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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys I’m excited to announce that my cyo is finished now you can order without waiting lol! Here is what the egg looks like I don’t want to show the rest as it is a surprise of what they will look like there is one alt and 3 stages! All will be female and no reselling my cyos please or you won’t get anymore egg-400 zc or 2 zp @kaylercool helped me with this cyo! All of her cyos are amazing! And if you haven’t checked them out yet you should look at her cyo room or pm her I hope you all like my cyo and enjoy it!
  2. Jades pet borrow!

    Hi guys! Hope your interested in what I have! Prices: for a day: 50zc For a week: 119zc There is too many to put all of them up here lol so just look at my rooms and pick out which you would like to borrow RULES! stating the obvious don’t sell my pets or you will not be able to borrow anymore remember to @ me below you have to pay me before you borrow babys that need clicks to help them grow Ty!!!!!
  3. Endless Pawsabilities - Pet Store

    Welcome to Endless Pawsabilities - Pet Store. You must be wondering. "What is this place?" Well. It's a pet shop, BUT. With the cutest pets and cheap prices. Come and browse. And maybe even bring home a lucky new pet! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (NOTE: To buy an animal, comment below, and tell me which one(s) you want! But please don't be upset if we run out of one. Just ask me to save it for you. <3) Available Pets! - - - - - - - - - - - - Meerkat (Price: 50 ZC) Sky Dragon (Price: 45) Anisoptera Dragon (Price: 50) (More Coming Soon <3)
  4. Zebra's Market Maze

    So i decided, i have at least a million things, but i always forget to bump them. So, if all of the basic from them is here, and i bump this thread, you can see all of them at the same time! It's a big WIP. ~Market Maze Directory~ Posts: 1: The Zebra Shop! 2: Zebra's Alt Swaps 3: One Stop Zp Shop 4: Zebra's Breeding Shop 5: Zebra's CYOs 6: Zebra's Art Commissions 7: Zebra's Wishlist
  5. Eeveewolf's Variety Shop is: Open/Closed Grand Opening Discount! Buy your first one and get the next 20% off! What I Do: Hi, I'm Eeveewolf, as you all know, and I have now decided it is time to put my art skills to the test, create a shop. Now, this is not your regular shop, with all those fancy customs and pets for sale, no, this is WAY more. Here, we actually have a VARIETY. Yea, -You heard me- a VARIETY. Bet you don't see that word here a lot. Well, to get to the point, we do pretty much EVERYTHING! From Icons to Signature Organizers to Customs and Sales, we have it! So step on into the Variety Shop! Examples: 'Cause every good buyer needs them! REMEMBER! These are only EXAMPLES! I'll do yours how YOU wish! Icons: Example #1: Example #2: Signature Organizers: Example #3: "Click Me!" Links (( CML )): Example #4: Banners: Example #6: Example #7: ​The Ad and Affiliates Board: An easy way to get customers for us AND you! Here are ads for Rp's, and other things. Remember, no off site ads, they are NOT aloud! None so far! Want to become one? You MUST do this in order for this to happen! Don't worry, it's simple! All you need to do is purchase one thing from Eeveewolf's Variety Shop and advertise US on your Rp or topic! Then you must post here that you have done so and link me to the Rp. That simple. Rules: 1.) No claiming, tracing, stealing, ect or you will be banned. 2.) No claiming. If you claim that you own and drew my artwork, your banned and in big trouble. 3.)No SUPER DUPER hard impossible drawings for only 10zc. That's ridiculous... 4.) I am NOT responsible for setting up your links on these, I might mess them up... 5.) If one link thing doesn't work and it's being stubborn, you can get a refund or get it traded in. 6.) No spamming please. 7.) Please send the trade for the money/pet in BEFORE I submit the picture. Do not accept until I finish. I need you to do this to make sure nobody cheats me on this. 8.) I take ONLY zc, zp, wishlist pets, and any custom pets. 9.) Nothing that breaks PA's original rules. 10.) I DO NOT do a**atars or butt avatars. (( Sorry, someone asked me about this, not on here though. What a dumb idea. xD )) 11.) Please be respectful to my art, no editing or messing them up please. Prices: If wished to be paid in other currencies, please say so so we can work something out. Icons: Roughly around 15 to 100 zc Signature Organizers: Roughly around 30 to 200 zc Click Me Bars: Roughly around 30 to 200 zc Banners: Roughly around 50 to 400 zc Please tell me if these are good prices! Form: I Decide the price but I will improvise. Username: What would you like?: How many?: What Do you want it to look like?: ((Only if you are doing CML or Sig. O's )) What would you like said/photoed into there?: (( CML or Sig. O only )) How big would you like it?: Other: Slots Open: 1.) Rainysnow28 - 1 Sig. O and 2 CML's = 140 zc = Finished = Has Not Paided 2.) BudgieBirdie - 1 Sig. O = 60 zc = In process 3.) Open 4.) Open 5.) Open 6.) Open 7.) Open 8.) Open 9.) Open 10.) Open
  6. Closed for a time ! the pets on hold are in trades and still waiting!
  7. will only be selling doubles I will have all types of pets{normal,rare,limited}and customs For my customs i will do 1:1 trades and that also goes for my cyo`s too i am looking for many pets too I will accept ores but i am mainly looking for Zc,Zp,or pet swaps Selling or Trading[will alt swap] Make offers on any pet Customs Leyendas Magestic 34/50 on site 1500 zc slots 1/5 1.chosaguro2. 3. 4. 5. 8 zp slots 1/5 1.Linkendew 2. 3. 4. 5. 10 zp slots 0/4 1. 2. 3. 4. CYO`s 500zc or 2zp Angel of the Light Orb~ First of the Orb Series Hebunzu Harobani Preorders welcome Go here for Details on Bunnies Origami Cat coming soon Demon of the Shadow Orb~ Second of the Orb Series coming soon Guardian of the Water Orb~ Third of the Orb Series coming soon PRE-ORDERS WELCOME ~ 300 zc for preorder or 1 zp Key Pink-Still Need Brush Black- Already Have Brush Swapping,Buying, and Trading African Wild dog ~ Any Stage American Badger ~ Any Stage Valentine Dog ~ Any Stage Beagle Dog ~ Any Stage Chihuahua Dog ~ Any Stage Dachshund Dog ~ Any Stage Golden Retriever ~ Any Stage Yorkshire terriers ~ Any Stage Keeshond Dog ~ Baby stage only please Hokkaido Dog ~ Baby stage only please Blood Hound Dogs ~ Baby Stage only please Papallion Dog~ Any Stage Summer Solstice Cat ~ Any Stage Nubian Goats~baby or child stages only please Shiba Inu Dog ~ Any stage American Paint Horse~ Any Stage WILL ADD MORE AS SEEN NECESSARY Customs & CYO`s In order of most wanted to wanted Custom`s CYO`s These are not final if you have a custom, mini custom, or cyo post it up I`ll probably accept it faster if you offer anything blue or purple, or a bunny
  8. Okay so im selling these pets for now, and i will add more later. You send the trade my username is HikariLove. We will negotiate the prices once you ask for it, please @ mention me for a faster responce! Also, you may resell or trade only with my permission. Well here are the pets! Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today! Adopt your own virtual pet today! Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today! Adopt your own virtual pet today!. Adopt your own virtual pet today!.
  9. New!! I am now looking for zp!! I am also looking for someone to do a custom collaboration with, hence the need for zp!!! Also updated with new pets!! (well, updated soon) The Red Fox hatched and is red/orange!! I have copied all the codes so please excuse extra things!! I'm also selling a Red Fox, but that will be a bit more expensive!! Send all trades to bigcat8r, please!! x2 I gave some pets to the ARIP so please be patient with me if I no longer own the pet!!! I hope you find something you like!!