specify gender for Alt 3 & 4 when ordering) 1. Wolfsdrache Alt3-m / Alt4-f ♥♥♥ Ruby Speckled Griff description: Ruby Speckled Griffs are named for their bright red feathers, which they only grow into as mature adults. Pups are born a darker, more earthy color as natural camouflage. They still carry the distinct red feathers on their tail, one from each parent. One could trace an entire lineage just by examining tail rings! It is unknown why they carry on this tradition, though some have observed very young pups using the feathers as blankets. 600zc or 1zp (In System: 24/50) Send a trade and I'll add the pet! Please specify gender when ordering. ♥♥♥ Destiny Howl SPECIAL TRADE ONLY Alt 1 (15) | Alt 2 (12) Alt 3 (8) | Alt 4 (5) description: Destiny Howls are distinguished by their three tails, each tail representing past, present, and future. However, that is not where their name comes from. Destiny Howls are so named for their eerie mating call, which they can make only once in their life. Only if it is heard, and answered, can a pair be formed; pair-bonds last a lifetime. You'd think they'd be extinct by now, yet while they are few in number, their pairing success is quite high. This is because they don't always leave things up to destiny, often you'll see one let loose a howl right next to a loved one's ear! Slots (In System: 40/50) Please specify alt and gender when ordering. Alt 4 is rare, and there will only be 5 in total. (Currently: 0 left) ZC (Alt 1-3: 600zc) 1. @ (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT 2. @ (Alt 2/m) TRADE SENT 3. @SpiritWolfe (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT 4. @SpiritWolfe (Alt 2/f) TRADE SENT 5. @Amtera (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT ZC-2 (Alt 1-3: 750zc) 1. @ (Alt 2/m) TRADE SENT 2. @Team Eric Northman (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT 3. @Kiandra (Alt 2/f) TRADE SENT 4. @ (Alt 2/m) TRADE SENT 5. @ (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT ZC-3 (Alt 1-3: 950zc | Alt 4: 3000zc) 1. @Ruisistence (Alt1/m) TRADE SENT 2. @Brambleclaw (Alt1/m) TRADE SENT 3. @Brambleclaw (Alt2/f) TRADE SENT 4. @Brambleclaw (Alt3/f) TRADE SENT 5. @ (Alt 1/f) TRADE SENT 6. @karen3 (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT 7. @ (Alt 3/f) TRADE SENT 8. Ocean (Alt 3/m) TRADE SENT 9. BlueSora (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT 10. ExDream (Alt 1/m) TRADE SENT ZP (Alt 1-3: 2zp | Alt 4: 5zp) 1. @kuitsumi (Alt 2/f) TRADE SENT 2. @fffan101 (Alt 3/m) TRADE SENT 3. @Lilytora (Alt 2/f) TRADE SENT 4. @Tart (Alt 4/m) TRADE SENT FULL SET: 5000zc or 8zp 1. @Kakazu (Alt 1/f - Alt 2/m - Alt 3/f - Alt 4/m) TRADE SENT 2. @Wolfsdrache (Alt 1/m - Alt2/f - Alt 3/f - Alt 4/m) TRADE SENT 3. paws4ever (Alt 1/f - Alt 2/m - Alt 3/f - Alt 4/m) TRADE SENT